Keith kept apologizing to Nia, who swelled her pretty cheeky cheeks like rice cakes and turned that way.

She is a princess who is completely discouraged by her failure to properly report the replacement of Aisha and Berna.

"So, you know... I'm having a rough time fixing my demon props, and I can't get time to explain, so..."

"Say that! I guess this color Mr. Black and Mr. Thin had it anyway!? Not at all. Keith!

Goddamn it, you tits. Do something extra! and Keith poisons Leonora with his heart, but not now.

I'm even more upset by Leonora's words, and Nia sits physically in bed when she leaves Keith, and she's stubborn. Make the aura fully open.

"... Dear Keith, it's terrible to have fun with Aisha and Berna in secret from me."

"Yes, no, Master Nia, it's not fun to be replaced"

Without even listening to Aisha's scratch, Nia further bullies her back with a stubborn face.

To be honest, Keith was very cute and wanted to attack him, but Keith figured out a way to open it, saying that would make him extra obstinate if he did that.

And I noticed that there was a load in the corner of the room. Keith came up with something good when he saw it.

So I quickly get close to it, spread my baggage, and start assembling the contents.

Seeing Keith start something without even consoling Nia makes Aisha, Berna and Leonora look strange.

And that Nia was with him, and he turned to Chill when he realized that Gassagoso and Keith were doing something.

As Leonora approaches as her gaze gathers on Keith, who silently assembles work, she speaks in a whisper.

"Keith, what are you doing! You have to get in the mood for Mr. Nia!

"Yeah, that's why you have this... by the way, don't Leonora persuade you?

Asked while working on the assembly, Leonora said, "Huh?," he muttered.

"Well, I don't know what it's like to want to keep a secret if that's what's going on."


"But if it's true, you should report it, right? When something happens to Mr. Zania, the contents are useless to Mr. Thin's escort knights. Think that way first and don't forget to contact me for a report and consultation..."

Keith wanted to tease me a little when he saw Leonora making a commonsense statement.

"No, that's not what I'm saying... Leonora won't persuade me... only me, Aisha and Berna have secrets, so Leonora won't persuade me?

"Ha... ugh... well, I can't believe Mr. Nia insisted on it, even to me"

"Leonora making her pretty face stubborn...... I wanted to see it. Then I could kiss you all the time until I was in a better mood."

"Micha... ahhh... su, shin... I'm... even I'm stubborn... wow"

"Ooh! There! Why are you flirting!! What are we discussing!!

"Leonora! Cheating meh!!

Nia and Aisha rush to speak when they notice how the two are doing. Besides, Leonora makes her face red.

Keith's work was done while he was doing so. And it was the torch that showed up there.

When Keith made it for his room last year and put Nia in it, he was trapped in the charm and ordered into his room for Nia only.

It's getting cold, so Krone and the others are going to have it assembled, and even this evening they're going to call the craftsmen to install it.

Keith assembled it, turning to Nia,

"Look, Master Nia! It's here! There it is."

I smile and say it, but Nia missed her gaze again like she said she wouldn't be caught by anything like that.

But Keith was expecting that to happen, so he went on to do his next move.

"Would you like to come in? I assembled it... so I can't help it, Leonora, Aisha and Berna. Shall I come in with you?

"Huh?" Keith put in to push the three voices together, and he stuck his foot in it himself. The stiff warmth smudges on my toes and makes me feel good.

That was of course felt by the three of us.

"Oh, hey, Keith! This is gonna make Lady Nia even worse!

"That's right, Keith! Look and see!! Mr. Nia, you're about to cry."

To Aisha and Leonora, who whisper, Keith also whispers back.

"That's okay. This is the best way to call Master Nia from over there. So fit in."

I'm kind of not convinced. I looked around at Berna with no expression, and then Keith had a voice that also sounded like Nia,

"That's right! Why don't we play a game anyway? That's right, that's right. Let's do that!

Hearing this, Nia gripped her skirt in a giggle.

I'm trying to keep myself out of company again and do something fun. Just myself again. But I'm the one who made the cause.

I was called earlier, but I didn't respond because I was stubborn. But Keith was the first one to make a secret and take it off the hook. But there was nothing I could do to report it to myself.

When all that was happening was glued around with her head, Nia burst into tears.

It was the limit with the loneliness of being left out of company and the pity that Keith might have disliked me for being stubborn about something I couldn't help.

Pulp, look at the trembling back. Aisha, Leonora and Berna said to the boulder, "What are we going to do?" staring at Keith with a look.

It makes me want to go help when I see Nia like that trembling jean dog because she's three basically overprotective people.

Keith then transferred from his room. While spreading the magically invoked card game,

"Ahhh, I would have more fun with Master Nia. I'm weak in this game, so I need your help. Dear Nia, I wish you'd come!

It is too much of a way of calling Nia to treat her as a child. The three of us thought it was anything.

But it was the limit. As soon as Nia looked up at these helpful words, she came to Keith,

"... Keith, Gusu... Me"

"Oh, good. You came, didn't you? I'm so glad."

