Erne overflowed with saliva at the taste of the boy's meat stick coming into his mouth. It tastes distinctly different than my dad's penis I've been licking the last few times.

I found the young smell easy to lick, unlike the old man's. But in my personal taste, Erne liked the taste better when he was a dad.

(I thought you didn't like the taste of this!! Then you're not stupid!

Elne shook her thoughts away with tears in her own thoughts that came to mind.

It's too perverse to have a preference for the taste of such a penis. I desperately try to assume that I'm not such a pervert.

And that and all of this because this idiot makes me do weird things, Erne glanced at him as he licked his turtle head around.

"Oh, Erne...... you stare so shabby...... ahhh! Or it's too cute to suck."

Erne turns bright red to embarrassment when she feels with a meat stick that turns back on her excited to see Lou shake her penis face.

But I can't deviate from my face or hide it any more than I am licking, so I concentrate on licking it.

It is not bitter that it is not yet thick enough to swallow it. Rub it with your tongue and put it out. The lips feel narrow and tighten the meat stems.

The zero-out start is swallowed to the vermouth and instead the overflowing saliva is applied to the back of the geese neck with the tongue.

Still an awkward move. Still, it's no exaggeration to say it's too planted for this age.

I'm thinking of letting you do this, Erne, but in fact, the way you do the fella just seems like a diligent bitch who wants her to feel like a sweet man.

She looks just like her mother when she makes it sound like she's desperate.

When I think you're really a parent and a child, Lou's penis gets more tense in the face of that fact.

Erne, feeling the young penis of the vacillation, makes the core part hot for being licking it.

It seems to remind us of the fact that we are committing an indecent act, which stimulates the part that is the woman who has begun to sprout herne.

In doing so, more lips and tongues lick and treat the meat stick around to convey pleasure to Lou's young and little golden balls to paralyze him.

Lou stroking Erne's head in a breathless exhalation gave Roana and Nia his favorite earlobes. Elne twisted herself when her ears could be stroked with a pointy smaller than a pureblooded elf.

The feeling of shaking a man's things and wandering when his ears were touched with that flavor filled the inside attacked Erne.

Knowing how to feel unique to an elf woman, Elne licks a meat stick around her salivated mouth with her delightful, wandering eyes.

From the edge of his mouth comes a saliva that was a bubble, which transmits the meat stem and wets the scrotum. Ferratio, the woman I felt, excites the man endlessly.

Having seen the golden balls approaching the cunt, Erne even felt cute that it was different from when she looked too daddy.

So he moves his tongue around and even goes for a pepper and balllick. Erne concentrated the cloudy liquid he enjoys there with pleasure.

It would have been inconceivable for Erne a while ago to think of such a place as cute and even lick her lashes. But now I shake my scrotum fine to make this boy feel.

The half-elf girl, who starts showing off her slutty female face, keeps moving her tongue as she almost turns upside down and salivates the boy's pussy.

The amount of licks that preceded the one claiming to be my own seemed to increase and the book juice was still going to bounce out.

freaking out his lower body and enduring it. Lou stroked Erne's ear,

"Oh man... it feels too good to leave... Zamen, it's going to leak... ugh"

Feeling like he was really going to ejaculate on his chopped voice and the way he stuffed his meat stick, Erne lets go of his mouth and says like he was in a hurry.

"Oh, yeah, softly... no, tissue... to"

"Ew... Oh, you know... I want to put it on your face... on Erne's face..."

"Or... or oh!? Why? Come on! Why are you on my face..."

"... and then... Erne says it's just me Erne... because I can think of it"

"Ha... ha!? Hey, what's that!! That's impossible! I'm not yours..."

Erne answered Lou's words in a mundane manner. All of a sudden I get angry about what you're kidding me about. She hadn't noticed herself saying that the anger was something Elne's heart would try to hide the joy of when she was told "mine".

That's how the hurried erne grips the meat stick hard. The boy penis, who was stuck to the limit, made the girl's fingers squeeze up the pole in response to the stimulus.

"Mmm! Gu...... Oh, so, I am! Really!! eh, erne!!

Erne wondered whether to take it with his mouth for a moment or let it get in his hands when he didn't have time to go get a tissue.

But the body had not forgotten the dialogue that said "mine," pointing nature and the mouth of the meat stick at its own face.

(Wow, what am I doing!? Oh, no, no! I'll take this with my face! You're gonna get put in my face!!

If they just show up on your face, you might still have to be normally just angry. But when they say it's as if it's a marking, they admit that Lou is the only woman who gets a facial cumshot.

Elne handled the meat pole as she stared at the bell mouth, screaming with her heart over and over that it was impossible.

"Ah, ooh! Ugh!! Ahhh!! Oh, Ru...... Aah!!

Boy, make the soprano sound. Lou makes the sarmen pound out of the meat stick.

Big time! Big time!! Dobby! Bibby!! Dubby!! Byu, Byu, Byu - The hot male liquid that could be smashed was making it smell young enough to swallow it back.

It's totally different than when my dad was there. The smell and the high viscosity that's puffy and solidified like jelly make Uri boy Zamen white-contaminate his lovely half-elf face.

The feeling of the lumped semen running through the urethra and popping out, and its disloyalty to the contamination of Erne's face profoundly provoked Lou.

Lou finally took a breather when all the juice ran out and the remnants came out of the bell mouth to zero. And the meat stick immediately responds to the look on Erne's face.

There is still plenty of yellow, cloudy dark salmon juice on the face of a girl in her early teens, dyeing her nose, cheeks, lips and various parts.

