Leonora, sitting on Keith sitting on a chair and held tight, dyes her cheeks as the strength of her embrace gradually increases.

Turn your arms from behind to your hips that are too thin against your chest and pull them toward your body. Then my butt hits Keith's meat stick more.

When I breathe in that state, the swallowed zamen let the karki smell fall through my nose and my whole body feels filled with Keith.

"It's sloppy... It's... it's not..."

Leonora, who brings her butt and says so, looks like she's going to cry when she realizes her body wants to be filled more.

Because I let Fella blame you so hard and embarrassed at the corner, and I perceived that was about to be a wasted effort.

Really, Keith always makes me accept things he doesn't like eventually. I'm not forcing you, I'm making you accept.

Just because I'm still trying not to find out how much, hold them like this by the side of their sleep. Let me want it.

The lady elf bit her lips in remorse to Keith, who would surely be waiting for Leonora to say, "Do."

While doing so, Keith's hand is placed on Leonora's breast, which she was just rubbing, stroking her breasts with five fingers at a time.

"Ugh!" Keith whispered to Leonora, who leaked her voice with her lips bitten.

"And Leonora's a good babysitter. You can be a good mother."

"Mi, you didn't see... stay in the bathroom"

"But I heard it right. Leonora's babysitting song...... it was a very beautiful song. So, look, we're both neat."

"Ah, let... is a babysitter song my aunt used to sing..."

It is a song of memories for Leonora. It was a song she cherished more than anything else.

When he knew from the mouthful that it was, Keith gently rubbed Leonora's oversized breasts in,

"That song...... will you sing it to the baby with me too? Even for a child who can be between me and Leonora..."

Leonora trembles violently at the words. Babysitting and totally getting hit by cuteness, the words poke cowardly at a lady of the right age who wants such a child.

It's sloppy. It's sloppy! and the words that come out of Leonora's mouth as she screams with her heart,

"Oh, yeah... at last... I'll do it for you... properly"

"Really! I'm glad. Leonora found her breast milk to be amazing with the magic she had before. He's a good babysitter, and he can do it any time he wants."

"... uhh... yeah... when did you... haha!

Leonora raises her voice as Keith's hand moves from her breast to her painful lower abdomen and strokes her there. That was just around the womb, and it was the worst place to go right now.

Keith, who knows that place and strokes it around, quickly sticks his fully erect penis up his ass.

"Then all you have to do is plant your child here... fill this little womb with baby vegetables... can I? My Zamen...... may I let you in here?

Leonora, breathing roughly and feeling the smell of Zamen, couldn't help but hope to get that swallowed cloudy out this time.

Leonora's body, which is capable of giving birth during pregnancy, can't help but want to be a mother because her full motherhood is stimulated by babysitting.

There's no point in being intolerable because a loving man said those words there.

Even if I have two little ones... No, Ningro is the reason I want my own kids that are so cute that I can't beat them.

Having swallowed the saliva, Leonora rose from the top of Keith with a crying face, curling up the dress skirt herself, knowing it could not be.

And then I unload my panties, and I put my hand on my desk and stick my butt out to Keith,

"... I want... Keith's, child... me... Keith, so I want to get pregnant..."

Keith applauds with his heart the lady who shows off her natural hairless mushrooms and seeds them while exposing her dirty meat hole. But keep your face clear.

"I'm glad, Leonora... I'm really glad. Me too... Leonora is having a baby with me... I want to see it soon. So..."

When I planted it, I put my mouth on the meat hole and started licking it around.

As the pink secret meat is licked and gently caressed with Keith's tongue, the trout honey begins to zero right out of the meat hole.

Keith was happy to stick his tongue in the meat hole and lick around.

"Hih! Eww...... fumi-chu!! Miu.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

I felt amazed myself, and Leonora bit the towel that was nearby as she was about to have a high voice. It's to keep them from waking up out loud.

