"Uh-huh, uh-huh," Keith kept roaring and letting him sleep properly in his bedroom, and Aisha was putting on a futon for him.

He had a damp cloth on his hips that worked well, and the smell of the herb was drifting up to Aisha's nose.

Aisha, who's also dressed properly in her room, takes a breather when it's all over.

"Damn it! This is what happens because I tried to shiyo in the morning after all that shit yesterday!! You know what I mean!?

Keith muttered, "I told you so," with his crying eyes when he said such a thing roughly.

"Do you have that or this! By and large, this wouldn't have happened if I'd done the muscle tread on the menu I gave you!? Keith, now you were stretching back after the muscle tread!!

Sure, I did the muscle tread without rest, but the stretch after that was a mess because I didn't do it or not.

I never thought that would sneak up on me like this.

Keith, starred and unable to say anything, is just smiling at the pain flowing from his lower back. When I saw it, I assumed Aisha was right.

"Not at all, you idiot! Stretch back, besides, if you shake your hips like that every day, it's natural to break them!

"Don't be mad, Aisha... my back hurts."

Aisha raised her blues to Keith, whose salutation would also disappear.

"Don't be angry! I'll be angry!! It was a date...... because of Keith's dumb ass even though it was a date in the corner!! Can this stay without anger!!

"Ugh... I'm sorry... don't yell at me because I apologize... it'll sound on your hips"

After sighing again on pitiful face Keith, Aisha began to prepare pain-relieving medicinal water. Look at that. Keith squeezes out his voice.

"Aisha... more Berna than that... please call Berna no"

Ever since earlier Berna, Berna and loud Keith. Aisha picks a single eyebrow.

Keith has been asking Aisha to call Berna ever since her hips passed away.

Berna's healing magic makes it easy to heal her lower back to this extent. That's why I'm asking for help.

But Aisha heard it and tried to simulate what would have happened if Berna had been called into this room.

If you tell Berna Keith did his hips, that pet will come running at work and nothing.

And he soothed his hips, and Keith thanked him, and as he lit up, he told Aisha,

"I will nurse your husband. Please, Master Aisha, come out."

Your hips are healed! Then it's a date with me!! That's what I said. That mazopet,

"No, not today. We need to rest for the day."

I'm going to flirt with Keith all day for saying that. That's how it's decided. That's why Aisha turned down this favor.

"No. Even Berna has a job to do. I did Keith's fool every time, and if I called him at the end of the day, he'd be fired, right?

"Ugh... I don't know... but"

"I'll see you today. So Berna... I'll call you after work, so be patient until then."

At least I want to be with Keith until night, just in the meantime. Even Keith, who is in pain. I was Aisha with that feeling.

Keith somehow guesses it, but the pain is strong and it's nowhere near there.

Because of that pain, I can't concentrate at all, and I can't talk or use metastatic magic.

If this was my room, I'd tell Lou to call me.

(hey, I kind of remember a story about a scary woman snapping her favorite writer's leg and trapping her in a mountain hut)

Keith, who drank the medicinal water he had made while just a little driven by fear, decided to call Berna when this pain had gotten easier.

But until then, I wonder if I have to endure this pain.

My back can't do anything horny like this, and Aisha's massage is counterproductive to this back pain.

Keith, who is about to cry, at least thought a lot about distracting him,

"... Aisha"

"Hmm? What?

"... the panties I'm wearing now, please put them on my face"

"... what?

"Oh, I don't care if it's a bra...... either, please"

Aisha shuddered and barked at this favor, distorting her face into agony.

"Keith!! Your back hurts and you're lying!! I fooled you again!! You pervert, no!

"Ahhh! This, cracks at the hips...... Ugh!! Yes, come on!!

"Oh, you can't fool me by acting like that! Play weird to me again...... crush me till my date this!!

"I'm serious! Seriously, hips...... Ugh, I'm serious...... Shinji, Aisha."

Too much lying to believe me. The perverted utterance from the roots was circling over it.

Keith explained to Aisha, still turning his suspicious eyes, in a low voice, careful not to sound on his hips.

"Yes, it's too painful and I feel sick with my nerves over there... that's why I wanted to smell Aisha good... so..."

"Because underwear...... no"

"Then call me Berna... it really hurts... my back hurts"

Seriously, to the thirty men who start crying. Aisha said after roaring, "Already!" Then when I took off my room-wearing leg-length sweater, I removed my bra and put it on Keith's face.

The cup part just fits with the feel of covering the mouth and nose and the smell inside tickles Keith's nostrils.

