Asking Roana's gaze, Aisha searches for words and says.

I'm confused because I don't know what to explain.

Roana finds out about your relationship with Keith. That doesn't mean we can meet at this hour.

It's definitely a problem that I was seeing a man in the time I had to serve on a mission as an escort knight.

Aisha, who doesn't even realize Roana's thoughts are in another part of it, desperately contemplated an excuse for the problems she had caused.

"Oh, of... uh, right... me, ha"

If this was anything other than Roana, I could have said anything. Were you seeing a man? Stupid! I might have been able to stick it strong.

But there is no excuse for Roana, who is known to have a lover who says Keith, to be found smelling like a man like this.

Roana really sees Keith in Aisha with a troubled face, and I think Moya Moya in her chest swells up.

Words come out of your mouth before you will.

"You... aren't you still on a mission to protect Nia?... and yet I can't believe you're with a man"

Roana was stunned by what she was saying. I never thought I'd throw up words that represented such ugly jealousy.

Unexpectedly, the tears seem to overflow with too much pity, but Roana's mouth keeps spitting jealous words on her back about how she feels.

"As an escort knight, you think that... you can be forgiven?... What are you going to do if something happens to Nia?

Myself trying to hide my true feelings by putting my dear niece out to pick me up. Myself jealous of Keith's young lover and happy to reprimand him. I didn't like everything.

I don't know why I would say that, but somewhere deep down, I can tell him more...

The more Roana says it, the more she keeps letting Aisha shove her words at her thoughts she can't even control herself.

"I don't know how much... I don't know... I can't even keep that kind of moderation... as a knight..."

"Shouldn't we just split up?" That's what I said, and Roana mumbled at the boulder.

Don't just say that word. Never say a word that just makes you miserable like that.

But the “female” part that Keith woke me up at the bottom of my heart whispers to herself to occupy her male.

Even though there's no such thing as a certainty that this daughter will break up with herself more if she quits the knight... just herself... where she quits, the deep drooling part makes me think so.

Aisha finally looked up to Roana, desperate to be dragged by her thoughts,

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault. So please don't just report Keith... Please!!

That's what they said, and Roana wandered straight into Aisha's eyes.

Roana, who reprimands only Aisha, but if you try to make Aisha, who doesn't know the truth about that Roana, it will be you and Keith who are angry.

If they were to take responsibility, that's definitely the same for Keith. So Aisha was desperate to protect only Keith.

Roana, who took the form of being able to further enhance her ugliness in such an upright mind, was about to be torn apart by so much vanity and pity.

I wonder what I was really doing, spitting abusive words about my jealousy of my young lover, exposing myself to ugliness at the very least.

Roana, who can no longer even look at Aisha's gaze, turns away from her face,

"... that's enough... take good care next time"

Aisha listens back with a Kyotong face to Roana's sudden and dismayingly easy breakdown of the story.

"Huh? Ah... Um, so"

"... it's okay. I won't report you... and you... and the magician."

When I heard that, Aisha's face was colored with a full smile. Roana also has a smile that she thinks is purely beautiful. When I feel that way, I get jealous again.

"Thank you! Really...... thanks!!

Roana walked away from the spot, speaking to Aisha, bowing her head, "Go now".

Aisha leaves early enough for Nia's room when she bows her head again behind it. Roana stopped and stared at Aisha like that with crying eyes.


Roana, back in the room she was staying in, soaked there when she stored hot water in the bath to zero tears. What a stupid woman you are, I'm going to throw up self-loathing.

Tell me that I can do it once in a while, and the truth is, I'm jealous of young Aisha and I say that. It's an ugly act to dislike.

How did this happen? I wonder why I have to taste this feeling.

The year after year was Seimrad and I tried to surprise Keith by not saying anything once in a while. That's all.

Feelings that were faintly clinging to expectations until they came were hurting Roana for the magnitude of that expectation.

I knew it, but you were supposed to know it, and still somewhere Keith thought of himself.

"That's not supposed to happen..."

It makes me sad to say it myself. Then I wish I hadn't told you, but I really wanted to hurt myself.

I don't know anything. To Aisha. Oh... no, maybe you do. As Roana knows about Aisha and Keith, so does Aisha if she knows about Roana and Keith.

Looking at Aisha's reaction earlier, it seems like she would never know that, but that seems to be true for Roana, whose thoughts have gone in the negative direction.

If so, Aisha might have laughed at the bottom of her heart then. Maybe he was mocking such a miserable older woman.

Roana cried like a child with zero tears of hot water in her hot tub as her heart was filled with thoughts going in the wrong direction.

Stupid, poor, sad woman. It would have seemed that way. Maybe you two are laughing by now by reporting that to Keith somewhere.

Even if it wasn't, I'm sure Roana would report what she found out. Then Keith said that jealously about Roana...

Roana shook her head with hot water over her head, which came to mind all the unpleasant things. I don't want to think about it anymore.

But Roana, who is haunted by dotsubo, distorts her face to unshakable thinking. That was the time.

Shh... I heard a noise, and then the bathroom door cracked open. I was surprised to say, "Huh?" Keith peeks a leopard in the face before Roana.

"Roana ah. It's terrible. I can't believe you didn't say anything to me when you were here. What's the matter, sir? Even in the mood."

