"That wasting cat... remember that shit"

Keith was walking down the hallway scratching a scratch he had made on his cheek. It is a wound sustained as a result of a showdown with Lou that lasted overnight.

In the end, Lou's weak husband, who was unilaterally bogged down, created bite and scratch wounds all over his body.

Keith, who was exhausted because of a night of strife over his body where sex with Erne remained, then fell asleep without any healing magic.

Lou irritated Keith to the end by harassing his sleeping husband until the next night to do prank writing on his face.

Even after all that happened, Keith, tired of washing his face, is heading to the dining room to get to dinner first without healing his wounds.

I haven't eaten anything for almost a whole day since last night so I'm too hungry and feel bad.

Now heading to the dining room today to see what to eat, where the cooks seemed to be twice as busy as usual, but cooking with pleasure.

When I was wondering what it was, I heard a voice from behind saying, "O... magician".

The voice I was used to hearing belonged to Berna as I thought, and Elf, a samurai who had cared to speak with the Mage Master because of her slight eyes, stood beside Keith.

"Your face...... what has happened?

"No, hey, there's no cat... was there anything more today than that?

Berna answered Keith, pointing to the kitchen and asking, with no expression.

"The dinner party is over today, and the guests are back."

"Oh, shit, the servants' consolation!

Keith nodded remembering last year.

An annual entertainment party where servants receive leftover ingredients, liquor, etc. at dinner parties under Mashua's permission. That is the consolation.

If you say so, it was today, as Berna did last year,

"If you haven't already had dinner, join us."

And he asked me out, but Keith thought a little and shook his head left and right.

"No, not this year. If I were you, I wouldn't be able to enjoy it."

That means Keith made a deal with the [Lady of Ice Falls]. In that one case Keith had been temporarily feared by servants all over the palace.

I've managed to get back to normal with Mashua's voice, and I'm sure there are more maids who treat me that way.

But it is also true that those who do not feel comfortable with Keith from the beginning have intensified their distrust, so Keith decided not to answer for those elves.

"I look forward to it once a year in the corner, so I want everyone to enjoy it if they can."


"And look, I'm always making Berna feel like she's having fun, so about today... please don't look like that, Berna"

That's what Keith said when Berna's expression looked so pathetic. Of course no one's listening.

Berna answered nothing, but Keith kept the word going,

"So please enjoy Berna and come. Oh, but you can't drink too much, can you? Because it doesn't necessarily mean a bad man won't attack the pretty Berna he slept with!

That would have been before. Berna said a small "yes" to Keith waiting for the scratch.

As he stroked his head for a gap that no one had seen in his honest pet, Keith returned to the room with the bread and soup he had made and set aside so as not to interfere in the cooking.

I walked down the hallway accustomed to pounding my oversleeping, dally body with a qualitative meal but it would be good today or so.


When I came to the room, I remembered that today was the first time I received Berna if I said so while eating.

I thought I should have some fun at first. I can't believe the samurai elf with her hands would be such an obedient pet.

"I didn't know we'd be here by then... thank goodness no one discovered that trait."

I don't know if I'll ever see a mazo elf out of my life that my boyfriend abandoned me and hurt me. Especially if she's that heavy.

Keith started working on the bread as he turned to his desk with a fuzzy thought, thanking God for his good fortune.

I was surprised how long it had been since I was passionate about it, when the door was inadvertently knocked.

Who do you think you are, you hear "that," and that's the voice you just heard,

"Huh? Berna?


When I opened the door in a hurry to reply, there was Berna standing with it, placing a serving of delicious food and liquor on the tray.

"That, what about the consolation?

"... meals, I was wondering if that wasn't enough... so"

"Oh, that's on purpose. Thank you."

Berna kept her hands open to Keith trying to thank him and receive the tray,

"I... will carry you"

"Huh? Fine, I'm fine, so Berna's in the venue."

"No," Berna replied, walking straight into Keith's room, putting the meal on the table and starting to support it.

"Um, you're really okay, right? He said he could do it alone. So have fun with Berna."

Keith said so to Berna, who would have been out of the consolation, but this pet elf shook his neck left and right as he turned his face.

"No, I'm here. Let me stay."

"Yes? Um... was there something I didn't like?

"Nothing. But... it's not fun to be in a place like this without your husband."

Staring at Keith with her expressionless, but willing, beautiful eyes, Berna said.

"I'm the only one with your husband... and I don't enjoy that at all. No food, no alcohol... it's not delicious."

"Don't be..."

"Then it's much better to watch your husband eat like he looks delicious...... so I want to be here. Let me stay. If it's not annoying."

The place where Keith is is is the place where I feel most at ease. And the most fun place I can think of. It is Berna who sincerely thinks so.

Besides, I won't tell Keith, Berna didn't want to spend a moment away from work beside someone who seemed a little neglectful of her husband.

As usual, Keith held the pet elf, whose thoughts were heavy on the heavyweight, in a bitter grin. And

"You don't think it's annoying. I'm really glad Berna's here. This is how you stay beside me...... Thanks Berna"

"... I am glad to be beside your husband..."

Berna, sharing her thoughts, hugged Keith back with real pleasure and raised her face. After giving Berna a kiss, Keith decided to get a corner meal.

The dishes, which are made with plenty of top ingredients left over from dinner parties, are delicious with flavoring for the average person.

Keith, who wasn't (deservedly) attached to dinner party meals this year, ate this disappointing.

Keith wouldn't if he was finished eating and laying down quickly, but Berna cleaned up the dishes flat.

Keith silently watched Berna, who was gentle and overprotective everywhere. Then Berna, who finished cleaning up, comes by Keith's sleeping side and gives me a knee pillow.

