Panicking at Erne's voice, Roana instantly stops dressing dirty and looks back in a panic as she fades away her swinging face in an instant.

Roana slipped her legs as she tried to get out of the hot tub as a nerd in such a wolfish way that she could tell by the side.

As Keith hurries to hug him, he thoughtlessly blocks the mouth of the man he's been mesmerizing so far without saying thank you.

I couldn't breathe. "Fu!" Roana pressed her mouth desperately with both hands, even though Keith

"Be quiet! Be quiet!! Oh, Elne! Mother, I'm taking a bath... oh, you know, 'cause I'm a little naked right now"

I desperately try to make an excuse for my daughter who is outside the door keeping Keith quiet. But it wasn't words for it that came back.

"Is that it? Where the hell are you? You're not here? Did you go?

"Huh?" explained Keith, finally untying her hand to Roana, who shrugged.

"Roana, please calm down! Because the silencing magic prop is activated properly!! I can't hear you over here!

"Huh? Oh, huh? Huh... Oh, yeah, really?

Roana, which was shaped to be covered across Keith, calmed down only a little when she heard the explanation.

I'm not hearing you. Neither the sound of water now nor my own whisper is audible to Erne. It was Roana, who relieves me ho,

"Didn't you hear me in the bath?

That's what I said. When Erne approached me, he said, "Hih!," he screamed. As it is, the door opens and they peek inside.

That's too bad for Keith, too. Anyway, there's a lot going on with Erne here.

I could still make excuses with my mother's lover if I only looked like my previous child, but I can never do that more than I have met as Lou.

Keith hurried to the emergency and extended his hand to the silencing demon prop, with which he told Roana.

"Yes, okay? I'm going to cut the magic props now, please tell Erne not to come in!

Roana was panicking in a sudden streak, but still the part of her mother who said she couldn't show herself like this worked.

"Yeah, yeah! Ok!! Come on, Keith! Don't talk."

"Of course. Bye."

And Keith, who cuts the magic prop, keeps his mouth shut and doesn't move one thing.

"Oh, my God?," Roana said in a hurry to Erne, who was now just trying to open the door.

"Can you? Hey, what? What's wrong with you?

"Oh, it was a bath. I've been calling you earlier."

Let go of the hand I was putting on the door knob. That's what Erne says. It was Keith and Roana who were horrified that he apparently left for a while.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm a little tired... I think I was asleep."

"Huh? Careful, will you? How about drowning or something?

"I know, I'm sorry"

Until just now, the female voice lurked and Keith couldn't help but want to play a prank on Roana, who is back at her mother.

Two slime tits shaking brilliantly in front of her face with her nipples erect, in what looks like a hug. I would definitely touch it if I were normal.

But if Erne finds this situation, he'll definitely make a scene and Roana will kill him if he finds out all kinds of things and sucks as a result. I'm not kidding. I'm serious.

That's all I absolutely have to avoid, so Keith didn't move silently like a stone buddha with his penis erected.

If you're doing that, Erne will be across the door.

By the way, Nia's in your room right now.


With Roana, I said, "Huh?" Keith rushed to bite his lips and kill his voice. Apparently, his voice didn't leak. Erne continues his words without realizing anything.

"It's a souvenir I brought, you can give it to me, right?

There was another pretty voice for Roana, who would be thrilled to think so, even Nia as well as Erne.

"Auntie, I'm sorry to bother you."

"Ah, uh... yes, there you are. I'm sorry. From here."

"Never mind! Suddenly I came because I'm sorry."

"More than that, Mr. Ooh! Souvenir! Can I give it to you and eat with you, right?

Keith really wanted to lick her nipples as the sound of Roana's exploding heart came from her stretched chest.

Erne as well as Nia, which naturally means Aisha and Berna are there. That's the situation. I'll tell you absolutely not, but Roana's nipples really tell me to lick her and invite her... I feel like it.

Keith sucked it like a baby when he opened his mouth and inhaled his nipples without saying anything to Roana who was trying to respond.

"I can't help it, it's almost dinner so think and eat, hiccup!!

Roana, who was teaching in her mother's voice, raises her pretty voice to sudden nipple irritation. A strange picture of the two came from across the door.

"Oh, my God? Please... did?

"Auntie, are you okay?

Roana's a kick! and I stared at Keith with my crying eyes and I said, "Silly!" I can't even say, "so I bit my lip, and then...

"Oh, my goodness... I was surprised how cold the water was by mistake"

Nia and Erne laughed "hey" when they heard that. And he calls out, "Then I'll be in my room," and he leaves in front of the door.

Feeling away, Keith howled as he licked his nipples and activated the silencing magic prop again. Then Roana greeted Keith's head with a pokapoka punch.

"Bye!! Silly!! Why are you pranking me then?! Then I thought you'd find out!! I had Nia as well as Erne...... Keith's idiot!!

Keith, who got a plain painful punch and took his mouth off his nipples, took a defensive stance,

"Oh, I'm sorry! Apologize!! Sorry!! So, but! Roana's nipple said to suck it."

"I didn't say it!! You have no reason to say it!! What were you going to do if I found out?!!

To calm the mature teary-eyed woman, Keith began to say with a serious face what was not in her heart.