The part that makes me conditionally reflexively happy with Keith's appearance and the part about the poor woman I've been thinking about sinks Roana's face in contention.

"... why did you come"

Maybe ask Aisha and Keith brightens back to Roana, who inquires in a dark voice from such thoughts.

"No, I'm just going home from the palace. Um... Mr. Phil? Was it? and met. Hear Roana's here."

Phil, who has a home in Seimrad, is due home during New Year's. But once I came to this palace with my luggage, etc.

I'm convinced that Phil told me, but I still don't feel good. Roana left in the dark. Keith walked into the bathroom with his clothes on,

"Um, what's really going on? Is it dark? Somewhere in the mood."

That's how I got angry at myself for asking. You're in so much pain because of Keith, but it's Keith's fault.

Roana glanced at Keith with tears, as she exhaled the thought.

"... it's Keith's fault"


"Because it's Keith's fault! Keith... oh, no... by the way, no... to me"

Then Roana screws up what happened and what she was feeling all at once.

That I met Aisha, that I realized right there, and that I blamed Aisha for being ugly and jealous. I honestly expose everything without hiding anything.

Roana, like making a confession of sin, was nibbling in big tears while she was saying it. I can't believe I've ever exposed myself like this to a dead husband.

Keith was just listening to it in silence. And even after everything I've heard, I'm staring at Roana without saying anything.

Silence dominates the place, and eventually Roana, calm down, begins to sneeze up alone.

"Wow, but... why are you doing this? Ugh, what are you doing?"

Keith soaked himself in his clothes in the hot tub containing Roana, crying in a runoff of uncontrollable thoughts.

Zaban! and make a noise and the hot water overflows, Keith's black clothes get wet. Keith softly touched Roana as she saw it in tears.

"I'm sorry Roana... I'm sorry I made you feel that way... really"

"... lying, broom... that's not funny to you"

"I'm thinking. I sincerely think... I feel so sorry for Roana... I really feel bad"

"Then why... why?"

Aren't you breaking up with me? You won't pick me? Can't you just be me?

Words that are not to be said are about to overflow, and when they overflow, they overflow with tears. to a widow elf who only comes to tears no matter what she scratches anymore. Keith has a pathetic face,

"... because it's Roana... it's Roana, it's how I feel... you know... it was sweet"

"Me...... so?

"Yes," Keith muttered to Roana, tilting her neck without knowing what it meant. And when you stare at your face.

"... this is elf country, right?... there I am... I am one human species."

"... ah"

"I miss you... hard... and I want someone to comfort me with this feeling"

That was a feeling I knew too much for Roana. For Roana, who once was the only one to marry a country of the human species, a noble species of elf.

I missed you. It was meticulous. There were times when the gaze of curiosity was hard. But I could stand it because I had someone I could count on, someone I loved.

That's how Roana understood how Keith felt about asking for it.

That's why I can't break up with Aisha. Because Roana can't be next door all the time. I just have to tell someone else.

Roana also knows how Keith feels when he thinks that he's going to say "mine" or "just me".

Everyone wanted a being who couldn't stand loneliness and only loved himself by one person. Yes, that was really with Roana.

"Kisu... No, no, no."

"I'm sorry. It's too pitiful to laugh, isn't it? I can't believe I just missed Roana for such a terrible thing... really, you're an idiot"

Roana embraced her full strength by calling Keith's name, whose face sinks in solitude.

I had to understand for you. I should have known. Only you should have understood the stress of having only one human being in the Elf country in a key position.

Yet I can't believe Keith misunderstood that he was just a female loving inferior and didn't even realize he was lonely.

Roana caressed Keith so desperately as to give him a hug, she thought sincerely loving the man who was savoring the same solitude as this former self.

My empathetic heart makes me feel more dependent on Keith than ever before.

I believe in the lies of a man who has never felt a shard of loneliness when he was alone in the Elf Country in this truly heartfelt inferior species.

Keith, held by Roana like that, was horrified that he apparently did well.

When she saw Aisha the same way last year (I showed it then), Roana asked me to be cute too.

Yet this year I didn't know that I would turn a flame of jealousy against Aisha, and the contents are still a pretty girl to say the ex-wife who lived 300 years.

Roana fell in that direction, but then he just had to fuck her in a way that went with it, and Keith ran an instant empathy operation that he came up with.

Keith believed that if you showed loneliness because it was Roana, a widow elf with motherhood would surely fool you.

The mature elf, who haunts the worst man's worst plan, forgets his thoughts on Aisha and begins to think about himself that he can't do with him.

If I could stay with Keith all the time, I could turn that loneliness off for you. Keith started kissing Roana, who apologizes and hugs him with that feeling, "I'm sorry," after all.

Keith, who even gave Roana a kiss that caressed her inside, finished licking her tongue fully.

"... Roana, please understand... I really need Roana... but I..."

"It's okay... it's okay... I, too, don't think about Keith and be jealous... I'm really... sorry"

When he says that and starts kissing again, Keith slowly starts taking off his clothes in the meantime. Wet clothes in hot water are hard to take off, but when you still take them off to your underwear and throw them on the bathroom floor and get naked,

"Then Roana... I made Roana feel sorry for me. I'll make it up to you... you will. Instead...... my loneliness, will you bury me?

For the first time I could hear my heart and was asked from the bottom of my heart (I just feel it) Roana kissed herself instead of replying to Keith, who said so.