The night I stared to make sure Keith was holding up Schnee and Schnee clinging to that Keith, X. eventually starts to shake small.

Keith, who feels nasty and cold sweating, has a voice as low as the ground sounds.

"Hey, Keith... what... what are you doing?"

"Hey, what... uh, the"

"What the hell! Say it!! Bye!! Oh, fuck him like that! We're not enemies! He is not an enemy!!

"Enemy, no, Schnee is already on your side."

"What a schne!! Oh, come on, come on! I gave it a name!! Ugh!"

Bright red and puffy shivering nights with tears in his eyes, he caught a puffy punch as he approached Keith with his big crotch.

"Ahoy!! Perverted idiot! Ampountan! What a schne!! This guy didn't try to kill Keith!! You're so adorable for naming someone like that...... Awww!!

"Yes, no, but look, yesterday's enemies say (both) today's mistresses, right? Besides, even Nightshade tried to kill me at first..."

"I can't believe you tried to kill me! I'm not just here to discuss it!!

"Ugh, liar! Wow, I lied!! You said all that clarity about killing me!!

"I'm not lying!! Horn on the rabbit, let go! How long will you hold him? Get away from Keith!!

A little dragon pulls his little ice leg and tries to keep him away from thirty men.

At first glance, it doesn't even look like a diagram of the pretty girls fighting a hugging battle. But these two were both out-of-the-way weapons to be afraid of. That's what we're fighting about looking like children.

He got his legs pulled. Schne turned his arms around Keith and said, 'Ki!' He tries to cling diligently when he whispers small.

That pissed off Nightingale again, and he said with a crying face, "Come on down!" and make them pull.

The power of the Nightshade can force you to pull it apart, but since Schnee is sticking to Keith, it can be harmful, so it can't be.

So pull the best schne with the power of the child. But Schnee also stubbornly cling to Keith with the power of the child.

"Oh, hey, hey! Calm down, both of you!! Please calm down!!

"Shut up! Keith will let him go!! Get the fuck off me!

"Cui, cu, cumi"

"You said it was that way to let go!? Oh, hey...... no more forgiveness!!

Apparently, he understands Spiritual Language. At night, Xu began to make magic bullets in his hands when he left Shune. The dark magic concentrates and the atmosphere trembles.

"Apparently, he forgot about that time... and I'll remind him of how he snuck around without tearing."

Keith said, "Whoa!," he said, hastily sheltering Shune. Because Keith would be fine with the magic of the night.

"Oh my God! Why are you sheltering me?! Why are you holding me and sheltering me? Oh!! Ugh, Ampountan!!

"I'll shelter you! If you take that, even a few spiritual bodies will suck!! Look, and Schnee, you're so scared... it's okay."

"Good boy, good boy. Aah!! Ahhh! Ahhh!... Ugh, ahhh!!

Turning off the magic that he had concentrated in his hand, Nightingale barked at Keith on the spot. The face was still going to cry and Keith tried to comfort him.

Then he puts his strength into the arms Schnee wrapped around Keith to look like he was about to cry as well. He complained with his eyes that he was scared.

"'Cause it's okay. Because if you talk at night, you'll understand. Huh?"

Even though I was about to cry, I stared at Keith, who was all over Schnee at night, with his cheeks swollen and would-be eyes.

realizing it and unloading Schne. Keith stroking his head closer to Night's Eve,

"Please don't even look like that at night. That may have been an enemy before, but Schnee is one of us now. Even today, you see, you've come to heal the burns on my hand."

Keith, who shows a completely healed palm of wounds, gave Night's Eve a remorseful look and strayed from his face.

"Non thought I'd cure you... then go out of my way"

Keith also gazes at the night when he looks at Chirali and the neck of the sea dragon, then hugs the little dragon princess and giggles her.

"You went to take me to the outer sea, didn't you? Thank you."

Sea dragons are warcraft of the deep sea that do not appear in shallow waters or coves. You have to get out to the outer sea to take it.

As soon as I heard Keith was wounded, my samurai Gallo told me about the medicine that would work on the burn, and I went hunting for it. I can easily imagine such a nightmare appearance.

