A caress for the sexy belt made her flesh jump as a kiss so intense that she couldn't breathe annihilated Erne's thoughts.

An adult man's fingers crawl around the body of a thin, luxurious girl, stroking her all-knowing pleasure point.

He strokes his back from his creased hips to his chest and peers through the lower milk area before scorching his nipples.

Even though they were all hit from the top of their clothes, the stimulus echoed loudly behind the erne everywhere when they kissed each other.

It was Erne trying to raise her anger when she said no, but her lips were sucked out by Lou and she couldn't quit kissing me.

Female elves who were still too young, imprisoned by adult males, could only be honestly preyed upon.

When the kiss was finally over, Erne realized she had already been stripped of her jacket as she breathed.

"Hey," she tears Lou as she hides her pink nipples floating on her bright white complexion as she erects and sways cutely.

"Yes, I suddenly take it off!... too much kissing! Silly! Bubba!!

"Sorry, Erne is so cute... sorry"

Elne regretted that she had grown up that way again to Lou, who stroked her head and smiled.

I really can't believe you're the same age and you're just using magic to make room for adults like this...

When I think about it, I really get suspicious.

Oh, I was just told, is this guy really Lou? Maybe I'm being deceived?

Erne stared at the man covered in himself with a suspicious gaze and bit his lip.

"Oh, you, are you really Lou!? About me… so deceitful."

"So you know I'm not fooling Erne."

"But, but! Something's not always the same atmosphere..."

"It must be. It's the usual me...... yes. Then I'll prove it to you."


Lou sticks more closely to Erne, who stiffens himself while keeping his chest hidden,

"Say what only I know, and I'll prove it, won't I? For example... well, for example, Erne has more sensitive left tits than right tits, etc."

"Nah!? What the hell, hi-ha!! No, no! No, Lou! Come on, hiaaa!!

Erne raised her voice loudly as she was removed with gentle force from her hidden arm and licked her exposed erect nipples.

The tongue that ravaged the inner chamber now irritates Erne's girl nipples with a very polite tongue.

I get goosebumps all over my body for too much comfort, and I get strength at the tip of Erne's toes.

"Ha! Ku, hi!! Hiaaah! No, no, no, no... Ru! Ahhh!! Yes, always, we... no! Ahhh!!

Lou stiffens his cute pink nipples, erected regardless of his voice, into a spinning bin inside.

When it was stiff and pointy, it was now tightened inside. Then Erne's voice began to leak higher and closer to screaming.

"Right? Chip, get laid, get laid... Erne's more sensitive to her left nipple, isn't she?

He said that with just a little bit of his mouth off, and Erne muttered over and over again, "I don't know."

Lou gave that crying face a gentle mouthful this time, while at the same time picking both nipples with his fingers and gently pinching them.

The two gentle stimuli deeply gave the girl the feeling that she was being treated by an adult, and this root drowned the heart of her fazacon daughter.

"Erne, you're adorable, Chippu, Chippu, Ra-chu... cute"

"No...... nhi! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh."

"It's not Lou, it's my dad... well, I'll put it on you too, so maybe I'll feel the same way... then I'll just call you Erne now... Erne, you're so cute"

Erne breathed. There have been several times before when Hing has been called aside for sex, but this is completely different now.

It's the first time (at least as far as I can remember) that I've been called "erne" in an adult, deep, gentle voice and my spine gets bothered.

Besides, that opponent was the one I call my dad, and the fazacon girl lost her strength from all over her body.

(No... no, this is Lou... it is. Besides, I... I wouldn't do this with my dad)

It was an erne that reminds me of the most important point, but even that important fact goes out of my head when I resume caressing him while he is called erne many times.

It's just that my dad's feelings dominate my body, and my instincts to want to be sweet keep swelling and ruining this girl.

"Pa... Pa, no... so, meow! Ha, hi...... Mmmm!! Pfft."

"It's okay. Erne, it's okay. You can feel better. Look, both right and left, because I'll adore your nipples."

Pick and rub. Handle it up and down. Squeeze with your finger belly. Erne's flesh was the limit to his focus on nipples.

Become the usual boy. I haven't done as much of Erne's body as Ike has done yet to this extent. But not today. My dad's doing it for me.

I told him it was a different Lou, and it's a grown man in front of me. My body odor and feeling are all grown up. I can't stand that kind of erne.

