The sweetness twitches in my mouth when I lick the chocolate I applied to my nipples. It is the natural sweetness of chocolate and the sweetness of Nia.

The chocolate mixed with elf sweat and pheromones emanating from the nipples is delicious and wonderful, unlike mouthwatering.

I even feel like I'm licking chocolate flavored candy that won't go away forever when the feel of my pointed nipples go together there.

To its deliciousness, Keith sucks his nipples to handle and lick them all, using his tongue to carefully lick them to the milk wheel.

"Huh! Ha ha...... Yikes!! Ah, Ami!! Kisu, Sama... If you're so peppered... Me, ah!!

Keith tasted the other nipple as well, adding excitement to Nia's appearance of stuffiness as she developed goosebumps.

Chocolate nipples, which have one nipple lick to enhance the flavor of pheromones, were sweet and awesome. So I suck it hard and lick it around.

When her fully erect nipples were rolled at the tip of her tongue, Nia let her little body jump and stuffy with pleasure.

Keith starts licking that way by applying melted chocolate to the nipples of those who haven't licked Nia like that. And apply chocolate again to those who haven't licked it.

Keith enjoying a chocolate nipple lick that could last forever thought it would be great if the milk mixed with this.

Milk chocolate mixed with breast milk is absolutely delicious. Especially if Nia's milk would be superb with an iron plate.

Keith, who is just imaginary and expensive, cums Nia's nipples in search of milk that can't even get out yet! Chiku!! And I planted it hard.

Nia said to Keith's mouth, trying to suck out something he couldn't help but say "KYUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!," he screamed and jumped in bed.

Feeling that her tits might manage to irritate her too intense nipples, Nia held Keith's head in tears.

"Kisu, Shima, Lamei... Hiu, Tits, Tsukoi's, Lamei's... Fumi"

Crying Step by Step In Front Face Sues Nia Shakes and Sues Her Still Ginger-Feeling Saliva Wet Erectile Nipples Even With Her Mouth Released.

Keith, who woke up, honestly apologized, "I'm sorry," with such a sorry face.

"Lady Nia's tits are sweet and sticky... she licks them all because they're sweet and delicious"

The feeling was well understood by Nia as well. I sometimes lick my penis all the time.

"All of them... all of them, boobs, if they come... it's going to happen."

"Okay. So long..."

That said, Keith woke up Nia's body. On the other hand, when he went to bed, he let the girl princess span over his body. And when I give you the chocolate,

"Now please let me lick Nia by applying chocolate to her nipples. I'll lick what Lady Nia says."

"Heh... heh yeah! Sora! I'm... chocolate, so... kissy?

"Yes, because I think it would be better if I did that, because I can lick it with just the right strength of Master Nia. Please!

Feeling that Keith, who waited so hard, had bothered to make it this way, Nia decided to do it after being lost.

Cross over Keith and apply the offered chocolate to his saliva wet nipples. Chocolate melted with trolls in Nia's chest, which was getting warmer without having to melt it by hand.

Nia, who applied it to her nipples in a pimple reaction, knocks her body down and crawls on all fours over Keith to breastfeed her.

"Dear Nia, how do I lick it? Instructions, please."

"Oh, um... uh... did, slowly, gently... pepper"

As Nia told me to turn bright red at the embarrassment of directing her, Keith licked her chocolate nipples gently and politely with her tongue out of her mouth.

To a gentle stimulus unlike earlier, Nia said, "Phew!," he whispered.

"Well, then... Kokoro, be gentle, be gentle... and you'll be damned, won't you?

Nia starts to freak out when Keith does what he tells her to do without even responding.

Nia is about to wander into being given pleasure the way she thinks she is, but at the same time she feels guilty.

Even though I think Keith is making me feel better, that's what he looks like as a boy.

It looks like the same generation from the side, but if you try to make it Nia, it is a human species and this age is one time younger than itself. I mean, it feels like younger boys are making me feel better.

I don't know, but I feel like I'm doing something that's not cool. It makes my spine shine, but I don't know who that shine is and I get stuck in it.

Keith moved his tongue by erecting his penis on Nia's eyebrow-rooted face, which slowly made him lick the other nipple as well.

"Ah, ha! Fumi...... Mi!! Ooh, that's sloppy...... that's awesome!! hahhhh!! Mmm!!

Making Keith suck his milk like he was covered, Nia turns her guilt into pleasure and gasps loudly. Keith blamed his erect nipples as ordered as he gently supported his luxurious hips.

For how long he had been doing so, Nia, already more pleasant and wandering than chocolate, continued Keith with boredom at the irritation from his nipples.

I've finished applying the chocolate to my nipples for what I've already been offered, and I've licked that applied nicely, but Nia can't stop letting Keith suck my nipples.

"Yes, Rasu...... kiuuuuuuuu! There, more, uh-oh!! Uncle, good pepper...... Nmia!!

Keith is driven by a desire to do something about his limitless penis by Nia stroking the head of a boy with a fluttering face and sucking his nipples.