"I'll explain it right then. He said he cared about Roana..."

I touch my hand on my cheek and I say to Keith, Roana says, "Huh?," he muttered, reddening his entire face to the tip of his pointy ear, then deviating from it.

"Well, you're lying... even that knight's daughter is here... and Keith..."

Roana's masochistic spirit makes me think that this insatiable widow should try to escape by inviting, seducing, saying so.

but Keith was touching his cheek. Taking his hand to his reddened ear,

"Then I'll say it right... even my Roana... my only precious and dear Roana."

Roana's brain miso was invaded by poisonous words dripping down her ear as she touched her sagittarius ear with a cunning.

I try to get away with tears all over my eyes and say "lying," but my face slips more into Keith's hands and my overlapping body weighs more.

When you tell me that you are more important to me and that you love yourself better than that young daughter, I feel that Keith will tell me that and Roana's body is no longer working.

The truth is, I didn't say a word like that, "Roana is better than Aisha," but I take the dialogue I just had as my own.

The falling mature elf wants Keith so badly that she has a daughter and niece outside and a lover. No, Ning Lo. I can't stand wanting it because I have that lover.

This is my male, and the slutty bitch inside Roana whispers to me to insist.

Roana, who shrugged her reason and let her body go just a little bit when it was decided not to.

"Anyway... now I'm... ah, I'll go to my room later. So."

Then Keith pulled Roana's body in a gooey fashion and pushed it against his own. And lick your ears and then whisper.

"Don't worry, keep it up. Make it so bodily hot...... can you stand it till night?

"Ah... ugh, that's... but"

"I can't. I want Roana now... I want to serve you many times darker zamen than I put in my mouth in my Roana"

Roana's whole body popped as soon as she was told. Roana herself knows best that she is asking for it from the core.

"But," Roana looks at the bathroom door with a crying face, shaking her head at the pleasant voices of Nia and Erne that echo from beyond.

I can't believe that a man punches a meat stick in me and puts me inside while my daughter and niece are playing outside separated by a door just because I can't hear a lot... just thinking about it makes Omango wuss.

(No! No!! I don't... I don't know)

Keith doesn't force or trap Roana, who desperately tries to assume she's not a dirty woman. Just wait to fall from yourself.

"... ok. Then you'll go home. I promise I won't force you to do it anymore... I promise you I'll keep it because it's important Roana."

That's what I say and give you a gentle kiss. It was a swinging kiss. Just then I heard Aisha from outside the door.

"No, I am," Nia suggested to me for a treat, a voice that seemed a little troubled.

When she feels her lips step by step as she hears that voice, Roana's patience transcends her limits.

Earlier that girl met Keith on assignment and... then even me... even me.

Jealousy and desire go totally hand in hand to blame Roana's slutty, obscene and irresistible part for making it big.

Roana clinging hard to Keith as she finished kissing and tried to let go of her body, pressed for a male with a slutty female face.

"Hey, just... just come on, okay? Come on, what is it?"

I'm not sure if that's an excuse for Keith or Roana either, but all I know is the fact that I can't help but want this male.

Keith now gives a nasty kiss to a mature woman who is no longer able to fold her full body.

"Just once, right? Copy that... I'm going to put the extra thick one directly into Roana's womb."

I tangle my tongue over and over again on a mature female whose womb comes down with just words, and at the same time I touch Omako with my hands in the hot tub.

Roana's Omako, who is hotter on trout than that in warm water, can see the softness inside by simply touching the outer mucosal area.

Keith stroked the expectant woman gently at her fingertips, just thinking that she had a daughter who had been born out of here outside the door brings a lowly grin.

I rub my vaginal vestibule, urethral orifice, and clitoris around violently in a position that, no matter how gentle I touch it, would be no different from a strong blame if I were only given this. And a kiss at the same time.

The more the pleasant laughter of my daughters sounds, the saggier my spine becomes at the disloyal pleasure and my body seeks a slutty exchange.

I feel so wet that I don't really know anymore about Roana herself how much female nectar has dissolved in hot water.

I want it. I want my penis. I want it inside. I want you to choke the meat with your goose neck and stick it up your uterus. No mature elf who understands exactly what she wants me to do, that's all. Once she sucks Keith's tongue hard,

"Rutsu... Npu... Ki-su, no more... stay away!... Ah, hmm! Cancer, I can't... penis, penis"

If I let my daughter hear it, she'll snap in a voice that looks like she's going to graduate. To Roana, Keith smiles and nods.

And when I allowed Roana to grasp the edge of the hot tub opposite what I had been leaning on, I put my legs to the edge of the side.

Keith stood up and showed off his bee erection penis to a mature female who was in a position to receive even a reverse periscope and put her hips on the water surface to expose her.

When you swallow a raw saliva and show Roana a face that doesn't look like your species elf, you shake your penis.

"Ji, don't be silly... Hurry up, it's... you're a dick!

Keith approached Roana, who asked for so much excitement that she was surprised that she was so disturbed, rubbed her penis against the pubic area as she was covered in mature elves that would crack her wet cunt hole.

Then gradually set your aim in the hole and push the turtle head in and keep hipping! I stuck it out a long time ago and pierced Roana's swinging female secret meat all the way to the back of her scratching sexual organ.