Let your lips touch each other and gently push your tongue in as you also think about breathing. The bitterness must never be made to feel. Because this is Aisha's body.

Keith, gently adorable of Berna, who was completely inheriting a brown knight crybaby, continued to kiss her as she covered herself with care not to put on weight.

Berna stopped crying just a little bit when the sweet feeling of the cunt came through, but she's still seeping tears into her eyes.

That look is usually like, "Idiot!" That's the face you're supposed to be screaming at, but today I'm just frowning sadly with moisture because the contents are Berna.

"Berna, you know what I mean, right? You know I always do that for Berna, don't you?

"... Gusu, but your husband... from me... Aisha, so"

"There's no way. Berna is my precious pet. But if that's what you felt, I'm sorry. I'll take care of Berna more from now on."

That's how I kiss you again. Now with a little breathless kiss, I press my lips to convey my thoughts.

Berna clung to Auntie and Keith by shaking her chest, which roared at the kiss.

Keith gently stroked his head as he tangled his tongue as the kiss returned from Berna. Then Berna felt the feeling of wandering from her brain.

Always a good boy. I knew it wasn't the comfort of being a good kid. The good boy being kissed with Aisha's body. The good boy was already caressing.

The feeling of feeling from within and from the head combines in the body to make Berna provoke into a jerk.

I think I feel too much myself, but Berna can't do anything about it, and I just get my groin wet and my chest tipped.

Keith shifted his body and moved his face to his breast as he stopped kissing Berna, who kissed Keith to push the tip of Keith's chest against Keith's chest plate.

Gently pinch the breasts shaking the nipples that are brilliantly erect with both hands and rub and unwrap them so that their irritation passes inside the body.

Keith followed his mouth to various places with his hands moving as he heard his voice leak out of Berna's mouth on a gentle stimulus.

Lateral to breast from clavicle and flank from abdomen. On his armpits, he crawls his tongue and licks it so that the smell of the brown knight tastes the dark areas.

Usually caressing just a tickle, Berna looks troubled as she blushes for pleasure in the first part she feels.

Keith's lips touch her and her tongue licks her, even where she wonders if she can feel better.

"Pelo, chu, chu, chu, pu, chu, chu, chu"

Keith's tongue extends from his armpit to his arms, and he licks and rubs his armpit back into his breast.

The embarrassment that makes me feel better where I shouldn't be letting Berna's face moisten red with shame,

"Oh Shijun...... Ha ha!! Mm-hmm... no, you... yah!

Even in Berna's voice Keith stopped pressing her lips and continued to kiss Aisha's flesh, which was soft but with firm muscles inside.

With so much workout and so many ancient wounds, Berna swings to Aisha's body, weaker for gentle and strong irritation.

When your loving husband makes you touch your lips all over your body and feel gentle as if dealing with a treasure, that's all that makes your manko wet.

He bites his lips and tries to put up with his embarrassing voice, but when he rubs his nipples with a cunt as he kisses around his umbilical,

"Ha!! Oh, oh!! Oh no!! Mm-hmm. Oh!

A high voice leaks like sweet and fragrant, and the legs open slowly to the impact. Since then, the aroma of the female has drifted.

Keith, who pressed his lips all over his brown upper body, woke up and moved to his lower body.

When he breaks his knee and pushes open his slightly open leg, Berna turns away from the intense embarrassment he has never felt while being left behind.

I'm ashamed Keith thinks you've gotten so wet with all those acts. There were so many spots on the crochet area of the panties that I couldn't help but feel that way.

(That it looks good wet. Boulder Aisha's Body! Same as always even when switched to Berna!!

Touch the crochet area and rub to stretch the stain, then touch the clitoris as it is. Berna gasped stuffily at the irritation as she grew up and gritted the bean grains popping out of her foreskin with her fingertips.

"Awww!! Ah, hmm! Yeah! Mm-hmm!! Huh, uh-huh!!

When he looked at his face, he had a different look than usual Aisha and Berna, sweetly moistened and Keith swallowed his saliva.

Neither is the face of a carefree Aisha feminine, nor the face of a faceless Berna pleasantly moistened. It was an embarrassing look like a well-faced brown knight in trouble, and then a intricately slutty look burning himself into pleasure.

It was the cuteness of Berna switching mental bodies with Aisha and getting an erection even though she was surprised how much it would be when she was swung by a body that was too honest.

Keith concentrated in a panic when he said, "It's cute," and said, "Don't be praising Aisha."

Caress the clitoris gently and poke your vaginal mouth with your fingers to make the wetting panties more and more dirty.

Buuuuu! and as seeping love fluid wetted to her fingertips, Keith finally let her panties off and peeked into the female.

The vaginal mouth opens pale, trying to lure your penis inside of you with a quail. I can't stand the fact that the honey from which I can zero is lewdly wetting the pubic billa.

But he didn't rush right into it, and Keith pushed his face against O'Malcolm and started moving his tongue to make Berna feel plenty adorable, as promised.

