Having left Nia's room after work and assignment, respectively, Aisha and Berna headed to Keith's room wearily dropping their shoulders.

I lose about twice as much energy and strength as I normally do to cover each other's business.

There were other samurai and that was the hand to talk to Mashua and Fraser, but I didn't want to take too much care of it and I didn't want to worry about it so I dropped it off.

Above all, we both had a loss because the fight started.

So it is the two of us who are putting everything to Keith, the last line of request.

"I wonder if I can... I hope I can"

When Aisha, who looks like Berna, rounds her luxurious back and voyages,

"Maybe I can't do it yet."

What a look of Aisha Berna answers flatly with no expression.

I knew that, but I couldn't help but say it back, and Aisha sighed, even sparing her strength to scream like that.

That's how the two of us walked down the hallway to Keith's room.

As I knocked on the door about the room and waited, Keith showed up from the inside and invited the two of them into the room. Eisha and Berna are a little surprised by the way it looks.

Keith had grown a beard in Bossa's hair and even made a bear under his eyes.

"Keith... are you okay?

The more Aisha asks, the more dirty Keith looks.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. It's okay. Hey, more than this guy thought... so I'm just a little sleepless."

That's what Keith said pointing to his desk and smiled. There was an example of a demonic prop on the desk.

It is messy on the desk to number the parts in detail, write up demolition drawings, and separate broken areas.

"Hey, that's a boulder ancient demon prop. Every single part is so precise..."

Aisha and Berna stuck their chests in Keith trying to explain by cockroaching their necks.

I can't believe that lazy, famous Keith, the troublesome, stinky Keith, is working so hard for us. That's what I felt.

I asked them to fix it, and they've been working so hard for me for a few days. It's not just for our troubled people.

Just because I think so, the two hearts, struggling and exhausted, get shot out and crippled.

The two held each other from both sides as they approached Keith, who was still explaining.

"Huh? Um... what's up?

"Keith... thanks... I'm glad to hear it"

"Your husband...... thank you"

"Heh?... Oh, oh, no, you're welcome"

Keith snorts and gives it back, but it's not just because of the two of us trying so hard...

I was simply attracted to this ancient magic artifact and mechanism, and I said, "If I fix this, I can use it for erotic things, right? It was a big idea."

Keith thought there was no use for magic props that could swap minds and bodies other than using them for such horny things.

Aisha and Berna now, but dreams of trying this on Nia or Leonora or Roana or Erne just spread.

Keith has been trying so hard to even shred his sleep the last few days to make such a horny dream come true, but naturally I can't tell you two about that, so I won't.

"... you know, both of you, you know, I'm not taking a little bath, so it stinks, right?

"Don't worry about it, fool... you did your best for us."

"... it smells good... your husband smells... I love it"

Keith remains as unfamiliar as ever with Aisha's dialogue and still has an erection.

The fatigue of the last few days may have reacted to the softness and good aroma of the two of us.

(... Is this your chance to try a replacement etch?

Keith started thinking bad things about responding to the grown meat stick and pushed the two of them straight down to bed with him hugging them in his chest.

I'm going to kiss two little screamers instead of covering them. Aisha to Berna, and Berna to Aisha.

I knew they were different the way they kissed, especially the way they tangled their tongues, but that's how Aisha did it, and Keith had fun and got a long time to kiss because Berna came the way Aisha did it.

The two respond with surprise to a more enthusiastic and intense kiss than usual, making their bodies hot.

When the tongue tangle was over and Keith looked up, they were staring at Keith with a bright red lit face.

"... they're switching... and yet"

"Do you want to rustle?

Keith looked in trouble at the inquiry,

"There's too much buildup in the golden balls to focus on fixing the magic props like this. You both said we'd help ourselves... please help us."

In whispering words, the two stared at each other before turning their gaze back to Keith.

"Not at all, and not at all."

Saying so, smiling at Berna's appearance, Aisha reached over Keith's cheek and stroked her beard.

"Help...... I will"

In Aisha's appearance, Berna honestly nods and touches Keith's hand to cheek.

Each word and sweetness made Keith kind of weirdly excited by the chig hug after all, and the tired mara combined and her groin was sorely erect.

