Aisha and Leonora clog Keith, who gives a face to his voice.

"Hey Keith! You knew it!! I knew I made Master Nia pout for this!!

"Keith has enough for a pervert! Because we want to make Nia so much more fat... on purpose!

"Wait a minute, please. There's plenty to talk about. There's no way you can set up an operation like that."

But the two of us who have been fooled in various operations didn't trust it.

I'm sure Keith was going to tease Nia, troll her on top of it for four, and be happy to see Nia do so.

The knight and the young lady, thinking that the contents of their heads are almost together even though they're so unfriendly, told Keith,

"No more horns on the rabbit! I will not lend a hand to Keith's evil maneuver any more!!

"Yeah, and I wouldn't even let Keith do any more evil planning!!

Keith asked Nia, who was leaning down when he grinned bitterly at Aisha and Leonora trying to protect Nia perfectly with his breath.

"Dear Nia, Aisha and Leonora said that my diet is no longer allowed. I'm telling you, Aisha and Leonora are going to do the diet."

Saying so, Keith began gently rubbing Nia's small, beautiful feet as she wrapped them in her palms.

Massage the soles of your feet with the hands of an oiled bedbed and rub your fingers between your five fingers as you make noises with Nyuccio Nyuccio.

Nia, who just made her body feel better, said to this stimulus, "Honey!," he screamed small and piqued his legs.

The feeling of being stimulated by the toes and the rubbing of the strands of the fingers. Something erotic combines to heat the lit body.

Plus, the foot massage pokes the entire lower body, and the irritation passes to the groin without leaking after all.

"Keith! What's wrong with touching that nasty leg!!

"That's right!! Hey... stop it!!

Without even asking for reprimands, Keith asked Nia as she continued to touch her legs.

"Dear Nia, I'd like to diet more for you. But they said they wouldn't let me do it anymore. What shall we do? Master Nia will decide."

"" Hih, coward!!

The two aligned their voices. I blame you for touching me in such an eclectic way, and I would definitely say "yeah" if you told me to make my own decisions.

At least we'll definitely nod "yeah" very honestly and wish Keith had a porn diet.

Keith, who flatly recieves the scream of thinking so, said again, "Master Nia will decide," gently rubbing his thumb on his foot.

Nia sorted out the information that comes into her head puffing about her comfort.

Keith gives me a nice diet, but Aisha and Leonora say no. But Keith told me to make my own decisions. Then isn't the answer to that decided?

"Wataruhi... Keith, I like your diet... Keith, I want you to eat a lot..."

"Hey, Master Nia! Don't be fooled!! This is a trap!!

"Mr. Nia! There's plenty of them again, isn't there? So much embarrassment!! I don't think so."

Embarrassment. But all the embarrassment Keith does eventually turns into something nice. Then I think I'll put up with that embarrassment.

"Rarakuhi-kun, Raraji-kun! Good luck!!

That's not what I meant! and avoiding Aisha and Leonora with complicated faces. Keith dripped oil on Nia's body again.

"Both of you, if you can't help me, please stay away for a moment. Fat burning massage is very difficult."

Neither of them could make Nia stop being stronger than she was looking for, they sat with a regrettable face and looked at the sight.

Keith's hand crawled around Nia's back, a move from its flank to try to unravel and burn the mochi meat on her ass.

Five fingers pounding fat pounding lightly, then Gyummy! and rub it up to squeeze.

The cue that makes me want to say why you are so good with all those weird massages is exquisite stimulation that makes Nia cum and raise her voice.

"Dear Nia, doesn't it hurt? It would be helpful if you could put up with the pain."

"Ha, ha... kiuuuuuuu!! Ha, ha...... Aww! Ra, Ippu, heh!!

To Nia mixing her voice with the answer. Keith rubs it around like she's pressed into the string section of the bikini to burn the exuberant meat.

It feels painful, it feels good, it feels like I've never tasted it. "Fumiyu!" Nia squeezed her toes.

