"So... what if I made it and ate it every day with the magic props that make the mounds Keith gave me?

"Yes...... haha, I'm kind of fat...... gusu! Momogu."

"Well, it's carbohydrate... and if you eat it with butter just cheese on it, you'll have meat on it too"

"Huh... what am I gonna do... mochi mochi"

"Hey, Mr. Nia? Stop eating while I tell you what to do?

Leonora was calmly asking about her troubles, but she put a scratch in the boulder that Nia had always kept her mouth and hands moving without stopping eating rice cakes.

Hearing that, Nia licked and cried a sweet, overly delicious rice cake flavor called "filling" around her mouth.

"But hey, the rice cakes are delicious... and I made them without my body... and I can't stop eating them"

It is Nia, who became more obsessed with rice cakes after knowing the taste of this filling. You can put the filling in, or you can make the juice out of the filling and add the roasted cake there.

Sweet food lover For Nia, once he ate it, he wouldn't stop. It was truly a devil's ingredient.

Keith arrived after being summoned to Leonora and Nia, who were sighing.

Welcome home, Leonora, to Keith speaking up. The lady elf rocked her tits and stuffed her.

"Hey Keith! What are you going to do? Give me such a plump of cute Nia... No, that plump is cute now, isn't it? But whatever."

"Oh, no, uh... is that right? Are you so puffy?"

"That's too bad about puni! Look and see!! That's right, Mr. Nia! Stop eating rice cakes again!!

"Ha," Leonora sighed in abundance at Nia, who put the rice cake back on the plate.

"By and large, Mr. Color Black and Mr. Light also watch it every day and why aren't you paying proper attention? It's my duty as a subordinate sometimes, isn't it?

Aisha objected to the fine dialogue said by the lady, who was as beautiful as a fiery fire if anything was to be glorified by her subordinates.

"Oh, even so... that thin Nia of food seems so happy with her puckering..."

"... I couldn't stop myself from watching something"

"Are you country grandparents or something?!? It's too spoiled!!

In fact, that was almost all of those around Nia.

I'm not a very fat eater originally, and my favorite treats are exquisite. One piece of cake a day gets a little cookie and a full stomach.

Besides, you eat less meals to eat that much sweets, so you'll know how to eat Nia's snacks.

However, after I got this rice cake maker, Nia made a rice cake and ate it every day.

If you get tired of being sweet, you can enjoy the soggy, if you get tired of the soggy, sweet and flavor changes, plus it's fun to find a new flavor yourself.

"Eat more," both Mashua and Mia stared warmly at him eating puckered in such a pleasant mood.

Simply put, everyone around Nia was in a "grandparents feeding their grandchildren to death who came to visit occasionally" state.

I didn't realize I was in that condition, and Nia was munching when she realized that the delicacies were going to go hand in hand.

"Totally no more... in the gap where I'm a little back in the country..."

Leonora, speaking like a mother, approached Nia.

"Nia, you're also cute with your puffy Nia, but suddenly it's bad for you to be that bad for your health. And sudden weight gain also affects your knees and all sorts of areas?

Nia nodded "yes" to Leonora's words as she could tell.

"I'm not telling you not to eat rice cakes. But we need to decide the right amount and exercise. You have to work hard to get something delicious, right?

Keith stared at the brown no good sister who was all guzzled by the word, seeing as if she were totally a sister or a mom.

Think about Aisha and Nia, which you can only spoil, and say something tough sometimes, Leonora. Mom point is Leonora is a step lead.

Keith thought about such a stupid thing and then said, "Okay!,"

"So this is Operation Nia's diet."

Hearing of the diet, Nia nodded cocklessly with her determined eyes after a little thought. And Leonora smiles and nods. Aisha panicked about that,

"So, if you're on a diet, I'll take the menu! If that's what you mean, I'm good at it!!

"What are you talking about? If I let you do something, my dear Nia will be a gorilla! Or what, you haven't gained muscle again!?

"Ugh, ugly! This one..."

Actually, Aisha, who dated Nia and ate rice cakes every day and was muscle-treating with Keith, was getting pretty muscled up.

I couldn't help but live every day like a bodybuilder who says he eats carbohydrates and trains.

"You can't let Mr. Nia go to such a grip! Don't worry, me and Keith will come up with the right diet menu cosmetically!

"Ugh... well, even I'm really into a cuter body... but Keith said it was better this way... because of Keith."

I wish I could stay female macho, Keith, but without saying that, Leonora and I started thinking about it from the meal menu.

I also put in sweets and rice cakes that I love properly so that I can't help it, while I talk to Berna to make a meal menu that doesn't stress my body too much.

Around that time Aisha was sitting in a gym on a chair she had placed at the window outside a mosquito net by herself, staring out and playing a pathetic nose song. Get to work.

That's how the meal worked out, but the problem was exercise, and Leonora twisted her head to think about the menu that was originally in Nia, which was pretty athletic tone-deaf.

Keith thinks this is a little long-term every day,

Then I have a good idea.

Good idea? and as Nia, Berna and Leonora gathered their gaze, Keith got up and started transferring all sorts of objects from his room when he had a fun-loving grin on his heart.

Besides, I had a bad feeling about Aisha, Berna and Leonora. Nia knew she trusted Keith.


A few minutes later, that nostalgic waterproof dragon skin sheet was laid in Nia's room.

"Sa, Lady Nia. Lie on your back on this and go to sleep."

Nia being instructed is not her usual dress. She is dressed in a microbikini that she misses again.