But enjoying the kiss just one more time, Keith switched positions with the two of them as they were.

Aisha and Berna, who were being pushed down, will now be on top and shaped like pushing Keith to bed.

Each of the two upstairs presses his lips against the bunko instead, and when he's not kissing, he starts taking off his clothes.

Yall. Keith's penis seeped the lead into his pants at the look of a grumpy Aisha and Berna.

The two of them were kissing each other as they stretched out, noticing its pointy,

"... you didn't take a bath, did you?

"Yeah, yeah."

"I'm sure it tastes and smells..."

When he swallowed the saliva, he went toward Keith's groin to contend ahead in his underwear.

When I can take my pants off, even if I stay away from them, the lowest penis pops up steamed by dirty sweat and all sorts of other things.

Normally, you turn your back on something that you run away from, and you two have a nagging face.

"Keith's... wow, hey"

"I will clean... I will clean... habu"

"Ah! Berna, you're so cunning! My strings, my legs, my legs."

Keith almost laughed a little at Berna's way of saying Berna was cunning, but more than that, he leans back unintentionally on the stimulus to his penis.

The two tongues that tangle their tongues and apply saliva to the dirt (oh) penis as the name suggests, and cleanse the area where they have been smeared.

Two glossy moving tongues fill the steamy cut penis with pleasure beyond comfort and force it to the tip of your toes.

Keith, stuffing his breath and gasping at the feeling, woke up and stared at the two fella faces.

The two Fella faces, who extend their tongues obscenely, stick their lips out sluttily, and lick their meat sticks around inferiorly, leak ahead just looking at them.

Berna sipped and drank it again, looking like Aisha... and Aisha rubbed her lips on the meat pole.

The three of us have been sitting together for a long time, so Keith leaked his voice "whoops" to the two of us, who almost double-fella with Ayumu's breath.

Two people doing such fellatio, but they were both attacked by some strange sensation.

Eisha and Berna are going to lick as usual, but something is subtly different than usual.

I can't say that well in words, but if you insist, Aisha doesn't feel good and Berna feels good.

Berna, who is licking it with Aisha's body, kind of just sticks her tongue to the meat stick and the feeling flows from it to make her brain miso wander a little bit.

It's the first time I've ever tasted this feeling even though I'm just licking it and I don't know what it means and I'm confused.

And Aisha, licking it with Berna's body, feels duller and less comfortable when she's feisty than usual.

Of course I get the feeling of happiness of saying I'm licking Keith's stuff, but I feel less pleasure from my tongue that I usually feel.

Keith touched Berna's cheek... i.e. Aisha's cheek when we didn't know why we were doing it.

"Huh?," Keith said to Aisha, looking up with a tongued face,

"Hey Aisha... I can do it because it's Berna's body. Feel good. Shall we try Fella?

"Ah... Huh? Kimochi, okay...?

"Yes," Keith nodded to confused Aisha, once he told Berna to let go of his mouth, pushing his salivated, tecated penis into Aisha's mouth as a kyoton.

"Oh? Ugh, uh... Ugh, ooh!

"This is the way you love Berna, isn't it? I mean, Aisha's here now... duh!

Aisha shook her head in tears as she pushed in. I can't do this. I complain to Keith that I can never do it.

Then Keith stroked Aisha's head,

"If you really can't, I won't. I just want Aisha to feel better... so trust me. Right?"

Aisha looks up to Keith with her moist eyes at the words she utters. Keith stared at the face and stroked his head and cheeks over and over again.

"... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... yauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

"Yes. Please pamper your legs and slap me then. I won't be long."

Keith smiled contentedly at Aisha, who nodded with his penis in his grip, and when he grabbed that head with a little force, he pressed it against his gooey groin many times.

Being offended in the back of her throat by a forced irama, Aisha unwittingly swallows it for the first time in her life.

"Oops! Grrr!! Oob, eh!! Ooh, ooh!! Gubu...... Sabo"

I can't even breathe well and saliva is refluxing in my nose. The tip of the dick pushed into the back of his throat made him fill up with gastric juice and he was still going to choke.

I can't do this anymore. I said stop it now. Aisha tried to slap Keith on the leg. But I try to, but my body doesn't move well.

