Berna kissed me violently before Keith felt nauseous when I got to the room.

Keith responds to the kiss by swallowing desperately the sickness of being licked around without even being able to tell him to wait a minute.

When the pretty tongue licks around the inside in a surprisingly obscene motion, the nausea subsides and the excitement comes instead.

Keith began to move her tongue from herself as well, holding Berna's thin hips tight.

"Rutsuru, Chutsuru, Rutsuru... Chutsuru, Chutsuru"

When the sound of the oral mucosa intertwining sounded, Berna's sagittal ears swayed small. I can see you're happy with a painful hug and kiss.

If your husband gets hurt, what if he dies? I guess I'd be happy to have a strong embrace that would dispel such anxiety.

So Keith pushed his tongue into the back of his throat as he held Berna tighter with more force in both arms.

When I put my tongue in it as much as it was going to touch my ears, I said, "Ooh!," Berna rattles her throat, but she won't refuse.

I've been clinging to Keith with trembling about not telling him to do more. Keith will respond to that.

After a while, the kiss was over, and Keith stared at Berna as her tongue came out of her saliva was nebulous.

Berna is moisturizing her entire face because Keith licked her back of her throat while holding her tight, and she is looking up with her melted eyes.

The saliva is overflowing from its mouth and the tongue is shaking as it breathes pale as it comes out of its mouth. The expression is the exasperated female herself.

Looking up with a face he had only shown Keith, Berna grabbed your husband's head and licked his lips all over the kiss.

Calling it a kiss is also awkward, just eager to lick your lips. That figure makes me laugh like a dog happy with your husband's return.

I feel like you're really lonely that you just stayed out all day without permission and that turns into loving smell.

Keith quickly got an erection when the feeling of loving a woman was linked to lust. Berna, who is keeping her body close, soon realizes it.

Berna stroked her erect penis over her pants with her thin fingertips as she took her gaze to her groin, releasing her tongue, which was licking her lips.

Berna stayed on her exasperated face as the feeling of a touch freaked Keith's spine.

"Nah... okay? Your husband's penis... I want to lick it"

Keith whispered obnoxiously to Berna as he had more erections in his words.

"I'm traveling home and I haven't had a bath yet...... it's dirty, isn't it? Will you still lick me?

Berna then swallowed the saliva and nodded small. I can't stop salivating imagining the flavor I was told.

"Clean, I will... Clean your husband with my mouth"

"So... shall I ask you?

When he stroked his head, Berna barked imitating "wow" and the dog. Then I carefully take my pants off when I kneel in front of Keith with momentum that seems to shake my tail.

Berna breathed "n" at the smell of a meat stick coming out of the inside, unloading it to her pants with a familiar hand.

Smells like a steamy toon with pee and sweat. It smelled like Keith's body odor had been boiled many times.

Normally, it's a disgusting stench, but only a reward for a planted pet elf.

I am so happy that I can't stop coveting when I think I can enjoy the fragrance and flavor that my dear husband loved to spend the day away.

Berna grabbed the meat stick, which looked important with both hands, kissed the tip, then gave out her tongue and licked the tortoise head to tears.

"Ohhhh!! Beh, beh! Hey."

Keith shivers his hips to the point where his voice grows out of him. Despite that, Berna kept moving her tongue.

It was pathetic, I missed you, I was scared. Berna's Ferratio, who turns all those thoughts into tongue movements, is harsh and about to lose his hips.

The tortoise head, which is pampered by gently picking the roots, is irritated without interruption using the front and back of the tongue. That's how I overflowed. I tongue and lick the first run on the bell mouth, and from there I howl my goose neck with my tongue tip.

When I blame the geese around my neck, I lick and unwrap the meat stem as I pass on the back muscle, and then I go back to the turtle head and now I lick it in.

My tongue licks all the dark flavor and smell of my penis, and it was a fellatio that I could tell was really cleansed.

Berna also showed an inadvertent look at the feeling of Keith dyeing the inner chamber obtained by the service fella.

Just drinking saliva stains Keith's taste in his body, and just breathing his nose makes Keith's dark smell paralyze his brain.

The feeling of being satisfied by your husband stimulates the blunt female organ of the pet elf and makes it slightly wet.

My awareness of how excited I am makes Berna even more expensive, and I put more effort into oral sex.

Keith exhaled when he rubbed his tortoise head in the deep part of the oral mucosa to Berna, where he increased the depth of his unvoiced voice.

During this time, Ferra of Nia shined first in the rankings, but Berna is also great after all. I can't follow you.

Especially when I swallowed a polar tiny mouth with my eyes wide open, and tightened it at the back of my throat had a feeling no other member could do.

As I stroked her boulder Berna and her golden hair, she took a meat stick out of one end and looked up at Keith and smiled happily.

On the mouth is a thread of saliva pulled to the meat stick, and on the tethered lips is a liquid mixed with foamed saliva and cowper.

Berna, smiling with such a slutty face, kissed the meat stick once more, which had been licked around and completely cleansed, and then she stuck it in again.

The meat stick, stretched out and increased in redness and blackness, was swallowed up little by little in a tight cuckoo that narrowed Berna's cheek.


As she proceeded to drink deeper than just now, Berna performed a self irama with tears stored in her eyes.

Keith feels it pounding when he sees Berna making a vomiting noise and still pushing her penis from herself to the back of her throat.

It's Ning Lo pathetic not to make you such a wanted pet, Keith said when he grabbed Berna's head with both hands.

"Berna, I'm moving... I'll offend you in the back of your throat a lot"

Berna, looking up in tears with her eyes open, did not even snort, but just kept waiting for the moment to silently get her to offend her cuckoo.