"... okay... me too... I want you to"

That was Berna's whining. I honestly want the samurai watching in silence to rub and untie her whole body so painfully at her husband's fingertips.

But I don't have any meat at all that I can rub on my thin body, and I don't have a place to be elaborate. So envy seeps into an act you'll never get done.

Aisha and Leonora watching together are the same, nothing but envy for Keith to rub all over his body with such enthusiasm.

Keith sweated and rubbed the mochi meat on his back in front of the three lip biters. Then Nia's body also sweats tightly.

I'm just being rubbed, but I'm sweating because the fat-burning drink I just drank reacts with the heat it transmits inside.

I can't even say serious massage when I see it this way, and Aisha and Leonora can't say anything.

But clearly, there's no way this Keith is the kind of man with the heart to end it. There is no reason why you should touch the body of a beautiful girl elf and do nothing.

Scattered mommy cone. Keith rubbed and unwrapped the meat like a rice cake, wiping the sweat with a sigh of breath.

And when I let Nia lie on her back again, I wipe the oil all over her body with a towel. I think it's over. In front of the three of them Keith spoke to Nia, who turned bright red like he had turned upside down,

"Then let's do some exercise now. Because the metabolism is rising, fat is also more likely to burn. Even a little exercise works great."

Nia answered Keith's words, "Let's do our best.

"Ha-ha... Keith... me, but I can't..."

I'm just saying that even bad exercise is impossible in such a state of physical comfort. Hearing that, Keith smiled and stroked Nia's head.

"It's okay. I'll help you, too, and this exercise is something that Nia is good at. I'm sure you can."


Keith told Nia what the movement was all about as Aisha and Leonora bit their lips and watched, feeling that the story was kind of pointing in an unpleasant direction.

"Yes. Master Nia is good at sex. It's a sex and a diet!

"" Become!! What!!

It was Aisha and Leonora, after all, who reacted before Nia. As the two of them hardened to surprise, Nia,

"Huh? Shredding?... Making babies... Shredding?

"That's right. Master Nia always sweats a lot when you have sex, doesn't she? That's because sex is a whole body exercise. The diet works great if you choose and do it in a way that moves bigger, especially for women, amongst that sex! Besides the fact that there are female hormones, it's good for beauty."

"Oh Keith!! Say something else!! That's how you try to satisfy your libido!!

"I didn't. It's rude. Besides, if you're familiar with beauty, you know Leonora, right? Die in Sex"

"Oh, huh? Um... well, I know..."

"Look, Master Nia. Leonora also says sex is good for a diet. It was true, wasn't it?

The nodding Nia thought with a flaming head. Sex is a diet. Does that feeling good make you a diet? I can't believe I had such a dream diet!!

I must have thought it was just hard and painful to exercise a diet, but it's really like a dream that that's okay with sex.

Motivation gushes from the bottom of his body, Nia tells Keith, "Phew!" He nodded and showed his nose roughly and repeatedly. There's Aisha,

"Oh, you can't do that, Master Nia! Diet properly eats and exercises... and yet I can't believe it's such a shitty exercise"

I envy you. I can't say a word. When Aisha turns her crying face, Nia puffs! And I say, swelling my cheeks more than usual.

"Aisha, don't interrupt me! I, Master Keith, need you to diet! We need you to diet all the time! Don't get in the way of that!

Aisha won't be able to say anything to Nia, who barks at Keith for letting his meaty, nagging body cling to him and saying no interruptions.

And shifting his crying face away from Keith and Nia,

"Oh, titty woman! It's all your fault!! You."

"Why is it my fault!? Don't make any sense!!

'Cause you say sex is gonna be a diet.

"Oh, that's because Keith asks me if I know, so I just answered,"

"I don't know when that's the case. It's such a myth. You just have to answer this! Be honest with that."

They hustled each other, but turned their faces towards Keith and the others to Berna's words "ah".

Then there, a naked Keith was letting Nia's microbikini take off and free up that puffy meat.

