Keith, who carefully washed his body gently at night in every corner, put bathing detergent in hot water that was slightly heated when he wrapped his washed-up beautiful dark hair in a towel, and soaked them both together in it.

At night, she raised her cute voice as she tasted the tingling feeling of her chilled out body soaking in hot water, but since then, she has been hugged by Keith for a long time.

The appearance of letting Keith cling to the little nude was, at first glance, a parent and child, but the look on his face at night had betrayed it. What's there is the peace of mind that can be hugged and the joy of being a woman.

The female dragon clinging to the man with an astonishing face if she didn't know her real age, but shook off her head, remembering all sorts of things, and turned sideways with Pui.

That was a sign of intent to say that you haven't forgiven me yet, you're angry.

Keith continued to hold him gently, without saying anything, as he stared bitterly at his obstinate face at night.

Normally, he says nothing to Keith as soon as he makes an excuse for it. Night Xu turns to Keith with some anxiety in it. Keith is taking it and smiling gently.

"... hey, what... that... huh"

"He said you're getting cute again while you don't look at it for a second. I fell in love with her because every time I saw her, she was beautiful."

"Ha-hi!? Ha... ah, ah... oh, hi."

Sudden words, and the first words said, made the nightfall stiffened with strange faces.

All of a sudden he was amazed at what he was going to say. Soon Keith held his little body tight at night.

"I missed you... I missed you, didn't I? It's true that the nightcap is gone."

At night when he was about to fall into that continuous attack, he shook his head as he dised Aisha with his heart, wondering if he was with that choro knight then.

"Hey, what the hell! Stop lying!! You forgot about Nong!!

"Huh? That's not supposed to happen when I forget the nightcap..."

"Yes! Are you going to spare me! We'll find out! Forget about Nong, don't even think about it!! Hold the other women... you'll know."

Keith replies with a troubled face to a barking night's eye.

"You know... that I had other women to bury the loneliness of not being here at night? Or did you think you'd come home early, remembering every night?

"Huh?... ahhh, hi... uhh, shh, shh, shh."

Keith stared directly in the face at the night, still trying to argue with the words said.

"If you don't believe that much, look with those eyes. He said he really missed me... he wanted to see me at night. Look at that."

There are no lies in sincere eyes. Seems that way. I felt confident everywhere that proved it.

Isn't that really what Keith thought of me, not forgetting myself, and missing me just as much as he missed me?

The little girl who felt that way, Dragon, was reading Keith's mind regardless of even her own will.

And I know that Keith wants the truth. If you come back to me soon, please keep hoping to see me soon.

The night when the brain miso was burned with joy and affection for reading it with a puffy mouth, the eyes wept differently than before.

I knew the certainty that he thought so, but he went all the way to every little corner of his body to genuinely transform the girl into a woman.

"Keith... I... I don't"

"You understand? How much I missed you at night... how much I missed you"

I don't know a nodding nightclub. Sure, I missed you and I missed you, but of course that means a lot.

I was thinking about the night dragon when I was holding other women, because I was just immersed in the inferior delusion that if I were a little dragon at this time.

But on the one hand, it does mean that I missed it at night. I didn't say anything wrong.

This is what happens when you have an eye that reads your mind, and that makes you immature in your ability to interpret what you read.

Let's be clear. This little one was chocolate equal to or more than a female knight.

Fucking laughing at the success of the operation, Keith kissed Nightingale's lips, careful not to have a inferior grin.

In my mind, I concentrate my thoughts only on my desire for nightfall, so that I don't let anything extra read.

Licking him around everywhere he was, the little dragon, trembling at his senses for the first time in a long time, clung to Keith as he shook his young body with a piqum piqun.

Both arms and legs, even his tail wrapped around him and his tongue moved from him at night. Keith's face turned bright red when he realized that Keith's heart was full of sluts to himself.

(No wonder he didn't... I can't believe he wanted to do that... it's really inferior.)

That being said, it is a night when the immature but underdeveloped flesh is quenched and held by his male to ignite the mark of the upper pubic bone.

I can't let my father in my hometown look like this, even if I'm wrong. No doubt a part of the world will vanish.

But now kissing Keith too much of a jerk is a priority over that. I continued to bellow lick at night until my mouth was dirty on Bedbedo with two salivas around my mouth.

Eventually, as his tongue departed from either of them in bitterness, Nightingale stared at Keith with a completely different scented grin than she had just done.

"I thought you were going to suffocate... what a kiss."

Keith honestly said, "I'm sorry," which I don't think he's going to say, wiping his mouth.

The night to tickle it off, he lit a crimson body that was chilling out and was about to accept everything Keith wanted.

I was going to take all the inferior, obscene, and disgusting delusions I just saw in Keith's head.

(Wow, I miss you so much... well, I can't help it)

It was a night stretching void in my heart, but in the hot tub, its tail had made the hot water jump pussy.

Keith decided to use the things he had prepared to make him feel a little happier at night when he could see that he was happy.

"So it's time to go up? You're going upside down."

