The way I always blamed you for watching beside me and never thought I could do it. Taking it actually, Aisha sat back and barked and screamed.

Keith's teeth bite the most sensory organs and rub and pull with a critical bite. My face was distorted by the pain that I felt like I was going to get that dizziness.

"Yes, Gyu!! Iguuuuuuuu!! Ya, be it! Yabe Rokuzu Ugh!! No, no!! Oh, come on! Ahhhhhhh!!

Aisha wept in her eyes and petitioned Keith as she squeezed her sheets and even couldn't help moving into pain.

Keith, however, did not stop his mouth, but instead began to leave a tooth mould on the diameter and labia as he now scratched the clit hard with his fingers.

"Ngi-noo!! Yes, Iggy! Iggyuuuu!! Oh, no, no!! Oh no!! Ahhhhhh!!

Eyesha screams with a bumbling of her neck crying that she can no longer do it for the pain and crippling of being bitten.

But at the same time that the body understands its impossibility, there is a slight fire in the depths that confuses Aisha.

Aisha took her breath in horror at the sensation of pain, intense irritation, too strong a blame that could never come from behind her.

But Keith didn't stop blaming me.

"Ugh, gi! Ugh!! Whoo... ooh, ooh! Ugh!! Oh, oh!! Oh, my God, what the hell! Oh, oh! Ahhhh!! Oh, oooooooooooooooooo!!

Contrary to the reluctant consciousness, the body starts to react steadily, pointing at the nipples, stiffening the clit and zeroing the horny honey out of the vaginal hole.

Keith, who knows more about this flesh than Aisha owes Berna's body, continued to blame him for feeling it was against his will.

Rub the clitoris with your nails, abuse it until it turns bright red, then salivate with the tip of your tongue and be adorable.

It's sunny and grown. Now I'll pick it at my fingertips and treat it like Koshkosh. And lick and bite again.

To endless crisp blame, Aisha kept roaring "ahhh" as she let her whole face squeak with tears, covetousness and snot.

Even though it hurts, I don't like it, my body doesn't disobey me at all. On the contrary, I would happily wet Keith's abuse and spread his crotch.

"That's it... that's it, you guys... gibberish! I don't know what to say...... Ugh!! Ugh, Ugh!!

Keith, who was tickling and licking the pepper and clitoris to soothe her, thought it would be usual not to be able to control her body, got stiff in the bin, picked it at her fingertips and woke up her body.

"What do you say, Aisha? Did you feel better?

Aisha answered Keith, smiling and inquiring, squeaking Berna's face.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"Huh? But it's properly wet, isn't it? Even Cri gets so hard."

"Gyuhii!! Ts, mammm!! Oh, my God! Ahhh... ahhh, I don't... I don't!!! Ugh."

Keith lay down to accompany Aisha, who shouted like a child at the confusion.

And just like I did to Berna earlier, when I held her shoulder and kissed her,

"Chu, chu pu, ra-chu...... it's okay Aisha. I'll make you feel better."

"Ugh, but, so Boo... Higu, I don't know... I'll do it"

"But if I don't, Berna's body won't feel better. You know that, right?

I know it because I always watched it. But somewhere in my mind, I said, "Is that true? I even suspected."

I really couldn't believe I wouldn't get pleasure if I didn't blame Aisha violently who likes to make me feel better while I'm being flirtatious tender.

But now that he had switched flesh, Aisha was stunned and afraid to experience the fact.

I feel completely unsure about enduring sex in this body and I want to scream if I don't want to anymore.

But then I had to see Berna get adored for flirting with my body, and I didn't like that again.

I don't know what to do anymore. Aisha just kept crying Gusgus, zeroing a large tear from her beautiful green eyes.

It's also unusual to say Berna, who honestly cries so far, that Keith turns his penis up. I want to screw this into this pet elf body somehow, so

"Aisha, believe me. It hurts because it makes you feel better. Because I love Aisha. You're not gonna hate me and abuse me, are you?

"Higu, gu... but no"

"And no matter how much it hurts, I will never break Aisha... I promise. So trust me."

Aisha's heart and Berna's flesh become honest in the kind of words she teaches.

There was still fear, but still, when Keith tells me to believe again and again, I feel really inclined that way.

"... really? You don't frighten me or anything?

"Yes. I won't break my precious Aisha or anything. It just makes me feel better."

"... don't want to... make it a little painful."

Hold Aisha to place the order and kiss her slightly stronger. Because I can't feel like I'm not.

Taking Aisha, who followed her body by body to that kiss, Keith let her hand touch her vaginal mouth and pushed her gooey into it without loosening up.

He opened his eyes and held Aisha, who was a bicker, and pushed his tongue into his mouth and moved his tongue to lick it to the back of his throat.

Even while I do that, in my vagina, I blame my fingers for the way Berna scratched them so hard she didn't like it earlier.

