Aisha opened her thin eyes as the thin light of dawn brightened the room over the curtains.

Same time as usual, in my own bed as usual. But there was one man sleeping, and Aisha slept round in the man's arms.

Sleep happily on the dumb side, only the body and groin objects are fine men. Keith, of course.

Aisha leans over the duvet just a little more in her fine sleep and sticks her face inside of it and smells Keith.

Keith's body smells good like sweat, which I interacted with last night. That's what tickles Aisha's nose by mixing it with the smell of her own woman.

I hit something hard on my stomach when I was happy and I gave myself more. That's a stubborn nani in the morning, after all, and the intensity of last night is not even a thing.

She grinned slightly and touched it with her fingers only a little before Aisha gently walked out of bed.

His ankle was too fucked and somewhat fluttered, but still, as he stomped and stood, the semen dripped out of his vagina.

It drips all over Keith's body's desperately held thigh, which reminds me of last night.

Aisha, who earned the right to date for a day as promised, called Keith into his room the day before he was on holiday - that is, at the end of yesterday's assignment.

The reason was simple and I didn't want to be attacked by anyone.

In the present situation, where the Nightshade is still staying and Berna is on top of it, someone could get in the way if he was in Keith's room.

I don't normally care that much, but I couldn't bear to hear that Berna was so nice to Keith the next day on a date.

She gave me a present, she adored me all night, and then finally she hugged me and slept.

With all this increase in female membership, Berna keeps the "if held" promised at the beginning of discipline.

So much so that Aisha wonders if she enjoys seeing herself regretting hearing it.

I couldn't have enjoyed Aisha in a situation where I had the right to date for a day when I heard about it in the corner.

That's why I brought Keith into my room and tried to go out on a date the next day from here... well then naturally Keith brings a doomsday.

"Oh, I'll be handicapped tomorrow, so don't! Tomorrow, so... Mmm!!

It flushed like that and Aisha ended up screwing me four times in Norinoli.

I'm totally dyed by Keith. I sigh at myself, but I nod forcefully that it's a date today.

It's been a long time since I've had a date alone, and the inn has been kept, and this will give me a really romantic night instead of being flushed like last night.

Aisha, who has too much fun and can nibble her face, took a bath, being careful not to wake Keith.

Get out of the bath, get dressed, put on makeup, and by then Keith should be up, too, so (I gotta wake you up or I'll wake you up) get ready and go have breakfast in the city and stay put.

When I was making a complete plan in the hot tub, the bathroom door accidentally opened and Keith, who was sleeping perfectly with her sleeping eyes, came in in in the morning rocking her burgundy penis.

"Ugh, wow! Keith, what the hell? Suddenly! I was still asleep."

"... I have a dream announcement that the Brown Knight is taking a bath... and I have a dream announcement that you should come in with me and cure my erection in the morning"

"Don't get a weird announcement, fool! Just wait in your room! Will you be up soon?"

"No... no! I'm taking a bath with Aisha too!! In the bath, I need you to heal me in the morning!

"I have a disgusting voice! Wow!!

Javon! and Keith, who came into the hot tub, started licking his brown body in the hot water as he dived intact.

I don't mind hot water coming in my mouth. After tasting the glossy flesh of a good color,

"Uhhhh!! Hot water with Aisha's stock, it's a doomed horse!

I'm pretty sure there's some middle-aged man stock out there now because of you.

Aisha thought so, but Tsuko, first of all, she just said, "I want to heck! scream." A penis with hot water dripping out of its face protruded.

"Aisha, heal me in the morning... you can't date like this..."

"Oh, that would heal naturally! No, no, no... if you do that, it's about Keith anyway! Keep it up. I'm gonna have sex all day in my room today and I'm gonna crush it!! I know!!

I definitely want to have a date today. That's why my legs are tight. I also heard about Berna's passion!

I think so. Keith rocked a meat stick at Aisha,

"I know. So for that... right?

Aisha confirmed with tears to Keith on the inferior face asking him to do something about this.

"If I make you feel better... it's a date, right? You're going out, right?

"Yes, of course."

"... if you break your promise... it's terrible, you idiot"

When I said that, I started working with meat sticks wrapped around my vagina scattered yesterday with my fingertips.

A very supple, soft fingertip wraps around the tortoise head at the back of the hand where the sword dako is located and strokes it around.

Then he grabs the pole and handles it back and forth. He tries to squeeze it quickly.

"Ah, Aisha... rough no... whoa! Ugh, uhh! Ooh!"

Keith, upright, withstood Aisha's handjob by shaking his leg on the hot tub.

The too intense treatment focuses the attack on the geese neck and blames the most sensitive part of the ring made with the thumb and index finger.