Smelling the warm Berna, her hands touched her cheeks as they were and began to heal magic.

The tingling sensation hits my cheeks and heals Lou's wounds. Keith drowned at the feeling.

Keith heads to his desk when he wakes up after the healing is over and he thanks Berna for wiping his saliva.

And when I took the little box out of my desk drawer, I offered it to Berna.

"... this, what?

"Please open it"

Keith prompted me to open the box and look at the contents, Berna muttered "Ah" to the substitute that was in there. That was a brand new dock tag.

"Look, today's my first day holding Berna, right? So."

Oh, my God, Keith wanted to, but I didn't actually think about this and make it.

When I made the earrings for Roana, I made them because I had extra misrills and scrapstones.

Keith, who remembered that today would be her first anniversary with Berna if she gave this as a memorial gift, had a bad idea that she must be happy.

If it's true, I called it in tomorrow and thought it would be even then, but I just gave it to her.

Unlike before, dock tags with embedded gems, albeit scrapstones, take a lot of time to see, and besides, the engraving is carved into "Bernakeith's only pet".

"Next time you bring a collar, replace it... that? Berna? Ooh...... harden up, wow!!

Berna, who was holding a dock tag and solidifying, suddenly jumped and Keith raised his voice to surprise and fell into bed.

The cheap bed is Gishin! Berna was shuddering small as she made a murmuring noise, stretching out to Keith.

"Beh, Berna? Wasn't that nice?

"Chi... no, I'm happy... I'm happy..."

That's what I said and raised my face. Berna had a really crying face like the first time I held her.

Most of the time I was going to cry in confusion and now I'm going to cry in joy because of a completely different thought.

"That's good," Pet Elf gave Keith a thoughtful kiss as she smiled at Berna as she turned her lukewarm eyes away from her usual faceless expression.

"Beru, chu... fu chu! Chubby, chubby, chubby, beh, woo, woo! Chu, chu."

I don't mind Keith stopping me, I don't mind my breathing. Berna seems to be shaking all the time if she has a tail, but it comes back.

I was surprised Keith would be happy to get this far. Berna licked her inside with a tiny tongue and then

"No, it's... you can't be nice like this... Master, I'm going to want a lot of it... so no"

I don't need everything in the world anymore except Keith. I want to be alone even if they think I'm cunning from around me.

It's not true for Berna that overflowing thoughts make her breasts bitter. Even breathing gets rough on an experience that isn't.

"Were you that happy?

"... pets... I'm the only one..."

"Because Berna always cares. Berna is the only pet I have... and I want you to know that."

With joy Berna began kissing again. Keith was too eager to ask for a kiss.

Keith thought again not to let the memorial gift burn a woman, after all, that she would be so pleased with this kind of gift.

I also gave it to Nia and Aisha if this happens, but those two are officially in trouble because of their ambiguity as to when. Lower species trouble.

(So now it's Leonora? Besides, the night-time snake... Wow, the night-time snake looks so delightful)

Pets have stopped burning to the lowest man who's already thinking about giving gifts to other women while getting Berna's kiss.

He crawls his tongue around his neck as it is from the kiss and tries to take off his clothes. Keith was also in a hurry for boulders for this,

"Oh, hey! Come on, Berna! Wait!! That little, hey! Another one, actually! I have another one!!

Berna gave Keith, in a hurry, an unlikely exasperated face and said, "Are we here yet?" I tilted my neck. Besides, Keith nods and returns.

"That's right, one more! There's something I made for Berna."

"Oh no... I'm so full..."

"It's okay, Berna. 'Cause Berna filled me with something important, didn't she? So... please take it."

Berna turned her arm and hugged Keith waking up physically saying so.

Keith was horrified that Berna had succeeded in letting her fall over MAX in her estrus. And I began to prepare to give Berna, calm down, a second present.

Being naked, Berna exposed Keith to a thin, overly luxurious and very beautiful body.

I've been held for a year now. Nipples, cries and yin billas alike, Keith gets excited no matter how many times he sees Berna's filthy body, which is getting a little bigger.

Keith offered Berna a second present as she stood, holding the dock tag she received dearly.

That looks like an earring at first glance. Earrings with heart-shaped embellishments at the end of small chains.

However, no matter what the clip part looks like, it is not designed to be worn on the ear. The number doesn't match the three for ears. Two ears will suffice.

Keith, who showed it to Berna staring strangely, explained,

"Here's what I'm gonna do."

Firstly, I attached the two to both nipples of Berna. Yes, this isn't an earring, it's a nipple clip and a clitoris clip.

All three are not highly irritating stabbing types, and the pain is weak for Berna with something that can be gently fastened.

That should be it, too, and I made this on earrings and sets in the first place to make Roana do it.

I couldn't give it to you then, not the other way around in the flirtatious center, but I thought of it anyway. That's what I use for Berna.

It was a means to hold on to the runaway Berna, but Keith swallowed his saliva for more erotic destructiveness than he could have imagined.

Watching nipple clips shake on thin, luxurious bodies is too obscene.

And most importantly, today Berna was becoming more sensitive with joy and was also beginning to feel slightly at the abuse of this nipple, which was not very strong.

Keith started turning his penis up on a cute, dirty Berna who dyes her cheeks slightly,

"Well, then this... you know where to put the other one, don't you?

Instructed Nodding Berna to make the place easier to follow.

Berna obeyed the orders of her just one owner, spreading her legs around her crotch and lowering her hips, fingering and spreading Omango as she stood dressed too inferior and where she would wear the last one herself...... peeled off Clitoris's foreskin.