Keith sat down on the park bench for a grand stretch. I don't know what else to do, but it's really bedtime.

It can't be Keith sitting on a bench in a park surrounded by trees of time that can still be called morning.

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, Keith, in an unusual fit, put his mouth on the coffee he put aside with his Dade glasses back on.

Why is this man doing such a healthy thing, naturally,

"Oh, you kept me waiting."

"Aisha... As I said before, why don't you leave this separate palace and meet me?

"Say what! Wouldn't that be a date!! Your date starts with a rendezvous, right?

"Where is the rule, it...... not at all"

It feels like I can't help it. I got up off the bench to Keith. This is also a disguised Aisha coming in arms.

That face seems so happy that it doesn't have any more, and I could have predicted from now on that I would be able to make another flirt that is going to take a lot of mental damage today.

Yes, today was Aisha Memorial Date Day.

With Leonora, Nia was supposed to go to bed and date Aisha.

Aisha has a date plan for this day, bought clothes and booked an inn besides.

Keith had abstinence the day before, so that he wouldn't step on the same thing as he did last time, and he wouldn't even let him come to his room.

I told myself it was cheap if this would cure my mood even though I sighed when I saw Aisha in the mood for a date with perfect roots.

(Damn, that Rin in the beginning... no, the contents were maidens from the beginning)

Keith, who sees the brown knight with Nico's mark and thinks so, drinks up his coffee, dumps his disposable cup in the trash and starts walking arm in arm following Aisha's decided course.

Aisha's date plan was not something you could call a plan, but something that was "walking the city for lunch and walking the city to the inn" in a big mess.

Why do you only decide on such a general matter? Because it looks more like a date! Yes, it is.

Aisha, who has little experience in admiring many things, prefers a date that is portrayed as a horn novel or something.

Such a perfect maiden plan exhausts Keith after all.

I still get tired of dating girls like this not for the purpose of choking them up.

Especially what Aisha's doing with "letting her boyfriend choose which clothes suits her" and "choosing small things with her" coming to practice her longing. I think it's me.

Hopefully this will make you make a nasty prank along the way, but if you do that, you'll definitely get grumpy after it's over.

I'm in a good mood today. Aisha turned to Keith, who told her that she was patient, with a tremendously full smile.

"Keith...... thanks. Hang out with me. I'm so happy for you."

"... fine, if Aisha will be happy"

I was tired, Keith, but when I saw Aisha's face that seemed really happy, well, sometimes I decided to think.

You're gonna be plenty cute at night anyway, so that's when I decided to hit everything up and now I'm going out with you.

Aisha, who enjoys the flirting time just between these two, held Keith's arm tight for no reason to know what Keith thought.

Hiding your ears, wearing a hat, and wearing a mini skirt are just girls, no matter how you look at them.

I'm gonna have a cute, gnawing knight. Okay, I'll give you a good one. I'm even happier with my cheeks.

It's going to be sweet enough to bring me to the inn like this, but I'm going to have lunch as planned.

Keith went to the bathroom to ask Aisha to order at a cafe where he could have a proper meal.

Trying to walk through the city again when you've finished your meal here and maybe get back to your seat with all the imagination that you're going to say you want to get in the boat again or something.

"Hmm?... that?

There's someone in Aisha's seat. Whoever it was, staring over Dade's glasses, it was three girls.

Even so, the girls are elves, so their real age would be a little older than Keith's.

That said, the girls who looked complete seem to recognize the disguised Aisha as the escort knight Aisha, so Keith did not return to that seat and sat nearby and placed a separate order.

As the clerk leaves, I try to eavesdrop on Aisha and the others with magic. Then apparently the girls were drowning in front of their coveted Aisha.

"I can't believe I'm meeting Master Aisha here! An honor!!

"Are you off duty today?

"I look nice in my personal clothes. But it's kind of like a disguise."

"Silly. Escort knights are easily targeted by terrorists. That's why I try to disguise myself when I'm out of town."

"Oh well!

Not at all. and Keith snapped at the girls in his heart. Aisha is clouding her mouth with it "well, nah".

After all, Keith wonders who her three daughters are when she dries up. At first I thought it was a palace maid, but I don't remember seeing it as a palace maid.

Keith says he doesn't remember seeing it against a woman. That means I can really say that they are not in the palace.

So I decided to ask Aisha directly here. That being said, I can't go to that place, so I used the pronouncement.

Aisha, can you hear me?

As you can see by the side, Aisha misled the three of us.

Keith? Where are they?

'It's a slightly away seat. I thought it was awkward to go by now. "

'Right...... yeah, maybe we should do that'

Clever Aisha who talks to the three of us as we talk. This is my skill as an escort knight.

Aisha continued her conversation with Keith using the essential technique of protecting escorts while in contact with each guard in her head.

Who are those three, by the way?

Are these the girls? These daughters are knight-signing daughters... and it just so happens.

'Huh?' asked Keith back. Aisha began explaining to Shigeru as she was.

They are the ladies of the Knight Elves of Seimrad, and they happen to see Aisha and rush over while the three of them are out in the city.

I went out of my way to ask him if he was close enough to identify Aisha in disguise.

'Well, you know what, you seem to admire me... or it's Keith's fault!! It's Keith's fault!!

What? Suddenly Keith asked for an explanation.

'I don't know what that means. Explain it properly.'

"Let me explain... that's why... Ugh"

Aisha, who was on the verge of panic in response to Keith while dealing with the girls, couldn't even mislead well and told the truth as it was.

