At night, I woke up. Erne felt herself wrapped in something warm.

Turning a blind eye in the dim darkness, no matter what, it was Lou's arm. Erne was sleeping in Lou's arms.

The last one is also vague because the young body, which eventually fucked him five times, slept to faint as it was.

It just feels like tremendous pleasure and fullness still lingers slightly behind the body, and that's what tells Erne five streaks of intensity in a row.

Lou slept with such an elne in his arms. In the form of two sweats and fluid stained beds facing each other and hugging each other.

Erne blushed all over his face despite waking up when he understood that he was sleeping that way.

"Dude... what are you doing this guy... seriously I treated him like a cannojo... Hmm"

I don't think it's possible for Erne to fall asleep holding each other tight.

So I'm going to do that on my own. I'm going to be ashamed of this boy. But I wonder why I'm not as angry as I say with my mouth.

Without knowing herself, Erne moved herself and tried to escape her arms. Then Lou roars "Nm" into the motion and slightly opens his sleeping eyes.

Lou with a face like he slept half to the hardening erne when he woke him up,

"That... are you going to wake up now?... Time to go home?

"Oh, no, the... no, but... this attitude"

"Then go to sleep some more... Me, not yet... Muri"

When he muttered so, Lou held Erne's body tight and pressed him against the bare chest plate. Erne is also still naked so her bare skin touches each other.

Having sex with Lou until now had to go home almost immediately, so this was the first time Elne had ever stayed like this, and it was the first time she had ever slept in a hug.

It's too flirtatious to hug each other even while we sleep purely without being flirtatious. In my head, I'm like, "Wow! Wow!" leaks a weird voice.

Erne, who thrives on his own, gets his mind gradually swinging at the strength of Lou's arms and the scent of sweat emanating from his chest plate.

I panicked and meditated my mouth, almost returning the words "I love you" all the time I was doing it.

I have to take an early morning flight home, but I still have a few hours to spare. Then I need to sleep to get tired. Yeah, tell yourself that. Erne,

"... not at all... too powerful... you can't... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

I fell asleep again in Lou's arms as I made excuses. He didn't realize that his face was slightly naked.


"How could this happen! I don't know what that means!!

Elne, complaining with a troubled face, was in a hurry to find out what she was up to. Lou looks sorry next to him.

Lou and Erne, who eventually slept cuddling each other until morning, had a parting battle as they woke up in the morning sun as they plugged through the window.

Of course that's what Lou's been asking for, and he's eagerly invited me to join him in a bath and sweat.

What are you thinking in the morning? and yelled at Erne, but lost his word when he first saw the menstrual phenomenon "Morning Bump" in men.

I did all that last night, and I'm already stuck in Gingin '. To Lou showing it off,

"I want to go drop you off but I can't go with this...... please"

How dare you lie and believe me, and so I pulled you out twice in the bathroom with Fella in face-to-face seat sex.

As a result, as a matter of course, the ship's departure time is critical, and I am desperate to get over whatever I think it is.

So to the hurried erne. Lou,

"Sorry. It's a shame to see you again for a while..."

"That's why I'm so persistent!... Ugh, already!!

Get dressed and get your liking done. At this age, when you go outside, you're more interested than late. And when I held the package, I held hands with Lou.

"Look! Come on!

Is it because he's in a hurry? Lou smiled and nodded at Erne holding his hand with a cheerful face, using metastatic magic.

Instantly the white light covers his sight, and when it clears, the sight is changing from Lou's room to the dock. We were both on anti-drunkenness, so there's no nausea.

Still, Lou fluttered with a blue-white face, but couldn't afford to be set up, Erne ran to the ship he would board.

Lou, who will drop him off, said he would take the afternoon flight, so it is a goodbye here. Shortly before boarding the ship, Erne stopped and turned around,

"Now... for spring break... I'm coming"

"Yes, then I'll be there."

"... Bye"

Lou, who tried to say "yes," sensed that Erne was waiting for a kiss. So I look at you and kiss you goodbye without saying anything.

When her lips finished kissing just touching her, Erne ran to the boat without saying anything with a bright red face. The necklace I received as a gift yesterday was glowing on its neck.


Lou, who missed Erne running off and boarding the boat, missed him all the way to the port. Erne wasn't on the deck to see if his last kiss was embarrassing, but it's polite to drop him off.

Lou turned his neck cockroach and returned to Keith as the airship flew.

"Oh... I'm tired."

Put your hands on your hips and stretch. Though it is rejuvenating the flesh, the fatigue fed back by mental fatigue cannot be taken inside.

Elne and Yall's, who have not yet fallen, are both fun and at the same time terribly tired. Anyway, that businesswoman is going to be stubborn and difficult if she makes a mistake.

Besides having to bring it into sex with a little abuse while successfully identifying it there, the last time I found the means to keep it “Dad” was also not available this time, so it was still difficult.

I put plenty of thought into it for that matter, but I still can't completely take mental fatigue. It needs healing.

"... I knew it at times like this"

Thinking bad, Keith started getting ready for tonight as soon as he got a inferior grin in the boy's face.

Then more than half a day passed and the time was already near midnight. Time to fall asleep in the palace of Seimrad, except for those whose gates are closed and late night shifts.

The princess, Nia, was also preparing to go to bed in a large, fluffy bed when she backed down the samurai and escort knights in support of bedtime.

Tomorrow is Keith's first study day in a long time. Something sounded as I tried to close my eyes thinking a lot about that time.

Turning the pillow light on with her eyes open to the wind-cutting sound, Nia looked around the room.


When I speak, a shadow emerges from the darkness of the room. The little shadow was a boy. I wonder who it is, but as soon as the face was lit up, I knew.

