Erne twisted her still young body when she felt the taste of a male inside.

Gentle irritation to the groin shivers the vagina, which is amplified by the taste that fills the mouth.

Too much slutty flavor and smell terribly irritates this young half-elf sexy belt.

A glowing adult male organ too different from that boy meat stick. And the fact that he was crawling his tongue also corrupted Erne everywhere again.

"Habu, Rabu... Pechu, Chipu, Rabu, Rabu... Pu! Oh, ahhh! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

A sweet voice leaked out of Erne's throat as if it were different from when he was in harmony with a boy his age.

Elne herself was a surprise to see if she could speak like this, but Lou smiled flatly at it, too.

"Elne likes to get fucked here, doesn't she? So, look... I'll give you a lot of slap, so Elne licks Daddy, too. This most pleasant part, here."

Pick your own meat stick with a different hand than the one that is mocking Manko, and instruct Erne to lick the mound next to the bell mouth.

Elne rubbed and licked her tongue out with tears in her eyes as she was pressed for the dirtiest and smelliest tight pleasure point of that male organ.

Pikun and penis tremble and Lou's exhale leaks into his comfort. Male stinking bitterness spread in his mouth.

"Erne, you're good. Very good. Erne is a good girl."

Lou's hand stroked his head with a gentle voice. Praised. My dad complimented me.

Lou didn't miss Erne's slightly pointy ears trembling in his first experience of being born.

After all, I'm convinced this type of fazacon daughter was vulnerable to being praised by an older man.

I haven't felt that way since the first time I met her, but there's no way this businesswoman would suddenly say that to Osama.

So I endured being a boy, but I can't believe there's a chance that I'll be able to confirm that so soon.

(Really, wasting cats vary ~... oh, daddy call me ferramaj is awesome)

Keith made Erne lick all sorts of places as he picked his penis and moved it, more obediently crawling his tongue than usual.

Back muscle to base, and scrotum. Elne licks it honestly, even where she would normally absolutely hate it.

(Etsy... I can't, so this is about it...)

Erne, whining with her heart about such a thing, remained unaware of her true intentions. Yes, for the first time I feel like sweetening myself to my own dad.

Unaware of that feeling, Erne's Omako becomes submissive to Lou's stimuli, just like his mouth.

The meat in his vaginal mouth, which kept getting stirred, loosens up softly and tries to lure his fingers inside.

Lou put his fingers in one by one, but there was no resistance, and he tried to swallow it up with a cane down to the back of Ning Ro.

(Ahhh, it's so sweet up to Omako. The usual tungtung-tung thing is very different. You missed your dad so much)

Lou gently stroked the young ladies as she inserted her adult fingers into the back trying to get into the feelings of a girl who had no memory of her father.

"Hih!! Ah, uhh!! Uh-oh... ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha."

Even if it's highly irritating, I won't stop ferraging. That's because I still want to be praised, but Erne can't notice that.

When Lou caressed his vagina without realizing it, and at the same time a smart kid, his vagina to the tip of his head swung away.

Lou spoke more to Erne, who erected her nipples and clit to make her sweeter response than the female's.

"You're good, Erne, you're good at licking Dad's penis... Erne's a really good kid, good boy..."

Praise me more, praise me more. The girl who moves her tongue like that was making Omako a little wet.

The slut you get from Fella and the wave of pleasure make Erne forget for a moment that this man is that boy.

There was just the feeling of being loving all the time, and that combined with the way I called my dad and the look of an adult man gave Erne a weird illusion.

"Pfft... Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft... pfft, pfft, pfft!! Hi-ki-ku!!

"Erne's Omako is a good kid, too. See, I'm so tangled up in my dad's fingers... a good kid who can honestly say it feels good. He's such a good boy."

Erne, who is definitely angry "don't treat me like a child" when I say this as a boy, honestly rejoiced and cummed the vagina meat that he is now Lou.

I pushed it further and rolled it around to make it easier to accept and want adult penises.

Erne's toes were powered by the gentle stroke of the man's fingers through his vagina, and the viscous love liquid wetted the sheets.