But the situation of not being able to speak freely caused pleasure to cage inwards, and Leonora turned herself back to the feeling that Keith's tongue brought all the way into the womb.

"No, no, no!... Ugh, no... Ugh!

Bite the towel hard and hold the hand you placed on your desk firmly. I felt that Keith's tongue was changing only to give me the male genitals, and Leonora was obsessed with the lewdness.

That's how Leonora can't talk. Good thing Keith rubbed his butt meat and stretched his tongue out to the anal.

I called her to stop, and Leonora realized she couldn't speak, and she said, "Phew!" I roar and get wet that my dirty parts are licked.

I haven't even taken a bath today, so from my butt, which is supposed to be steamy and dirty, to my perineum, Keith licks it around saying it should be.

That turned into nervousness saying if they saw me doing this again in front of the kids, I blamed Leonora violently.

The link between pleasure and disloyalty quickly gets wet. Keith puts his finger in the masterpiece to see how he is doing.

Puffy meat was waiting for a male organ to come inside called a wet urn. That would be enough. Keith let Leonora cross over herself when she turned the other way.

Leonora, staring at Keith with a red, moist face, toweled out of her mouth slowly across, whispering,

"Auntie... Lots, none... That place, none"

"I'm sorry. Leonora's ass is cute... and the colors are beautiful and tight all the time"

"You don't have to do that. Wow! I'm really... perverted."

I can't help but want to conceive that perverted child. The female elf spans in a face-to-face seat over Keith sitting in the chair.

Its figure of inserting into the meat stick in a familiar way with hands is a splendid breast explosion bitch. A swinging female face is the most important proof.

Keith grabbed Leonora's face softly and kissed her when that face was too cute and the turtle head buried and then she just lowered her hips.

Until just now, the tongues that were licking each other's genitals tangle and convey their obscene flavors. They were obsessed with such a kiss and tangled their tongues with "ruchi".

Leonora's hips fall naturally when she's obsessed with kissing and welcomes the meat stick into the back of her vagina. The kiss went deeper into the stimulus and the two held each other tight as they felt the stimulus to each other's mucous membranes.

Eventually, when his hips began to shake from either side, the chair made a giddy noise. The sound of the chair honking along with Keith and Leonora's slutty movements gets a little louder.

To the sound, Leonora turned her moist eyes to see if the two would not wake up. Leonora looked directly in front of Leonora as she held Keith in the opposite seat sitting with her back against the bed.

Suyasuya, Keith spoke to Leonora, relieved by the two sleeping people.

"It's okay. Because you two are sleeping properly. So you can move more."

"Oh... so, but... no"

"'Cause, you see, Leonora's Omako says it's moving more, right? Let me suck this place so hard."

Shaking his hips up, Keith gently rubbed the mouth of the uterus touching the tortoise head. The craving body is totally starting to get my uterus down and get ready for a simmer.

They rubbed it up there and poked it up, and Leonora said, "Humm-hmm!," he said, rushing to bite Keith's shoulder. Leonora's saliva stains Keith's clothes.

Keith, who keeps rocking his hips regardless, has zoster goosebumps on the countless ceilings touching his geese neck.

"Leonora's here, moving more, poking harder... so I'm sayin 'get the zamen out. Let me get pregnant. Is that my mistake? If you're mistaken, you have to stop."

In a mean way, Leonora frowned and shook her neck left and right. And keep your hips tight and hold Keith tight.

"I mess with you, you can't... I mess with you, it's Ya... Ugh"

"How mean. I'm just telling the truth. Leonora wants you to move."

Leonora, who I assumed was only willing to move, lets her hips jump slowly, whining "teasing". Then the back of my vagina rubbed and the feeling of sounding in my uterus flowed.

"Huh! Huh! Huh, ooh! Huh, Miu! Miu!! Riku...... fumiyu!!

Once you move it, your hips won't stop. Leonora continued to do the dirty hipster dance while clinging to Keith.

