About four hours after she fell asleep, Berna woke up.

Keith wrapped me up and I slept in peace of mind. I was able to sleep well without having to have nightmares that were unique to me when I got fever.

When I woke up, my laziness was a lot easier than earlier. I guess the suppository worked.

When I looked to the side thinking about it, there was no Keith there.

Keith opened Berna's closet and stared jealously into her underwear when she wondered if she had been concerned because she felt safe sleeping with her, but sometimes she couldn't get tired.

"... your husband"

"Ha!! Beh, Berna! You're up!! How's it going?

Berna glanced slightly at Keith, who asked with a smile like she had rushed to fix it.

You noticed that eye. Keith mumbled,

"Yes, no, you'll be sweating when you wake up... or something to change your underwear"

"... did you put your changed underwear... in the pocket of your jacket?

"Ha!! Yes, no, um... sorry."

He also tries to steal the underwear of a woman who devours her body with all his hands out. It's really Keith.

I wish I could tell you if you want, Berna, but I also somehow realize that maybe stealing is a good idea.

Keith, who was dressed properly, undone Berna's underwear and brought her some decent change stuff instead.

When you sit in bed, touch the slightly sweaty forehead to make sure the heat is down.

"Yeah, that sounds good. It's a lot lower."

That said, I poured the oral rehydration solution into a glass and offered it. Berna drank it up when she assumed it was a rehydration for her sleeping sweat.

I feel the sweet and sour taste spreading in my mouth and smudging my body.

Keith went to the sink when he was horrified and came back with hot water in the bathroom and a towel over his shoulder.

"Your husband... Um"

"You sweated, didn't you? You can change your underwear and your bedding, but your body stays the same. It's sick in Vietnam."

"... ha"

"You don't have to look like that to play a prank. Because it's a creed not to lay hands on physically weak women."

Berna was willing to believe in the kind words.

I don't hate it when people get their hands on me, but if they get all sorts of mucous meat with a cold, they'll be absolutely contagious. That's what worries me.

Keith gets in bed after raising the temperature of the heating with no concern for such a pet, and lets Berna take off her bedtime clothes in a way she's used to.

Berna doesn't wear a bra when she goes to bed because she doesn't have milk. So the only underwear I had was panties.

Since I became Keith's pet, I've been concerned about underwear and putting on cute and jerky things, but I don't think this is going to happen today, so it's a simple piece of cotton.

I even made him take it off when he inserted the suppository earlier. Keith swallowed a saliva in his sweat-stained panties, which made him take it off again.

The crochet area smells particularly intense, and even if I'm just doing this, it smells good about Berna.

"... that Berna, just a little sniff"

"Give it back"

Keith, who had been taken away, wet the towel in his bathroom and squeezed it tightly as he saw Berna's body chipped naked with an unfortunate face.

"If it hurts when you're hot or wiping, you say it right, right?

"... Yes"

Keith slowly wiped his body to Berna, who nodded honestly.

For the first time from his face, he wiped his neck, arms and armpits. And I wiped my stomach, and then gently rubbed my stomach, and I wiped my chest more gently than ever.

Wipe the lower milk of the slightly raised breast, which is even over the thin floating ribs, before letting the nipple touch the towel with the flow as it is.

Do both breasts, then wash the towel in the vanity, then re-squeeze, wipe your back around behind you. No spots. Beautiful back is small and luxurious.

Berna, being wiped, was dyeing her cheeks with some strange sensation.

It's usual for Keith to wash his body, but that's the end of sex, and Keith is just cleaning up the dirty parts of Keith if you put it back together.

I'm certainly so happy that it's just too much, but this is how much happiness pushes me through simply having my sweat wiped.

If you take good care of him like this even though he has no purpose in doing anything naughty, I still think this guy is special.

"... Ohhhhhhh"

"Hmm? Yes? What's the matter, sir? Did it hurt?

"No... thank you... for seeing me"

"Is that so? You don't have to worry about it. Naturally."

Berna wanted to hug Keith right now, who would be smiling behind her.

Naturally... you take for granted what you're doing right now, which makes me happy and happy and almost crying more than anything else.

"Yes, my back is over. Now it's the lower body...... right, keep this on"

Keith weaved it when he brought a light cardigan from his closet, as it would be troublesome if his upper body, which he had just wiped with a fix, was cold.

Because I haven't wiped my lower body yet, so sleeping clothes might make my hem wet. If it's a cardigan at that point, it's just around the waist.

I put it on like that, but it was more erotic than I expected to be called a cardigan naked, and Keith nearly drowned in excitement as she did it herself.

It is vicious cuteness that Berna's complexion, bright white but slightly tinted with heat, peeks from a light cardigan.

Besides, I'm not wearing anything because I'm going to wipe my lower body. That was adding to the obscenity and cuteness.

The usual Keith would have definitely attacked here, but today a stopper named Reason stopped it.

The dialogue that Grandma said, "People in need have to help you," was the last stop.

(... When Berna's cold gets better, I'll go back to her room and let Aisha dress the same... I'll make you such a doomed gucho gucho!

Keith was determined to hit Aisha with this roll because he couldn't strike right after the cold got better.

At the same time, with a bad feeling, Aisha felt her spine twitch.

That's fine. Keith, who kept that erotic feeling under control, put it on again and squeezed it back in the towel. Now he begins to politely wipe it from around his hips to his toes.