At first I thought it was too painful to move, but soon I realize it wasn't. I immediately realized that this was what my body wanted.

(hey why... it's so painful, it's disgusting... i hate to be abusive but no)

I just realized there was something else in the act that I thought was painful, and Aisha kept screaming with her heart about why.

Pleasures like the multiplication of the feelings you feel in your usual fella run through your body every blow to the back of your throat. I don't know why.

No, I really get it. I know. Because it's Berna. Because my body is Berna. It's Berna, so I feel it.

It's Berna's body that makes me feel like I'm being offended by such a shitty back throat.

I feel horrified that it was replaced again, but by then, my body was no longer in control.

Even the original owner didn't like it when this happened, but there was no reason for Aisha, who was just a temporary residence, to be stopped.

Aisha is stuffy as she exhales gastric juice at the feeling that the penis being pushed into the back of her throat offends herself from the top, a feeling that she would not otherwise be able to feel.

"Ah, gubble, gubble!! Oops! Oops!! Oops, eh!! Eggs!"

A sticky saliva soils Keith's penis in a drool and drips it down to the golden balls.

The more painful it becomes, the greater the pleasure of filling the body, and the more "painful" and "pleasant" just overflow the head that is sumptuous in choking.

Break. My penis offends my mouth and breaks it. When she felt that way, Aisha's heart wet with joy even though she wanted to cry out in pity.

When Aisha is even freaking out her body already about the feeling of crying and still feeling it,

"Ah, ah, ah, ah!! BE, BE...... not Aisha! Aisha, Iku!! Oooh!! From Ike!! In the back of my throat...... yeah, sooooooo!! Ooh!!

Keith has already reached his limit in an illama that shows an unusual way to tighten his throat within the sticky folds of overflowing saliva.

Not Berna, who knows how to do it, but her tongue and lips, which the beginner Aisha clumsily moves, became a good irritation and made her fill up with samen.

Keith pushed Aisha's head as she roared and gently poked her hips out, releasing her comfort as it was at once.

Big time!! Dug time!! Dobby! Dobby! Dobigu!! Big, big! Dobi... Aisha couldn't drink up the semen put out directly in the back and swallowed it.

In front of Keith, who hastily pulls through his penis without having time to soak up the aftertaste, he says, "Ho! Laho!!," coughs Aisha, semen veddling her face as she is rubbed against her back.

"Kizu, Saho!! Ooh, ho!! That's terrible... duh! I'm here, Guddu's... Ho ho ho ho... terrible no"

Keith apologizes to Aisha, who complains in tears, "But it felt good, didn't it?" Ask.

I wanted to scream at Aisha for that reason, but this moment of swallowing also left pleasure in the back of my body with an aftertaste, and Omako is undoubtedly wet.

So I can only shed my face and weep without being able to say anything. Keith was gently mopping Aisha's back like that.

So when he noticed his gaze and turned to his face, the brown elf was leaning down with his eyes heavily wolfed.

"Wow, hey, Berna? What's the matter, sir?

to Keith speaking. Berna rocked her silver hair and turned her puy face away,

"... it's mine"


"That way... mine... but with my body... to Master Aisha... it's terrible... gusu"

I guess it was such a shock to Berna that she was left to herself with her own irama. But that's why,

"Well, that's why Berna... she didn't have to cry like that"

Keith looks puzzled that Berna doesn't moisturize lightly enough to have tears as big as she's going to cry now.

"... tears, it comes out on its own... I'm sorry... uuuuuu"

"Ugh... Boulder Aisha's body... I can't stand pity"

Aisha's body seems to zero tears as soon as she pities herself so that Berna's body gets wet on its own with strong blame.

Keith holds Berna in Aisha's figure, desperate to put up with the crying bastard, as he thinks he should.

"I'm sorry. I should have gotten your permission right. I'm sorry I did this on my own."

"... gusu"

"I'll do something that feels right for Berna, too, instead. I can't always feel... I'll give you plenty."

"Huh?" he muttered. Keith pressed his lips against Berna's lips and rubbed them gently to wrap those brown breasts.

At that moment, Berna's body felt as sweet and as paralyzed as she'd ever felt before.