The more you move, the deeper your vaginal pleasure grows and pleases your uterus. The delighted uterus does more receptive posture and tells Leonora that.

When the fetus accepted the male seed and it was clear that she was about to become pregnant, Leonora turned her gaze toward the bed with a groan.

Cute toddler elves. I'm sure my own kids are cute enough to beat those girls. I'm sure it's decided to be as cute as Nia.

I want it. I want a child like that. I want to raise him. Be a fine kid with Keith. Leonora shook her neck to the left and right that her body would fantasize about such a thing before her mind.

I can't believe it feels so good to have sex wishing I had kids. The surprise freaks me out all over my body.

Keith was also surprised by the physical changes in such a lady elf. Even a nice bowl of fame twists and turns and turns around.

(This guy... yabba... they squeeze out the samen... if you ejaculate in this, you get a great amount!!

Though she thinks so, Keith doesn't have any intention of going out in a swinging mood, and starts poking her hips up from herself.

Leonora's in tune! And I jumped and said, "Mia!," he whispered and asked Keith for a fierce kiss as he was. I want you to mess it up with Keith with no more room to move on. And spit out a lot of male fluid in the womb.

Moving and whispering with the impetus of the chair about to break with overflowing thoughts,

"Mmm... Cat..."

Berna woke up to the sound of Leonora's cat screaming. Realizing that, Leonora said, "Hino!" and stopped the blue motion.

Keith also sweats cold when he realizes that Berna woke up from Leonora's condition.

body up on the bed. Berna looked around for a moment and found Lou sleeping with only his head out of the torch futon,

"Ru-chan... I didn't... miss you?

When I say that like I fell asleep, I get out of bed and try to hold Lou up. But that's when I noticed Keith and Leonora.

"Ah, ahhh... ahhhh"

Seen. Leonora's vagina sounds like she's going to cry! tight all the time. But Loriberna told Leonora like that,

"... come on... okay... me too"

Both Leonora and Keith kept their clothes on so they looked like they were holding each other on a chair. Leonora rushes to Berna, who approaches it with herself.

"Ah, ah! Eh, what the fuck! I'll tell you later, I'll make it right for you! So now... get some more sleep."

Berna went back to bed after a little silence in her gentle voice and then nodded softly, "Mmm." Lou was hugged in that hand, and he was put in a pillow or "Bunya!" I heard a scream.

And when he heard his sleep again, Keith laughed the couscous with pleasure. Leonora sees it and weeps,

"Hey, why are you laughing! Almost..."

"Sorry, 'cause Leonora's really like your mother... in a flash I was feeling all that... so awesome"

In Keith's words, Leonora said, "I don't know!" She swelled her cheeks and turned to her. So Keith apologizes again.

"Please get in a good mood. I'll move to apologize. I'll make Leonora crazy."

Grab your hips and squeeze! and Leonora seems to absurd her voice to Keith, who starts poking it up. But then I chewed Keith's clothes shoulder again desperately that Berna would definitely wake up completely.

Keith knew Leonora was desperately putting up with her gasp with a bright red face, and deliberately blamed the back with a loud waist,

"I'll get it out. Here... Leonora's here. I'll fill you up with mine. With my samen! I'll get you pregnant!!

In the words whispered in her ear, Leonora said, "Mmm!" and strengthens the ability to bite clothes. My uterus pounded up and my gut trembled with the joy of hope coming true.

Leonora wrapped her limbs around Keith's body, gnawing that the tip of the chin touching where it just couldn't.

Keith shook his hips to spit out the seed to Leonora, who clings to him like a child. There's no way you can put up with the vagina and uterus that you want so far.

Leonora biting her clothes. "Fugu, Ngu!" Hearing her voice, Keith held her soft body tight and put her strength into her penis.

Vaginal meat is entangled in it at its highest tension, rubbing relentlessly against sensitive geese necks and back muscles.

"Oh, oh! Whoa!!... Ugh!! Yikes... dashi! ZAMEN!!!!!!

