A few days after Nia's magic outburst, Keith, who was perfectly well without burn marks, was still thinking about her pornography today.

Fortunately, the neck of the sea dragon that Nightshade brought me as a souvenir was dismantled. Some of it remained intact. Some of it was fried and sold as medicine. The nose is quite moist.

If this wasn't Seimrad, I'm definitely moisturizing at the level I would have gone to a store with a professional sister.

It is one of the most pleasant things in life to go to places where you say so and plant the moves you remember into princesses, knights and samurai. But now I'm not going, either.

"Who am I supposed to be today ~. Ugh heh heh"

Keith, with an invincible grin, began to seriously think about who to get her, ignoring the cat with a shuddering face. Then I get hungry when I'm doing a muscle tread that I've been tending to skip lately.

First, Keith, who stood up and headed to the dining room saying he was hungry, saw a group on their way down the hallway.

With samurai, maids and escort knights. Definitely a bunch of people who can tell it's Mia there.

Just opposite the hallway, I was wondering if I could say hello, and I found myself used to seeing that group.

Munchkin's widow elf, very similar to Mia but with a very different flesh feel, is definitely Roana. Roana is walking down the hall talking to Mia.

Keith, who swells her cheeks without being cute enough to come and not even talk to her, decides that she needs to learn about herself.

To do this, I went to the dining room to eat meat after drinking the diluted cock in my pocket.

I don't know Keith was ready for that. Roana was quiet that night.

Immerse yourself in a hot tub in a palace guest room bigger than a bath in the house and take your journey well. I have a business meeting tomorrow, so it's tough.

I thought so and there was a sound of something hitting the bathroom window as I was soaking in warm water. I twisted my neck and opened the window a little, no matter what.

Good evening.

"Come on! Ki, Ki Su... What are you doing!?

Keith put his index finger against her mouth and began to climb the window.

"You saw Roana during the day... I haven't talked to her about coming, and she never calls me, so this is how... I'm here to meet you!

Roana looks frightened at Keith with her chest stretched. I can't believe I'm coming through the bathroom window just because I see you every so often. That's what you think.

"Roana! It's terrible!! Don't even call me when you're here!!

"Hey, Keith! Stop, do it!! Mm-hmm, oh, already! It's gonna get wet! Oh no...... Aah!

Tingle cheeks with clothes on wet complexion. I knew I would tell Keith to stop like that but he couldn't possibly ask. Ning Luo's behavior escalates.

I stopped moving on Roana's words. Keith hurried off his clothes and got naked,

"This would be nice! Roana! How can you say that about me? Don't come by any time these days!! Did you even make another guy!

"Then don't say anything stupid! I can't believe any other guy...... it's my job! I've been busy!!

Explain to Roana that Keith stops moving and now asks in a serious voice with a hug.

"... is that true? Really, were you just busy? About me... I'm tired of it."

"I'm tired of it... what do you think it is about me! It's true... I've been really busy working lately... so I missed you..."

"Then why today? You came around the corner and you didn't even call me."

"That's... because I'm busy tomorrow... and..."

Keith, who had been asking questions to bring him into the eclectic stream, guessed that Roana, stuck in words, had something really to do with this.

Feeling sure to listen, Keith softly puts Roana in the hot tub as she hugs her and washes her body gently, too, before soaking as well.

The two of them soaked in an extra hot tub even as they entered and held Roana from behind, Keith slowly massaging those big breasts.

"And what is it? … please tell me"

"Oh, um... no, no... hey, hey, hey... oh, tomorrow... you're welcome, huh?"

Keith licked his tongue in his ear as he gently shaved his ear to Roana, who begins to be bored by an irreversible stimulus. I asked Roana again bouncing with Bikun.

"Why didn't you contact me?... Are you cheating after all?

"We, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! Oh, and not Keith's if you're cheating on him... you know, with the knight's daughter, ah!

Keith modifies the story as he picks and rolls his nipples.

"Now I'm talking about Roana... why you didn't contact me... please tell me properly"

"It's sloppy, no... Oops! Ah, hmm! Ah...... wow, ok, ok! I'll talk!! Chi, nipples, abuse me, no."

Keith stops picking her nipples and gently strokes her instead, as she convinces Roana to do so cutely. Roana looks for words with her nipples erected.

"Oh, you know... today, to that Mia... I need to talk to my sister"

"Really? To Master Mia?

Keith convinces Roana to snort. I wanted to talk to Mia, but if I contacted Keith, they would definitely come and meet me and devour each other in no time.

I'm confident it will. That's why Keith convinces me. But what the hell is a consultation with Mia? Now I'm worried about you.

Roana also somehow guessed that Keith wanted to hear it,

"... Actually... Erne..."

"Huh!? Oh, what's wrong with Erne?!?

Keith reacted surprised by the name of an unexpected person. What's wrong with that businesswoman? I get anxious if I even got sick.