They made me look so dirty that I couldn't stand my nipples alone. So Keith, who let go of his mouth, told Nia,

"Umbu, chibu...... pu. It's delicious. It's great, Master Nia."

Nia smiled happily at the smiling boy Keith. Keith says a little sorry as he touches that Nia hips nasty.

"But I'm sorry I ate chocolate alone. Even though Master Nia likes chocolate."

Having managed to understand the word even with a slightly shuddered head of pleasure, Nia shook her neck slowly, left and right.

"Besides, don't do it... me, I... I would have been there yesterday, I would have been rash"

Translated, I got chocolate yesterday, so I want to say it's okay. But Keith wasn't convinced.

"But I knew only one person would eat paku... so if you don't mind, Master Nia"

Nia licking her lips to Keith offering the last one tried to eat the chocolate with her mouth open if she wanted to say so much. Then Keith said "Ah" and pulled his finger.

Keith to Nia leaning his neck with his mouth open,

"That's right. Master Nia, would you like to join us for a sip of salmon when we eat chocolate?

"Zamen...... Oh-poo-poo-poo-poo's?

"Yes. I'm sure it'll be like milk chocolate......"

Then have a drink in front. Nia pondered with a puffy head the dialogue to the inferior species of plain, even if they said so.

Swallow with chocolate in that loosely raw, stinky, tingly tongue and twisted cloudy milk on your nose. I don't even think it looks delicious, but it makes me want to drink it.

The princess, who was showing totally addictive symptoms to Keith-flavored samen, nodded "yes" with a female face to her penis milk chocolate suggestion.

That's what Keith was sure he'd say. Then quickly let him take off his covered Nia panties and bare them.

The panties have a nice, steamy aroma with a drop of dark honey on the nipple blame. Keith, who glanced with his fingers to avoid spotting that spot area, completely erected the meat stick to the dampness, he said.

The penis stick stretched on the guinea pig is now waiting late for it to be inserted into the royal female hole overflowing with honey. Keith lifted and shifted Nia's light body while

"Then rub your penis all over with Nia's crotch to make it a sarmen chocolate. Do you mind?

Nia snorted at White Keith, who asked if it would be better if he was ready to go this far.

I'm not so excited about rubbing my penis all over my crotch right now and drinking the raw odoured salmon that comes out mixed with chocolate.

So when I got one end of my body up and raised my hips as I thrilled my heart, I positioned myself in my hole with my fingers attached to a meat stick that was so slender that I was likely to reach my umbilical.

That gesture, which I am totally accustomed to, is a female trick far from the novelty of the reaction. Keith was feeling mucous meat touching the tip of the tortoise head hoping that Nia would stay this way, polishing only the technology.

When a turtle head kisses her vaginal mouth, Nia whines "Micha" and lowers her hips as she goes. Extremely familiar vaginal meat easily swallowed a kid dick that was only less than half its usual thickness.

For the same amount of pressure that Elne had last night to push and spread the polar thickness, Nia began to wave happily, planted and cut on a boy Keith's meat stick where only pleasure can honestly be felt.

In the beginning, all I could do was move my hips up and down. Nia also remembers a brilliant grind ride after two years, rubbing her comfortable spot precisely with her penis.

When Nia, young and luxurious, still even a girl with a waist shape, shows her ripe female face losing hips and is treated with a meat stick in her vagina, Keith floats her hips without hesitation.

"Nkiyu!! Ah, Ami!! Hiaaaah!! Tony, no!! Me shuuuuu!! Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm!!

Nia said she can't shake her head left or right to be pushed up, but she still keeps shaking her back without ever stopping.

Keith stared with a moving eye at Princess Elf, a bitch who still looks like a girl and falls for her subject's act of pleasure. Elne's beginnings are good, but I still think the female bitch she planted is the best.

Keith thinks it's a one-person bitch who not only obediently receives the pleasure they give, but moves for comfort from herself.

I feel great because this is how Princess Bitch rides hip-waving when she plants things from Ichi that she doesn't know anything about in particular and is able to do so.

Feeling riding, careful not to let your kid dick leak his sperm into vaginal meat pleasure as he exhaled, Keith realized Nia was moving and opening his eyes thinly.

You must be drunk on treacherous pleasure because you feel like you're having sex even though you won't let it go inside with your younger sweet Keith. Keith felt that way. So spread your hands.

"Dear Nia... please hold me... please"

I tried to say that in a sweet voice. Then Nia covered her torso as she tightened her vaginal meat to cum and held Keith tight with her little body.

Nia has a smaller back length even when she looks about the same age. the princess, who desperately makes that little body cling to Keith and being a good boy,

"Nice one, shan...... Yikes!! Nice, hi-no, whoa!!! Ugh, ha!! Oh, oh, I'm so sorry... properly, I'm so sorry, hey, ah, ah!!

Tell him the kid dick is giving him proper pleasure and lets him exercise his butt up and down indecent on a hug ride.

It's too horny for a round pussy ass to exercise up and down with a thin penis in a small hole. Especially if the hole entangles a drooling nectar in the boy's penis.