But that body is obviously pouty compared to when I was wearing that bikini, and the meat is flourishing small from the various parts of the bikini that were the best size.

Nia lay on the seat as she was told while trying to hide such a munchkin shyly.

I can tell by the look on his face that he's thrilled. Keith gave Nia a drink in a vial first.

"Hey, what is that?

to Leonora's inquiry. Keith said,

"This is a special drink with ingredients that burn fat."

It is a medicine that Keith was selling when he was wandering saying diet pills.

"Ugh, something sour and spicy... it's niggling in your mouth... but do you lose weight if you drink this?

"No, that's all. Because this is only an aid to the diet. I'm going to give you an oil massage now that I've had it."

Aisha, Berna and Leonora, who were listening on the side, said, "Huh?," he muttered.

"Hey Keith! Oil massage…"

"You're going to rub and soften the fat in your body and make it even more effective with a little exercise. Then even Nia, who doesn't like intense exercise, can lose weight without difficulty."

I can't tell if that's a lie or a truth. In front of the four elf daughters, Keith gets ready,

"Then you drain the oil. It's okay, Master Nia. Because it feels similar to when I corrected the magic path."

Speak up to the nervous Nia and drain the oil. The oil felt somewhat warm. It's a special oil that burns fat.

Keith wraps his arms around plenty of dripping oil and spreads it with both hands. The hand was a little powerful.

I feel like I said I'm rubbing and pinching fat and burning it rather than saying a really simple massage...... but.

"Huh... ha!... Micha!... Rikuhauuuuuuu!

Nia, who is completely in a systemic sexy zone thanks to the perfect Keith manipulation that it's almost two years old, speaks up to Keith's gesture.

A hand slipping into the oil rubs the meat in his abdomen, and from there he goes flanking to his buttocks. The hands that went to the buttocks carefully rub the thighs to the inside and shake the meat.

It felt a little stronger. But to the little Elf Princess, it became a pleasure just before it turned into pain, and it resonated deep.

"Kisu, Sama... Um, Ku, Kisu... Well! Hami!!

Aisha and Leonora told me that too sweet a voice would leak.

"This is Keith! Hey, what are you doing? Hey, why not! Take a naughty hand, Lady Nia."

"That's right, Keith! Massage... react to Mr. Nia like that."

"... I envy you"

In the end, Berna's words represent everything. Keith says sweating to Aisha and Leonora, who think he's absolutely right.

"If you say so much, please help me. This fat-burning massage is pretty tough."

"Help... us!?

to astonished Aisha's voice. Keith answered yes,

"It's more effective to do the whole body in unison for a few people. Look, Berna and Leonora, please. You two have legs, I go from my right arm, so Aisha has left arm."

Confused Aisha and Leonora, but Berna still moved ahead and let's look at her right leg. I loosened it up with imitation.

I squeeze the fat rather than the gum and muscles. I was able to apply the massage I learned for Keith.

It's not like Keith. When the feel of his fingertips comes from his feet, Nia says, "Huh!! I'm freaked out by the sound of a voice I've never heard before.

Aisha and Leonora, with seemingly complicated faces, began joining forces with their arms wrapped around a stray phrase in a joint effort between Keith and Berna to make such a voice sound.

Left arm and left leg. Your sisters grab it all there and pinch up the fat. For some reason Nia shook her head to a synchronous rub between the two perfectly breathed by exquisite.

"Ah, hia! Urgh...... miuuuuuuuu!! Micha, Himicha!! Oh, oh, wow!! Uh-oh!"

My sensitive body was rubbed from all sides by my sisters and my favorite Keith, and Nia felt the back of her body swing away.

That's some fat-burning drinks are encouraging sweating, but Nia, who definitely even feels the females heat, gets the crocheted part of the microbikini wet.

Leonora and Berna, rubbing their legs, noticed it and missed their gaze unanticipated. Keith and Aisha, rubbing one arm, noticed that Nia's bikini top was pounding because of her erect nipples when they took that hand from shoulder to armpit.

"... Keith... this is what you're after... and I want to make you fat by eating rice cakes!

Keith said to Aisha, "What?" He continued to rub the fat without even wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Thus Nia, rubbed around her body by four people, ends up freaking out even though no sexual part is rubbed anywhere.

The feeling that the four people I love are making me feel better all over my body has made the young Princess Elf burn more than fat.

"Ha, ha! Kiuuuuuuuu!! Hi-mi! Miuuuuuu!! Ha, ha! Kuuuuu!!

Aisha, Leonora and Berna feel like they're playing some kind of prank on Nia starting to make her jump her ass off.

The shitty prank of blaming all the important Nias and making them crazy. But I'm the only one who thinks that about each other, and I can't even say it to my mouth to think that everyone else thinks this is a massage.

Doing so, Keith's hand began to rub the dusty meat in his lower abdomen,

"Oh, hey! Meh, Hiuuuuu!! Kissima, there, ha, ah, ah!! Ra, get it!! Huh, Ra Meh Yea!!! Oh, oh, oh!!

This on the boulder and when my three sisters let go, Nia freaked out thoughtfully about the comfort and lightly irritated me.

It's not that big of an ACME because I wasn't blamed for my sexy belt, but for that matter, it was a weird icky feeling that freaked out all over my body and I couldn't stop.

Keith lets Princess Elf's body bow down, which he acquainted with in front of the three of us staring at each other as if it were our fault to Nia, who is left in a strange sensation.

"Sa, now it's the back. Rub the meat off your back too!

Aisha and Leonora's "Keith Woo!" The fury flew.