Berna was out of town that day. It's a holiday, but I haven't been to Keith's room since the night before because I had business going out in the morning.

When I say errands, it's not that important to buy extra daily necessities. But when I go to Keith's room, it's like, "Next time, okay?"

Holding me in Keith's warm arms makes all the daily chores all better.

But being alive is a continuum of consumption, and it's impossible to live without buying enough of anything. That's why I haunted my heart and didn't go to Keith's room (against myself) even on my day off.

Still, if you get it done early and go home for lunch, you might be able to get a whole lot cuter in the afternoon.

That's how Berna went around the city expressionless and bought the necessary daily necessities she wrote in her notes. Result.

"... I bought too much"

I can see Berna walking fluttering with more luggage than I can hold in my hands.

I thought if I bought it up, I would go shopping less often for it, and I bought too many at once.

Besides buying new male underwear for Keith or fresh type of bait for Lou just adds more luggage.

Flirting but trying his best to get back to the palace, Berna returns to one end of the room to put her things away before preparing her underwear and bait.

Then I made hamburgers and salads in the provided simple kitchen. Pack all of that in a bag and head to Keith's room.

Just about now Keith wakes up in earnest, so I thought he should be hungry.

Berna, heading in her personal clothes to Keith's room in the palace, went with care not to be blamed. I saw Lou along the way.

Lou shook his tail gladly as he showed the feeding to the cat rushing over. And when he leaves the room, Keith tells me that he's still asleep.

"Really... then we should go a little later..."

"I'll lend you the keys to your room. So go inside and leave me."

That's what I said. I gave Berna the room key out of the collar. Berna bowed her head when she received it and headed to Keith's room.

When you get in front of the room, check around, be careful not to wake you and lock and open the door.

Berna walks into the room quietly without making a sound... and plays back the footage recorded on the crystal of the photo and sees Keith sickening in Onaho.

Just watching is Berna's footage, a scene where she gets slapped in the butt and whispers with a bright red moist face.

"Don't be... Be..."

Berna stood faceless with nothing to say to Keith, who sicco as she watched it. Keith noticed the signs for a little while,

"Nhee?...... oh my!! Beh, beh oh!!

I panicked and stopped masturbating and got up, pulled up my pants and pinched an erect meat stick in that chuck.


Keith, who fell into bed screaming like a pig, repeated the Lamars method by scratching his shriveled penis with pain. I'm panicking because of pain.

Berna rushed over to see how it was,

"Are you all right?... Let me see"

The penis that I saw with my bare hands is stunningly pinching the skin into the chuck.

"... it's pinched. I'm bleeding... it's going to hurt."

"Shh, don't explain... it's gonna hurt more... whoa"

For the minute I was erect, the skin of the flesh stem that was stunningly pinched was scratched. It even seeps into the blood.

"Yes, I want to... I want to be so... Berna ah"

To Keith in tears. Berna holds her penis down worryingly and grates Chuck, not turning a glance of disdain at all despite the pitiful events.

Berna stroked the wound as the skin of the area that had been covered peeled off. And when you get your tongue out and lick your chowy wound, it heals with healing magic you're good at.

Soon the wound will be blocked and the pain will fall out. Berna to Keith, who loosens her face and gets up in a hospitable mood,

"It's healed...?

"Yes! Perfect!! Thank you."

Berna gave the words a palliative look. But I have a few questions.

"Um... I'm sorry I walked into the room without a voice... but why did you hide it?

It is a relationship between Keith and Berna. I don't need to rush to hide it as much as they saw where I was horny. I think Keith's right, too.

"No, you know, a guy... you have the habit of hiding it when you're seen without even intending to show your masturbation. It's a genetically carved fate."

Blah, blah, blah. It's a remnant of my original instinct to hide it if my mother sees me masturbate.

I'm not sure what it is, but Berna nodded silently, wondering if Keith would say so. In the middle of it, my hands are rubbing my penis all the time.

Sometimes Keith gets an erection when he makes his penis that way that the wound heals no longer and there is no pain at all.

