An object with a transparent, memory cup with a trumpet-like suction opening. It is a milking machine no matter how you look at it.

But for Leonora, who sees it for the first time, it just looks like a magic trick to do something weird.

The gentle form conceived for your mother can't help but seem to Leonora a disastrous form of trying to force her milk out.

Keith should be close enough to Leonora, who hides with both arms and retreats after, to protect her big breasts.

"Sa, now let's get your milk out of both breasts!

Leonora shook her neck left and right, not saying "yes" even if she was told to cheer up like that.

"No, you can't! What are you thinking! Oh no... if I smoke like that, my breasts will... my breasts will..."

Keith tilted his neck at Leonora, who refused with a stifling tear.

"That's a regular breastfeeder, isn't it? The mothers of the world use it."

I'm gonna grab the lever part and let Keith move it. "Huh?," Leonora said in surprise.

I was wondering if Keith made it to do something horny again. I don't care what they say that's a regular milker...

Keith goes on to say to Leonora, who still turns a half-hearted eye.

"So let's use it now, Leonora, for the sake of having a baby."

"Shit, Rura... Aka-chan?

"Yes. Let's get used to it for the baby we can be here at Leonora's one day, shall we?

Leonora took a breath of "kiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" to Keith, who gently said so and stroked near his womb.

Sooner or later, get used to it for the kids you can have with Keith. Preliminary exercise. That word hurts Leonora's helpless part.

I thought it was another push. Keith lifted the milker again,

"And I want to get used to it, too. Sooner or later, I want to practice for when Leonora really needs this."

Every word swells with happy delusions of the future to create a flower garden in Leonora's head.

As a matter of fact, Leonora, who is highly paranoid, becomes poignant about what she thinks.

"... it... is it really normal what? You're not fooling me, are you?

"I didn't. Go to the baby store tomorrow if you need anything."

I thought maybe I wasn't lying to confident Keith. Leonora nodded.

"Well, I doubt why you have such a thing in the first place... fine. Practice, I'll let you."

Den! and Keith starts the set by saying "yes" when he's about to be coveted by Leonora, who offers her big black nipple breasts as a snack.

I have two milkers available, but I used them one at a time, and when I first attached one to my left chest I pressed it there a little tight.

Pikun! and shook Leonora, "Are you okay?" Ask and adjust the position after the reply arrives.

Push your nipples into the suction mouth in a shape like the part where the trumpet sounds and press them onto the breast meat so that they can't make a perfect gap.

When I say "I'm going" in that state, and then I gently grip the lever, my nipples suck inside the cucumber and go, and with that momentum, my breast milk erupts inside like a shower from my nipple.

Bushu!! and a milky white nutritional diet with more momentum and quantity than anyone I've ever seen builds up dovadoba in the memorized cup portion below it from the inhalation mouth.

"Hmmm... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mia...... Ha Mi Woo!!

That's the only thing that builds up breast milk in the cup that overflows from the tip of the nipple, but above all the sweet voice that Leonora, unfamiliar with the irritation, stirred it up.

"Ha, ugh! Mmm!! Oh, ah!! Kee...... himi!! Ah, ah!! No, Kisu...... no!! Mm-hmm!!

Confused by his first sense of juice being squeezed out of him, Leonora said so in a fragrant voice.

That only sounded inviting to the lower species, and when he swallowed the gokuli and the saliva, Keith put his strength into his hand holding the lever of the milker.

"What are you talking about? The production is coming up… we're going."

"Yes, go... Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! Hicha, ahhh!! Huh!! Himiaaah!!

The force of inhalation, which became stronger, erupted breast milk from various parts of Leonora's nipple.

Breast milk in the mastoid sinus one after another! Pfft!! and sucked out, and I feel that my nipples get sucked hard and my tense breasts get easier step by step, although I don't feel it in itself.

The feeling is still a little good, and some parts of me think it's like this, but still, the pleasure grows when I see Keith doing it.

For some reason Keith grips and squeezes out the cucumber lever with a subtly accustomed hand, and one day he loses his mind to the delusion that this is really for himself and his child.

(Me and Keith's... Aka-chan... for that matter, you dashi... me, boobs)

Happiness lifts pleasure and stiffens Leonora's nipples in a different way. squeeze out there so the senses intensify,

"Hiuu!! Hih, ahhh!! Ma... kiuhi! Kisu, don't worry!! Mmm!! Oh, boobs, no, no... Ahem!!!