"That's right... a knight! Precisely the weakness...... not good!!

"Don't be weird! Keith planted the moves on you... already."

He stares at the overflowing cowper pointing at his lips, licking just a little peron, and then restarting his hand.

As the male odor gradually thickened in the hot tub, Keith sat on the edge of the hot tub to escape Aisha's hand.

"Aisha, I don't like just my hands! Now be sure to boob!!

"Don't place orders!

"Fine, it's still early in the morning. We have time."

I resented you for waking up early. When I sent my gaze, the brown knight leaned over to Keith with his glossy tits in both hands.

And as I was told, I started rubbing it up and down across the penis that was bee erect in the valley.

"Oooh!! Aisha's pie... brown pie pie!! Ugh."

Longtime brown pussy felt good after all.

This elasticity and tension, unlike Leonora's demon milk and Roana's slime milk, is indescribably coming to my penis.

As she enjoyed brown milk, which was arguably the most irritating, Aisha sent her jito eyes.

"Keith... you're comparing... about that milk woman and me! I'm comparing!!

Keith smiled because he couldn't say he was compared to Naia's aunt.

"No way, I'm determined to be indulging in Aisha's tits. It feels good ~. And yet Aisha says that... remind me of Leonora's tits"

"Don't remind me! I'm already... absolutely lying, compared to you..."

I'm not gonna stop pussying as I say bumps. Aisha gradually dyed her cheeks to sweeten her exhale.

The smell from the meat stick comes to the nose with the toon and hurts Aisha's instincts.

So I get an erection. I move my breasts while I pinch my own nipples to get pleasure at the same time.

I get saliva in my mouth, but Keith asks me to "drool" when I try to drink it out.

Keith finds Dawn uncontrollable in Aisha's appearance of draping her saliva down her chest and turning it into lube to continue her pussy.

He stares at Aisha with a rough breath and even loses his light mouth to tease the pussy sight with a meat stick.

The sound of silent and just tits rubbing a meat stick nicho and the sound of hot tub water shaking chapo chapo only echoed in the bathroom.

Eventually Keith's breathing became rough and clogged, the meat stick was googling between Aisha's chest.

"Aisha...... duh, uhh, up. Aisha."

Aisha turned upwards to her voice and saw Keith round her back and face closer. And as the kiss begins, Keith's hips start to move.

I'm kissing him as a pussy. To this Aisha turned bright red to her ears and wandered off.

The gentle, netted kiss seemed to caress Aisha's inner circle, and the irritation of being breast offended by this combined.

totally boring. Keith toward Aisha, who is exhaling,

"Chu, Nju, Chu, Chu... Aisha, you... so, do... so, just... come on! Tip!!

I called out for a favor and made Aisha stop the pussy and let the turtle head snap. And I'll handle the roots myself.

Coming soon, the sense of ejaculation rushes through the urethra paralysing it and bounces it inside Aisha's temple. Fly.

"Fubi! Phew, uhh... heb, uhh"

Big time! Dobby time!! Dobby, Dobby, Dobby!! … the firing of the first shot in the morning is thick and intense, filling Aisha's inner chamber with a raw odor.

When Keith, trembling at his comfort, exhaled in a ho, Aisha exhaled a semen odor as she squeezed the meat pole with her fingers and drank it to the last drop.

"Oh, my goodness... I've been hitting on you... Ugh, Ngu! So much already..."

"Because Aisha's tits feel too good. And this brown gloss... will excite you."

"Hmm, what... that sounds like you're excited because I'm a dessert elf"

"No way, it's all the best, including its skin tone. than that......"

Keith, fully in the hot tub, began to stroke his whole body as he held Aisha tight.

Aisha said "Yikes!," he said.

"Now it's Aisha's turn, isn't it? I'll make you feel a lot better."

"Wow, I... Mmm!! I'm good! More than that, proper, moderate...... oh, ooh! Go, Ru... So - and, what, Chipu"

Aisha gets kissed by her mouth, which has just drank semen, and turns her rampant arm on Keith's back.

I accidentally shivered my spine with a kiss that was gentler and more loving than the kiss I had when I was a pussy.

to Aisha like that. Keith also kissed his cheeks and neck before

"We still have plenty of time. So make Aisha feel better just once too. And then I'm gonna take another bath and I'm gonna go on a date."

To a convincing voice Aisha puts her strength into Keith's back spinning hand before whispering in her ear.

"I don't know... it's just that? Then... it's a date, isn't it?

"Yes. It's a promise. Besides, Aisha can't go on a date without being so hot, can she?

I did think so. Aisha's Omako is beginning to swing and ripen because of her pussy, fine drinking and kissing.

