A fat man who showed up in front of me. The fattening method is not the ratio of Nia before this.

A man with fat luxury, not cute punnies, on his arms, legs, stomach, and even his face and fingers is smiling with a nibbly face.

Leonora came cranky with that ugly smile. It's not supposed to be the same as the usual smile, but the meat on it just makes me look about 10% more guessy.

I accidentally shouted, "Who is it," but I can tell if I calm down because I'm watching a scene where I use such magic. It's Keith. This is Keith.

But I didn't want my head to admit it, and Leonora grated at Aisha.

"Hey, hey, Mr. Color Black! What are you talking about!! What's going on with this!!

Leonora asks Aisha for some reason, even though there's Keith right next door. And Aisha answers that politely.

"Don't worry... it's just hallucinogenic magic... I'm just making fat figures out of hallucinogenic magic"

"Heh... what the hell do you know!?

"That's you... before... that... ugh"

"Ah, you! To Keith who looks like that..."

To my surprise Leonora, Aisha could never say, "And I'm in a child". You don't have to tell me. Leonora is full of incredibles.

I'm just going to zowa thinking about being held tight by such a saggy body of meat and kissed by such thickened lips and such...

Keith glanced at Leonora's face, who was often fine.

"That, Leonora said I wouldn't mind being fat... wasn't that a lie?

"Huh!? No, I mean, you're lying... or why!? Why are you so fat? You're too fucked, Keith!!

Fat Keith shook his neck, left and right, to Leonora, who roughed his voice to delude him. And with a sad voice,

"I knew you were lying... and you wouldn't love me anymore if I changed... but I knew it"

"Chi, no! I don't know... but no matter how much it is"

"You said it. He said it's okay to be fat. So here's how I am."

"That's a lie... definitely decided to think about me and holding these tits in a fat way would excite me or something"

"Aisha. What are you saying little bumps?

Next to Aisha, who answers "Nothing," Leonora regretted her loss. But I didn't think that one word would fit my eyes like this.

That's what I said I'm fine with being fat, and I'm thinking so, but that's what I mean when I say I can get a little fat over the years in a long relationship.

If I suddenly become like someone else like this, I don't have time to get used to seeing it and I get confused. I don't think it's possible to be held.

Then Keith, who perceived it, leaned away from Leonora and leaned towards Aisha. And suddenly I cuddle.

"Yikes! Hey, what are you doing? Suddenly!! Keith!!

"Aisha... Aisha's fine, right? You love me even when I look like this...... right?

I ask Keith, who's fat but only his eyes are would-be like jeans, and Aisha says, "Gu!" At the end of the day I answered with a sigh of sigh.

"Oh, right. Nothing. Look, I didn't like Keith... but don't ever let him just look like that, yah! Mm, stop, stop, stop, stop."

Keith, holding him tight, starts kissing Aisha like he's attacking her in the middle of a word.

Press the thick lips against the small brown lips and insert the tongue and lick around the inside. Not to mention hallucinogenic magic. Aisha was really about to be crushed by a meat man because it is a first-class product that also has an effect on tactile sensation.

But all of that meat is full of Keith's smell and flavor, and Aisha, who developed the female part with the scatter, reacts unknowingly.

Leonora raised her voice "hi" when the sound of tangling her tongue with Lucurtu.

That Aisha is being held tight by a fat man who looks like he's about three times his size and takes his lips away. And even react a little.

No matter how you look at it, Leonora sees the sight with incredible thoughts that that man can't connect with Keith on equals.

Eventually, when the kiss was over, Aisha had frown-rooted faces and still coveted her cheeks from her lips licked and teetered with her muddy, rough breath.

Even though I don't like the feeling of being made into a thick body, the thick tongue, the dark smell of my body, the feeling of my big arm, it all makes Keith feel better than usual.

"Yikes, hang on, Mrs... why are you so, so feeling... oh, no"

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, this Keith... full of Keith's smell and all... and so on... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Keith also kisses her cheeks and neck muscles to Aisha, who answers with a crying face as she is held.

I bet you don't like the luxury of the meat on your face touching all kinds of places. Aisha said, "Hih!" and I make a fragrant voice.

