Skillfully moving his little tongue, he licked every part of the uneven meat stick clean. At night, he sipped and drank without having to run ahead, overflowing one after another.

Lick around the geese neck, stroke the turtle head surface behind your tongue, and press your lips against the back muscle to rub it up and down. The run overflows in response to all of that.

Interesting to honestly react to tongue moves, and feeling cute at night, she licked her penis like a toy.

In the beginning, Keith's penis was also delighted at the night when he cried and shouted "I don't want to lick you" to look innocent and entertaining as a lie.

"Nwah, shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Why don't you leave me alone again..."

When he groaned so at Bakibaki's erect penis, Nightshade stuck his turtle head in as he stared upwards at Keith.

It's hard to get Keith's polar in a small night with a face and mouth. But I try my best to do what I can.

Only the turtle head enters the warm chamber and is licked around by the soft tongue, and when the meat stem part is treated with hard dragon fingers, the separate feeling is not felt at once.

At night, Keith, who accidentally floats his butt, shakes his tail from the hot surface to the left and right and continues to lick it happily.

Keith gives a good boy a good one as he sluts his penis to the slutty bitch Fella of Princess Dragon, who has been a fine bitch no less than Nia.

"You're better at mouthing. He's really a good kid at night... he's cute and very good."

As he strokes his head and fingers the hairline of the horn, the nightcap loosens in comfort and increases the amount of saliva in his face. The increased saliva was entangled in a turtle head and licked.

Keith grabbed the corner of the nightcap gently and heckled his hips as the slippery little dragon tongue blamed the sensitive tortoise head.

Light lumbar swing so as not to be bitter, but nevertheless greater pleasure due to the stimulus to move from oneself on the tiny tongue that is stirring.

Keith is driven by a desire to spit out his sperm in his little mouth, staring into the face of a nightcap overflowing with saliva.

Fast ejaculatory cravings, but I can't cure the excitement when I'm letting a girl shave in this situation.

Keith, gasping, stopped putting up and left himself to pleasure, letting Nightingale handle the meat stems violently.

"Nightshade! Faster!! Please make it fast and chic!!

"Mbu? Chibu, huh? Nbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

Grasp the thick stem with both hands and treat it hard up and down, causing the golden balls to freak out and fill up the accumulated juice inside.

That's the irritation of turtle head licking that makes me uncomfortable and runs up my urethra all at once.

Keith shook his hips at the feeling of the semen running down his urethra, ejaculating thoughtfully as it was.

Big, big!! Bibi, dubi!! Dubby!! Bibu, Bibu, Bibu!! - I received all the raw odor liquids that were spit out at night.

He drinks it up with a nung and a meat stick, and also tries to suck out what remains in the urethra. So Keith came up with something smart to ejaculate and calm down.

"Um, nocturnal. Keep it up, just the turtle head. Zibo zibo, please. Just put the turtle head in your mouth and say" chubby "! Suck it all around!!

At night, when he looks up and understands what Keith is looking for, he swells his cheeks at that perverse desire,

"Please, Night's Eve. Please!

I do what I'm asked to do because I'm deeply rooted in my ardent favors.

Pull in the tortoise head just ejaculated, narrow your lips and move your head back and forth. And when I moved my tongue about whether it was this or not, I had enough pleasure to pull my hips inside Keith.

"Mm-hmm! Ohhhhh!! Shh, ejaculation turtle head blame! Continuous Fella Drain No!! Oooh!! Oh, oh!!

A continuous fella who blames the turtle head with his mouth, which is becoming super-sensitive. Keith's body is going to run away with a freak hips for too much irritation.

Keith, who fell asleep on the edge of the hot tub to indulge in it, stuffed himself with pleasure that seemed evil to his body after poking his hips just straight up many times.

Even the tortoise head blame that makes the little one do it is exciting, but even more so when it is the ejaculatory tortoise head.