Scratch your fingers into a mess with your middle and medicinal fingers, and intensively rub your vaginal steeple.

It's a stimulus that Aisha's body would have definitely been incontinent with too many shocks, but that's just right for Berna's body for pleasure.

"Mm-hmm. Buh! Nraku, Chibu, Chibu!! Hey, Ruchu, Chuchu...... BUH!! Ah, agiu!! Kizuuuuu!!

I do a sucking kiss from myself, and eventually I can't stand it and let go of my mouth and scream Keith's name.

When Aisha let go of her mouth, Keith moved her mouth to her nipples and chewed every milk wheel of Nymne and abused her with her teeth again.

Pinch and rub and pull. Now when I was nippled with that, horrible pleasures flowed from my nipples, which I didn't feel anything about earlier when I was normally licked.

"Oh, no!! Ngi! Ngi Ugh!! Hoo-hoo!! Nho ho!!

From Berna's body comes a voice that Aisha has never made before, and that stirs up shame. However,

"Aisha, give me more of that voice! Scream all the time!! Because that would make it easier! Because it makes me feel better!!

Having said that, Aisha had no choice but to respond honestly to Keith, who again severely blamed her nipples and vagina and inflicted pain to make her in tune.

"Hogi!! Hogi Ugh!! Ah, agiu!! Kizu!! Rabe, too! Not good!! No, no, no, no, no, no! Me, Nho Ooh!!

Her hips rose and her love fluids overflowed from her female cock. Keith scratched there violently.

When the force comes in the way you can scratch your manko expanded, the man fart says, "Bubble! Bubble!!" and leaked.

The dirty noise made Keith daunt, and more power was put into the blame when her penis got more erect. Little nipples have bitten marks, and Manko is overblamed and bright red congested.

For what I don't feel with normal blame, Berna's body doesn't know where the intensity of its momentum stays once it's on fire.

Aisha began to freak out the female scratched by the mess as she trembled at the horror of its sense of pleasure.

"Yes, no!! Yigu!! Yigu!! Woooooo!! Gi, gi zu!! Gyuuuuuu!! Wow!"

"Oh, it looks good! Eyeshake, yes! Looks so pretty!! Then, there you go! 'Cause I'm gonna rub it all over here for you! So see!!

"Ahhh! Come on, Rabe! Oh, my God! Oh, oh, oh! Uh-oh!! Nho ho!! Ooh, ooh! Higiuuuuu!!!!

Without even being able to say Ike, Aisha fulfilled the Iki by flexing Berna's thin, luxurious body into a bow to the limit.

Bullshit! and the love liquid spoils the erupting bed sheet. The scent made Keith excited again because he didn't like it.

Ikima, slowly touching this nakagi to confirm, Keith wakes up as he pulls his finger out and licks Nettonetto's love liquid tangled in his hand.

Keith looked back feeling his gaze as his penis was already getting bigger and he applied his hand's love liquid there.

There was Berna looking musty Aisha, and Keith panicked,

"BE, Berna! Please wait!! Now, look, Aisha's... I mean, Berna's body is like this. We need to go all at once with the voltage up! So, huh? You get it, don't you?

Berna said yes to the word, but her face turned that way, tears in her eyes and her cheeks were swollen.

Obviously not convinced, but I knew I had to stay this way here, so Keith spread Aisha's legs and set a goal for the female.

(a) of Aisha, who is freaking out... I mean, Berna's congested manko was luring meat sticks around his wrinkled vagina meat and inviting meat sticks to its flower core.

I hate being abused. Even though Aisha is distorting my face, Omako is in a craving state. Now that he's been replaced, he swallowed his saliva into the rare sight he could see, and Keith shoved his penis into his vaginal mouth.

"Gyu...... Higi!... Ha, ha!! Guhihi!"

Stuffed Aisha's vagina twitches with an acme of shock and tries to lure her penis into the children's room behind her vagina.

Let his spine squeeze into that feeling. Keith burst into the back all at once, keeping his uterine mouth poked in his pants.

"Aisha, that's going to happen. He said he envied Aisha. I'll let you experience Berna's sex."

"Yes, I'm not here... Yazuki, Jitsu... full of tears, but, yeah, yeah!! MHHHHHHHHH Yes!! Ohhhhhhhh!!

When Keith grabs Aisha's hips, he shakes his hips violently like a toy and blames him for choosing his vagina.

A thick, gobbly penis rubs it with a vaginal crotch strained with his fingers, donning a bad spot in the back of his vagina! And poke.

Strong enough for each blow to dazzle, Aisha said between her monster-like voices,

"Ooh, ooh!! Nho!! Oh, oh, oh! Rabe! Jah-jah!! Oh, my God! Oh man, with that!! Not good!!

"It's okay, Aisha! You're always watching! Berna's body is as fine as this!! It's okay, feel Aisha too! Feels good!!