But what came out of Roana's mouth was an unexpected dialogue.

"Well, to Erne... you know, my boyfriend... I mean, I think there's someone I'm seeing..."

"Yep... Yep, yep!?

I get a shout out to too many surprises. Boyfriend to Erne? That dad loves Lou (if you're not a cat) my boyfriend to my favorite erne!?

Where the hell is he? He's burning his anger with his heart when he tries to grab my busy daughter.

"You're not so surprised! I'm surprised too..."

"Oh, no, I'm sorry... you know, my young daughter's been moving on these days..."

"He said he's moving on! Oh, that girl is still like that......! Not yet... no."

No, I know what a thoughtful man tastes like. Normally I know it up or down. Roana slowly began to talk to Keith, who was naturally unable to say such a thing and was silent, when she took a deep breath.

"It's just that... during this time... I stayed out."

"But yes, yes, is it?

"Yep... he said he was going to stay at a friend's house... but he said he didn't remember coming to stay when I met that friend's parents recently to thank him..."

Keith, who had some bad feelings, asked what time it was. Then Roana thought a little,

"Uh... a month or so ago, I wonder if it was"

Definitely. It's about the day I came to give you the chocolate. Roana says Erne's boyfriend is about Keith.

Roana continued the conversation unaware that there was a lot of confusion and a feeling of being horrible at the same time.

"Something else, suddenly... underwear, something like that... flashy... makeup and maybe"

"Well, that's... about my age. I'm sure you'd be pissed off if I told Roana about the unauthorized outing... you see, live or something"

"No... I know... oh, you have someone you like... somehow"

Would you even say it's a parent-child consideration that you've spent years with? Elne is easy to understand even if he is not, so he finds out.

Keith, who I think is genuinely awkward at this, decided not to dare talk to each other and induce the other not to be noticed as he was.

"But isn't that nice? You see, when Roana was little, it was normal for Erne to go to her daughter-in-law at her age."

"What time are we talking about! No!! I can't believe that kid got married!! Oh no... it's too soon!!

Suddenly he yells at me and Keith solidifies in surprise. I didn't expect you to react so strongly to what I said in a mild way. But Roana is serious, but you're in a hurry somewhere.

"Oh, that kid graduated from school properly... so, do your job... then slowly... slowly,"

Keith somehow understood how Roana was shaking her voice. I've understood in my previous relationships what this widow is so anxious or afraid of.

"Roana...... it's okay. Erne said she had a boyfriend, and if she got married, she wouldn't leave Roana behind."

Roana, who obviously trembles her body, is a crying voice when she whines "lying,"

"Oh no... that kid, put me down sooner or later... then I... be alone... so..."

Keith hurried away from Roana's breasts to hold that body tight.

It's half Keith's fault Roana did this. Keith was the one who engraved it in his chest, remembering all the things he had to do to hold the fact that his husband had died and left him alone.

And it's also Keith who grew up a leg early on Elne, who is such a Roana stronghold. So as to take that responsibility. Keith cuddles Roana,

"Roana's not alone, is she? 'Cause, you see, this is how I do it."

"Even Keith... you're gonna marry that knight's daughter, right?... That's what you said before... then forget about me... and make a home."

Keith managed to comfort Roana and put her head to work in a state of thought that was in a completely negative spiral.

A widow who fears being alone in a different way than Berna. There's only one word I can comfort her with. That's what I thought. Keith strokes your head while holding Roana.

"Roana, please calm down...... it's okay. Absolutely Roana will not be alone. I promise."

"I can't, I can't believe you... don't... Gusu"

"I will. I can do it. 'Cause look... Roana's gonna have another family here sooner or later, right?

I'm handling it right, Ohman. Roana, who once put an ernet in there at Keith's fingertips stroking this little bit up, immediately understood what was being said.

"Bye!... Seiko, I'm going to take it... you don't, no."

"Do you really think so? Is that really what Roana thinks? I left Roana irresponsible... you think?

Roana took a breath in a serious, slightly angry voice. Definitely decided to lie like that. In the end, Keith ends up abandoning himself and choosing a younger daughter.

But it seems like he's telling me that the warmth of this arm isn't a lie...

"... then let me just ask this... Roana is a child with me... do you want it, don't you?

That's a cowardly question. They're both the shitty questions that get stuck in the answers. But Keith made me remember that it was totally sweet. My body opens its mouth before my will.

"... ho, I want... but... but"

"Then... let's make... I will never let Roana be alone. I promise."

Roana muttered "liar" with a leaking voice down her throat. I kept saying "liar" to that guy and to the lowest man who would say the same thing to me as Kurt.

Roana looked back and hugged her thoughtfully as she kept saying. The liar said he'd make it. I wanted a kid. I really want it. I couldn't help but hug him.

Receiving such a hot embrace, Keith greatly relieved herself that she had managed to get the story off Erne's boyfriend.