"Yah! Oh!! Hih!! Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! La, meh...... uhh no! Ugh!! Ahhh!!

A thick tongue rubs and licks the pubic billa, from which he pushes his tongue tip against it to clean his vaginal vestibule.

Because this shape is more obscene than Berna's flesh, the irritation that can be licked is also complicated. And sensitive.

Berna screamed from the back of her stomach, naturally whining the word "no" as her tongue entered her vagina, caressing gently the mucous membrane around her moving tongue and floating her hips.

"KYAHHHHHHHHHH!! Ah, uhh!! Hih, no!!

This is not the first time I've been able to put my tongue in my vagina. I have experienced it many times in my own body.

But the incomparable sensation struck the opposite body, causing Berna to flee her hips to the strength of pleasure.

Keith grabs his butt and makes him stick it up, pushing it open and licking it from behind as he leans down from his back in recoil.

Berna squeezed her pillow and pressed her face against it to endure the pleasure of being buckled in an outfit that protruded her ass.

The strong pleasure of a vector, apart from being slapped abusively or gobbled through the vagina, bursts through the vagina to echo pleasure to the uterus.

"Giuhi! Ah, Akioo!! Ugh! Mm-hmm!! Ojoji...... Mmmm!! No, no, no, no, no, no! Ahhh!! La, la! Ooh! Ahhh!!


When I pressed my lips against the vaginal mouth that zeroed it out and inhaled the juice inside thoughtfully, the feeling of the vagina being dragged out made Berna roar.

After roaring in a high voice, Keith's penis is also erected with excitement at Berna's freaking out and little trembling.

Keith opened his butt meat across his brown thigh as he let his butt down, which he was making him poke up, and put him to sleep completely on his knees.

When he sees a beautifully narrowed butthole and the slutty hole in his tongue cracking, Keith spits there even though he says he's already moisturized enough.

I did the lowest act that would indicate it was entirely my thing, and then I finger-picked and pushed the meat stick back into the big female hole in the scrotum.

Just a little bit in. Berna's a vicun from her vagina! slowly turned back, gaining the feeling that it would become

"O-shu... sama"

"I'll insert it now. I'll be nice to you."

Be gentle. I can be nice and feel better. I showed a joy whose mind and body coincided with its joy.

Keith stepped forward to offend Berna in her sleepback position as she watched her smile at the slut.



When he leans back on his upper body to too much sensation, he kisses Keith as he peeks in from behind.

Become a shrimp and turn around and kiss me. While I was obsessed with that kiss, my penis slowly reached its deepest point.

I've never been inserted so long, and I feel more pleasant than tight when my vagina is pushed away long and slowly. That's not Aisha's body again.

Keith began to blame Aisha's flesh, which tightens her vaginal flesh completely and entangles a love liquid in her turtle head, as she was used to.

Poke gently in the back with a ton to gain momentum for the piston one by one. When pulling, rub the geese neck against the shoulder, and when putting it in, rub it against the other side.

When the vaginal fold is turned and pushed in, the pleasure is so gentle that it passes into the back of the vagina that it lowers the uterus.

In that descending womb Keith gently pressed his tortoise head once every few times and kept kissing Berna.

Too kind. I always feel like I'm having the peace of mind I get from Keith when I have sex.

Keith doesn't give me peace of mind until after all he's been abused for sex with his body. Because I don't feel like it.

But the peace of mind like the reward at the end of it, in Aisha's flesh, he visits all the way from the beginning and messes it up in his head.

The brain miso that starts wandering around just makes me think about the pleasure Keith and Keith have already given me.

"Ohiu, Shima... Ohiu, Shima... Chew, Chew, Chew, Chew... Ohiu, Shima... Ohiu, Shima..."

He even calls his name with a smile and drools with a face that became Toronto between kisses.

It was an idiotic grin of a delightful pet, even inferior to the face of her lover fallen Aisha.

Keith, with his spine freaking out on that face, tried to slut that face more.

"Berna... I'll make you feel better... I'll tell you that I care about Berna properly"

I let Berna completely lie down, lay my hands next to it and stick my hips wide in from behind the covering.

The vagina like this is fine for a little rambling, and makes Ning Ro overflow the strength with joy and female honey.

Keith sticks his penis in that honeypot, rubbing his vagina against his vagina and zuzzling to the mouth of the uterus in the back! and pushed the turtle head in.

Berna chewed her pillow on the stimulus that her uterus mouth was blamed for and let loose and said, "Phew!" I was bored. Keith licked those ears that turned red from behind and kept waving his hips.

When pushing the tortoise head in to unscrew the mouth of the uterus over and over again, it becomes gritty and twisted.

Berna began to pale and spasmodic as she tightened her female cunt as the blameworthy sensation pierced her brain.

Feeling like he was about to squeeze, Keith presses his hips against his tight ass to focus on his uterine mouth blame.