Keith is sitting and holding Nia from behind and playing with that belly pomp with his fingertips.

Is it embarrassing to have boulders make luxury meat like that or lean down to Nia. Keith is

"Master Nia's tummy feels so good. It's a meat puppy...... cute and awesome"

"Ha, uhh... don't be cute... you're fat... you're not cute"

"It's cute. I really don't mind staying like this. After all, if you think about your body, you need to lose weight. That's why I need to stamp this puffy Nia at my fingertips like this."

"Micha, kuhi-ku...... HI! It's a lot of kushi, ki-susa well."

"Oh, there's meat on your crotch, too, puffy."

"Keith!! What does that have to do with dieting!? That flirt!! What does that have to do with anything?

"I knew you just wanted to have fun!! I guess so!! This!!

Keith is mochi-man to the sisters barking in tears. While making sure with his fingertips that this feeling is too soft,

"What are you talking about? Diet is sex, so we need to figure it out."

With that said, Nia's Omako has already become trout with a general rubbing solution. It's really just a pleasure, because it's hovering around there.

Nia freaks her whole body out at the stimuli from the soft Omako that gets rubbed over her, making that touched place look good with clear love liquid.

Since it was a hug caress after being rubbed through every corner of her body, Nia couldn't stop wanting it anymore and let her body cum into this pain.

"Kisu, shama...... ha, ooh! Mmm!... ah, ku... hurry, lah... lah, lah... lah!!

Keith nods with a niggle, "Yes, yes," to Nia for sex in the name of a hello face and falls asleep on the seat.

The meat stick is already a bin, so when I did that, I stuck it up towards heaven.

The three daughters, just watching, swallowed the saliva and made her crotch cum, on the stems of flesh and goose necks as tense as eggs, where the blood vessels of the sleigh bulky red and black meat bars succeeded.

And you can use that for your own diet. Nia smiles slutty with a really happy face. That's where Keith gives instructions.

"Sa, Lady Nia. Let's move all over this and insert it. It's full of pimples on my body."

Nia hesitated to nod at Keith telling him to swing his hips on the ride. I have a desire.

"Um... all of them, I... they make me crazy... Keith, they make me crazy..."

I'm worried that my weight might be heavy on Keith. Even though it's heavier, it's a small Nia, so it's still lighter than Aisha or Leonora.

But I worry about you. Keith spread his hands to a healthy Nia,

"It's okay. I have this body to take care of everything Nia has... and that's why I have my body."

He nodded as his body became successful and Nia was about to cry with joy at how his muscles looked. I saw it, and Aisha said, "That muscle is mine! I wanted to say," I couldn't stand it.

But in a situation where he can only watch without being able to say anything, Nia tries to insert his penis across, as Keith told him.

"Oh, no. Not that way, but backwards. That's right, that's right. Yes, so get your penis...... good luck!

Nia, who was instructed to be a rear rider, turned backwards and lowered her hips to the polar penis where Keith was holding her fingers in place.

If there is a run ahead - Nia drops a small female hole toward the dripping tortoise head,

"Mm-hmm!! Ha, ha!!... uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Ha, ha, ha!! Ha, ha, ha."

When you swallow your penis to the back of your little vagina, tighten it all over its cuckoo and roar Keith.

The insertion into the sensitive body was tight, Nia trembling for a while but trying to move slowly within it. Keith gave instructions to Nia like that again,

"Master Nia, please spread your legs... so you can fall back a little bit and put your hands behind you... yes. So let's move!

With his hips supported by Keith, Nia exposed the junction in the middle of his leg, spread over the letter, knocking his torso back to make it look more protruding.

Too shy to show off back rides. Just as Keith shifts his hips slightly, his joints are exposed in front of his three daughters.

Nia said, "Come on! screamed," but Keith said, "Good luck!" She couldn't stop moving because she called out to me, slowly and obscenely showing off her pink manko with her red and black penis and starting to shake her hips.