Erne strained her face and stuck her breath in the feeling of too thick meat inserting into her vagina.

"Ggi...... Yikes no...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

For the second time today, adult penises push and expand the embryo of Erne with a different kind of compression than juvenile penises.

When it was pushed in so deep that it touched the mouth of the uterus again that it felt like pushing her gut up so hard, Erne put more force than ever on both legs that tightened her dad's hips.

Feeling the force enter Elne's legs tangled in her hips, Daddy was jiggling without moving when the insertion was over.

Erne's vagina is pulsating dodgy as her heart beats to a pressed sense of compression, and it just feels good to be doing so.

But Erne has a slightly raised chest up and down with rough breaths on his tight adult penis without having to move.

My dad started kissing me when I was covered in Elne, who was still unfamiliar with adults so the tightness beat him better.

Tear-faced Erne sucked on Daddy's tender kiss for help,

"Pa, cha, cha... cha, cha... pa... hungry, full... Hatsushin"

I have a weak and childish way of talking, but I couldn't afford to care less about Erne about that anymore.

I'm totally into the sensation of my penis trying to push my stomach from the inside out.

My dad said it was his job to make him feel this and gasp, and now when he gave him a snuggly kiss, he stroked Erne's head as he tangled his tongue.

"You're a good boy. Erne is... a really good boy. She's cute, she's smart... she's my dad's princess."

Erne looks up at his dad by swallowing the spit in his mouth at the words he deliberately says in a slightly grown-up tone. Daddy repeatedly kissed that face again, even speaking in a gentle voice.

"Daddy's precious princess. I love it... I love it"

When I stopped kissing him and held him tight to cover him, Erne's body tangled his arms as well as his legs.

Going into a complete hold, Erne struck the female part out of her daddy's successful body.

When I was little, I liked hugging and used to get Roana and Phil, but there was a little loneliness there.

I want to be hugged by a big, successful dad like the other daughters. I want you to hug a good kid and get some real peace of mind.

Erne smiled with great satisfaction at the status quo, which had finally come to realize his true intentions, which he had not noticed at that time.

"Pfft... Pfft... Ugh"

"Erne, you can be more giddy. Look... it's okay."

To the body of a firm and sturdy man, no matter how powerful he may be, Erne wanders with a sense of security for his father and a desire for a male at the same time.

Keith, feeling less nervous, moves his penis with force on his ass and gently stings near his uterine mouth.

"Yah! Ah, ugh!! Ah...... Ngu!!

Erne's body repeats small and relaxed with a young scream. Aim there. Daddy pulls his hips slowly and pushes them in.

The piston that started was, by the way, kind enough to care about Erne, as if her vagina was really a penis and a good kid. And all the time, my dad,

"Dad's erne...... pretty princess. Why are you such a good boy? How can you be so cute?

Speak words that treat children perfectly, but that's what makes Erne happy now and his whole body tightened his dad to joy.

The tightening of the vaginal meat increases my dad's pleasure, but at the same time it's Erne herself, and the perfect sticking vaginal wall slowly rubs against the geese neck and makes me feel hell of a lot better.

"Ahhh!! Kuhi!! Hino!! Ahhh!! Oh, oh, oh!! Pussy! Pussy!! A basket? Yes!! Awww!!

Daddy slowly increased his penis speed as he was excited about Erne's thin limbs, which followed him by turning his stuffiness into a total force to cuddle.

I loosen up so that I could blame heavily on the vagina where Erne's tension was removed while subtly changing the angle of penetration as well.

In fact, the flexible young body gradually became more stimulated from my dear dad, and it didn't take long for pleasure to flow from the vagina, which was heavily tight.

An increasing amount of love liquid and loose vaginal meat delivers the best feeling to Erne herself to make her young body feminine.

"Aah!! Ugh!! Oh, ah! Yikes!! Pa, shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Ugh!!

When he becomes attracted to the sound of a dirty woman up to his voice, his dad starts to show some seriousness from the way he blames just kindness.

The only lip that was a kiss was his tongue and licking Erne's ear, his hips snarling and poking behind him rubbing his vagina pocket with his turtle head.

I try to force my baby into a young womb with a dirty male stick that stuck several women in it.

When the dusty part starts to suck on me, I let him drink enough to salivate with a nasty kiss to drive up the erne with the taste of a man.

Daddy's favorite girl was turned into a slutty bitch in all of that daddy.

The face that was moisturized by the tightness embraces my dad's kiss with a swinging female face, and Omako is obscenely twisted and happily tangled in his penis.

"Erne, I like you... Chu, Chu... I love you, Chu... What about Erne? Erne is about my dad."

"Shh, shh, shh! Ra, shuki, Nh!! Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Lai Hiku is not good!!