These three girls seem to have been coming to the soldier's training ground for a little while now, and they had the admiration to see Aisha at that time.

Anyway, Aisha is the only female knight in the history of Seimrad. Aisha was just a visible goal for those of the same gender in the same household named Knight.

That's just too much, but Aisha overnamed herself these days for being a hundred killers or spiritual exorcisms.

"Oh, besides... Keith... Keith set me up to make some strange rumors with Berna... gusu"

This had made Aisha a complete "sister I admire" among the girls.

Keith shook and laughed not to speak out, spraying the coffee he had been transported.

A sister with a martial arts medal who is an admirer and a goal would be exactly idle if you took it for the girls.

I haven't told Keith or anyone, but in fact Aisha had received passionate letters from several knights and noble daughters, including these girls.

How many times did Aisha almost cry in that letter, which definitely mistook her in a different direction?

Keith can't stop laughing at this crybaby, sweet, and maiden Aisha in her heart wondering how riddled she is in the girls.

'You're laughing! Keith, you're definitely laughing!! This!!

'I'm not laughing, I'm not laughing. Now, please deal with the three of you who are impressed to be able to talk to your coveted sister in the corner. "

"Ah, uh... ugh..."

I think it's a date, Aisha, but I can't tell you that when I'm actually getting the sparkling gaze of the girls.

So I kept responding to their story with a tight smile at my best.

"With that said, I heard the king gave me a secret sword!

"Huh? Oh, well"

"Yeah, yeah! Was it true it wasn't a rumor!? Shh, wow! Wow, wow!!

"Then I'll deal with the Ice Spirit by myself."

"Yes, no, it is, Master Nightingale... Princess of the subdragon species to the aid"

"That means the spirit is exorcised by fighting with the princess of the subdragon species... Wow, it's the hero Tan"

Keith thought of something very good as he killed his voice and laughed at the story, which was getting bigger and bigger.

To do that, Keith, standing from his seat, told Aisha that he was going to the back of the store.

'That, there's Leonora over there... Aisha, I'm going to say hello'

"Huh! Oh, hey!!

The three daughters look Kyotong in Aisha's voice.

"Oh, um... what's wrong?

"Huh!? Yes, no, uh. It's nothing...... hey, hey, toilet! Can I go to the bathroom and come?

Aisha looked for Keith when she stood in a hurry. But he was nowhere and tried to go to the store exit without crying.

"Master Aisha, if it's in the bathroom, it's that way, right?

"Ha!... Well, yeah."

Aisha, who had been refused the exit route, decided to leave the bathroom window if this happened and went to the back of the store for a moment.

And when I try to get into a separate toilet for women, they suddenly pull my hand and drag me into it for men.

"Hey, what!

"Hey! Don't try to articulate!! Aisha!"

"Ki...... ki-soo? Oh, you... I went to see those boobs..."

Keith laughed at Aisha, who looked frightened.

"Isn't there a princess of a country in a place like this?"

"... you lied... you lied... you lied!! Why not!"

"Oh, no noise. No noise. People are coming. So here we are."

"Ah! Hey!!

Aisha, who was taken into a private room in the men's bathroom, was hugged there by Keith.

"Hey, Keith! Why are you... Why are you lying like that?"

"'Cause Aisha's a date in the corner, but talk to someone else..."

"That's what Keith told you to do! I'm nothing..."

to the leaning Aisha. Keith leaned over and kissed softly on the edge of his lips,

"So I just want to hold Aisha tight for a little while... if that's okay"

"Bugger off... Huh! I'm not telling you to do anything weird here!!

"I just need your mouth..."

Aisha shook a pull at Keith's words and scowled her voice absurdly as she kicked.

"Fool!! Why do you keep saying that right away? Come on!!

But Keith flatly returns the word.

"'Cause Aisha told me to be patient since yesterday... it's time"

"It's time! Then you should go to the inn from now on!

"What are those girls going to do?

"Oh, uh... my daughters... well, I got some errands to run."

"Is Aisha okay with lying to those sincere eyes on my daughters? Lie to your daughters who are so happy to be able to talk to you when you meet Aisha you admire."

"Tell me what to do!! Which one is it!!

Keith softly licked and whispered Aisha's ear screaming.

"So here... please make me feel good with your mouth. Then we'll just go back and hang out with him for lunch, and then we'll go to the inn."

"... Ugh, from the beginning... you're willing to make me ferry here... that's what I've been deciding... terrible guy"

There was an inferior species that held the teary-eyed cute brown girl tight so she wouldn't miss it and tried to wrap it up.

Aisha, hugged by that shitty man,

"... if you say you don't want to... what are you going to say next?

"Uh-oh, yeah... if you say that, I'll only see Leonora while Aisha's having lunch with those girls"

"Coward!! You're a coward!... Well, if you ask me, I guess I'll have to do it."

"It's a lie, a lie. Don't imitate seeing someone else during your date with Aisha. It's a little joke."

"I hate that kind of joke."

Aisha turning away, but he accepted that his mind had no choice but to act the worst anymore.

I end up as this shitty man says. Aisha, who can't hate herself and Keith like that, sat pooping style on the floor of the private bathroom as she did when she kissed her long and untied her tongue.

In front of Aisha like that, Keith takes off his pants and sits shallow in the toilet seat and says, "Thank you very much ~ su" to offer him a shriveled penis.

Aisha, the muggled face, picked the penis with her fingers and gently handled it, sprinkled it and applied it to the head of the tortoise before gently starting to lick the tip.