"Ngiho!! Nho! Nho whoa whoa whoa!! Ahhh!! Oh, come on. Oh!! Nguh!!

Aisha shook her neck at the fierce blame for the back of her vagina with the feeling that she would be fainting if she were absolutely her own body.

But the pleasure in its own realm, which shouldn't be, takes freedom from Aisha and makes this mazo body a submissive bitch to Keith.

Against his will, his legs wrap around Keith's hips, his hips float and he tries to embrace his penis further back. I'm just asking you to invade my uterus.

"That's it! That's it! It's not good!! Yikes, no!! No, no, no! Ah, agi! Ahhhh!!

The love liquid leaking from the junction clouds and bubbles, nettling into Keith's groin to give him a slutty smell.

Keith ramming his penis in a vagina filled with love fluid, feeling his vagina's head swing.

"Aisha, you feel good, don't you? Oh, come on, isn't it?

"Wow, no cancer. No!! Oh, my God! Ahhhhh!!

"So if I do this, you know what I mean?

Keith, holding Aisha's body up, when in the form of a face-to-face seat, makes her lips crawl to her cheeks and neck muscles, then kisses her lips and licks her insides.

And as Aisha licked her tongue as she clapped, she slapped her thoughtful ass along with it.

"Nww!? Ohhhhhhh!!!

Keith slapped his butt many times as he turned his neck back and stared into the void at Aisha.

It was like a horseback riding whip, and Aisha stuck her lips out and barked with nothing to say to make her run for more pleasure.

"Relax! Nhogu!! Nho!! Oh, hi! Ohhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhh!!

A spanking shock combines to cripple the uterus on a penis thrust into the vagina to be piled in a face-to-face seat.

The irritation from his penis and palms all gathered in his womb, and the pain and shock turned it all into pleasure.

"Aha, higi!! Gigi!!!! No!! Ah, ahhh! Oogoooooo!!

Keith's excitement was about to cross the limit on Aisha, who emits a voice that she can't even imagine from a pretty face without saying a word.

Still, I wave my hips and my palms down until I make Komanko crazy again.

Then Aisha's body cramped as her penis and hands moved,

"Gi! Higi! No higgies!! Oh, goo! Gyuzu, Gyuzu!! Nho ho!!

"Ike? Eyeshake? That's fine!! Here Aisha!! Yike Aisha! Because I hate it. Because I'm strong! Female squirt because it's rampant, Aisha!!

He moves hard to make a poor shake and forces the mouth of the uterus to loosen up, slapping his ass thoughtfully with his turtle head pressed against it.

More palm shapes were engraved into the bright red butt tabs, and Aisha shook Manko meat into the unknown sensation that she felt good about the intense pain she would experience for the first time.

"Oh! Oh! Oops! Oops!! Yi! Yi Higuuuuu!! Yiguuuuuuu!! Ugh!

That was a gasp that Berna had never even given herself.

Keith clutches his body in his arms and overlaps it together in bed, pushing Aisha into a normal position.

Even that crushing bitterness deepened his pleasure, and Aisha clinging to Keith as he became horrified wondering how far the hell he would be ruled by pleasure.

Keith felt Aisha cling desperately to her little body and tightening her vaginal meat squeezed into intense acme.

A small, narrow vaginal canal becomes tighter and entangled in a meat stick. The feeling of piston there squeezed more pleasure out of Keith than expected.

"Oh, oh... oh!! Huh!! Yikes!! Me too...... ahhh! Aisha! Zamen...... so out! Oooh!!

The ejaculation, endured to the extreme, attracts the perineum, and when Keith finally draws strength from the pain, he transmits the urethra and a zamen erupts from the tip.

Dobi!! Dubby! Dubby!! Dobu, Bobubu!! Big! Big, big... For what I endured, a thick samen of momentum and quantity filled Aisha's... technically, Berna's womb.

As Keith was shaking at the jumping feeling of semen running through his urethra in chunks, Aisha also felt a freaking shake and forced loose uterine mouth creeping open to drink its filth.

Aisha, whose womb feels like drinking semen and Manko lightly yikes again, gets too tired to stay put.

I felt him sleep. Keith slowly pulled out his penis as he kissed his little lips. And when you're exhaling,

"Higu, gu, gu... uhh"

Berna was crying thoughtfully next door.

"Beh, Beh... what's up?

"Wow, I... no... hiccup, I've never been... so full of you... you've been adorable"

Not again! Keith approached Berna as he grinned.

"That's not true! You always do this to Berna, don't you? You're not lying, are you?

"My, when... gusu! More like, Aisha, it was full of... awful, wow... yeah"

"No, no, no, Berna says it's full too! No, I mean, I'm gonna do it now, right? Now it's Berna's turn, right?

That being said, Keith rushed down Berna and started kissing sweet on her pet elf, who had become a total crybaby.