Keith, who shook his hips abusively with force on his ass, pokes a meat stick up Leonora's famous vessel Manko without having to ejaculate.

Keith sputtered the sarmen inside as the chair stroked.

Big time!! Big time!! Dobigu!! Big, Big, Big!! Dobigu!! - The ejaculation that makes it the womb you want with your thrust up felt good enough to lose your hips.

Especially since Leonora's vagina twist feels her ejaculation, and her zaratub is entangled in the geese neck in the middle of ejaculation.

Forget to breathe, too. Hold Leonora. When I gave all the salmen out, the mama volunteer lady acted like she was cramped by that strong embrace and momentum inside and out.

Keep your clothes chewed "Ngu no!!," roared Leonora, shuddering to tears at the heat of the samen staining behind her body.

When the wave finally leaves, Leonora releases her mouth and drools her covetousness to bring Kute to Keith. Keith gently stroked that body before unloading Leonora from above himself.

And I got my clothes done, and then I took him to the lifting bed, and put him to sleep in the middle of one with two sleeping people.

Leonora, staring into her eyes, joyfully hugs the two bodies as the little ones on both sides cling unconsciously as she sleeps.

Keith hurt his penis on that beautiful face mixed with his mother and his love, but still he decided to go into the torch and sleep because he didn't care where he slept.


Early the next morning, Keith had Awakened Aisha and Berna lick the blue candy.

The two people who licked the candy even though they said, "Not really." and "It's going to get muffled," still don't get what they ate once out of their mouths.

By the way, Leonora was awake before the two of them woke up and went home to the mansion alone. I guess it's hard to break up with two people in childhood.

Keith is also a shame but still can't keep him back, so I fed him candy.

Nothing happened for a while after eating, "Is that it? By the time I thought," Suddenly there was smoke coming up from the two bodies,

"Ahhh!! Ugh! Uh-oh!

"Damn, hi, ah, ah! Hiaaah!"

As his voice rose, Aisha and Berna's body grew rapidly as if watching it in fast feed footage as well.

"Ooh, ooh. Success...... ah, yabe. I forgot to take my clothes off."

By the time I realized it, the two back to normal stood in chemo-eared pyjamas that were obviously stuck together.

The two eventually clear their unfocused eyes and look around for a moment.

"Hmm... oh, fuck... what was I doing?

"... ahhh, I'm depressed... something, heh"

When I said that and looked at each other, I looked weird and fingered each other.

"What the hell, Berna, that outfit!

"Dear Aisha... My muscles are kemo ears... ori"

"So many times it's not a gorilla."

Back. Keith and Lou were horrified to think so, but I don't know what it is. Dressed as Aisha and Berna stare at someone who just seems to be the cause.

"Hey Keith! What do you mean! Why are you dressed like this!! Why are we in this room?"

Apparently, the memories back and forth become blurred. But I can't say I was back at the kid, so I can't even say, "You came on your own and you licked the candy," naturally.

"No, you know, when I got back to my room, they were sleeping... so"

"So what... is that why you're telling me I let you change like this! What the hell is this outfit!! What do you mean!!

"Uh-huh, that's..."

Berna said softly to Keith thinking about excuses.

"... weird dreams... I think I've been having... dreams of jerking off with your husband as a child"

"... Didn't they tell you I'd give it to your wife?

"... Yes"

Hey, you remember that? - Lou escaped the scene with "I don't know," to Keith, who drowns cold sweats.

Keith told me not to be alone, but Aisha grabbed the root of it,

"Ooh, ki-soo? What are you talking about? Why don't you just say it because I'm not mad at you?

"No, it's stuck. You're already mad, aren't you? Oh, you know... the"

Aisha stuffed with ghostly shapes by Keith stuck in words, the usual sight of Berna watching it without expression was back on the spot.

But Aisha, who inquires, never said. There was absolutely no way anyone could tell me that I had a sweet dream about a sweet mother with Keith and her dreams of doing naughty things.