Calling her fondness many times as a greedy kiss, Erne seemed really happy to finally be able to say what she wanted to tell her father since she was a child.

I like my dad. Love it. I wish I had a dad. Just my dad. A long time I couldn't tell you makes Elne sweeten up by letting her think.

Erne, who has been made a female or a daughter or whose head and body are already messed up, runs a white, cloudy and genuine juice from Omako.

That bubbled in my dad's piston, and as the scent of a real female drifted, the sound of the middle-crush scratching all the time.

Daddy rubs his hips hard and pounds meat on Erne, who has shown in his body that he feels good enough to know he doesn't have to ask anymore.

"Ngu!! Grr!! Higgoo! Ah, ahhh! Oh, oh, oh! Shh, shh, shh! Kimochi no sooooooooooooo!! Ahhh!!

"Feeling Erne? You want this place? Here? What do you want me to do here? Say it and see. What do you want Erne to do here?

Erne raised her throat high to her dad, who asks her as she stimulates her with a tortoise head strained to bread near the mouth of her uterus from the vaginal steeple. "Kijuhi! ♪ And then it rings, ♪

"Shigeko, shigeko, shigeko, shigeko! Go stick with your penis!! Plenty of sticky, titty sticky hey!! Mm-hmm!!

Erne, who had left Tung no matter how much she blamed him when he was a child, was unable to resist anything when he was held in adulthood.

I can't help but think my dad wants me to, even though I know how obscene and nasty that is and I shouldn't fuck him.

(He's a daddy at last...... that petty spirit has disappeared at all...... besides the juicy duck meat trout...... oh I should have done this sooner)

Daddy licking Erne's swinging face as he punched his hips in made his penis freak out about that.

But if you're going to kick the inside out, you're absolutely going to Acme Manko. I keep blaming my vagina for trembling with pleasure, desperately putting my strength on a meat stick that hurts my ejaculation.

I'd really like to reposition myself, but with this hugging shape that would make me feel the most erne, I would make a difference in blaming just the angle of my hips while I was stretching.

It's impossible for a boy to turn into such a blame because he's grown up, but Erne was clinging to his dad with no regard for such triviality.

Only then does it warm the back of my stomach and I feel like a meat stick blaming me for that warm spot.

Every time my penis pokes me in the back when I feel it that way, a zooming feeling runs through my body, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger without healing.

Ik. I say Yi. The vagina freaked out and couldn't stop when it came from the depths bigger than any ACME feeling I'd ever felt,

"Oh! Higu no!! Hiaaaah!! Oh, Pa, Pa! Yikes! Ugh, Yikes!! Oops! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Pfft!!"

I had to do that to my vaginal meat cramps. Gespa let his hips move when he put his strength into his abs.

Zubans bang and cramped manko meat penis punched in, and the near-Acme clams are relentlessly blamed.

Erne opens her eyes and fills her mouth with the feeling of her head turning white. It was proof that a real female squid was coming.

"Erne! Yes!! Ike!! Female squirting with your dad's penis!! Let me bicum bicum with my dad's penis!!

to the inferior species whose father pukes the lowest dialogue. Erne strengthens the power of the hold at one time,

"Ah, agoo!! Yigu!! Pa, uhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! With a breasted penis, eh...... OMAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Ahhhhh!!

Elne herself wouldn't believe how feminine she is with such a sweet voice, but she can't care about that right now.

A wave of vaginal squids coming from the depths will run around the entire body of Erne in a vile fashion, filling it with a flurry of pleasure from the tip of the head to the toe of the nail.

Even after I screamed Ike, "Ahhh!" and repeatedly screaming intermittently, Erne cramped everything from uterus to vagina into the best vaginal acme she had ever gotten from sweetening her dad.

Daddy scratching around in it tiny, to the feeling of too young tight cum meat,

"Ooh! Ooh! My daughter... My daughter! Want daddy's child...... oh, this, sieve...... whoa!!

I poked my thoughtful penis into my daughter's submissive vagina, causing cloudy fluid to erupt in the back.

Bibi!! Dobi!! Dobigu!! Bi! Bi! Byu!! - It was an ejaculation with not half the amount coming out at a time for what I was putting up with trying to spit it out at its best.

He doesn't look like a dad or an erne to get out of his vagina, but his salmon is yellow and cloudy, and he defiles his daughter's womb with tremendous momentum.

The young womb stuttered at the massive amount of male fluid entering, causing Acme Occasion to cramp heavily again.

Erne, who was occipitating, regained his mind with it and said, "Higu!," he groaned and tightened his vaginal meat. So all the semen left in the urethra was squeezed out, and Dad gave a lukewarm look at the pleasant ejaculation until the end.

Elne doesn't try to let go of both arms when she tries to wake up her body thinking it was the best one she's ever had worth putting up with.