In this condition, I would get a lot more tantrum during my date, and my desire to get into the inn would swell more than walking in the city.

Then she gave herself an excuse that it was a date after getting a proper cite.

"Well, just... feel good, do... give it to me"

Keith got up and took the wandering knight to bed in response to Aisha asking for him and kissing him.

When he wiped his body and turned off the water, Keith put Aisha to bed first and covered her there.

I start again with a kiss and gently blame it on my lips all over my body.

Aisha shivered in a pimply boredom at the sound and irritation of being sucked on by the chubby.

"Ki, Su...... Mark, Hi!! Put it on... so you can... stand out... haha!!

"I know," he replied, "but I'm especially enthusiastic about the breasts and tight tummy I just enjoyed scattering. Makes me suck on my lips.

"Ha!! Ugh... Hiuuuu!!

My nipples get harder at the same time as my voice sounds higher. I rubbed and licked it with my tongue tip and pounded my brown erect nipples in my mouth.

The gentle blame for flirting on her sensitive body gave her overflowing pleasure, and Aisha was rubbing her thighs together to withstand groin pain.

At last, when the blame went there, Aisha's Omango was wet by the gucho gucho and smelled fragrant.

"Whoo... Aisha's porn manko is so congested. Wow, this is horny wow"

Aisha turned away in embarrassment at Keith's words. I'm congested because Keith blamed me four times last night more than I feel.

Gently blame Aisha's Omako on her fingertips, which makes her ripe and even pubic vila obscenely wet and uneven, gently rubbing her vaginal mouth, cries and vaginal vestibule.

Aisha clenched her pillow as she seemed to cry as she was willing to make her daunt which feeling she wanted.

You know more about Aisha than Aisha. Keith's blame made you fall right down and start puffing your vaginal mouth as well as being wet.

Enough for a meat stick that's completely rejuvenated with a caress? And the talking Keith woke up physically.

Keith poked his penis at that obscenely shaped female organ, letting Aisha, who was perfectly upbeat by pleasure and excitement and rocked her abundant breasts, have her own legs to expand.

When I was in too much of a hurry, I felt that Aisha would be angry, so this time I immediately inserted it and swayed my hips.

"Ha, ugh... ugh! Mm-hmm!! Ugh, Hiuuuu!! Oh, no... Ugh!! Come on...... ki-soo!!

Even though I accepted it scattered last night, Aisha shuddered stuffily at the polar stick, which I knew I would get the feeling of being able to peel open when inserting it.

Laying herself on Aisha, who twisted herself cutely, Keith moved her hips hectically as she kissed her, hitting her vagina and vagina at the same time.

Aisha clings to Keith as she freaks out at the piston that pounds the kiss and spread omanko that makes her breathing painful as well.

Usually it's like, "It's intense! Bully me!" but the ever too gentle caress was making me accept this fierce blame.

In the palace just in time for the various preparations of the morning to begin. The feeling that Keith loved me like this at that time was making Aisha wander more than usual.

"Aisha, it feels good...... Aisha, Nchu, Aisha's Omango, in trout...... Ooh!

"Hahi!! Hi-no!! Ukyu!! Ah, ah!! Awwww!! Kisu, Kisu also, Kimochi no...... Aaaah!! Kimochi no!! Uh-oh!!

"Because when it's over, it's a date! I'll have a proper date!!

Aisha nodded again and again, laughing nicely at Keith, not forgetting the words to please her.

Eventually, as the voltage rises, an attack is made that strikes deep into the hips with force.

Aisha said to the stimulus that comes deep over and over again, "Ha-ha!!" Keith, who was feeling up to the back of his vagina as he turned back,

"This sucks... this, good... oh troll manko... this to porn manko... Ugh!! Ooh!!"

Move your hips as hard as you can with even more strength, and do a grand heck of a piston...... GUCK!

"Whoa whoa!!?

I screamed as it was and stopped moving.

Feeling Keith raise a strange voice with some very strange noise, Aisha left a question mark on her head as she wandered.

"Ah... Huh? Keishu... I don't know..."


"Ro, did you? Huh? What?

The force falls out of Keith's entire body, and at the same time his vaginal penis softens to.

When Aisha panicked and shook out her pleasure and spoke to Keith about what was going on,

"... here, here... I did... my hips, I... they're gone."

"Koshi...... Huh yeah!? Koshi no!?

"Oh please don't... it's so crackling... crackle on the koshi"

"Oh, man, huh? So, but what? This one, huh?

To Aisha in panic Keith had a distressed look at the severe pain in his back, which had passed away in a greasy sweat all over his face.

It seems that the impossibility of thirty men has finally begun to sneak around.