Keith inhaled the smell as she felt Roana's softness as she hugged her all over her body.

Much like the smell when Mia held me up during this time. Although Roana seems a little more intimate. It would be the difference between the noble Mia and Roana, who lives on the market.

The size of my breasts is the opposite, but the soft feel looks just like it, and I started rubbing those breasts while thinking they were sisters after all.

I had just abused my nipples, so I was being sensitive and I thought I would hear a sweet voice soon.

"... Oh, that Roana? Why are you looking at me with such obstinate eyes?

Roana is looking at Keith with her jitty eyes, not her eyes immersed in pleasure, when she says she's rubbing her chest with swinging words.

to Keith, who doesn't know what it means. Roana bites her lips cuddly before

"Now... who were you thinking about?

"... to?

"About me... you were thinking about another daughter as you hugged her! Ku, you were comparing!! You know what I mean!

Don't be afraid of mature women. I think Keith, but he simply had a look that reminded him of something as he stroked his body.

panicking Keith tries to utter a word of denial,

"Anyway... with that knight's daughter... I'm not young anyway..."

"Chi, no! I'm just like Mia... Ah."

"Mi, ah... Mia!? Mia!?? Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, you! Not even Mia!!

Unexpectedly to Roana, who rises from the hot tub, Keith denies by waving his neck and hands to the left and right of the boom.

"No! It's a terrible misunderstanding! That's not what I meant!!

"Then what do you mean!! What do you mean!!

Keith explained, thinking the worst thing about being angry is that she really looks like her daughter.

"I know you're asking, but during this time, Master Nia screwed up some magic..."

Roana nodded slowly. I did hear the story when I talked to Mia about Erne. But I wonder what that has to do with anything. to Roana with a suspicious gaze. Keith was

"So, I, uh, I managed to sort that out, and then Mia said thank you for helping Nia out, and here's the thing."

"So, you hugged me!?

"Yeah, well..."

Roana was somewhat convinced by the words. Because I knew Mia's cuddling habits.

Mia had a habit of hugging someone when she was touched or extremely impressed from an early age. When I became queen, I sporadically told him to listen and let him fix it, but if that's the case, he won't be able to help himself if he has a habit.

Roana was horrified to find out she hadn't got her hands on it, but at the same time she got angry.

I'm sure Keith was comparing herself to Mia as she held herself. I imagine on my own that I was holding myself in the mood for Mia.

And I trembled at that anger, and puy missed my gaze from Keith. Keith was surprised by this reaction when he told us what was going on and thought you understood.

"Oh, uh, Roana? The thing is... you understand, right?

Roana answered Keith's voice as she drowned and inquired, leaving her gaze out of the way.

"... I know... that Keith is comparing Mia to my sister... and that she thinks she's better."

"Why does that happen?!?

Keith wants to hear more about why he's taking the story in that direction. But that's not the case now.

You have to comfort a troublesome mature woman who's completely obstinate and in a bad mood. That's what Keith thought. He held onto that hip as he approached Roana, who stood up.

The face hits the groin position just because it hugs Roana standing. Roana says, "Ah," when the exhale hits you.

"Let go... let go..."

"I don't like it. I won't let you go. I will never let you go until Roana understands."

"Wow... I know, what...?

"... I did compare Roana to Master Mia. I admit that. But, you know, the comparison is that Roana would still be nice. Roana is nicer."

Keith kept telling Roana to fold up to react with the piqun.

"This smell and feel of Roana... I knew it seemed so many times nicer this way to me... I'm excited"

Keith kissed Roana's pubic bone as he said it. Blue shaved hair with shaving marks. Proof that you're handling it properly.

As I kiss the evidence and glimpse it with my tongue to check the softness of the meat, I gradually move the tongue up. From the lower abdomen to the umbilicus, and through the abdomen to the chest.

Slowly crawling his tongue as he stood up, Keith licked his breasts around making sure Roana wouldn't run away.

Softly kiss Roana's lips, which immediately erect her nipples, and pick and pinch her hardened lactating organs with her fingers.

Keith and Roana, who only dipped their feet in the hot tub, started kissing as they stood. At first, all she had to do was let herself go. Roana also began to turn her hand around her neck as Keith's tongue tangled.

Keith pressed a lucid meat stick against his abdomen on a mature elf who was now stubborn but was already tangling her tongue from herself.