"Ah... Master Keith! It's Master Keith!!

Keith approached Nia waking up with a happy voice. Nia let Keith, who looked like the boy, fill her eyes.

"Um, what do you look like?"

I saw him once before. Nia asked as she saw Keith in a Roteen. I knew it was Keith right away because of what happened then.

Keith answers the query gently with a boy soprano.

"This is magic practice. Sometimes if you don't practice, you forget."

He's a little young using activation. You can't possibly know that. Nia honestly believed the word.

Such an honest princess smiles in full at Keith, the boy who sits on his bed when the doubt clears,

"Yes, I had to thank you! Dear Keith, Thank you for the chocolate!! It was so delicious!

"That's good," Keith smiles at Nia's smile. As a matter of fact, Keith was giving away chocolate for her lovers' day.

Nia, Aisha, Leonora and Arsi, to Roana far from it. I mailed Roana the chocolate I asked Saimrad's confectionery shop to make, and the other four sent it to the pillow with transfer magic to the sleeping gap.

I have enclosed a letter there that I sent because I have business today and can't see you. The errand is, of course, sex with Erne.

But Nia, Aisha and Leonora, who did such a romantic thing, ate chocolate under the assumption that they were the only ones given it.

By the way, Berna was given a leather lead that matched the collar rather than the chocolate as "special". Berna was also happy with the supplies for her pet.

That's why Nia has always wanted to thank me for thinking that she got her own chocolate.

"I'm sorry. I actually had a good hand delivery, but I have some business to attend to."

"No, no! I was just so happy to receive it..."

I'm more than happy to remember my promise to get proper chocolate, and Nia weeps. stroke that Nia's head. Keith was

"Because you promised. And I can't believe I got such a delicious princess chocolate and I'm not giving it back."

Nia dyed her cheeks when she remembered the night when her body was dyed brown and galbitchy. When I think of something, I feel like I've done something really weird.

But if Keith's happy, he's picking up his red-hot ear.

"But I'm really glad you're happy. Actually, that's what I was wondering about in the middle of the night... and I was wondering about it all the time while I was running errands yesterday."

I never even remembered what kind of chocolate I was having with Erne. To Keith, who says no such signs without even showing dust, Nia punches her hands together and theorizes forcefully.

"Um, you know, I was so happy! I've never eaten such delicious chocolate!!

Keith said Keith had a tender grin on Nia.

"That's more than anything you can say. And if you put it that way, it's worth it."

"Huh?... is that you?

"Yesterday's chocolate was a gift for the lovers' day... as I said before, I was wondering if this figure would be more commensurate with Master Nia"

"Ah," Keith continued, gripping Nia's hand.

"I can't believe I'm just a human species, and I'm a lover of your species, the Elves... and I usually am... so at least I thought I was old enough to match my appearance."

Nia shook her neck left and right in tears to Keith, who said to poor and beautiful Lady Nia. That's not what I wanted to tell you.

"Ki, Master Keith is nice even as usual...... cool. I don't know how to make a match... I'm better..."

I really think Nia for Keith, a grown man, who smells like a child and has a small back and a small chest and a small face. Keith held Nia like that in the boy's arms,

"Thank you... I just found out that Master Nia would think that..."

The power of his arms, his voice, his smell, felt that everything was definitely Keith, even though everything was different, and Nia hugged back.

The two lips overlapped with nature as the warmth swung their hearts. Nia was in some strange mood for a different kiss than usual.

Eventually, when the kiss was over, Nia gently stroked Keith's head back to the boy. Even though he looks the same age, Nia's real age is double so he looks younger when he's a boy of this age.

That's why I feel so cute about her. She's a good girl. Keith then indulged in laughing at the way he treated that child.

"Yes, Master Nia, I actually bought some chocolate to eat personally. Would you like to eat with me?

Chocolate yesterday. Together today. That seemed very pleasant, and Nia nodded and replied in the middle of the night.

Then Keith takes a bite-sized chocolate out of his pocket. I let Nia "ahem" eat that. Keith to Nia, who rolls in her corny mouth and looks happy,

"Dear Nia. Me, too, I like melted chocolate. The one who became. I wish I could eat that."

The melted chocolate does taste good, but I don't know what to do. So Keith instructed Nia to tilt his neck.

When Nia hears about it, she shakes her neck hard to the left and right to let her know she can't. Because I can't talk because I still have chocolate in my mouth.

"No... is that it?

Gocked chocolate on poor looking Keith, Nia had a bright red face,

"'Cause that's... dirty."

"It's not dirty. I think I can feel the sweetness of Ningro multiplying! So...... please. Just one. Right?"

Nia is pushed off step by step by the boy who keeps bowing his head. It doesn't even look like a diagram of a boy who wants me to do one shot and a girl who's going to accept it.

In fact, in a situation close to it, Nia, with a troubled face, ended up sitting on Keith's leg snorting at him, saying, "Just one," unceasingly.

Keith took out another piece of chocolate and put it in Nia's mouth when a boy and a girl elf could hug each other dressed like a face-to-face seat.

Licking it around in his mouth and mixing it with saliva and melting it, Nia moistened Keith across and stared with a crying face, gently placing her hands on both of those cheeks and bringing her lips closer together.

And I drink the melted chocolate in the drool in my mouth by mouth transfer. It's an even more obscene evolution of the chocolate eating I had with my cousin Erne last night.

(Chocolate Yum melted in the mouth of your species elf!! Mixed with saliva and takes more sweetness...... oh make my cousin do the same act she made me do...... awesome!!

Let the submissive Nia do the same thing, unlike the tuned erne. I knew my cousin would have to heal my fatigue. Keith quickly began to erect his penis to the excellence of the act.