The next day Nia came to greet her for the New Year and went home with her hips kind of hello, Nia was kind of sloppy.

It began when I had breakfast with you wearing clothes that were rarely Oriental dresses.

Gothic and lolita clothes filled with pretenses attracted the eyes of Nia, who had never worn them to say so.

Originally, the contents are quite cook two Nias. When I hear about the dark family and the dark rulers, it feels like I'm making my chest snap.

So naturally I complimented the clothes as "beautiful" and "cool". And

"What's wrong with that? Where did you make that?

I don't buy clothes, I get them made. The conversations between princesses of boulders are different. Yes, I was listening beside him. When Aisha thinks,

"Hmm? Here, here, here."

Normally, Keith would immediately realize that he would be jealous if he gave it to me.

But when they say it's scattered and praised and beautiful, the feeling that I really want to brag about comes to a boil and pokes me in the mouth and leaves.

"... Keith, don't look good on me... well, as for you, I'm not a hobbyist for clothes like this, but how could Keith?"

"... Kisu, did Master Keith give you this?

"Ooh! Besides, it's handmade. I don't know, if that's the way it is."

The night I looked up as I said that with great pleasure, Aisha waved her hand in a grand flutter beside Nia and said, "No! No more than a sole!!" I saw him tell it with his mouth flat.

Shit. It was too late when I thought so. Pull-pull trembling Nia raised her face and teared her eyes,

"Shitty... shitty shitty shitty ~!! What the hell! How dare you!! Wow, I don't... I've never had a wonderful gift!!

There's nobody in the room but Aisha and Berna, just like it's okay for Nia to make a polo bomb statement.

I'm glad I did. In front of Aisha, Nia was repeatedly "sloppy" at night.

"No, it's sloppy. Didn't I ask you to give me something else?

"That's sloppy! I didn't say anything, but it's a gift... I can't believe Master Keith gave me such beautiful clothes... hey, I've never gotten anything."

I don't think Nia has ever been given anything by Keith other than a study tool (including lying porn supplies). So my envy is swelling and I'm about to cry.

Crying Beso Nia looked back at Aisha and said,

"You think Aisha's sloppy, too, don't you? I think so!

"Huh! Me? Uh, uh, the"

Seeing Aisha at night wondering if we should blame her here together, Princess Ryu, who was about to be made one bad person,

"Hey, what! If it's a gift and it's cunning, it's not Aisha!? Aisha has made a terrible few contributions to Keith so far!!

"Mitsu!? Don't say anything bad about people... huh, Master Nia?

"... What do you mean... Aisha... full of Keith..."

"Oh, no, chi... you know, this is Keith on his own"

Seeing Aisha try to hide the rings, necklaces and hair decorations while saying the same thing as Nightshade, Nia guessed that they were all gifts.

"Oh no... a lot, uh-oh!

Not knowing the reason given was "because of the annoying smell," Nia swells her moist face up her cheeks, thinking it was obvious that she was being flaunted.

There came a plain Berna and began pouring tea substitutes. Nia had a glimmer of hope there,

"What about Berna? You didn't get Berna, did you? Presents, from Master Keith"

The expressionless Berna gently retrofitted the collar from the hidden pockets she wore on her samurai clothes. That's the first collar.

I've had it like a amulet since I got my second generation. Berna showed it to Nia with no expression,

"... there's another one in the room"

Doya! Aisha said in a faceless expression that felt like, "Hey!" and put in a scratch.

Now I'm supposed to say that I'm the only one who's never had anything to gain. Nia lost color in her eyes and stared into the void and consolidated. in front of Aisha, who panicked. The night-time

"Oh, yeah. (11) I have to go to the next country. Oh, man, I'm busy."

"Ah! Yawning! Shiru!!!

"Well, bye, Nia. Wow, I'll be back."

"Hey! Come on!! Oh, no, be, be!

It's the second one.

"That's enough!

This is how the doozy phrase played out, Nia really got sloppy. I snapped from the bottom of my heart.

Place a chair by the window of the room and sit on top of it, staring out and even playing with your pitiful nose.

The Krone and the others, who didn't know much about the situation in the sight, were in a hurry, but Aisha was in a much more hurry not to tell them why.

As a result, it didn't take that long to talk to Keith, who was the cause of the big book, to figure it out. Hearing the circumstances, Keith visited Nia's room,

"Hey, Dear Nia... Um"

Speak up, but Nia looks at Keith chills, moisturizing her eyes and staring out the window again.