I wanted you to be happy, I wanted you to compliment me, and I wanted to thank you and I wanted to be hugged and I tried my best.

Yet he flirted with his former enemies, and besides healing to the wound... The night of regret and tears clamped on Keith.

"Ahoy... Noon... I'm sorry... I can't do it again until then."

I know exactly what I'm talking about, but I can't help but say it. Keith is a good boy at night like that.

"Right. I'm sorry. I'll be sure to come at night if I'm in trouble. You have to believe it."

My body swayed with anger at my gentle voice. And my heart warmed up, and my tail swung and wrapped around to sweeten Keith.

The female dragon instinct complains that she wants to be kissed like this and get laid.

"Ahi!! No! What the heck!?

I suddenly stunned with cold air in my tail. There is no frostbite in the body of the nightclub, no matter how cold it gets. That was put into practice when we fought Schnee before.

That's not why I don't feel cold, if I touch something cold, if I touch something cold and hot, it's hot. Especially when you're caught off guard with a man in your arms.

When the amazing night Xu looks at his tail, Shune stands beside him and pretends to whistle. Apparently he sprayed a breath of extremely small ice on his tail.

The blue-blooded nightcap descends from Keith,

"Hey, aren't you going to fight and sell? That's totally selling fights, isn't it? Hey, hey, say something!

"Cupid...... Cupid...... Cupid"

"What are you talking about, this guy? Why are you yelling at me? Cowaii," Schnee glanced up at Keith with her moist eyes.

"Ya, Nightshade, not much fighting hips..."

"Don't take your eyes off me! He's not the one who sold the fight first! Put a breath of ice on the tail of Noon."

I don't know. If I don't, I'll shake my neck left and right. Schnee squeezes Keith's pants all the time saying, "Trust me."

"Yikes! First-born Yamenkah!! How long have you been such a character?! I would have been an arrogant woman when I fought before!!

"I think that too. Please don't try to calm down. It's a kid's prank younger than me, so take a big look."

"Where are you younger!! Just look at it! That's the top species of ice spirits! At my age, I'll live five times as long as Nong!

That's what Keith said. Keith stared at Schne with a stunned glance. I thought he was pretty much alive because he's a spirit, but I didn't know he'd be alive for 4,000 years.

I can point my gaze at you saying you were an amazing grandmother. Schnee poked her shoulder in the night as she swelled her cheeks slightly.

"It sucks to splurge a woman's age!" Keith also found out that he was suing.

You shouldn't shake off your shoulder because you've been smashed.

"This isn't a declaration of war, do you consider it a declaration of war? Nice work! This is the only way I'm gonna melt you completely!!

"Cai! Cuckoo Yikes!!!

If you can do it, do it! Schnee tries to respond to all that. Keith hurriedly hugs the two bodies, but in his arms, Nightingale and Schnee begin to reward the pompous punch. That all hit Keith.

"Yes, there he is! Hey, I want!! Because it hurts!! Oh, calm down, both of you! Calm down!!

By the time he managed to get rid of the two quarreling little ones, Keith was doomed with his clothes and hair. Keith handed the juice to both of them as he managed to fix it.

Stop fighting, get a distance, sit in bed at night. Xu and Shune receive the juice without gazing and drink it up, hmm! and deflect the face in the opposite direction.

Keith sighs at Princess Dragon and Princess Ice, who are not close enough to breathe, but he also calmed down the fight.

"I don't know what to do with this"

I sighed when I saw the dragon's head. Now I know this works on burns, but the cured status quo is a hell of a substitute to get in the way.

No, if you dismantle it, each part will be a fine ingredient for the medicine, but that's not something you can do in the room either.

You'd be pissed off if you did it in the courtyard of the palace, and the courtyard of the aristocratic mansion you always use, but it's impossible to carry it that far now that you have a night's sleep and a schne. If we're alone, we could just start a fight.

Shune approached Keith when he got out of bed, who was going through a lot of thoughts about leaving him like this...

"Hmm?" Turning to his face, Schne froze instantly when he touched the neck of a sea dragon that also had his back length.

I guess I still had the magic of the demonic blood stone I just ate. I used it all to freeze my raw neck, and Schnee said again, "Doya!" I showed Keith my face.