Will Keith hold me for what happened to me? Leonora almost ran away when she wondered if she was going to play that sight. However,

"Leonora... if this happens to me, you throw it away... unlike Aisha or Berna or Lady Nia... Leonora is"

"We, uh, ah, eh? Mr. Nia, Keith, you look like that. Both Mr. Nia!?

"I wanted to make sure... that I, the human, will eventually grow old before all of you. But I was wondering if you would continue to love me... and the three of them would still be fine. But Leonora... ugh."

It doesn't seem to have anything to do with getting old and fat, but Keith inspired Leonora's guilt more than a scratch there.

"It's only now... Leonora's only now... she's going to dump me sooner or later. Aisha says she loves you so much. No."

"Him, I'll take one for a horse!! Oh, hi! Stop it, stop it! Raspberries in the garlic... Ugh, why am I like this... I ha"

Aisha is left behind by all of Keith, who strips him of his power to resist. Seeing that, Leonora clenched her skirt.

"It's always like this...... this is always what happens. Wow!! Already, stupid!!

And when I shouted like that, I cling to Keith holding Aisha and kissing her flesh-coated lips.

The moment I did, I really had goosebumps all over my body, but that was also until Keith held Leonora's body tight and made her kiss stronger as she smiled with an unpleasant face.

The feeling of a thick tongue ravages the interior, but when I close my eyes, I am reminded that that is Keith's feeling, which is a few steps darker than usual.

The arms to cuddle, the smell and the kiss, all become a means to make Keith feel so thick many times that he swoops deep into Leonora.

The lady, planted until she honestly reacted when she knew it was Keith, no matter what happened, tangled her tongue in a kiss that swung with Aisha's same troubled face.

Leonora was totally on fire for a hug kiss that makes me feel too keith, but if I open my eyes, it's Fat Keith who's there after all.

But now he couldn't refuse it, and he couldn't leave angrily, so Leonora grudged with resentment at Aisha, who was still held in her arms.

"Ugh, it's your fault... I would normally have had a romantic night with Keith if you hadn't come"

"Why it's my fault! If you're gonna say that, I don't know why you should be fat! If I hadn't told you, you'd be normal by now."

They were going to say "yours" and "yours," but before that, Keith starts kissing alternately.

Each of them responded properly even as they were pressed one after the other's wet lips into each other's saliva, causing their bodies to freak out that Keith's hand stroked their buttocks.

It's uncomfortable for a thick finger to stroke his butt, unlike the feeling he's used to. But the exact fingering knows all about the pleasure points of the two of us,

"Hih, Mmm!! Ahhhh...... here, here!! buttocks, stop...... nju, raju"

"Kishi, come on, or I'll be pissed off! Oh... oh! Ahem! Chi Pu, La Chi"

It makes me twist my butt and push it against my touching fingers. The pleasure between them grew bigger and bigger when the feel of a kiss mixed there.

The desire for uncontrollable comfort within makes me kiss you both to compete.

To the slutty triple kiss Keith stuck his tongue out with excitement and made Aisha and Leonora lick it.

Keith, whose nose gets rough and even makes a noise of "Buho," decided to let this excitement shake his erect penis, inducing the two of them touching his buttocks to sit in bed.

Keith took off his jacket and pants once and for all in front of the two finally finished kissing and chilling at each other with a face illuminated by the touch of his butt.

Then Leonora said, "Hih!" and a cute scream. Because the dripping stomach of meat was there, not the thin body you always see.

Besides, Keith is recreating his pubic hair until he's stunning with hallucinations, and his penis is buried in a hair-coated toy.

Aisha barked at the hallucinating magic that showed her attachment to the same lowest part, albeit once before the experience economy.

"This is Keith! hey, why are you doing that there!! I just wish I could fatten it!! Why is that... hairy, full"

"Hair? Don't you like hair? I can lick Aisha's butt hair, and Aisha can lick it."

"Wow!!! Don't say that, you idiot!!

Aisha hastily tries to scratch the words off, but Leonora is not the place to be. Anyway, I've only seen that hair-treated penis so far. The hurdle is too high when that's suddenly this.

to Leonora, who hardens and hikes her cheeks. Keith smiles,

"What's up, Leonora? Are you all right, sir?

"That's right, Daihi! So, wow... oh, but... you know... it"

"Oh, finally. Reproduce the hair, too. I'm hallucinating, so I'm fine. I'll touch it, but look."

"Hii! Hih, you don't have to pull it. Wow!! Ah, uuuuuu..."