Roana stared at Keith with her pale, lit eyes as a hard feeling pressed against her soft puffy stomach. Those ears are moving slightly and they want words.

So Keith hugs Roana hard,

"I like Roana...... Roana is the best thing for me. You know, I'm deliberately stubborn to say this... and I'm obsessed with that bad Roana."

"Wow, I didn't mean to... because Keith... Keith did"

Roana, who seems to cry, but keeps saying "Keith" small with a happy face, took it to Keith's groin when she untied the hand she was turning around her neck.

So I wrap a hard, pointed meat stick around it with both hands and rub it up to even start it on fire. The thin and supple fingers tangled in a fierce meat stem to make a shrug of noise.

Keith devoured Roana's lips by allowing her hips to float the way she was accustomed to moving her fingers. The more tongue he licked and slurred with his tongue and salivated into the back of his throat, the more harsh Roana's fingertips increased.

Keith continued to whisper "Roana" in his ear, roughing his breath to the magnitude of pleasure and strengthening his power to hold Roana. The widow, wanting to make you feel more comfortable with that voice, glanced over Keith's groin as she soaked herself in the hot tub again.

The rubbed meat stick adds tension to the good feel and thickens the blood vessels in the stem area. The tortoise head of the bread was overflowing with a run and it created a unpleasant smell of tween.

The long-time smell of Keith, an elf mature woman who overflows the smell of a male, widens her cuckoo wide as she looks up at the lowly face of her beloved man and puts a meat stick in it.

Keith's penis freaked out over Roana's tongue at the beginning of the nastiest oral caress. Use your lips to tighten it and start handling it.

In the inside, the natural face becomes a bit of a surface when the lips are stretched out and severely treated while tangling saliva in the head of the turtle with the tongue, especially the geese neck.

Looking up at Keith with such a face and shaking his penis violently, Roana continued to give pleasure without even worrying about the saliva overflowing from the edge of her mouth.

Keith was intoxicated with her feminine face, fully indulging in the techniques planted by her deceased husband, attracted by a mature woman.

"Roana... no, it... wow, good... wow... oh Roana is the best"

Simple techniques still make the difference in experience. Besides, Keith didn't plant this one, so I can't predict how to use my tongue or lips.

Roana also continued to inhale with a delightful face at Keith, who shivered her hips as her penis tasted the feeling of being swayed inside.

"Puppy, puppy, puppy. All of you, all of you, all of you, all of you..."

I want to make you cuter. I want this male to feel better. My instincts as a female entangle my tongue in an unpleasant way to make an obscene sound.

Keith, further repelled by the sound, pulled the meat stick out of Roana's mouth, licking it around the back of his throat, and applied it to his saliva. So he began rubbing the face of the ripe elf.

Numenume, his own saliva and his advance. Roana, painted on his face with a meat stick, turned bright red,

"Ah, ump, ump, yah, why... mmm! Keesoo...... this, uhh"

Keith carelessly rubs a meat stick on his cheeks, nose muscles, and forehead, etc. as he hears the voice. My spine clawed like the face of a beautiful elf.

"Beautiful, it is...... Mmm! It's so, so beautiful... Roana getting dirty because of me, she's so beautiful... Aah! To my Roana, hmm!

Marked as an overflowing advance, Roana set the female on fire for what she was told was mine.

I can't believe how much joy runs when a man tells me it's his property and I'm overwhelmed with tears. I wonder how far this man will slut himself.

But even that fear became a dark joy to Roana's body today, and she swept into her groin with pleasure.

Seeing Roana shake herself to slight pleasure while her face was tarnished with a meat stick, Keith became more excited, which held back the stimulus to run on the meat stick.

The golden balls are golden! Coming up all the time, the impenetrable cleavage strikes the entire groin. Keith, who felt he was leaving, treated him hard with his own fingers when he released the meat stick from Roana's face.

"Ro, Roana! Open your mouth! Dashi...... because I am! Oh, oh, ooh! Oh!!"

Roana, who obeys honestly, opens her mouth and gets ready to embrace the sarmen in that saliva slips. Porny cuckoo with dirty tongue movement and slippery mucous membranes. There Keith fired the male fluid from a meat stick that had exceeded its limits with a self handjob.

Big!! Big!! Dobu, Dobu! Dubby!! Big, big, big, big!!

I said to Keith, "Whoa!" The semen that popped out of the bell mouth with the voice hit Roana one after the other, creating a cloudy accumulation. Keith did not hesitate to treat Roana to the last drop, who would silently accept the raw, tongue-stimulating taste.