"Ah, ha-ha! Hih, ah! So, meh...... NHI!! Hiuuu!! Pa, Pa, Muri, Me...... Aah!! Daddy ah!!

For the first time in his life, the body that jumped lightly with the bicun was not pure, but he had a nipple squirt.

The pleasure of my heart was a bigger acme, but still powerful enough for the girl, I thought the tip of my chest broke my body hot and for a moment like how long it had been on fire.

To a teary-eyed erne. Lou strokes his head and kisses a good boy many times. I was unhappy with Erne for some reason.

Lou, away from Erne's body, who is imprisoned for such an inexplicable feeling, carried the rest of her clothes to bed with a princess hug when she also let them take off and be completely naked. This was also my first experience in my life.

Transformation magic does not alter physical composition in the first place, so it does not increase power unless used concurrently with imparted magic.

But Elne, who doesn't know about it, can honestly be held naked and taken to bed.

Elne, laid in a luxury bed of soft hookah, vaguely thought she was going to be my dad here.

When she thought of it, for some reason, the back of her groin became hot and Erne couldn't help but notice that it started to get wet.

Then Lou starts taking off his clothes in front of such an erne. Naked upper body appears when shirts and sequences are removed from the jacket. When he saw it, Erne shouted "hi".

It's not the luxurious flesh of a boy you're used to seeing there. It's a workout body Aisha made me build over six months.

It is that fine macho body that satisfies the female knight, wets the widow and makes the lady slightly grumpy.

It's not like I've never seen a man naked if it's just his upper body, so to speak of Erne. In fact, when I went to the pool last time, I would watch the soldiers of the guard.

But that's what the thin elves of the line put on the practical muscles, not the fascinating muscles that Aisha made them.

The first time I saw it. And Elne fell in love with the body of a sharp grown man. Plus Lou in bed noticed,

"What's wrong with that?

"Ha-hi!? Oh, no, uh... you know, because... why"

Hallucinogenic magic certainly makes it easy to make any body, but then Keith smiled and answered, knowing why he bothered to make it such a body and Erne's unspoken appeal.

"Is this body? I used my father's body as a model. My dad's a physical workout hobby.

"Oh, yeah, what..."

Elne turns red to the tip of her ear to Lou, who comes on top careful not to feel the weight again with that body by saying "yes".

The face feels like that boy is still growing up, but the body is evolving in a different direction.

(Ru, Lou can't be so... what are you wearing?)

Complain with your heart, but your body will cover and hide itself. You will follow the flesh of an adult weakly.

I can't resist it at all, which I should be able to do a little bit with if I were normal. Unsurprisingly, Erne frowned in response to another kiss that had begun.

It's just that boy growing up and daddy the way he calls me. That's all.

It's like the usual boy looks more tentative, and the adult over here feels more natural. I have no idea what that means.

Lou, who was kissing Elne's girl body trapped beneath her body, unaware of her good prospects, was getting murky at the desire for a meat stick that began to grow in her pants.

You can keep going all at once, but I don't think you can take your mouth off because you can enjoy it as an adult at the corner.

If you want your penis to stick to your kissing lips and spit semen out into this hot slippery jaw, your erection will only get stronger if you imagine it.

Elne thought of that. I didn't know it, but I realized the hard feeling of touching her as she kissed her.

The fact that you are doing so much of your body naturally makes that organ look like an adult... I mean, not a familiar little boy...

to Elne, who keeps an eye on her unpleasant hunch and takes her gaze to her groin while kissing her,

"Um, what's up?

"Uh... you know... you know"

Lou had a good grin when he realized where that gaze was headed.

"Of course I make it for adults."

"Huh!? Oh, huh? Oh, no..."

"I'll show you now."

"Yes, I don't want it! I don't want to see it, hi!! Hih... Ugh, no."

When he was shown it, Erne blued in amazement. Thoughts have flown completely.

Whatever was there was not a familiar boy's penis, it was a polar penis that had rubbed the torn blood of the dragon and evolved only viciously there.

The length is about the normal size of an adult, but the stem area is thick, each blood vessel crawls around like a giant mite, and the tension of the geese neck is erratic.

The color is naturally darkened by horny water burning, and I don't really think this is the evolutionary system from the boy's penis with that turtle head extra pink and bright white skin.

"Hey, hey, hey, what's that..."

