"Ah," Berna whispered as Keith held her. Because Keith, who held him, suddenly bit his nipple.

It's not a sweet bite like Berna just penised, but a bite that's strong enough to leave a tooth shape. It is a force addition and subtraction that never leaves a wound.

Keith bites the wheel with a bite that leaves his teeth shaped on Berna's bright white skin, and bites the nipple and puts his mouth straight on the whole breast.

Overall, Keith's teeth devour Berna's breasts, which she deserves to call small and milk-free, and her pet's body reacts sensitively to the sensation.

The flaming chest goes up and down to rough breathing, and the peachy nipples on its tip are stiff and pointed and shaky. Keith chewed it sweetly.

"Yikes!! Hi, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh!

Berna bites her nipples with the strength she feels and says to the pain, "KIUHI! ♪ And now I lick it politely when my voice rises ♪

Repeating it over and over again, Berna's nipples become rolled by the wheel in Keith's armpit pointing at the bin with pain and pleasure.

Berna distorts her faceless expression into total slutty suffering to the sensation of bitten nipples emanating from various angles. Keith, who saw it, let go of his mouth and picked his nipples with his fingers.


Berna raised her voice high to the feeling of being nippled. Then Keith had Berna raise her arm.

When told to keep it that way, Keith starts licking his armpit with his nipples abused.

Keith, who somehow knows what he was doing when he was asleep, is trying to do it back.

But even normal, dull Berna's body doesn't feel pleasure, so she gives it pleasure while adding nipple blame to it.

Licking his armpit, he snaps his nipples and pulls his nipples as he chews his arms gabbedly. Always gently lick and salivate where you chewed and go to the next place.

Leaving marks with Keith's teeth everywhere, his arms, armpits, chest, and stomach, Berna feels her own body that has become so wet.

I guess the part as a pet is delighted by the feeling of his whole body being marked by Keith.

Berna was spreading her legs to expose her hot groin in it to Keith, who would only continue to blame her upper body.

Keith looked up when he saw Berna sitting back in the basture with the manco juice zeroed out of her vaginal hole.

"Gucci, just show me so much. You want me to clean it up? You want me to lick it there?

Berna nodded with a moist face as she tilted her neck and inquired. Just doing so makes the vaginal meat zero honey.

Keith puts his pet to sleep on the floor when he unloads it from his bath chair, which only honestly responds to his feelings for his husband because of his blunt body.

And Manguri tried spreading his butt all over the place. Berna also just lightly wore hot water so it smells like a sweat cage there. Plus the sweat I had in the bath combined with the smell of love liquid.

In other words, there is a wonderful Berna smell of steaming. Keith smelled the smell all over him as he moved his nose closer.

"Oh, it smells like Berna... awesome smells like Berna..."

Keith, unable to contain the overflowing saliva, draped the saliva in his mouth into Berna's groin, using his fingers to rub it off thoughtfully.

"Hih! Gyu!! Hino!! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!! Ugh!!

I push my fingers against the meat and rub them back and forth with the momentum that even fire is likely to cause.

From the vaginal oral portion to the clitoris. Smash forward and backward with your fingertips the slits that have been made relentlessly vertical.

Even though the sticky saliva is lubricated, Berna is about to lose her hips to blame for the outrageous irritation that all of a sudden began.

Especially when they rub Clitoris at his fingertips, who was just playing with his own tundra.

"Ooh! Ooh!! Oh wow!! Whoa, whoa! Oh, oh-oh-ooh! Higu!!

That monster voice that you can only hear in Berna comes out and entertains Keith.

Keith pushes the bell further with the dark-eyed love fluid overflowing from his honey mouth on his fingertips as he hears the voice.

Keith licked it in when he gently sprinkled hot water on Omako, who then became bright red after being scattered and abused.

Sip and lick the flavor mixed with love liquid and hot water on the tip of your tongue so that you can make a pippy noise and inhale. Berna then gave her lower body to the feeling that the abused place was healing.

Naturally the butthole starts to loosen the cucumber narrowing when the lower body strength falls out. Then Keith licked it there.

Lick around the butthole and repeat the kiss just like Berna did for me. But the tongue is many times harsher than Berna's.