With such a poor look, Keith's penis jumped backwards in the mouth of Gunn and Berna because he was too obscene to like the irama. Besides, it was at the same time that Berna reacted with "Ngo" and Keith's hips moved.

Keith pushed his hips relentlessly into Berna, who was so used to the act that he didn't even have to say that he would slap his thigh if he got tight anymore.

Grab a little head and get a cuckoo in it. Berna overflowed with tears that had accumulated in bitterness as she was thrust through the back of her throat by anterior and posterior exercise.

"Ngo, ogu, ebu, egu... uuuuuuuuuuuuu! Humph, humph!!

Overflowing with white-foamed saliva, Berna was immersed in the joy of her mouth being offended.

The jaw, throat, and saliva reflux nose are all bitter, but their bitterness ignites Berna's dull body.

The female pet, who wets her manko much more excitedly than she was kissing, grabbed her thigh for "more" of her husband's waist.

Keith thought it might be a signal to stop for a moment, but he sees Berna's swinging face and stays conscious that it is not.

The insertion piston into the narrow, small couchmanko is rubbed with meat sticks on various parts of the oral cavity, and the unspeakable pleasure strikes.

"Oh, gee... Kimochi no... Berna, it feels good. I knew Berna would have the best mouth."

Berna, who made the most sense of it all but honestly received it, slowed her tears with joy as she gasped for bitterness.

But my face is turning bright red when the limit is near. Berna won't let Keith go once she tries to get it out of her mouth by grabbing her hips.

Keith rubbed his penis all he could in Berna's tight chest to make it more intense.

Keith's ejaculation sensation was stirred by rubbing geese necks, back muscles, turtle head tips and various areas on his tongue, upper jaw, and inner cheeks and teeth. When Berna's expression mixes there, the culmination doesn't come any time soon.

"Rub! Ooh, ooh!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Dirty vomiting sound and a slutty face that doesn't suit it. A slutty face stained with pearls with no runny nose, no saliva, no tears. It is the face of a female who brings in a male.

Keith's excitement continued to rise over his health, cuteness and ears, and as soon as the stimulus from his penis was added there, the golden balls let him fill up with semen.

"Beh, don't ru... uhh! Ik...... Yikes, I'm coming! Dashi!! Berna!! Ooh!!

Saying so, Keith handled the meat stem intensely with his own hand, which turned a little spitty as he pulled his hips half forcefully and put his penis out of his mouth.

Berna, who was about to run out of acid for getting her penis out of her mouth, cried in loneliness, feeling horrible about being able to breathe. Keith sprinkled the sperm all over his face.

Bubble!! Dobi!! Dobby, bubby, bubby! Byu! Byu!! Dobigu - The salmon fluid that swells the urethra and pushes the bell mouth wide to pop out further tarnished Berna's face, which is dirty in snot and saliva.

When his face, which had turned bright red due to lack of acid, was dyed white in an instant with yellowish male liquid, Berna said to its raw, smelly warmth, "Hmm!" He roared.

Markings by your husband. When she found out that she had been shown ownership by the smell of semen, Berna showed a more soggy face than when it was put out in her mouth.

Keith, on the other hand, shook his hips in ejaculatory pleasure, and when he handled it out to the last drop, he breathed "Phew" and stared at Berna.

Berna's expression in dirty maid clothes satisfied her desire for dominance and raised her breasts. Feeling that gaze, Berna began licking the semen with her fingers in front of Keith's eyes.

The innocence of licking the raw cream on his cheeks highlights his sluttiness and core Keith's shriveled meat stick.

When Berna licked everything, she looked up at Keith and smiled, not saying "it was delicious". As soon as he saw it, he held Berna up. Keith takes her to bed.

And wiping Berna's face, still slightly dirty with a towel that was nearby, made her take off her samurai clothes.

Keith, who together also took off his jacket, stares at Berna's beautiful nudity, which rolls asleep when he wraps it up and puts it on the floor.

The thin, luxurious thin body had erected its nipples and invited Keith. So don't hesitate to bump into each other.

A delicious Berna nipple with a sweet sweaty flavour spreading to her mouth gives her an honest response when she applies saliva to roll the corn and then treats it with her teeth.

So over and over again. That's how you get bite handling irritation with your teeth, then gently bite with your dog teeth,

"Ha... ku! Hiu...... Ngu!! Mmmm...... uhhhh!!

Keith is pleased to hear Berna's voice bored by the pale sensation. Because it's evidence that I've come to know how to irritate a dull body.

Keith, who keeps practicing it, eventually sucked and mumbled his cocky nipples. If you inhale hard enough to depress, the other one also inhales and leaves a mark.

Keith, who sucked both nipples 10,000 times before slipping off his lips and going downstairs, put his hands on the only panties he hadn't let go and slipped them down.

When the pungent ass and the slutty female organ were released from the curse of the qualitative underwear, the smell of the female grew muggy.

It's the steamy smell of sweat and pee working all day just like Keith and not taking a bath. When I looked at the unbearable pheromone, I noticed that Berna's treatment was a little sweet there. Hair is growing.

This is what happens as soon as the rigid Berna fails to process it. I care about that. I also apply a safe magic medicine hair removal cream to Keith's raised pussy once every two or three days.

Keith, who thought about it, assumed that it was because he wasn't there. I'm sure yesterday was the day we decided to process it, but Keith was worried about it and it wasn't there.

This is where the health that gives priority to your husband over your own. The pervert who feels some joy about that,

(I haven't had a bath since yesterday! Uh-huh, yummy...... go so-so!!

Like Berna just did to me. Now with my own mouth, with my tongue, I stuck my face in the middle of Berna's groin, which I decided to spread to make it clean for you.

Dark female pheromones irritate Keith's nasal cavity. Keith stumbled through the evidence of thinking of himself as he strengthened his erection to the scent.