Keith, with a cold sweat, wondered how much easier this would have been to cry me out like Aisha or stubborn me as usual.

"Dear Nia, uh, all the time... Um, I'm talking about the present."

"... it's okay... it's okay... never mind"

It's more impossible not to care in this situation. But Nia sincerely thought so.

A gift is not a gift, it is a token of affection. That's the only thing I haven't gotten.

I feel sorry for her and miss her, but she didn't give me a gift... so I can't help it. It's dusk.

Keith, who understands such a circumstance, is in various ways.

"Honey, I'm also giving it to Master Nia properly!? Look, you know, swimsuits and underwear."

"That... Dear Keith, I was telling you about your studies."

"Ugh!... Um... see you, uh"

"It's okay. I made my magic available to Master Keith. That's enough... Jiu, Bu, Higu, Higu! Him!!"

Keith hugged her tightly as she rushed closer to Nia, who was clearly not good enough and turned bright red and wept.

"Congratulations! Really!! Um, no, really, you've been thinking about all the presents for Lady Nia, haven't you? But, you know, while I'm thinking of giving Nia, the princess of a country, something very crude."

"Ya... Gu, even you are a princess at night... but give me your hand sewn clothes... Higu, higu!

"Ahhh! Uh, that's uh!!

The more I say, the more serious face Keith makes in a situation where he could dig a grave.

"I give gifts because I'm anxious that if I don't, my heart will go away from me."

"... Huh?

"I was sweet somewhere in my heart. You don't have to give gifts or anything like that to keep your mind off of me... you have to think of me!... How terribly sweet."

To Keith, who told him to throw it away, Nia sipped her nose and made the explanation rumble in her head.

Keith's gift is not to show affection, but to stop the connection. Then I don't need a present for myself. That's for sure. But...

"Keith, I... I'm thinking about Keith. But, hey... I can't get anything but me. Happy to be funny."

Keith gives a strong hug to Nia, who cries with all due respect.

"No! No! Of course! If I could only speak to Nia... these breasts... but I can't believe Nia felt the same way about me."

When Nia heard it, she repeatedly said, "It's the same."

I can't change my mind if I don't get a gift. But I wish I wanted it. I thought I had managed to begin to be comforted with such a shaky maiden heart. Keith said this was his chance and

"Master Nia, would you mind if I gave you a present? Maybe... it's just a crude substitute for Princess Nia."

"... are you going to...? To me too... such a selfish me... not so gullible, hiccup."

"Oh, I have a great runny nose. Hachi. Yeah, I'd like to give it to you if you can."

With that gentle smile and voice, Princess Elf was duped by Keith, who had never thought of a gift for Nia before.

Once again, I knew that I had to feed the fish that would tell me to catch them myself.


When Keith was finished comforting him and returned to his room, he quickly took out the magic book and took out the tools and started working.

Rings and necklaces are out of the question as a gift to Nia. It would be outrageous if I found out I gave it to you.

If the clothes are still free to fly around the sky at night, you can't wear them every morning to a samurai beside you.

The only thing left to do is... so Keith created a gift for Nia while tearing apart the magic prop junk pieces in the room.

It was only at lunch three days later that Keith, who created it, visited Nia.

In a situation where there is still only Nia, Aisha and Berna in the room, Keith offers the gift to Nia.

"This is it for me... Ugh"

When the impressed Nia carefully peeled off the wrapping paper and looked at the contents, there was a box there with about a square hug.

Not knowing what that was, Nia glanced around looking vertically and horizontally diagonally at Aisha and Berna. Shake your head if you don't know either of us.

"Oh, that Keith... uh, what's this?

to Nia's inquiry. Keith smiled nicely,

"This is it, oh, wait a minute, we're almost there"

That said, the door to the room was just knocked, and from there Lou, the user demon, came in as he pulled the caster.

"Oji ~ n. This is what I was asked to do. It just arrived."

It seemed like a heavy bag with as much as a hug to receive by saying "oops". There was mochi rice in the opening in front of the three of us wondering what it was.

Aisha, who had traveled long enough to eat food from all over the place, got a point of view on it, but Nia and Berna don't know what it is. Keith starts getting ready in front of those three.

"Master Nia, this is rice and rice. It's a rice cake ingredient."

"Oh, mochi? What is that?