He also left bite marks on his buttocks like he did on his nipples and arms, licking them there to the center. And the anal hole also gently bites with the front teeth.

"Ngu!!," Berna said as she bounced to the stimulus, forcing her tongue tip inside and licking her anal hole around. It's big enough to spread around.

Keith started scratching and simultaneously blaming Berna for suffering from this pressure and overflowing with love fluid by sticking his finger in her vaginal hole.

Rub the vaginal fold with your fingertips and immediately make that motion hard on the fast finger piston. And inside the butthole, I mess it up with my tongue.

Berna tries to endure this by putting a little effort into her lower body, but then the shock increased as Keith's fingers unnecessarily went in to lure her tongue into the back.

Berna developed goosebumps at the intensity of her fingers and mouth, which could clearly confirm what she was doing for Manguri's posture.

You get fingers that scratch so messed up that they're going to break, and tongues that lick them to taste them all, not only as sensory but also as visual information.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Oh dear!! Oh, ah!! Ahhh!!

I foamed and scratched a love solution full of excitement and pleasure with my hand man, and my butthole was also pushed wide with my tongue, and Berna's pussy wet and lit up in the drool.

Keith stared satisfactorily at it so much that the hot air would undoubtedly stand if not in the bath.

As he lowers the buttocks he was supporting and puts them to sleep in a normal position, Berna is breathing with her crotch spread out her nagging lower body.

Keith gently sprinkled hot water on that Berna and applied soap bubbles. Keith to Berna, who gently rubs her squirted body and responds to pimples,

"Berna, I'm going to wash myself now. I'll clean Berna's body."

Rotten Berna replied "Huh" to Keith's words. Keith stroked his good boy's head at it and suddenly inserted it.

"Ngaho!! Oh, hi... no!

Berna, who was totally out of strength because she said she was going to wash you, couldn't react to this sudden penis insertion and received pleasure stimulation to her brain.

Keith puts on his clothes and hugs Berna, shaking her body.

Do the piston in a tight, normal position. Then the soap applied to Berna's body bubbles loosely.

"If you wash Berna's body like this, you can wash my body, too, right? And look, you can also do it beautifully with your penis brush."

With that said, every body is gooey to the luxurious Berna! and Keith, who pistons to push in, felt the narrow vaginal canal slowly creeping through.

Keith asked Berna when he saw that being pushed in and scratched would force him to loosen up a little bit.

"What do you say, Berna? Do you hate this way of washing? Should I wash it normally?

Berna shrugged her face and shook her neck left and right to Keith as she asked, letting her cock tip grizzly pressed against the back of her vagina.

I thought it would be terrible to hear such a thing with you. You can't deny anything in this situation.

"Now... this is not good, this is good... so more, reveal it... reveal it"

To his honest pet, Keith adjusted his hip position and changed his movements up and down as he smiled. In other words, it is a seeding piston.

Being pierced and poked around the back by a stiff, tense tortoise head, Berna leaned back to the shock and said, "Ouch!" He roared. Keith blames the back even more by using that inversion.

Strong enough to feel the luxurious Berna break, the seeded piston suffered a dull body every single blow.

The beaten hips are weighed and twisted by Keith, and the uterus pierced is crushed by pushing the tip of the cock into the loose entrance.

What is such an act? Keith's hand gently hugs Berna on the back and slowly spreads the soap bubble all over her body.

Too different stimuli mess Berna's head up and make her not know which one is the stimulus.

Gentle, strong, rambling, polite. Still, all I could tell was that it felt so good that it couldn't be both.

"Ooh, ooh! Whoa, whoa!! Ugh!! Ohhhh! Oh, Nguh!! Yikes!!

Use the slip of soap bubbles to gently stroke, but only the hips thrust around violently. Berna seemed to still act on the clever Keith's blame.

But if it's Ike, I've been patient with your husband, Berna.

"Yes, I'll finally clean you up here."

Such words were uttered, and when I was sweet bitten and licked of the sensitive Sakaho ear, I was no longer comfortable in my body.

He bites the tip of his ear, licks it there and then inserts his tongue all the way into his ear. And when she sucked the whole thing all over, her head turned bright white in an instant.