As she held up to the troubled phrase and woke up with her body, holding her in a face-to-face seated position and a good boy, Erne was sliding her face against her dad's body and smelling it.

Fatigued sex, totally sweaty. Heavy aging odor dad's body. But Erne can't smell the man. It fills his brain as a scent.

"Pah... pah... hah"

My penis, which remained in my vagina, began to freak out without shriveling in Erne's cute voice leaning cheeky against my chest plate.

"... Erne, shall we do it again? Because Erne is so cute, Dad, she gets pissed off over and over again. Can I get another Zamen out?

When I was a boy, I was trembling at all that fear of being inside, Erne, but I nod happily at the feeling of Zamen inside my dad.

I received a signal that it was a good idea. My dad,

"Shall we change our outfits then? Now from behind."

"Ya...... yay! Keep it up!!... Lah, we have to stay like this... Lah... Lah."

Gespa smiles bitterly at her no daughter who is heartbroken by hugging sex with her dad,

"I can't help it...... it's special if Erne says so much. Please, dear Erne..."

As Erne began to kiss and move her hips while her dad held her, she began to twist her hips from herself with a delightful female face as she bickered and trembled at the feeling flowing from Acme Manko.


Moving back to his room, he magically came back... and Keith took a breath and stretched out.

I made Erne crazy twice since then and eventually let him take a little but even take a leak. I can't help but be lazy in shame.

Erne, who regained his sanity after he was finished, was trembling with a crying face, but there he went back to being a proper boy and kept it covered.

If you get used to it this way gradually, you will eventually become a fine bitch half elf for Erne.

Keith, who decides to make a fresh decision to work hard for the day, couldn't help but head to the dining room today to feed his tired body with meat.

But I don't know where Erne is in the palace, so the door is knocked when I'm looking for caution and disguise tools there.

When I opened the door with a reply saying "yes" to whoever it might be, there stood the widow Elfloana. Roana looks at Keith with some dissatisfaction.

"That, Roana. What's the matter, sir?

to Keith, who normally speaks out because there are no verses in mind. Roana said

"... today... where were you?


"... I thought you were here... and I looked for you all day... and yet"

"Oh, oh, yes, today,"

Speaking of which, Keith reminds me that last year, on the day of Nia's magic show, we both screwed tails.

I guess Roana was looking around for Keith thinking about it again this year. Understand that,

"I'm sorry. I'm on a boulder tour this year..."

"... cut to the point of reading?

"Oh, uh, that's"

"... you must have met that girl anyway... you and me again on assignment... gusu"

I guess I'm talking about Aisha with that girl that tears Roana up.

Roana, who walked around the palace all day looking for Keith, had decided that the lack of contact would go hand in hand, deepening her loneliness.

Must be somewhere with Aisha by now... with Aisha on Sita Day last year with herself... I was really doing worse, but I don't know about that. Roana cries in the mood of Keith betraying me.

Keith, who rushed Roana into the room to cry, held her mature body in a different way from her daughter's meat.

"It's really just a tour. I haven't met Aisha."

"Liar...... liar"

"It's true. Why don't we ask Master Nia what it is? Aisha will always be there to tell you, won't she?

Roana stared at Keith with a glaring eye that seemed kind of true when she was told that much. There Keith says "true" again and then kisses.

to a gentle kiss. When Roana softened her pity a little bit, Keith said,

"Then I'll let you know it's really true. I didn't see Aisha today."


"If you put a special thick zamen out on Roana's mouth and her butt... you'll understand, won't you?

Roana nodded small with her gaze swimming as she developed goosebumps at the unpleasant words of invitation. Keith sees it and quickly takes Roana to bed.

In the meantime, if you revitalize and restore the golden balls so you don't know, you take off your pants and take out your penis and offer it to Roana, who sits on the bed.

Actually, you should take a break from thinking about how your hips are, but this is the best way to comfort a mature woman who ate a day's wait, and most importantly.

(Mama with the penis I was letting my daughter in earlier...... isn't this a man's dream!? Oh, I'm gonna dawn!! My penis hurts!!

I look at the meat stick that starts to grow even though I haven't touched my inferior thoughts, and I assume that Roana, who knows nothing, really hasn't been with anyone all day.

And trembling with great breasts in its joy,

"Hey, hey... with your chest... with your tits, shall I give you?... You like it, don't you?

When I invited a pussy from myself, I quickly took off my clothes and bra and exposed the dripping pie. Keith snorted at his totally female mom and proceeded to her body, sticking an erect meat stick between her breasts.

The mature woman began to pinch and move her breasts slowly with the softness of the slime as she salivated with a delightful smile on the heat.

I began to love the meat stick without even realizing that the filthy object between my chest pierced my precious daughter Omako until just now.