"Su Ha... ahhh... you are using this bra quite a bit... it smells so good"

"Ugh, shut up no!! Pervert! I knew your back hurt and you were lying!!

I regretted that Aisha, who turned bright red, didn't think this was going to happen, and chose the easiest bra and panties that she couldn't do anything about because she was in pain anyway.

He wore it for the room, but it fits pretty well, so it was the one I've been wearing for a long time.

I washed it properly and cleaned it, but I felt comfortable giving it panties to the boulder and made it a bra, but I still felt terrible.

Seeing Keith smelling superb and dyeing his face to the vermilion, Aisha got her clothes done and went straight to the back of the room.

Enjoying the smell as he watched Aisha shy, Keith felt Aisha's caged good smell healing the pain.

The bra, which has been wrapping Aisha's tits for a long time, is staining there with the smell of brown elves and laundry soap to emit an unspeakable scent.

"... oh... the pain goes away... seriously"

That's probably because the ingredients in the potion water are working, but as for Keith, I really felt that it was thanks to Aisha's bra.

Aisha came back from the back of the room as the pain grew easier gradually. There was a basin in his hand, and there was a porridge on it.

"Pain...... lighter now? You think you can eat that?

Keith kept his bra on his face to Aisha, who came making porridge in a simple kitchen in the room that would even chew him tight.

"The smell of Aisha made it easier...... Eat it Mahu"

"Thanks to the potion! What do you think people's underwear is... already"

Start feeding Keith breakfast while he complains but stays asleep, approaching the bed.

He crinkles me with a spoon, hoo-hoo cold, and then he shouts, "It's hot," and puts it in my mouth.

The porridge that chews and drinks lightly was bolder to season than the dish Berna makes, but this makes it really tasty.

"... Aisha has chore skills... exactly"

"What the hell?

"I thought I was going to cut carrots and radishes with the skin on them, put them in a pan, simmer them, and say something about cooking."

"... you can be angry here, right?

Jito, Aisha turning her eyes. But when she exhaled, she made me eat porridge again without anger.

"That's how normal it is. I was taught a lot when I was wandering with my father... cooking and laundry is normal."

Keith was a little surprised that he had been doing this for over a year and still didn't know about it.

Instead of the usual ponites, Aisha, with three braids of silver hair, looks like a really normal girl to go with the room outfit.

It is Keith who I think would have attacked pretty Aisha if he were normal.

The meal was over while I was thinking about it, and Aisha started cleaning it up. Keith, who was wearing a bra again, tried to see if he could work out his magic enough to call Berna.

Then Aisha comes back and replaces the damp cloth with care not to strain Keith. And watching you put the futon back on,

"... Aisha, don't you want to sleep next door?

"Huh? Your back hurts, doesn't it? What are you talking about?"

"No, not in a weird way... you know, accompany me"

Aisha thought for a moment and then said, "I can't help it," and lay down next to Keith with care. The bra is naturally taken from his face and placed beside the bed.

Keith's pain was getting easier when he was doing this without doing anything, and Berna wondered if she didn't have to call.

My heart shrugged so weak because of my back pain that I could at least hang out with Aisha and be alone today or so. With that in mind,

"... Keith, if it really hurts and you can't stand it... I'm gonna get Berna, okay?

"Huh?... Oh, no... that's fine. At night. I can stand it. You shouldn't bother me."

"... right"

"Besides, I don't think it's a bad idea to be doing this with Aisha."

Saying so, Aisha exhaled and gently touched Keith's body. I'd really like to hug you, but I'm putting up with that.

"... well, me too... something like this... not doing anything but sleeping together... I think it would be nice... better than a date"

When I said it in a sweet voice, I shrugged my name "Keith" and leaned over. Keith, who endured slight pain and took Aisha,

(Because I'm so maiden that I really want to suspect that the contents are knights)

Keith began to sleep slightly after stroking Aisha thinking about it as the pain twitched away.

The two of us accidentally attacked Keith with a hell of a urine intent about how relaxed we would have been as we leaned aside without words.

I wondered if I could stand it, but when I was enjoying it, it was starting to hurt like I was cramped to the waist, and I couldn't do this.

"Ah, Aisha...... sorry, and in the bathroom"

"Huh? Oh, oh, the bathroom...... uh, the urine bottle (numb) or something"

"Absolutely not!! I'm going to the bathroom!! Absolutely go!!

Keith made Nia wear even diapers and to Omar at night, but I just didn't like the boulders taking care of me peeing.

So when I wake up with Aisha's hand, I head slowly to the bathroom.

"Ugh... ahhh, yes, come on... damn, this!

"Hey, don't push it. I'm fine, okay?

"I don't like it! Oh, come on..."