In front of Keith, who grinned contentedly at the act of being able to taste a different excitement than the internal ejaculation, Roana gobbled up a puffy swinging salmon on her tongue.

Keith's penis soon began collecting blood again on Roana, who groaned sincerely "deliciously" of the semen falling down to her stomach feeling like a membrane strapped to her throat forever.

Keith and Roana, who had risen from the hot tub and wiped their bodies, kissed all the way through it and fell straight into the bed into an avalanche.

Roana licks Keith's tongue around with the same dirty tongue she was shaving her meat stick and tangles her arms and legs.

Keith starts caressing a mature elf with her lips that feels like a really dirty one female. From the neck muscle through the clavicle to the chest. Make your lips crawl a few times more persistently than you just went.

Roana said, "Ugh!" and he grows bored with breathtaking voices. The abundant flesh cummed on the bed as it watched the hot fire lights.

Keith buried his fingers in Roana's soft breasts that let her hips cum and rubbed them up to pinch her mouth on a nipple that remained erect all the way out of the bathroom.

Indirect kissing on nipples where Erne once tasted breast milk. And in my heart,

(Elne is my favorite way to lick it. Wonder if my mom loves it too?

and softly irritates the erect nipples using eagerly the back of the tongue whining about obscene things. And occasionally he pecks with his lips and licks them around again.

Mature women blamed for their young daughters react physically to that lick they feel loved with insufficient stimulation.

"Ah, ugh! Kee, su...... oh, ahhh!! Ki-soo!!

Roana whispers in a high voice, never thinking that she is caressed the same way as her daughter, and gets more and more elevated by the pleasure.

Eventually, Roana asked for Keith as her groin burning pain stopped from irritating from her chest. He tangled his arms and legs and called his name "Keith" over and over again.

Keith, however, did not insert it and attached it to Roana's flesh limb, which was pleasant when she called a toy with metastatic magic from the room.

"Oh... hey, this... oh, no... put it on, no, ki-soo"

Roana tries to escape with a crying voice, but her powerless body is easily toyed with a nipple caress.

One on the left and right nipples, one on the erect clit as well, the rotor is mounted and continues to give a fine vibration. Roana, bored by the inorganic pleasure of the three-point blame,

"Kisu, no... Mmm! This, no...... Awwwwww!! Chikubi, and... there, all the time... and ahhh! No!!

Roana, who was grabbed by the wrist so she wouldn't take it off herself, trembled at the rotor stimulus in a position that showed her armpit.

Even though the stimulus is still weak, the body remains freaked out by the stimulus flowing from the three taped places, and it is not strange whenever (a).

So I keep saying "no," to Roana. Keith licks his armpit perky, then

"That's okay, Roana. This is fine. 'Cause you want a baby, don't you? Then I need to feel a lot better. Make yourself comfortable and let your uterus down with a glass of eyes. So, I need to seed it there."

I say stupid things in a kind voice. I simply want to taste my messed up vagina and give my sucking uterine mouth a simmer.

Roana knows that, and she understands that just because she did that doesn't increase her chances of doing it. But when the word "baby" comes out, it loses its ability to resist.

A female elf with a low chance of giving birth to a pregnancy is perfectly weak when that topic is brought out by the person she wants. It has been demonstrated in Nia and Aisha and Berna and Leonora.

"Liar... Liar no... Hin!! I don't know... no."

"It's not a lie," Keith kisses Roana, who says so desperately only in words, while his body eliminates resistance.

Kisses mixed with stimuli from nipples and cliches, where seeding cravings mixed Roana lost control of her ripe body.

to Roana, who swung completely. Keith nodded his tongue and licked the saliva on his mouth,

"Well, let's give it a little more inspiration... especially for Omango, shall we?

That's what I said and it was that nostalgic massager in my hand. It's the successor to what I used the first time I held Aisha. Roana, who is a merchant, soon found out that it was something that would lift her shoulder stiffness,

"... Huh? Oh man... Shishi, oh, oh, hey! No, no, that's... no!! Shit, ahhh!

Roana's rotor, which moves her legs to escape, was forced to stop the movement with stimulus. Keith brought the hand massager in one hand closer to the female in the ripe elf.

Press the switch to react to magic and the tip starts to tremble. In love with it being a good vibration, Keith pushed it against Roana's Omako.