Keith said, "Ahhh!" He raised his voice.

The night when Keith's was riding himself out of the hot water in order to be able to hold him like that, he hurt the cuteness of thirty men who were bored.

Keith feels so lovingly bored by the pleasure his mouth gives him. So I move my tail around and stroke Keith's nipples.

"Oh, wow! Hey, ahhh!! Ya! Oh no... such a lollie bitch thing... do something bitchy, Awwwww!!

The meat stick, which freaks and cramps against Keith's will, overflows the remnants of the first time, and that bubbles with the mouthfeel of a nightingale.

From the edge of my little mouth I overflowed with white-foamed, cloudy, sarmen-mixed saliva, and then I said, "GUYUYUYUYUYUYUYU!! Cub!" golden balls let a second shot slip up at the night making an obscene noise.

At least it was Keith trying to taste a little more of this absolutely unpleasant feeling for his body, but when he saw the nightcap lay a little surface sticking out his lips to handle his geese neck behind his lips,

"Oh, oh, ho! Oh, yeah! or porn!! Erroli, I'm surprised!! This, Mm, Murray!! Hih-oh!! Ahhh!! Ahhh!!

I leaked my sperm unbearably. The semen that popped up regardless of Keith's will popped out of his urethra like a whale tide.

If you can't take it in your mouth and let it go, its zammen is right on top of you BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! And he sprayed up, and drowned in his face and Keith's belly at night.

Keith, who had also forgotten to breathe in so much pleasure, drowned in covetousness as he felt his penis tremble in the aftermath of pleasure that would not pull off until hours.

Having done a brilliant job of serial ejaculation from tortoise head abuse, Lori Dragon smiled satisfied with the feat and licked and sipped the zamen on Keith's belly.


Keith and Nightingale, both of whom then rewashed their bodies, re-entered the hot spring normally. Of course I hugged him and kissed him, but I didn't insert him. To rest the dick you forced me to.

Slowly soak it up to your shoulders and warm it up to the core of your body, but Keith will turn it upside down first. The dragons were hot springs lovers and forgot they were strong.

When I went up first, I fluttered away and dropped Keith off. The nightfall continued to soak happily in hot water. A trip to the hot spring with Keith, which was a dream, came true, and she is a dragon princess in the mood of Hokuhoku.

I feel relieved by the warmth of the hot water that I've always been able to stay with Nia, or just feel a little bit cunning about Aisha and Berna dating and going out.

Satisfied to go up from the hot springs, dressed in the yukata Keith brought to the floor, where the Osama demon conductor sat in a massage chair and roared "Uh-huh".

The Demonic Massage Chair, which moves for ten minutes on its own when it buys Demonic Spirit Stone and puts it in the inlet, is mostly placed in every public bath.

The night I took the coffee milk out of the food I brought, and drank it, I shrugged, "Smells like an old man," as I approached Keith. Keith in that voice,

"No, no, it feels good. This is... Everybody's roaring."

I also recommended it to Nightshake when I said it with a blurb tremor due to the vibration of the massage chair. Besides, Nightingale answers by shaking her neck to the left and right.

"Because Non has a tail. I can't sit in that chair."

"It's okay. This is a proper hole for a species with a tail... Here."

There was a hole in the seat shown by the risen Keith that put his tail in. Still, Keith sat half as hard on the hesitant little dragon.

"Oh, hey, uh, he's not a forceful guy... anymore"

With all due respect, Keith put the Demon Spirit Stone in the inlet at night when he saw a sitting jar. Then the vibrating part on your back starts to tremble and move.

"Phew, ugh, ugh... what the hell... ugh"

"I'm ticklish because I'm going to put it into my body. Relax more."

"Oh, I don't care to say that...... ahhh! Nhihi.................. Ooh, ooh."

At first I was unfamiliar with my face at night, but I began to feel comfortable with the shivering massage head as I grew accustomed to its stimulation gradually.