"Daebe, you...... higu!! Rabe, mi, ya, aah!! Ahhhhh!! Yikes!! Yikes, Yikes! Oh dear!! Mm-hmm!!

Keith starts licking the opposite ear even more mean when he hears it, and at the same time strokes his head all the way around.

Berna could only raise an intermittent nasty voice while clinging to the feeling of being upside-down and the overflowing exhilarating pleasure from her genitals.

But I'll never stop licking, stroking, piston. Keith has a pet elf,

"Ohiu, zama, zama...... Mm, zama!! Oh my goodness!! Oh, oh, ghoul!! Aguuuuuuuuuuu!! Ngu ooh!! Oh wow!!

I freaked out by filling my whole body with pleasure of kindness and intensity.

Keith held Berna tight and clinging to both hands and feet and vaginal meat until the force loosened. The hips move gently and gently adore the acme cramping vagina.

It is a situation that would undoubtedly have gone inside had it not been put out twice with Fella and anal licking.

When such Berna's powers loosened, Keith gently flipped her body up and repeatedly breathed shallow and intense into Acme.

Normal to dorsal position. Berna, who is powerless, is lying on the floor, so she lies on her back.

Staring at the remaining butt meat after the bite earlier, Keith, with his hand next to Berna's body, began to shake his back just for ejaculation.

I don't think about Berna. Berna rubbed her vaginal flesh all over the piston just for the male to feel, and Berna turned her torso against her.

Then Keith just sits back and maintains that selfish gesture just like he just did... no, lick Berna's ears more gently than he just did.

Squeeze it. Bang it on your back and slightly round ass! and Keith caressing his ears with his hips tapped aside,

"Berna...... thank you Berna. Thanks for everything...... I'm really glad you had a Berna. Please remain my only Berna for the rest of your life. I won't let you go if you say you don't want to, okay?

In fact Berna ecstatically gives herself goosebumps of joy all over her body to the dialogue she calls to think she would be happy.

"Ngu! Ooh, ooh!! Oogoooooo!! Ooh, ho!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No, no, no, no, no! Ahhh!!

Sleeping just beneath her, Berna pokes her butt up and shakes it small, trying to feel her careless hipster to the limit.

Keith said more words and licked his ears when the amount of sucked love liquid became incredible.

Not without Berna. Just Berna. Berna is truly the most important pet. It is a number of words that would only sound like a whisper of love without the last word.

Berna is likely to explode a stronger acme in her womb just now when all of that sounds billowing all over her body through her spinal cord.

Uneunuch vagina in the mouth of the uterus sucking on the gnaw. Keith concentrated his consciousness here and on his penis when it all got the best.

Keith can't stop goosebumping at the best vaginal flesh condition I think all the words and caresses are for this reason. It feels too good to even nibble.

"Oh, oh, oh... Gu, oh! Come on, it's not good!! Oh Berna!! Berna!! Erotic pets!! It's mine!! Just me...... ooh!! Ahhh! Whoa!!

Rubbing his turtle head against his nagging vagina, Keith ejaculated thoughtlessly, screaming words that aroused his appetite for exclusivity.

Bibi!! Dobi! Dobby! Dobby! Dobby! Big, Big, Big!!

Keith looked snuggly at the pleasure of his reproductive instincts being filled as the amount he didn't think of as a third shot ran through his urethra and popped out.

And when I heard that along with the monopolistic words, Berna tightened her vagina just to say yes: "Agoooo!!" I screamed and finished the squeal.

I belong to Keith. Keith thinks that too. The female pet satisfied her female instincts and continuously irritated the uterus after receiving the evidence of the zamen firing.

Keith pulls his penis out of Berna, who is tired of boulders to serve three times, once he rests and now thinks in bed.

Keith cleanses his body with hot water over himself and Berna as he nibbles in his vagina filled with more dark love fluid than semen. Then I thought I'd hold Berna up and soak her in hot water.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... me... ok?

Berna asks with a tron eye. So Keith nodded "Of course," and smiled.

When I heard that, Berna smiled happily and stuck to Keith. I realized I wanted him to kiss me. Keith intertwines his lips and tongue in response.

There are three seconds left until Keith remembers that his tongue was licking his own butthole.