"When I say rice cake, it's a very good food. It's a versatile food for both meals and snacks."

I admire Nia, but that's where the gift and its rice cake tied together and I realized it.

"Um, Master Keith... could this gift be"

"That's right. This is a magic mochi machine that makes that rice cake completely automatic!

Dorn! And Nia got kind of stuck in front of Keith, who proudly presents. Aisha whispered as she panicked and stuffed Keith,

"Here, this is Keith! What world has a guy giving a rice cake machine to a princess of a country!! And here's more of what Nia was expecting..."

"Even so, Nia likes sweet treats and stuff... so I'm happy."

"No, I do like sweets, but that's what I'm saying... oh, look! Be a pussy!! I'm sure that's the face they were expecting to say about the ring or something!

Keith walked over to Nia, wondering if she wanted Aisha for that.

"Dear Nia, could you not have been happy?

"Huh? Oh, no! Shh, I'm so glad!! Thanks!

Thankyou Nia, but in all seriousness, I still wish I was a little more maiden tick.

Anyway, before we do that, we're looking at a ring made of gossip clothes (let's ignore the collar). I feel kind of weird that I'm the only one with a demonic product.

For what nice stuff I was hoping it would be, I can't help but get a little pungent. But that was also until Keith actually used this magic tool.

"Dear Nia, let's actually try that. Let's move this present together."

Raising his face, Nia alternately stared at Keith and the demon prop and nodded "Yes". Keith prepares as he strokes his head.

First, dip the rice into the water. We really need to keep it loud for a long time, but we don't have time to use magic to penetrate the water.

After that, add the water into the cutlery machine and fill the rice cake machine itself with magic. Pound the switch when the lamp says it's magical enough.

"All you have to do is wait like this, so let's keep the flavor on the rice cake in between."

Keith says so, sugar, yellow powder, soy sauce, cheese, butter, and even chocolate. As I waited, the cake maker automatically opened the lid and began to mix the cooked rice.

"Huh!" and in front of Nia, which can be seen in the motion of its cake maker, the cake maker held up the rice cake beautifully.

Keith shares his hot rice cake with Nia, who applauds him for his fun. The first time I saw it. Nia, who ate horribly as she hoofed it, floated a surprising star in her eyes.

Delicious. Too good. I've never eaten such delicious food before.

Nia, who had always eaten only poisoned and cold dishes, was struck by the flavor of this made-up flavor.

"Oh no! Ngu, Ngu, Ha-ha-ha. Oh, my God, Sukihima! Hafu."

"Oh, but more slowly! If the cake gets stuck in your throat, you're in big trouble!

In front of Berna and Aisha, who rush to prepare tea, Nia now rolled up the cheese and tried it. This again spreads a different flavor all over my mouth.

Now butter soy sauce. Sugar soy sauce. Try with kiki powder but it's all delicious.

To the point that the more she ate, the more different flavors she could discover, Nia cheeked the cake as she tried to provoke her cheeks with a happy face.

Keith said to that face, "Are you happy?" Ask. And Nia nodded loudly,

"Yes! It's so nice...... I've never had one before!! Glad...... so glad!!

Naia, who said so with a cake in her hands, split the rice cake so that she could brag to Aisha and Berna. The two of you eat it,

"Ah... delicious"

"Momogu...... it's delicious. Momogu."

Nia proudly puts her chest up with a delightful, surprising twin thoughts.

This is my present. I was so proud that this was my own gift that Keith received.

Keith was horrified that he was finally in the mood for that appearance...... but the problem came from here.

Presented to himself alone with a machine that makes it so easy to make delicious things, Nia proudly feeds Krone and even Matthew and Mia and Fraser on it.

We would of course eat together then, so the number of times we ate Nia's cakes became horrible a day.

If that's all, yet, Nia has completely mastered how to make the cake, so she starts the act of making mochi rice noisy before going to bed, waking up in the morning and eating the cake as soon as possible.

Little Princess Elf has been eating like that every morning for a week. When Leonora, who hasn't been here in a long time to Seimrad, faces the palace,

"Mr. Nia. Have a souvenir... Ri... Mr. Nia? Oh, um... hey, hey, you fat?

There was some kind of overall puffiness there and still a pretty elf princess. Nia showed Leonora a face that was still going to cry when she was pointed at the star.

"Leonora... Gusu, do you want a rice cake?

I offered Leonora the rice cake that morning.