Keith kissed Leonora, who sucked her breast milk hard out of Leonora's boobs, louder and stuffier, between that pleasure and stimulus.

I layered my lips, inserted my tongue, and tasted it inside. Because of his asthma, the saliva pulls the yarn. He licks it around with the lechorecho and simultaneously moves the milker.

Plenty of accumulated breast milk is heavy. When you put that down, hold the other in your hand and attach it to your right breast and start squeezing it.

Leonora wondered if it was over once the milker came off, and the irritation now comes from scratch to her right chest, shaking herself at the sensation.

"Ki-hyu, n-chu, ra-hyu, chu-pu, chu-pu, chu-pu... n-chu-pu! Chip!! Pei, ru, rya, rahi-woo, njo, njo!! Choo-hoo, choo-hoo, choo-hoo, choo-hoo."

Ignoring Leonora, who can't even get words out properly with a kiss but desperately complains, Keith moves the milker in a hurry.

My penis was erected by a vacillation to the act of kissing a stuffy lady elf listening to the sound of her breast milk accumulating and the excitement was unstoppable.

Now he still kisses it, and Keith, who sends his saliva into his chest, squeezes a glass of breast milk out of his right chest and stops kissing him.

After a long and intense kiss, Leonora stares into the void in the girl's seat as she relieved herself with a bright red face breathing violently.

With a mouthful of covetousness and a nipple draping breast milk that still kept coming out, Keith turned behind Leonora impatiently.

Turning back, Keith called the massage oil from his room with metastatic magic, spreading it on both hands before grabbing Leonora's breasts.

Leonora was suddenly given a breast milk massage all over her, distorting her puffy expression once and for all with pleasure,

"Oh, hi! Michaku!! What are you doing!! Ya, ahhh!! Keesh, what, ahhh!! Mia!! Keesuuuuuu!!

That's a perfect massage into the breast that's different from any rub I've ever been rubbed, and I gently rub and unrub the breast I've strained because of my breast milk.

The massage worked very well on the breast, which was much easier thanks to the removal of breast milk, and Leonora stiffened and pointed both nipples with pleasure.

The black, erect nipples looking down were so obscene that they didn't seem like their own, and Leonora shook her neck left and right as Keith gently spun them around there with her oiled hands.

"Kisu, ah, ah! Lame, Koko, Lame wow! Ugh!! Tits, Chiku...... KIUHIU!! Ahhh!! Sensitive!! Now, Binkan!! Uh-oh!

The way I pinch that on my nipples being sucked away and sensitized is too cowardly for my body to get hot.

Keith whispered softly in his ear, leaning her body against Leonora, who burns herself in pleasure.

"Leonora's beautiful, naughty tits, they're so big and plenty of contents, that's not enough at all, is it? I need to get more out. To do this, you have to massage and soften it."

"Lagu, sooo!! Oh no!! Ah, ooh, ooh!! All of them, kora, hmm!! Ahhh!!

Keith licked Leonora's ears a little from behind, applying breast milk that also overflowed in the middle of the massage.

Blamed with her breasts for her sexually bandaging Sakuho ears, Leonora couldn't stop getting wet as her pleasure stained deep into her body.

I keep freaking out my body with a voice close to screaming, even though I'm ashamed that I'm going to get a big stain there because I'm only wearing panties.

Keith, whose breasts felt wet enough in the oil and breast milk, stood up and moved in front of Leonora as she let go of her hand. And with my pants down,

"Leonora, now you're massaging your chest with a very hot, cocky stick. I'll loosen you up a lot!

Leonora, who knows what to do and be done at the point when she is taking off her pants, still took a breath when she saw the meat stick stick sticking out in front of her.

The meat stick, which is contrary to nothing done, is perfectly vascular to the eroticity of the breast milk tits, and it is violently pulsating to zero ahead.

If I sandwich and grind in breasts with this stuff stretched out, I'm sure that would just stuffy me with pleasure.

"Ugh, ki-soo... this time of year... I'm so sorry for these babies already!!

to Leonora complaining with tears. Keith rubbed a male stinky meat stick against the beautiful species elf face,

"Trust me. The best way to massage breast milk is to loosen it with a penis stick. Is that true?

It is a lie. No one has ever heard of it before. It's about Nia being fooled by these words.

So Leonora soon found out, of course, but I couldn't help but notice the heat and smell of the turtle head touching my beautiful, smooth cheeks.

Leonora, who is now overflowing her motherhood out of her chest, really couldn't help but want a reproductive stick that would give herself to the presence of her mother.