Keith drank his gokuri and saliva when he saw a night of relaxation with a cheeky face. It's decided how horny Lori can swing with a massage.

The night I noticed Keith unexpectedly looking at cancer, he said, "Hmm?," he muttered.

"What's up? What?"

"No, I was in love with him because he was cute at night. Yaotan cute to relax in your massage chair"

Understanding the meaning of the word, Nightingale turned bright red to her ears.

"Hey, what's a Yaotan! Don't be silly! Not at all!"

Keith stopped pushing the knife at night trying to get up embarrassed and started rubbing his feet as he crouched.

This massage chair is old so it only rubs my back and shoulders. So Keith gently rubs the leg area where nothing has been done.

"Hey, don't imitate anything! Stop..."

"Please don't move. I'm here at the corner hot spring, so I need to relax. It's gonna be tough every day, isn't it?

Night blisters become bright red and irresistible to Keith, who gently wraps and rubs his scaly little feet with both hands. The feeling of pushing the toe cum with his finger took away the power to resist from the little dragon.

I'm still bumping about whether it's lit or not, but its entire body relaxes and entrusts its entire body to the massage chair and Keith.

I felt tired going around the whole world from New Year's Eve and the tiredness that brought Keith so fast.

"Mmm... whoa... whoa... whoa"

Keith slowly moved his fingers toward his inflated tibia at night when he saw the swinging face of his body raising his voice to the feeling of his core relaxing to the point.

Gently pick the thin legs with your fingertips and rub them together to unroll the flatulence. Keep rubbing your knee head to your thighs. I still haven't noticed the night when I'm relaxed that the fingertip movement is getting erotic.

But his body was honest and he began to react slightly to Keith's rubbing. I aim there, rubbing my thighs, stroking my fingers, and Night Xu says, "Hmm!" and picked up small.

I try to complain to Keith about you finally realizing that you've come this far, but before that, the inferior man gently opens up in front of his yukata at night.

"Ah!" says the nipple at the end of the chest of the nightclub, pinned like it was in the bathroom! And I have an erection. The night when he was forced to see it, he looked like he was going to cry.

"Hey, what are you doing all of a sudden!! Ampountan!! Suddenly I get people's yukata"

Ignoring Nightingale's complaint altogether, Keith played his little nipples with his fingers. Perfect for that stimulus! And Keith in the jumping nightcap,

"Is that it? Is it here too? That's funny, I licked you all over the bathroom to solve it."

In a joking dialogue, Nightingale tells him to swim his gaze and whine when he clogs his words.

"Ahhh... Kisu, but it's full. Then... if Keith touches me so much... this is what happens... I can't help it."

Keith smiled contentedly at the night of his embarrassing confession, picking both of his erect nipples with his fingers.

"Really? Then it's my fault, so I need to loosen you up. I need to loosen my nipples and rub them all up."

"Huh!? Oh, no, no... Oh, oh!

Keith begins to blame the little dragon, confused by what will be done now.

I just focused on smoking in the bathroom, but now I rub it. Rub even. Rubbed around, rubbed and kneaded. Not too many fingers. The nightcap,

"Hih! Hih!! Hih, whoa, whoa!! Miuhi!! Ah, ahoy! Tits, like that! Ah, hmm! Ampo...... Ahhh!!

Move your fingers more persistently than you did when you rubbed your legs, squeezing around the milk-free that suits your appearance. Keith rubbing the lollipie by letting it drip down to the sweat,

"This is how you untie your tits and encourage them to grow. Nightclubs seem to have small tits, so."

Having said that, while bored with pleasure, the little dragon rebutted with his hands and feet bummed.

"Well, even if that's the case, my boobs are huge! Because Kaka and her sisters are old...... when Non grows up properly...... Yikes!!