As I was already hiking the penis I had just put out on that porn, a tiny shivering erne glanced at me with a zamen painted face. to the frightened Lou. Erne was

"Nah...... what sun. Come on! Stupid!! It's a sité!!

When I woke up, I screamed in tears. Then nature and semen drip, but don't worry about that either. Erne keeps getting angry.

"You didn't allow it, but you let it out on its own! And on your face!! What? Come on!! You smell so bad in my face. No!!

It was Erne who treated her penis to her face, but it didn't seem to be in her. Apparently, the facial cumshot treats Lou as something he did on his own.

"Oh, and I'm telling you something impossible! I'm just you because I did this... Oh, it sucks already!!

With that said, Erne headed to the bathroom with a bright red face in the light. And start washing your face in the sink.

All sorts of samens are hard to cling to and take inside. I thought the only salvation I could get was not on my hair.

"Really... what! Do this... what the hell... it's just me, Erne... no!

Erne lights up after the kind of dialogue that a cool boy tells the main character in a novel for girls. Because I think Lou really likes himself.

But that's not why I can honestly admit it, Erne, I tried to delude him with horn anger at the rabbit. Lou comes to such an erne.

"Erne... you know"

"What... pervert"

Lou apologized with a sorry face to Erne, who swelled and stared at her freshly washed cheeks to delude her that she was turning red.

"I'm sorry...... really, I'm sorry"

"... Hmm! It's true! I won't put it on your face... oh, I'm the only one who says it's creepy!! It's a sité!!

to Erne, who turns that way. Lou has a lonely face mocking himself,

"Yes, you are... creepy... if a man you don't even like says that to you... you don't..."

Erne gets hardened by the word. Lou continued his words as he kept his gaze out.

"I'm sorry. I was told to meet my lovers on their day... and they told me I'd give you chocolate... right? A cute girl like Erne is like me... even Chocolate was kind to me, and yet I..."

Shake his head small, left and right. Erne tried to say it was different. I don't even know how I feel, and I don't know what to do, so I try to say.

Lou kept saying it alone in the absence of words though.

"It would be creepy if he told me that he likes me unilaterally... just me. I'm so sorry. You can throw away that gift too."

Erne shook her neck wide, left and right, with tears that were different from the tears of pleasure she had just shed in the face of the boy smiling in thin tears.

We have to solve the misunderstanding. I have to tell you that I was embarrassed and I didn't look like myself, and I don't care about that.

"Chi, no! Because it's not!! Me... Me"

Lou muttered "Erne," to Erne holding his fist. Erne could not face the boy who would call his name, but only squeezed out the words.

"I... don't flirt with people I don't like... because I don't. And... chocolate..."

The taste of the chocolate I just ate with reminds me of it mixed with the taste of Lou. Turning it into a vein of courage, Erne desperately put up with being too shy to tell Lou his thoughts.

"You gave it to me on your lovers' day on purpose!... That's how I feel... I don't know... Bye."

Now I want you to know that I look like I'm confessing to you. My feelings get mixed up and make Erne cry.

When silence flowed, Erne stiffened herself thinking that she could not solve the misunderstanding and convey her feelings. But soon the body can be held tight by the boy.

"Oh, hey, hey, hey"

"Erne...... Erne, Erne, Erne!! Glad to hear... about me... you thought of me!!

The grin overflows when I think it's passed on, but then at the same time, the devil is resurrected.

"Beh, nothing! I just said I don't hate you. I am!!

Lou held Elne hard, who could not yet be completely honest by saying how he felt that far. And kiss.

The kiss after making the confession is sweet, and the shock causes the elne to wander deep. When the kiss was over, Lou said,

"Thanks. I love Erne's thing too..."

"So, so! I can't believe I like it... Ugh."

"Erne... I like you"

Zowa had goosebumps on Erne's spine when he was not even in the middle of an etch but was called away. Erne looks sorry for herself when she realizes it's goosebumps of joy.

pampered his mouth a little to, with a nod of voice,

"All of a sudden, you know, call it off... oh, it's impossible... treat it like a cannojo... uuch, uuch"

Lou kissed again and again because Erne was cute and strong with a bright red moisturized face as she totally swayed into her embrace and kiss. And keep calling his name by calling him "Erne".

Each time the body, knowing the pleasure of the female, increases the momentum of the fire lit in the back to drool Erne's vagina.

The reassurance that the misunderstanding has been solved and the joy that the feeling has been conveyed, and the thought of being treated as a cannojo by this boy there mixes to turn the girl into a female.

I noticed that my body was getting hot to cuddle, and Lou gently took off his half-naked erne clothes,

"Erne... I, I can't stand it... I want to get it out in Erne. I want to mess it up with Erne's penis."

Elne raised her voice "hi" to the direct words. I feel my vagina tremble at my delusions about what I was told. Then Lou completely undressed himself in front of Erne, who made him naked.

The boy's young, thin body. Show off that body, which can also be described as muscularly neutral (also simply as a sprouts child), and especially make Lou aware of the meat stick that was erecting again, and he re-cuddled Erne.

"I want to... Erne and I want to have sex"

to words that could hardly be described as affectionate. Erne dripped a slight honey on her thighs,

"Ho... really, that's it right there... hey. It's just horny..."

"... you mean no? Shouldn't I?

"... yes, fine... but be gentle... do it"

Elne hits her chest in the act that her lovers are really asked to do, not at some point, as she was told when she was a dad.

My maiden heart tied to my female heart to say that it was like having sex with a lover I was really dating and I was ruining Erne.

Lou takes such a bad Elne to the bathroom right next to the sink. And he put his mouth on Erne's luxurious flesh in the hot air as he poured hot water.