The one about forgetting the heat if the throat was too high, forgetting the pain I had pinched already. Now I was scared of Berna's fine finger irritation.

Berna looked to make sure of her earlier wound when she noticed her penis getting bigger in her finger. Erections do not seep blood. It's all right now.

to Berna, who tried to let go. Keith was

"Wait! Oh, uh... can you keep helping me?

"... masturbate?

"Yeah, yeah, I'm masturbating."

"... if your husband is not ashamed"

I rushed to hide it earlier, and now I'm telling you to help me like this. That's what Berna said to the male habit I'm not sure about. Then Keith nodded with a good smile.

"Not at all anymore! I'll be excited when I'm ready to show it to you once!!


After all, I'm not sure, so I answer flat. Berna starts to handle it up and down by gripping it straight into the meat stem section.

The shushes and sounds eventually cause the blood vessels to collect blood and thicken. Keith stared at the way it was.

"With that said, what brings Berna to the room? Can I help you?

Berna answers the everyday conversation that all of a sudden begins by changing her gaze from her penis to Keith's face.

"I went shopping, your husband's underwear, Mr. Lou's rice... and then I bought lunch too"

"Did you bring it to me? Thank you. Berna really is a pet you could have done. I can't believe you even shopped."

It's like a dog has been shopping, but Berna keeps touching the meat stick with joy, not feeling in any way ridiculed.

Keith exhales as his fingers move more harshly.

"So, this... um... oh, let's... have lunch, shall we? Together...... no!

When Berna makes a wheel out of her thumb and index finger, and so grabs the geese neck and treats her, Keith speaks out in boredom.

It was the best hand job by Berna, who knows all about where your husband feels. For the simple amount of moves, the pleasure you get is also simple.

Keith lost his temper, trying to get more excited.

"Beh, beh... here's some footage from earlier... can I continue watching it?

That's the Doero footage of Berna. That's how I understood it. Berna leaned down a little and then nodded quietly and small. Maybe it's a little embarrassing after all.

Still, when Keith gave him a good boy and a good boy in his unopposed obedience, he activated the crystal in playback mode. Flat footage is instantly shown in the void and Berna's dementia appears.

Take a do-up of the pink part you shouldn't photograph and put your swinging, crying face in the frame with your erect nipples.

Keith was excited by the sound of a monster's nagging voice from the audio recorded at the same time.

"Wow, don't be horny... I knew Berna was horny... cute and horny... awesome"

Berna looked at herself sideways at Keith whining. Berna feels her ears turn red on her figure, which she can show again.

Though I thought the disturbance was terrific, I didn't think so far. I didn't realize it in the middle of being fucked, but it's a hell of a look and a voice.

As the embarrassment dyed his face peachy, Berna took hold of the onaho Keith had been using until earlier when he bit his lip and brought saliva in there. And wear it on your penis and start handling it.

Sudden inorganic masturbation from a gentle hand feel. Keith said to the change in too much stimulus, "No!," he said.

Onaho with pink noobs. Keith to Berna, who grips it with her hand and relentlessly cocks the meat stick inside,

"Beh, ru, heh...... whoa!! Bye, say it...... ahhh!!

As for Berna, I want to finish it as soon as possible and cut that footage. I can't help but see myself like that for the first time, even though I'm shameless.

Keith figured that out, too, which is why he withstood ejaculation desperately. Because I rarely see Berna turning bright red to such shame.

Looking alternately at the video and the raw Berna, Keith exhales in a rough breath.

"Berna, she's cute... why are you so cute... she's so cute and horny..."

The more I say, the more my penis runs in the freaking tip. Berna's head grew pungent at the unpleasant smell.

When that footage combined there, Berna began to feel more envious than embarrassed about herself in the footage.

Female pet so adored by Keith. Bitten nipples or penned buttocks. And the back of the vagina is dicked.

Berna's thoughts continue to grow bigger and harder to contain because she knows the feeling of the shock in reality.

Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! and Berna moistened her eyes because she wanted Keith to be adorable herself to the meat stick and its irritation to be bored by the noise and horny meat stick.

Without even realizing Berna had such a cute look on her face, Keith didn't touch Berna at all, just kept her quiet and cocky. And keep saying she's cute with her mouth.

The more praise you give, the stronger Berna's fever becomes and Keith's desire to abuse her is greater. In other words, it makes me move more aggressively.

Watching the footage with jealousy of his past self, not shame anymore, Berna abused his geese neck mightily in Onaho to express that remorse.

"Oh, oh! Nho!! Ooh, ooh... Ooh! Beiru...... such a bully, Rabei!! Yeah!!

Berna continues to blame the geese neck with a gaze that says "Then please be cute" to Keith, who accidentally pulls back.

I prank you if you don't mind. Keith stared at the footage as he freaked out at Berna's behavior, which was really petty. Berna in the video looked like she was about to get laid.

When visual excitement peaks, your penis reacts to it and strains heavily. I felt like I was leaving already. Berna stuck a drool of penis in her as she pulled through Onaho.

From Onaho to Cuckoo, Keith shivers his hips to Berna's nagging moving tongue when the stimulus changes.

Lick around in the suction box. Keith stares at Berna in the video as she holds Berna's head to her mouth to make her crazy.

The footage shows me spinning Berna's mediumfold with my penis. The feeling of a cuckoo, no less than that, paralysed Keith's spine.

"Ugh, oh! Huh!!... ahhhhhhhhhh!! BE, RU...... BE, BE!! Whoa!!

Barking his hips out and firing. A looming golden ball pushed the dirty juice one after the other into the urethra.

Big time!! Dubby, dubby time!! Dobby, Bobby!! Dobby! Dobby! - Pushing the urethra wide and overflowing from the bell mouth, the samen swoop into Berna's tongue licking around.

Berna, who is delighted by the raw odor flavour and aroma, doesn't want to claim that this is her own!! and swallowed.

Keith was stuffy with his lips sticking out at the feeling of being sucked up to the contents of the golden balls, but eventually he stroked Berna's head again and again, still shaving Berna as it all came out.

"Thanks...... Berna. It felt good...... it was great"

Keith, thanking him for saying so, noticed Berna giving him a kind of obstinate look. What do you think Berna is,

"... Your husband... of the video... you prefer me then...?

"Heh?... you know, it makes sense"

"... watch all the footage... I... don't see it..."

I never thought I'd be jealous of my footage. Keith nearly erupted with his thoughts. Embrace Berna, who persists if she doesn't mind all the footage when she tries to indulge in it.

Then I put my mouth in Berna's ear, in a small voice so that no one would hear me even though it was a room for two.

"I'm sorry. I'm obsessed because Berna in the video is so pretty and eclectic. Of course Berna's the best now, right?

Berna kind of swelled her cheeks just a little bit, turning away that it was better in front after all. It would be about Berna watching her shark footage and being stubborn.

If you don't mind, I'll be stubborn soon. Keith, who pushed the female pet down to bed, put the photo crystal into recording mode and pointed it at Berna.

"Hey Berna... then let me take your current Berna too. Let me take a picture of Berna being so eclectic and nice right now. Can't you?

Berna turned her face over the magic prop to Keith with a slightly obstinate voice,

"It... when you do it yourself again... do you use it?

"Oh, no... right. I might use it. Do you not like it?

"... I don't like it... but when I'm here... look at me, not the video... I want it."

Keith nodded with a grinning, shuddering laugh at Berna as she begged me to tear up a bit about what you think I'm saying.

"Copy that. Next time you have Berna, you'll look at the raw Berna and masturbate. It's a promise."

to a gentle voice. Berna smiled just a little like a ho,

"Well, you can take a shot, sir... I'm a jerk... take a shot"

When permission was given to frame him, Keith activated the magic prop to his satisfaction to photograph Berna in her personal clothes. Then I lay my lips on top of each other and record them from the kissing scene first.