The penis continues to be pushed into the most important part of the trembling vagina, and Aisha's flesh becomes intolerable when attacked all the time.

"Oh, oh, agu! Agoo!! Oh, my God! Lame, Goshu, Shima!! Ra, aah!! Hiaah!! Mm-hmm!!

I blame Keith for the increase in wet vaginal twitching, but I stood by it and shook my penis more.

Berna felt Aisha's flesh freaking cramp around her groin in the sensation of a grand vaginal squid.

From his mouth, the voice "Ah, ah, ah" leaks all the time, which also echoes pleasure in the back of his body.

With the thought that he couldn't do it anymore, he folded his leg and tangled it in Keith's leg, and with his fingers he grabbed the pillow desperately, Berna made the female crazy hard on this tight piston.

"Hih, uuuuuuuu!! Oh, oh!! Ah, i...... uuuuuuuu!! Ikuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Keith licked his neck from behind as he lifted his body to the back seat without even giving it a rest and pinched his stiff nipples in the bin when he felt her trembling heavily.

Berna shook her neck to the left and right as she genuinely cried at Keith blaming her body on the way to Zowa Zowa's unhealed state, still Yi.

Keith, however, did not stop blaming him, shoving his penis into the mouth of the uterus, which had been loosely cut from under Ning Rong, and swayed,

"Berna, it's important. I really care about Berna. Berna, you know, Berna."

Calling his name and pinching his nipples. The blame also goes on in the womb. But everything is gentle and light. Yet it feels so good that it's about to explode.

"Oh, oh, giddy!! Hia, hiuuuuuu!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Stop!! Oh, no!! Oh, oh!! Ahhh!!

"Berna...... because I won't let you go forever. Berna, it's been a long time! Don't! Berna aah!!

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!! La, oh!! Lame yeah!! Yikes!! Not again. Oh! All the time, all the time. Ugh! No, no, no! Ahhhhh!!

After experiencing a series of squids that Aisha was good at, Berna blackened and white her eyes at this acme rush that her body could never do.

It's so easy to think of the word opium madness that pleasure and fear are already mixed up in the choro body of a knight who can't even say yes to the joy of receiving the word.

"Ah, agi! No, no, no! Hi-ha! Nhhhhh! Oh, Awwww!! Also, ray!! Oh, my God! Oh man again!! Ah! Ooh! Ooh!

When the peak was over, the next peak was again, and again... no tears, no sniffles, no covetousness could be stopped, Berna squeaked Aisha's face more than herself.

Keith, who doesn't hesitate to feel the pleasure of making a female squirt because she's not an angry Aisha when she does something like this, was treated and breathed in her vagina, which was too squirty and drooling.

The turtle head seemed to really swing at the feeling of too much unevenness. But again. If you're blaming Berna for at least one more time, you're in it.

"Oh, no, no, no, no! Mm-hmm!!! Aggyu!"

The shock made Berna incontinent with all her thoughts.

BOTH!! I just... and Berna, who leaked into bed, lost her mind while that sense of emancipation went hand in hand.

Keith accidentally leaked his sperm as he was handled through his penis beyond his limits by such Berna's tight vagina.

"Ahhh! Oh!! Aah!! also, uuuuuuuuu!!

In a hurry to release him, Zamen, who lost his weir, is released toward Berna, who has lost his mind due to a tremendous momentum besides his thoughts.

Bibi! Dobi! Dobigu!! Dobby! Dobby! Dobi!! Big... Keith fell on his back with Berna as he stood, holding Berna's hips tight to the bouncing feeling of ejaculation and putting it all out.

It was more about sex than usual, but more exciting and enjoyable than that.

"After all... it's important to be unusual... it was great fun..."

Aisha's body...... I mean, I think so with Berna. Keith wanted to sleep like this, but the bed looks amazing, so she didn't have to. Pull out her penis and then get up and magically clean the bed.

And when I put the two of them to sleep properly again, I lay down in the middle of it and gently closed my eyes. I decided to repair the magic props again tomorrow.


A few hours after Keith went to bed, Aisha and Berna woke up almost simultaneously.

Still staring in the dim, Keith hugs Berna and sleeps. In other words, on Aisha's body.

As usual, the first time Keith hugs me, Berna strokes your husband's head and kisses his forehead with joy.

Eisha, on the other hand, wanted to say that she was cunning, but it was her body that was being held, which meant that Keith liked her body, so she couldn't complain, and couldn't help but hug her dear man from behind.

The two of them, who seem to have started fighting because of this, gaze at each other,

(I can't feel better without being rambled...... I can't believe it has to hurt so hard)

(A few things make me feel less comfortable right away. So many times...... I can't believe I'm just saying it)

((... it's a difficult body))

We felt a little pity for each other and smiled at each other without saying anything about it.

"... this is how we're friends being held by the same man... let's not fight anymore. Let's get along."

"... Yes. Which is more cunning... None more."

I kind of get it (I feel like) the two of them said that and hugged one guy hard from left to right and fell asleep again.