Butt to thigh. The inner leg is wiped particularly gently, kneeling and facing the tibia and flatulence, as well as the soles of the feet, soles of the feet and toes.

Turning the towel over and wiping another leg the same way, Berna bit the cardigan a little bit in the cuff at the tickle.

The trick was cute again, and the pink Omako you see when you wipe your feet was so horny, Keith had an unexpected erection.

I had to wipe your manko from here, but I wasn't sure I could keep my reason.

Keith wipes the last place as he swells his nose and rewashes the towel with a weird face that bit his lower lip.

Gently and gently wipe your legs from the diaphragm to the pubic bone and labia, gently and gently stroking the pubic area with a towel.

Keith managed to finish washing his body as he soiled his groin first and deluded it so tightly that he didn't have to wipe it so enthusiastically.

Keith made Berna change her clothes with a little tear in her pride in her reason and her impenetrable voidness.

Sleeping in a futon with a neat body and also replacing the sheet with a duvet, Berna stared Keith in the futon when she took her medicine again.

Place underwear, bedding and sheets in a cage for easy washing after finishing the wash and towel.

I wanted to steal my panties, but I couldn't even smell them because Berna was watching.

Looking at Keith like that, Berna decided to definitely give him back when the fever pulled off and he was feeling better.

Accept anything Keith wants. Try to make you feel better than usual when you usually get laid.

to Berna, who thinks so and looks jiggly. Keith is

"What's the matter, Jizz? Look. You have to go to bed."


"That's what I'm looking at...... can't you sleep without an escort?

That's not true, but Berna shrugged "yes" after she got lost, wondering if she could accompany her to bed again if she snorted.

Keith lay softly next to Berna when he undressed again,

"Is this going to help you sleep?

Berna nodded small to her gentle voice and cling happily to Keith. Keith hugged Berna as she honestly sweetened her and continued to stroke her back until she fell asleep.

Then three hours later, Keith slowly woke up in the light of the constant night light.

As Berna turned down the lights to make it easier to sleep and mopped her back, she fell asleep in comfort to herself as it was.

(Berna, it's warm... it looks like she's holding a hot tub)

Pouring more with the heat of the cold than usual, Berna was an excellent hot tub combined with the comfort of holding.

Keith, who was enjoying the feeling, noticed that he was sleeping and erect. It is only midnight to speak of the mornings.

I put up with it when I wiped my body earlier, so I guess I got bulky sleeping with that aftertaste. He is a perfectly honest penis.

I tell him I can't do it now, but still a murky feeling boils down to the Berna I'm holding.

Anyway, you're such a cutie. It's like being a mazo, seemingly faceless, emotionless, but actually lonely, and telling me to attack you like a sweetheart.

To Berna, who sleeps safely in her arms, Keith let her lips touch her head gently tu really pet.

I haven't washed my hair, so it smells like sweat. I can't stand Keith on the fetish.

So it tickles me when I tutch again and again. It's even adorable for Berna to flatter her face with "Phew".

Usually it's time to hold and sleep like this when you're getting rid of the contents of scattered golden balls and being a sage, and even then it's the cuteness of lust again.

My penis swells too much in my pants and I feel the pain of sticking it out when I'm in the current situation where I haven't given a shot.

With that said, Keith, who deliberately remembered in this situation that you wanted to attack Berna sleeping before,

"... no! I can't believe you're having a fever... the... the... the... the... the... the back, right?

That's not the problem. No, but Keith had a downward grin when he put his hand on Berna's cheek and forehead to make sure his temperature was dropping to near flat heat.

"Come on, just rub it... just rub it"

Not good. Not good at all. But there is no way to stop the inferior species that caught fire once.

Keith, who turns Berna's body against her to keep her from slowly waking up and turns it into a snail that hugs her from behind, takes out a bottle and pops out of her penis when she takes her pants off in the duvet and treats herself sweetly.

When I checked the accumulated penis, which was quite stiff, I gave her the hem of Berna's sleeping clothes around and let her butt out.

Thin but round and comfortable to touch. Enjoy stroking the feel there with your fingers, trying to push your penis quickly,

"... you don't want to get dirty"

That said, a contraceptive device made of a type of slime that can be worn on the penis from the room was called. Put it on yourself cleverly and when you're ready,

"I can't sleep if I'm accumulating... and I can't even concentrate on nursing... because of Berna, yes, because of Berna."

I rubbed an erect penis with contraceptives against Berna's ass whining a small excuse like shit.

Keith's heart was dominated by the feeling of being separated by contraceptives, but still an unsaid feeling that an erect meat stick could rub against his soft peach butt.

In a situation where I have put up with it, on the contrary, I think about such inferiority that such mild irritation is more exciting and delays my butt rubbing.

"Ah... Ikuho... Ooh... Kimochi no"

Embrace Berna from behind as she leaks her thoughts and indulge in the smell of blonde hair.

The smell is thin Berna but still smells soft and nice. That was caged in sweat and concentrated to stimulate Keith's nostrils.

Keith, who not only happens to rub himself faster as he kisses again and again, went on to his next action in search of stronger stimuli.

He stuck his hand in the duvet and pushed his contraceptive penis into it as he opened the gap between his thighs lined up and down Berna's sleeping side by side.

A pseudo bare stock that I enjoy on my own. The feeling of being pinched and wrapped up, unlike simply rubbing it, struck Keith and made this shitty act more unstoppable than ever.