Obviously, I could see that he was in an obscene state where he wanted to be fertilized with the seed of a boy who had fallen into it. No, even if I can't see it, I can fully understand the feel of the meat tangled in the tortoise head.

Keith shudders his hips feeling Nia's vaginal meat stroking his head twitching as he tangles his meat twitches in his turtle head and tries to get him out inside.

It's a really attractive offer, but more than that, I still have to gobble the milk chocolate. Keith, who burns to such a sense of purpose, holds Nia back,

"Dear Nia, I love you...... I love you"

Whisper the same dialogue in your ear that you told Erne last night. I said "I like" to scattered erne. With that mouth, you throw up the same dialogue today on your cousin.

When he heard it, Nia put her strength into Boy Soprano's confession, her arms glued all over her face.

"Wah, wah, wah, rah, hiki! Kissuma, Rashi is sooo clean!! Mia!! Shizuki...... Mmm!! Rashi Clean!!

Unlike Erne, he reacted very honestly. He uses his whole body to represent "I love it" with strength in his arms and vagina.

Believing that one day this would happen to Erne as well, Keith stuck his dick up Nia's vagina.

"Nmiu!! Miuuuu! Miuuuu! Phew!! Ahhhhhh!! Penis!! Penis!! Nguyu!!

Keith relentlessly punches his hips into Nia, who has a stronger feeling of enveloping him with the whole vaginal meat than blaming him when he was an adult. And at the same time, I kept saying, "I love it".

"It's cute, Master Nia. So sweet, so beautiful... I love it. I've always loved it."

Nia turns her ears bright red and pimples all over to the lowest man drooling the same dialogue as she told Erne. The movement is interestingly linked to the vaginal meat movement.

"Lame, Kisuma, I'm so full of glitter! Mm-hmm!! Oh, there's Ki-jung again! Lots of cum!! Happy to be!! et al., yah, aah!! Mm-hmm!!

The unparalleled sense of acme shivers the uterus. Pushing up there, Keith repositioned himself from riding to normal following the moment Nia's powers weakened.

Kiss him the moment he switches to come and take his hips hard to the back. It's a payback penetration for what was taking the lead on the rides.

Nia, who blamed Ikikamako like that, wrapped his hands and legs around Keith and said, "Miaaaaaaa!! shouted."

As the young grunt echoed into the room, Nia shook her whole body at the feeling of acme clinging diligently to the thin boy's body.

"Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm!! Oh, come on, no, I'm sick!! Yikes!! Oh, oh! Also, Urabe, Ike, Ike! Ike it!! Keisha Oh!! Ahhh!!

Keith moved his hips without responding to that voice or anything. If anything, Zamen was about to erupt losing to the squeezed vagina.

Nia desperately confessed to Keith, a cute and cool boy who was about to let out but would only keep blaming him.

"Ki, shama...... Ngu!! Kisu, Shima!! Shijuki, Shisu, Rashijuki, Shijuki!! Shizuki!! All the time...... all the time Ooh!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Miaaaaa!! Ah, ahhhhhhhh!!

At the same time she conveyed her thoughts, Nia acted thoughtfully. The vagina moves gnengnen and pushes the mouth of the uterus against the young penis.

I know it would definitely feel good if I let it out here, but still, with all my strength, Keith endured it. When he forced his body out of Nia's embrace,

"No, ah... sama. Ouch...... open...... open please!! Oh no!! Oh, oh!! of Ooh!!

He released a slightly-opened princess's mouth-eyed salmon as he handled the nearly firing meat stick, which was brightly red across his face.

Big whoop!! Dobby! Dubby!! Bibi, Bibi, Dobi!! Bibi, Bibi - The samen that popped up in response to the movement of their fingers soiled the inside of Nia white.

(11) Goosebumps at the feeling of being satisfied with the feeling of internal firing and dominance, while squeezing everything up the urethra from the tiny golden balls, the fucking gakis

"Dear Nia... Yes, it's chocolate"

I fed Princess Elf, who was on the verge of relieving Acme, the last chocolate as promised. With a small grain of chocolate thumb in his mouth, Nia starts licking and rolling it while containing the sarmen.

I thought you licked enough. Keith asked me to open my mouth and show you. Nia asks him to open his mouth according to it.

There was milk chocolate foaming and shaking mixed with amber melted chocolate and yellowish zamen.

Shaking as Nia breathed. Keith, who enjoyed it, said gently that he could drink it. Then Nia drank her penis milk chocolate without any hesitation.

Nia smiles at the taste of raw, sweet, bitter, chocolate that snaps down her throat and says thank you to the chocolate that only she received specially.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Thank you honestly for being fed. Inspired by his voice and expression-filled beast appetite, Keith held up the heyday Nia,

"Well, let's brush our teeth before we go to bed, shall we? If you rest like this, you'll have tooth decay."

That's what I said, princess. I took her to the bathroom in my arms. Of course I'm not thinking of pure toothbrushing. Brushing your teeth with the penis I made you do this last time. If you're a boy, you should be able to polish it properly to the back.

The damned kid's penis in his inferior imagination had already begun to rise under the body of the hugged Nia.