When he stood up with a smile on his face, he tried to tell Keith that Nia was stubbornly sorry. But first, Keith...

"Here, come in here. Go ahead."

When I put Nia in the place where I was sitting, I hugged the little princess from behind and warmed up with her.

Before, Keith warmed the back and Pompous Nia wiped tears overflowing with her hands along with the twitching feeling.

"Dear Nia, I'm sorry. I promised Lady Nia no secrets... and I'm so sorry."

Nia shook her neck left and right at the words whispered by Sakuho from behind.

"Wow, me too... sorry... gusu..."

To that apology Aisha and Berna tried to apologize to Nia because it was themselves who asked us to keep it a secret. But Keith controlled it with his gaze.

"No, I'm the bad one. Because I'm the one who told Aisha and Berna to keep it a secret. Because I didn't want to bother Master Nia or Leonora...... no, that's no excuse. I'm so sorry."

Just apologizing to Keith. Nia nodded over and over again in tears feeling that the bad boy's self was going to be forgiven.

And Aisha and Berna, too, get their hearts hot on Keith, who says it's all their fault, even though it's their fault if it's true.

Keith, who had thus distracted the three hearts, held Nia and stroked her head, thinking that she had now sold her thanks for porn.

Apologizing any more is just going to make me cry again.

"Dear Nia, shall we play the game then? It's a game for everyone. I suck, so can you help me?

I'm grateful to Nia now for changing her story, and to Keith for doing so, the princess wipes her tears and smiles, "Yes!" He nodded.

Aisha, Berna and Leonora were relieved by the way things were going, and we were finally able to start making up the game.


The game is a simple rule, one that makes a role out of the bills and hand tags on the field.

Aisha and Berna know if it's about the rules, and Nia and Leonora don't know of course because it's common folk play. So explain everything and then start slowly.

We can still be there, even though we're not all used to it, but after all, Nia is confused about her first game.

But Keith, who was held back, steadily raised the dot with precise advice.

As a matter of fact, Keith used to play this game with Lou during his journey. As much as I've made too much money in one of the gambling districts and been chased by a scary local brother.

So naturally when my parents finished their tour, the highest score became Nia.

Even though Keith and I have never won anything like this, Nia is overjoyed and dry.

"Dear Keith! Did I win? You won?

"Yes, I knew you were strong, Master Nia."

"Yay! I did it! Master Keith and I won!!

The joy was so innocent and adorable that Keith wanted to please him more that he had already forgotten his earlier obstinacy,

"Then it's a reward you won for such a Nia."

"A broom?... Chu, Fu, Ngu... Chu Pu"

Keith kissed softly overlapping her lips on Nia's lips as she looked back. Nia, who was surprised by the overlap of her pecking lips over and over again, also gradually becomes a tron.

Aisha and Leonora, who watched it, of course,

"Oh, oh, oh! Come on, Keith! What are you doing?

"Keith! Why all Mr. Nia!! Me too."

"Chip...... what are you talking about? This is a winning reward, isn't it? Of course if I beat you both... right?

As soon as I heard that, Berna collected the cards, shuffled them and started handing them out.

"Your husband hugs and kisses the winner from behind... thats the rule"

"Yeah... Berna, you're on fire"

On the serious-looking Berna, Aisha and Leonora also stared at their hand and the hand of the place so that they could burn their eyes and eat in.

Nia, who was wandering into a kiss, and when she realized it, said the next kiss and hug was her own, "Phew!," exhales a temperamental breath from his nose.

"I can't lose, either! Next time you win!!

"Mr. Nia, you can't be alone. I'll be next."

"What are you talking about! I'm the next hug and kiss!! I'm with Keith..."

"... I will definitely win"

This is how the second tour began...... it was an incandescent battle.

Each hand card presents itself, and the game progresses due to luck, foresight and ingenious strategy.

Nia became too flustered to keep up, but Keith managed to cover there.

As a result, Nia also became the final winner, but at this point the score with Berna is only three points.

Berna's strength is separating Aisha from Leonora, and it's growing momentarily. Even Keith could lose in the next stream as it is.

That seems like Nia knows too, and when she gets a second victory kiss, she puts her hands on Keith's body that she desperately holds from behind if she doesn't want to let go.

Seeing him whine, "I don't want to lose," even after the kiss, Keith suggested the totals to keep him from getting in a bad mood again.

"You can't win... you can't win... what?"

"You can't win... you can't win. Wow... Gyu"

"... both of you, your backs are coal"

After watching Berna and roaring Aisha and Leonora start handing out cards again, Keith tells Nia to rearrange his bills with "uh, yeah,"

"Let's do our best, Master Nia."

"Yes, sir! Cancer... Ru... Honey, Ki, Master Keith?

"It's silly so you can win. It's a secret to the three of us, isn't it? Don't find out... right?

"Ha, Mi... Mi no!

In front of the three of them sending their gaze to their own hand tags and to the hand tags on the field, Keith began to cum the princess elf Omako as she hid from him.