If this is the case, you can leave it in the bathroom until you two get home. It is frozen so it will not rot or smell. (i) Keith, relieved, stroked Schnee's head,

"You've come up with something. Great."

Schnei, who seemed happy with Nadenade, looked at the chills at night and said, "Bring me something so intrusive that I can get in trouble at the end of the day or wupp" with his expression.

The night I turned my face bright red and trembled in anger, but I thought Keith would just stop me if I started fighting here again, and then I got out of bed,

"Oh, hey, Keith! On my way here, I found a hot spring that could help with the burns! I'll take you!

"Heh? Hot Springs......?

"Whoa! The beast is the only secret water in the garlic. There you go, Noon... I... will reward you for this good fight!

"Huh!? Ya... all kinds..."

This is the first time Keith has ever had such a direct ball invitation at night, and Keith stretches his nose under his obsession. Special service for my lovely Lori daughter. Keith's name would be broken if he didn't react to this.

"See you then! Let's go!! Keesh!"

The night I pull my arm, but Schnee pulls the other side of it. I don't enjoy hot springs at all for my ice daughter Schnei. That's why I also asked for a nightclub.

"Kii! Piou!! Cuckoo!! '

Don't go, don't go. That's what I say. A nightcap on the other side barks at Schne pulling his arm.

"Holy shit! Get off me!! Keith is not going to Hot Springs with Noon! So much to see during this time...... Bye!!

A day without dreams ikki. Remember me and hope again at night, and Keith insists he's with him. The two Lori BBAs looked up at Keith from left to right,

"Let's go! Go away!! Keith, are you going with Noon? Hey!"

"Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Picku!! Cuu '

I'm going to appeal to you to prioritize yourself. Keith, who manages to get between them, turns his thoughts around,

"Oh, you know what, Night's Eve, from now on, you see, I'm going to another country as a court magician too, so... let's take a bath in my room, shall we? bathing agent and in a hot spring mood."

"Bye! Why bother with a guy like that? Ugh."

"Don't cry like that! Because I will wash your body properly. Cuddle it and go into the hot tub as well. I'll kiss you a lot. Right?"

I'm not satisfied with the night, but I tried to disapprove if the bath would fill me up with both of us.

But Schnee doesn't seem to be convinced. I can't stand two people who ignore themselves for a little while and flirt in the bath.

Keith figured that out, too, but then Keith tried to tell me that he would also hold Schnee full of them. But before that, Schnee was moving.

If it's enough to get Keith and take his pants off on the spot, he starts chewing on his morose penis.

And Keith was so surprised that he said, "Yeah!?" and make an aligned voice. Schne slipped his penis on his cold cheek without such a problem.

"Cup, cummy...... picu"

I kiss the turtle head with the look of making you feel better and lick it in with an ice tongue. The unknown feeling of cold and soft blamed Keith.

"Ahhh! Shh... No! Oh no... no bitchy tongue!! Nho!

When the ice tongue blames the bell mouth, cold air enters the urethra to freak Keith out, depriving him of the power to resist.

"This is Keith! Can't you resist! Come here!! Stop it! Keith is in the bath with Noon... Furo"

I ignore it altogether and lick my pepperoni penis around Schnee. Night cunt says, "Ugh!" He stared at Keith as he roared.

An inferior man intoxicated by Schnee's tongue with a shaky, pleasant face. Keep it up, Dolphin! You'll never see a place where Schnee makes you be a good kid. Look at that!

Then there is only one way to take it. There is no other way than to fight. So determined that at night he knelt next to Shune,

"My penis is pathetic to be made with such a cold woman's tongue! Non's penis...... I need to warm it up!

I lick my penis from the other side with a stupid excuse to hear it beside me like that.

"Nhi-no!? Oh, wow!! Yay!! Shh!! Whoa!!

Cold and warm feelings strike my penis at the same time. Now let it warm up where it has been cold, and let it cool down again.

Stimulated by the thought that the meat stick would turn silly, Keith couldn't stand the stimulus on the heads of the two Lori BBAs, who fester to kneel before the thirty men and argue.