Even from the mouth pleasure says the breath leaks out and interrupts the fera many times. The cuteness of that look and trick is unthinkable from the usual erne.

Lou, who was watching as that happened, saw the stimulus to the turtle head stirred up by visual excitement and the incarnation reached its limit.

As he soars to the point of leaking even if he desperately focuses on his penis, Lou supports Erne's head,

"Erne, I'm out of Zamen, from my dad's penis to Erne's Occhi!! So get ahead of yourself! The roots with your fingers! Faster Sikosiko!!

Erne treated the roots as they were when she put her tongue against the sucking bell mouth on the tortoise head with her eyebrows frowned.

The floating tiny bars of the blood vessels are treated intensely by Erne's thin fingers, causing the current to flow through Lou's spine and make him less comfortable.

"Oh, man, seriously... so... ooh!! Ugh, Erne!! Erne!! Good boy, Erne. Yeah!!

With praise to the end, Lou sprayed the sarmen juice into Erne's chamber.

Dubby, dubby! Bibi!! Bibi, Bibi!! Dobibu!... Erne hoarded everything in his throat as he roared to ejaculate in a different power and quantity than the boy's penis.

Momentum may be better for a kid, but the addition or subtraction of contaminating the inside of every shot is completely out of step adult ejaculation.

I felt deep down in my heart that Erne was really ejaculated by an adult man, not a child, by an adult Zamen who smelled so strong.

Watching Lou stuffy with ejaculation in amazement makes me kind of very hot in the heart and inhale it all the way into my urethra.

Then I drank out the samen just like that. I've had a few drinks before, but this time I drank all of them many times as eggy.

"Hebu!? Pfft, ahh! Kehehe, Kehehe... Oh, Rohiko, no... ugh."

As Erne was about to cry over the raw, hot feeling coming into her stomach, Lou, who stopped handmanning, hugged me up and held me tight.

"Erne, did you drink for me? I'm glad... I'm so glad. Thanks Erne...... Erne is a really sweet and good kid"

I can be so praised for playing fera and drinking. Then I felt fine with the disgust I just felt.

Elne, who is being led in more and more dangerous directions before she knows it, leads from herself to the adult body.

"Don't treat me like a child... Daddy's idiot..."

"You're saying you're a good kid because Erne's a good kid, aren't you?

"That's how you treat children! Already... what? Come on..."

That said, the cheeks are stained with Zhu, and the body remains sweetly cut and zero in love liquid.

Elne, kissed again by the smelly lips of the sarmen, swelled his enthusiasm full and left him out of control.

Adult penises are scary. But lick it. The fear is fading a little. Then you can make him want some more later.

Lou stays kissed. If you put Erne to bed again,

"Well, now it's Dad's turn. I'll lick Erne's cute pussy."

"Huh? Yes, fine... I... fine"

"You can't, Erne. I can't believe it's just my dad. Absolutely not. Or... does Erne not like her dad licking her? Don't you want your dad to pepper you like this?

Erne shook her neck left and right in a panic at the troubled facial inquiry. And I twitch myself why I'm in a hurry.

But I didn't want my dad to think I hated my dad. I really didn't like that.

"So can I lick it? Can I make Erne feel better?

"I can't help it, hey," Erne murmured and nodded as she had a little more time after she got lost. Lou looked at it,

"Then I want you to say it. With proper permission? Dad, even if you lick it..."

Erne with a redder face can be a boy and say, "Too much porn! You suck! Stay in shape!!" I couldn't say a word.

I feel naturally I have to say it because I'm just going to refuse and then allow it,

"... Dad... my... there... you can lick it,"

Lou smiles and kisses his forehead shy of permission to deviate from his face and shifts his body as it is.

My dad can lick me. Makes me feel better. It bothers me that I'm not doing anything nice, but this guy is Lou, and he just calls me Dad, so... thinking about it opens his legs and exposes him.

"Kiuhi," Lou began cunning as he touched the cli in the stream, stroking his pubic bones to even adore the voice that leaked into shame.