So even if they make you touch such a dirty substitute on your cheek, you don't complain, you cheek gently, and then you let them touch you to the lips.

"Kisu... if that's all you're saying... Ma-sa-ji, what is it?"

"Of course. So pinch this between your chests and grind it!

Looking up at Keith at the top of his head, Leonora addressed her chest to Keith's groin as she stood on her knees.

The milk tank, still stuffed inside even after sucking out all that breast milk, wrapped the meat stick with a stiff, tense feel, rather than the usual sink-wrapped feel.

The stiffness made him feel good again and Keith, who accidentally developed goosebumps, grabbed Leonora's breasts herself by indulging in the sperm that was about to leak.

Lift the floating breasts of the blood vessels from both sides and squeeze them so that they do not hurt. The slip of oil and breast milk helped me move.

Leonora felt more than usual the decomposing shape of her penis that would fit in the valley of her tense breasts, gaining slight pain and comfort in the act of being pressed and pinched there.

Gently strong, when rubbed against the pressed meat stick by the cucumber, the sound sounded like nicho nyucho and the smell of oil and breast milk mixed with the male odor.

I can smell Keith on my chest again, but I'm just excited to think so.

"Leonora...... ahhh, come on, kimo...... Awesome tension, hard feeling...... mom tits, great. Ooh!!

Pulling her breasts in the middle and waving her hips there, Keith is dawning on Leonora's mom tits.

In fact, Leonora was delighted to see this excitement as she thought Keith might hate her nipples and wheels black and her breasts pampered.

They seem to prove to me that they love me for whatever I look like, and they feel Keith's simple erotic idiot is the same love.

Joy and excitement lull Leonora together with the feeling of being rubbed through her breasts and pressed into her penis. Breast milk from my erect nipples! and erupted.

"Ugh, porn...... get it, Leonora, this is on your penis! Put it on your penis please!!

"Ah, uh-oh... if I did... could I really do it?"

Leonora, speaking in a fragrant, obstinate voice, milks herself on a meat stick put out from between her breasts and causes a milk shower to erupt from her nipples, turning it red and black and bright white.

The sweet aroma wrapped the male odor and mixed it together, giving it an endlessly erotic aroma.

It is Leonora who feels the joy of being the only female this male would ever have experienced if Keith hadn't corrupted her by milking her own milk and letting her bathe in a meat stick.

Now Leonora herself starts pinching and kneading a meat stick as white and wet as the milk drips.

wrapped from both sides up and down, lubricating the milk to null and trying to squeeze the male milk out of the intensely strong, tiny meat.

"Ah, ahhh! Kuho!! Ooh!! Oh, my God! Ahhh! That's so relentless! Ugh!!

"Wow, my milk...... I filled it up, so this is Keith for the most part! Keith gave me... not me... my penis milk."

The crying face of a lady running the impossible nasty word fueled Keith's sexual arousal to muscle her groin.

It was only a matter of time before the golden balls clearly sliced up against the ejaculation and it felt like the roots of the urethra were plugged and Keith couldn't stand the pressure.

"Ah, ah, ah!! Oh... ooh!! So, I am!! So!!

On Keith's voice, Leonora had the tip of a meat stick that was completely wrapped around her breasts. Cup! And when I made him protrude, he bent his neck and put his lips on that turtle head.

Keith's sarmen flickered out at the breast elf, where the tortoise head was clasped with an unusual face protruding his lips and the last treatment was performed with breast meat spraying out of his breast milk.

Dubu!! Bibi!! Dobi!! Dobby! Dobby! Dobuuu!! Bibu, Bibu... Losing Leonora's milk and popping up momentum, Zamen milk fills the lady's chamber with raw odor.

Leonora got cranky with the taste of a mixture of too dark karki smell and her own breast milk.

Keith, on the other hand, who was cumming his hips at the feeling of pussy shooting, sat in bed like he had lost his hips to the feeling of being sucked out of his urethra.

Keith, who was picking and exhaling his shriveled penis as he dripped the remnants, saw Leonora dripping milk from her tits in front of her and tongue-in-cheek the male milk in her.

Leonora, who had opened her mouth and rolled herself in her mouth like a puffy yellow jelly, swallowed cocoon without spitting it out.

"Kafu, Kafu... Ngu, Kafu... Kasu no Miraku... Mine, I will be"

I said that with a swinging face and exhaled with a smiling Zamen smell. On that overly slutty look and appearance, Keith started collecting blood on the meat stick again for milking sex.