"What... it's my penis"

"Ugh, you're lying!! Oh, that one of yours! That's... that's not gonna happen!

I did, though. In fact. Thanks to Princess Dragon. Naturally I wouldn't say that.

"Eh, I will. Maybe. 'Cause my dad's like this, and this is what happens when you grow up."

I've never seen an adult before. Erne can't measure whether the words are true or false.

I think maybe that's what Lou would say, but I didn't know this was going to happen to that boy...

No, wait, there's one more problem. I noticed that and Erne was bloody distracted.

Doesn't this situation mean that you're gonna be inserting that big one into your mango from now on?

(Oh, well, you're so determined to do that!! I can't! I can rip it!! Broken!!

Erne, panicking without speaking out, closed his legs and tried to escape Lou. But already late in the day, Erne gets held up by a naked Lou.

I thought a blue erne would never be possible, and I decided to be honest with the stray quote.

"Hold on! Come on!! No! You can't be that big!! Absolutely not! Murray!!

"It's okay. 'Cause this is how I am, and now my father's with my mother."

"You're talking about adults like that!! I can't do it! Put it back! Just put it back to normal!!

Lou smiled bitterly as I thought this one was normal.

"No, no, that's not the balance,"

"Even if it's crazy! Even if it's crazy... no, no... oh, wow, that."

Shit, I'm really going to cry.

I guess so. Until this time, I was dealing with a little hairy boy's meat stick, and all of a sudden he told me to deal with a dragon killer penis. It's natural that I'm about to cry.

I don't like being forced to go here, so Lou suggested to Erne for a total.

"Okay. I won't mull it. But even though it's part of it, I can't disarm the magic... so, uh, couch it up if you like... will you?

"Damn...... Gusu, you know, the one who licks?

"Yes, touch Elne's body and it's going to explode... so I can't do it, but I'm going to cuddle... please"

Elne, feeling weird when an adult lowered her head, wondered if she could wipe her moist eyes and mouth.

It is the basis of the negotiation that it is easier for the other party to accept when it first puts in an impossible request and later makes a lighter request.

"Why... if I say no to something that sucks... I have to! You suck!!

But not honestly, Erne always showed evil at one time. I feel a little guilty that I can't really do it.

Plus when Lou bows his head saying sorry again,

"So, number one! I practice magic at a time like this because you are so bad!! You know exactly what I'm talking about!

"Yes, of course."

"Fuck you!... Really, I suck... ru... daddy... come on"

Erne put his face closer to Lou's groin as he sat with his body apart when he called him his dad properly, even in words that were getting his butt squishy.

And when you treat it up and down as you pick it to make sure the fearsome stem thickness with your fingers,

"You're special...... don't thank me! Chipu."

I put my lips on the tortoise head as it was when I said it upwards.

Still a lousy fella, but I feel extraordinary when I take it with an adult penis.

The little cub crawls around the meat stick awkwardly, and the beautiful tongue licks in a peppery monotonous fashion. It was exactly my immature daughter Fella.

to Lou immersed in spiritual satisfaction, while Erne,

(What is this, it tastes completely different... it's different in heat and hardness... smell, what is this smell... I'm going to tease your head)

The smell and taste of adult penises and everything else makes me cry in my eyes.

You're supposed to be licking yourself, but the smell and taste of a real male messes up your brain miso from Erne's mouth.

Even the taste is even more unpleasant... but the flavor of piercing the tongue makes Erne's groin hot.

I lick the male stuff I like, and I'm passionate about the smell. Elne continued to move her tongue in surprise at what she could not experience without an adult penis.

"It feels good, Erne...... oh, it's great. How's Elne? How's Dad's penis?

to the nasty lowest question. Erne swallowed his saliva while making his mouth smell tiny,

"Oh, pussy... Daddy's pussy, it's on... Pussy... Pussy, Pussy... Pussy, Pussy"

Lou niggered at Erne crawling his tongue as he said it was unsavory and said, "Well," he moved his body slightly and reached out and touched Manko.

"Ahhh!" he says gently to Erne, raising his surprise, "Keep going," and he starts his hand man.

Erne moved her tongue desperately as she felt the taste of the man full of her mouth, swallowing her sensitive immature cunt.

Rubbing that manko with adult fingers, stimulating the vaginal mouth and loosening the hole, Lou thus began to wear the female hole of Erne to make even the polar adult penis unwanted.