I manage to get to the bathroom and take out my penis while standing with my shoulder borrowed. I risked not being able to stand up once I sat down.

But he fluttered so he couldn't stand with his penis, Keith asked Aisha to pick his penis, and he stepped on the toilet wall.

"Uh, you know what? Is this it? Right here?"

"Chi, hey, a little more... yes, there it is! Keep it up...... Ugh."

Keith started urinating when the targeting didn't go well inside, but he was still finally able to adjust position.

Aisha turned away with some embarrassment when she first saw the golden water coming out of the choro choro.

I've been dating for a year but I've never seen you pee, but I've never seen you pee.

(Huh... this is how you get out... ho, it's really out of the same place where you get sperm... wow)

Aisha with a strange interest, but Keith on the other hand,

"Ugh... oh, I can't believe the lumpy stuff sounds... it sucks"

He was praising his face for the pain that resonated in his lower back just by stepping on his pee. Eventually, when the whole thing is over, Keith instructs Aisha to shake her penis.

"Fu, fu!? This, this, penis, you shake it!?

"Yes, Plump...... please"

"Ah, uhh... ok, ok... here's the thing?

Leftovers fly in a shitty chin swing. Aisha learned something weird when she found out about the whole act of urinating a man. It lit up to her.

And then finally, when it was all over and they put back on their underwear and went back to bed, the two took a whopping breath.

Aisha put a futon on him and then said she was going to wash her hands properly and head to the sink.

Keith laughed small as he looked behind him, remembering Aisha's help urinating and tinkling. I get kind of excited about that look with a laugh.

Keith hurt his meat stick at the excitement as long as he slept in silence like this, as long as he was able to get some pain.

I think my back just passed away this morning after I inserted it into Aisha. In other words, it is halfway there.

Even in my pants. Aisha came back wondering what happened to Keith on the meat stick.

"Hmm? What's up, Keith? Is that the bathroom again?

Aisha asked Keith, who was kind of twitching. Keith came all the way to the colorful appearance of that Aisha's room outfit he saw again,

"Um, Aisha?


"... will you fella?

"... what?

Aisha, who had been hardened for a while, raised her face with a kick-ass, angry look as she began to tremble small,

"Say that again! I knew you were lying!? Your back hurts and you're lying!!

Keith hastily explains as he tells angry Aisha he's not lying.

"My back hurts, but more than that, my penis snaps... I can't sleep like this. So."

"That's why someone does that when his back hurts! Patience your penis at times like this!!

"Please. Hey, I just need you to kiss me ahead of time. Please."

Aisha really wanted to get mad at Keith for asking her to be like a virgin.

But I'm gradually pushed by my pitiful face and the way I really ask for it.

"Yeah, but it's gonna hurt! You were hurting like that with your pee, but it hurts even more!!

"If it really hurts, I'll gib it up. So to try, just pack a little. Aisha... I can't sleep like this, please. Aisha's going to see you today, isn't she?

"I'm not saying that's medical attention! Ugh... Keith doesn't have moments to get rid of lust!?

Aisha was relieved to think of him as some kind of really old man about to die and say "Aisha" or something.

Keith keeps asking Aisha to even do that. Lick it. He asked me to kiss his penis.

"... really, it hurts... but it definitely hurts"

"It's okay. Feelings should neutralize the pain. So. Besides, I'm never gonna move... if it's your mouth, right? Aisha... Pepper."

"I have a disgusting voice!! Ugh, but... no."

I think about Keith, so I can't boil him down inside.

"So... you're screwing yourself? Smell Aisha's bra...... should I do it myself?

"Huh!? Ah... well... ahhh."

Aisha burst into tears bewildered by Keith as he asked me if I should ona in front of him. It was the first time I had ever been born with such a terrible way of being threatened.

I felt like such a good lover until just now, but I'm already shifting to pervert. It sucks.

But...... that's what Aisha felt like when Keith told her to go this far she couldn't resist.

"... hips, don't move at all... I don't know"

"Yes, it hurts to move."

"... it hurts. It's a lie... an absolute lie."

Without ever feeling fooled, Aisha rides herself out and puts her face closer to her groin, taking off her pants, careful not to touch Keith when she sits in bed.

Saliva builds up in Aisha's jar on the meat stick that smells like I just peed.

Aisha, who gently picked and lightly handled the meat stick that was erect in the bee, applied it to the tortoise head as she dripped its saliva.

"Koshi... I don't know if it gets worse... it's not my fault... no, hubbub, hubbub"

I opened my mouth halfway through the words and let that nettle get wet and contain a salivated tortoise head in the hocado.