Erne felt praised with her sexual pleasure when her dad licked her gently as she pushed her thin legs open and stuck her face in.

I feel like I'm getting a reward for being a good fella, and I can drink to it.

Even the feeling of vagina zeroing honey felt clear when she was happy. Erne leaned back to pleasure with her hips floating.

"Pa, pa! Pa, ahhh!! Oh, hi!! Mmm!! Oh, oh! Kiuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Even when he licked Lou's, Erne hadn't noticed he hadn't taken a bath since he walked around today.

I hate how dirty it would be to be licked or licked before bathing if I were you, but that doesn't bother me at all today.

Ningro Sweaty Steamed Octopus gets wiped clean with Daddy's tongue in such a wet way that it overflows.

(It's getting so wet. Besides tighten it up to your tongue...... because you really want to be sweet)

Unable to hear his lowest heart whine, Erne raised her voice to the fact that her dad's tongue gently stroked his vagina and penetrated into the back.

"Dad! There, ahhh!! Hih!! There!! Wow, no!! Daddy, Daddy...... Mm-hmm!!

Erne realized that her vagina, which was licked around, wanted more of that dad, as her body was becoming delighted with the very act of calling her dad.

I want my dad. That means I want that fat, hard, vicious dad otin '.

I only felt fear when I just saw it. I want you to insert that sleigh bulb of meat where my dad is licking it right now.

Erne, who knows a lot about insertion pleasure, has been unable to contain that feeling.

I want a penis. I want my dad. I want you to hug me and call me Erne, with all the good kids and good kids.

For the first time in my life, my attachment to "Dad" was mixing with lust to drive Erne crazy.

I already fantasize about Lou holding himself in several patterns in my head, and imagine the feeling when that polar thick pierces me.

I wonder how that feels. I don't know how much I care about sex while my dad strokes me.

The womb, which had just become reproducible, echoed the idea and sensitized Erne's Omango overall.

Lou was polite and gentle there, licking and rubbing exactly what the word caress said was perfect, and wetting everything from perineum to clitoris with saliva and love liquid.

Wet to the brink of Ike, Erne stared at Lou with a bright red moist face when the cunt was finished.

(a) The desire for more penises is greater because it is not over, making the erne unstoppable.

When he moves his body and becomes stretched again, Lou wipes his mouth painted with love liquid.

"Erne, how'd it go? Did it feel good?

"... more... more"

Erne, who can't afford to defy him as usual, looks down at himself with his moist eyes and nags at his dad. And Lou smiled,

"Is that with your tongue again? Or I like my fingers...... or... I'll give you what I like about Erne. Say what you like about your dad."

Erne puts her hand on her thrilling chest when she swallows spit at the inquiry she is told as she combs her hair sticking with sweat to say what she wants from the bottom of her heart.

"Oh, penis... Dad's, penis... Ho no..."

"Is that okay? I was scared earlier... because I was scared there."

Erne shook her head left and right. The trick is really young and invites this inferior laugh.

"It's not cool... it's not cool... it's not cool... it's not cool... Dad's, Dad's penis... Erne, I want it."

That was the sight Erne had dreamed of.

When I was a little girl, Roana and I went shopping and often saw the sight of toying with your father.

Because I'll be a good girl. I'll listen to you. So buy it. Father, please.

I wanted to say that to my dad myself because I could do it once. That dream, which could not have come true, came true. In the worst way.

Lou took Erne's body to the insertion position as he nodded small, making the inferior grin a refreshing smile to the fullest.

While in a covered position, let Elne spread her legs and stick a meat stick into the hole in the middle of her young.

Erne, who felt the insertion begin to feel hot, says thank you to his dad for fulfilling his wish. That is, after all, the admirable sight I saw at an early age.

It was the best thank you my daughter could do to your father for buying me a toy.

Raise your arms and wrap them around your dad's neck, holding them gently but firmly,

"Daddy... daisy no"

This gespa's spine stuck to the trick and the words. And then he pushes inside the erne like a penis stormed out.