"Really? So... can I ask you a favor?

It would definitely be Fella's favor. I know that, but even with this hairy paint. Plus, I have the courage to lick the penis buried in my stair belly.

It's Keith. This is Keith. Hallucinogenic magic. Keith told Leonora that he was hallucinating.

"Uh-huh, sounds like you have an example. Please, Aisha first."

"Wow, I don't!? Why am I the only one who gets ahead of me at times like this..."

"Huh? Don't you like it?

"I don't hate it...... oh, I don't hate it, but that, I can get my penis close to my face!! Smell, why is it so thick?"

Because he also held it there and temporarily cast a magic around his groin that thickened his body odor. It reproduces the smell of excess meat sweating.

Aisha, who was supposed to smell a fierce man because of Keith, who was held in strange places, distorted her face and resented her. She handled Keith's with her fingers while sending her gaze to Leonora.

If this is normal, I'd be happy to lick it to fight ahead.

"Here, let me diet so I don't get muscled... and yet again because of my boobs... it's terrible..."

Keith's penis hardens to a crisp in her pubic hair in her sickening fingers as she says. Then the penis smell also thickened and irritated Aisha's nose.

I don't know why, but being sensitive to this smell and overflowing with covetousness, Aisha poured her penis in before Leonora could understand her craving face.

"Oh, Nettonetto with Aisha's crusty saliva... no kimochi... ahhh"

To Keith, who rocks the meat and is moved by the chanshabu, every time she licks it, her hallucinating pubic hair touched her face and Aisha almost cried.

The body odor is strong, the pubic hair touches my face, and the nasty meat sagging looms in front of me, and even though I don't like it all, the only penis in my mouth tastes like Keith I love, and that lights Aisha up.

He was also kind enough to stroke his head while saying it felt good, and Aisha treated his saliva with his tongue tangled around his geese neck with his lips, thinking it would be great if he really hadn't used hallucinogenic magic with this.

Keith sways his hips and gets bored with pleasure when his lips touch sensitive areas many times. That makes my big, ugly ass and stomach tremble.

Keith turned his penis back on the brown elf's face continuing to fella in that.

A beautiful girl who still looks like a teenager, an elf, buries her face in the pubic hair-coated penis of her step-belly old man and sucks on it. It is an inspiring sight.

"Cute...... so horny Aisha...... too horny"

Leonora also stuck her breath in a sight too obscene next to Aisha staring with her moisturized eyes at Fat Keith with a lukewarm expression.

It's my usual fella, but I can't believe that's all Keith gets so slutty about being fat. The thought is deepened by Keith's magical, slightly thickened body odor.

Smells like Keith enough to swallow. In it, he tangled his saliva and said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" and Aisha shaking her penis. All of the sights that are too nasty ignite Leonora with confusion.

Until now, my body begs me to salivate the Fella that I didn't want to do so much.

No, I thought of a guy like that, and I rethinked that this is Keith, so I could think of that.

(Duh, which way?! My head is so messed up already...... it's Keith's fault WOW!!

Keith pulled his penis out of Aisha's mouth in front of Leonora, who is applauded for the confusion.

Aisha said it smelled or something, but when she gets pulled out, she unfortunately stretches her tongue out of her mouth and tries to taste her penis a little bit.

And I stare at Fat Keith with a kind of lonely face, and I make a tongue-in-cheek confirmation of the flavor that remains in the box.

I wonder why it was Leonora on her face like that, but Keith stuck Aisha's salivated penis out,

"Next, can you please? I also want Leonora's mouth to be adorable. Please."

Fat, pubic hair coated, strong body odor, and nettle with Aisha's saliva. Leonora swells her cheeks slightly and stares at Keith.

"Keith! I really don't want to be such a perverted chick! Because it's Keith... because it's Keith. Thank you more!

"I appreciate it. Thank you so much. My penis is getting so much better."

"You can't thank me for that! also, already... really perverted, eccentric, hi-no-hi-no-hi-no-hi-no-hi-no-hi-no..."

I can't be honest without complaining. Keith pressed his tortoise head against his lips while listening properly because he knew the character of such a lady.

Then Leonora started licking her penis with her tongue, not even angry that she was in the middle of the conversation, and her tight tortoise head as she let her pubic hair touch her pretty face.