Lori, who complains desperately that her breasts will grow bigger. The look of her daughter excited Keith. I find that statement really lollying and wonderful.

with the raw spit accumulating in his mouth on his fingers with excitement. Keith messed up his erect nipples with every plump swollen wheel with it,

"I'll help you! I'll help you make those big tits!! Female hormones.

"Stop! Hih-oh!! Hmm, hey!! Oh, whoa, whoa! Mm-hmm!! Boobs, Koala Riu!! My boobs are not good!! Chikubi, Koala Riuuuu!! Uh-oh!!

The boring voice of the dragon echoing indoors was cute but dirty. It contains a female euphoria that a child should not produce in the voice of a child.

Keith's yukata groin section was tented to a female dragon squeezing her voice out of the bottom of her belly to seduce a male even if she was unconscious.

I even feel slight pain when I erect because of the tortoise head blaming serial fella, but it's still impossible not to react to this little one's dementia.

Plus, if you push it into a soft, narrow meat kettle filled with dragon love liquid, any pain should heal and make you happy in your place. That's how Keith blamed his nipples all over again.

By the time the massage chair stops moving, the nightcap will leave his whole body in a bin with only the tip of his boobs.

I should have massaged it. My nipples are many times harder than they were when I started rubbing them. Keith lifted his nightcap as he niggered at its cuteness.

And if it was supposed to be a place to cool off the hot fire lights, I'd put a nightcap on the futon that was already laid out all ready to say it was still past lunch.

I brought only mattresses, sheets and duvets from a simple lodging. The little one in yukata, not for sleeping, who was put in a futon for yall, stared at Keith with a little face at him.

It's like telling me to attack a girl with an oriental appearance shaking her nipples from a yukata with messy black hair and an erection on her thin chest.

It would be even worse if that face had a bewildered, alluring look on its face.

Keith unwrapped the belt of the yummy looking girl Dragon's yukata and opened it completely in front of her yukata to make her take off her panties.

The second pair of panties today is totally messed up because of honey overflowing with nipple blame, and I need to get dressed. "Yum," whines Keith, licking and sipping the love liquid stained in that panty.

Keith, who managed to suppress the urge to have sex while wearing this and lay that panty aside, spreads his legs at night and stares at Omako.

Omango, who has been hot since he rubbed his buttocks and thighs, is completely wet with nipple blame, and the hole, which is too small, is cracking horny meat.

Lick your middle finger and push it into that hole. Keith ascertains how the meat urns, nibbling at the same narrowness.

"Ya ~. Now I'll massage you over here. Keep your fingers like this...... Oh, do you like your tongue? Or do you want a penis? With your penis... would you like me to gobble up here ~?"

When he asked an unpleasant question with his fingers bent over the vaginal steeple and gently touched it, Nightingale squeezed the sheet and answered.

"Ah ho... you know what I mean... don't do it"

"No, you have to say it right. You're gonna massage it with your fingers, aren't you? This is how you say dust."

"Rkifu! Hih-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh"

I can sit back at night on the comfort of that finger, but what I really want was something thicker and hotter than what the flesh really wants right now.

The night I stared at the pervert I wanted to tell you with my crying eyes, I cum my vagina mouth! and squeezed out the language sought, tightening it.

"... penis... then, Keishu's penis... penis, haha... I don't know, Maishu... ampotan"

Keith rolled in front of his yukata when he nodded happily, "Yes, yes," to the crying nights when he tightened his vaginal mouth painfully and begged. Keith is not wearing underwear and soon an erect meat stick pops up.

The penis, which has increased the redness and blackness of the tortoise head because of two consecutive drains, is even more vicious. I can't stop coveting and getting ahead of myself when I think of putting that in that little, pretty hole from now on.

Keith pushed his hips across his tail to Manko at night without taking off his yukata. Keith adjusted his hips slightly.

"Then respond to your request… Omako Massage, Immediately ~"

That's what I said in a light tone, poking a polar red and black meat stick into the little female hole of the little dragon.