"Heh? Oh, oh."

I was a little confused at night when I thought it might be a bath, but when I think about it, it is decided that I should do it right in bed.

Yes, she nodded by herself, leaving Keith to go up from the hot tub and wipe her body.

It really makes me look like a parent and child when I do this, but I can't bear to end it because my daughter is more excited to see her bragging dick.

Keith started drying his nightcap hair as it was when his body got clean that way. I think it's because I'm going to get dirty and take a bath again. It was a nightfall.

"Hey Nightshade... I have proof that I didn't really forget about Nightshade..."

"Huh?... Shit, uuch?

"Yes. Would you take that, please?

Whatever it is to a gentle grin, Nightingale tries to read his mind,

"Ah, the night. You can't read your mind! You can't cheat like that, right?

"No, don't scratch... wow. I thought Keith was trying to make me do something weird again."

"I'm not going to do anything weird. More than that, proof of that. Will you take it?

A lost night, but eventually he said "oops" and nodded small, deciding to accept what Keith said evidence and doings.

Keith, delighted with the matter, quickly brought evidence from the closet to show it at night. The night he saw it, he opened his mouth to Pocan and stiffened for a while.


Then about twenty minutes later...... there was a bright red face and a bright nightcap.

I wear clothes at night, but they are so-called gossip clothes with lots of pretentious ribbons based on black rather than my usual dress.

Black, glossy, long hair - it looks too good and horrible when the nightcap looks like it.

Especially the tails, horns and dragon hands matched the gossip costume in a nasty way, which was simply awesome and costly.

The night I reviewed the outfit I was wearing and roared "Gu,"

"hey... what is this... why is this proof?"

"Didn't I tell you? I made it because I thought it would look good in a nightclub. I made it, not Kiki Mora, didn't I?

It was a nightfall that seemed to impress me honestly, but I stuck with Keith that it wasn't a matter of saying so.

"You're not! Then why is this proof?! I don't know what that means!!

Then Keith made a smart kid with a ribbon at night.

"Didn't I give you a dress when you came here last time? But he wasn't happy."

That's right. Only a five-year-old would be happy to have such a children's transformation set called a dress.

"I've been thinking about it for a long time... and I really wanted to please you, and I've been thinking about it ever since Nightshade returned to my country."

"... of... the hour, did you care?

"But such a beautiful dress is on a boulder... so at least I thought about the best one that suits me at night, and I made a trick every day."

It has been quite a while since I thought a gossip costume would look good on a nightclub, and it is true that I was going to put it on sooner or later.

If I wanted to ask Kiki Mora to do that, she couldn't make it because she called it too much, so I had no choice but to make it myself.

It is common for a magician who is not a summoner to fail to summon. Although this is probably the one who succeeded in the summons but was cleared to return.

For that reason, Goslo Little Dragon jammed his words when he saw Keith looking satisfied wearing a handmade costume he had made Chimatima in his spare time at night.

He was so happy to show in such a clear way that he thought of himself that he was going to get his chest clogged.

When I wore it, I thought it would make me do weird things again, but when I asked why, the clothes I got looked like treasures and I couldn't stand it.

Rough sewing clothes by the way seem many times better than the dresses I always wear,

"... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,

Keith was always a good boy and a good boy at night when the thrill never stopped.

"But really, what do you say yourself? You look great. Awesome. Just what I thought."

The black gosloli costume highlights the luxurious pity of the little one at night, acting like a doll.

"I also thought when I wore a piece, the nightcap adds to the cuteness of wearing something like this. I'm sure it's a good idea."

"Oh, my apologies... yeah. You can flatter me like that! Ugh, you can't be happy!!

My tail was shaking all the way under my skirt. It doesn't hide the joy at all.

Happy, overjoyed, and feeling the cells in her body rejoicing in every word, the Night Xu hugged Keith dressed like a doll.

Keith's meat stick lifted as he stroked his head as he stood, turning his arm to his waist and hugging him.

I feel its pointy in the chest area at night. The pimples still don't stop hugging. Then Keith made sure to push it a little,

"Bed...... Shall we go?

When he speaks, Nightingale nods without saying anything. Keith lifted his gizzard that night and took him to bed.

Don't let him sleep in the bed. Let him sit and ride in a face-to-face seat fit on his lap.

It wasn't rougher than it was in the bathroom, but after taking plenty of time to kiss him nettled, Keith called out at night.

"Nightshade, can I ask you a favor?

"... what?

"I want things to be different from a cute night like a doll...... Can you do me a favor?

Tell him to whisper gently, not in a humble voice. Normally I'd still say, "Can you do that?" and barking nights, but today my heart is already swinging first,

"... I can't help it... I think Noon missed you because he left... it's special."

That said, I fold my little body over Keith to the fullest, kiss him on the cheek and kiss him on the neck.

And when I clumsily removed the button shirt that I had also lightly weaved when I made him change into a nightcap, Goslori dragon stretched his little tongue slutty and crawled his tongue into Keith's nipple.