A little cat walks down the main street. Pretending to be in a good mood for your tail, it looks like you'll enjoy watching the town in the spring.

The residents were used to the appearance of the cat. Some even greeted it as "like," and the cat returned it as "nya" with pleasure.

The cat's name is Lou. He is the demon and cat fairy of Keith, the magician of the court of the Kingdom of Seimrad.

Although, I'm still immature, so all I can use is that the magic is so precise that my husband's detection and fan's weak degree of cold air.

Recently, however, I have been able to use Shadow Crossing with thanks to my enthusiasm to study. Shadow crossing is a move of shadows, as its name suggests.

As a user demon, it's a relatively popular move, but if you try it Lou, it's a move you've finally gained with your thoughts. Still, the success rate is 20%.

I was back today after practicing the moves for the Eighty Hundred Cats, a senior cat fairy.

As the spring sun walks down the comfortable streets, I feel like I'm going away for a bit longer like this.

My husband will either be asleep, muscled, or reading a porn book or holding a woman when I get back to my room anyway. Then I can make it more meaningful to take a walk home.

That's what Lou thought. He walked in a narrow alley like he wouldn't normally go, jumped into a tree, ran through the roof and out into the woods.

Lou walked so hard I don't know where he walked, but his nesting instinct tells me where the palace is, so it's safe.

A voice was heard as he stopped in a pleasant spring breeze and licked the Techitechi meatballs.

"Ah... it's the cat"

"Nha?" she looked back at her whining voice, and there was a girl there. It's an elf girl. I'm still about 9 or 10 years old.

Elves will grow more slowly around the age of ten so they will still be as old as they seem.

The girl found Lou through the window of the house and called out. Lou gave him one of his front legs when he approached him and said, "Hello," he said.

The girl seemed surprised that the cat had spoken, and Lou was also surprised at that. Because Seimrad is not as rare as a cat fairy.

"Is this the first time you've seen a cat fairy?

"Yeah. Is your cat a cat fairy?

"That's right. Fine Cat Fairy Nha"

Like I said, the girl laughed couscous at Lou with her chest stretched. Lou finally realized that the girl was in bed in her bedtime.

"Ugna? Are you sick?

That's the only reason I can think of to stay in bed in a warm spring afternoon like this. Except for some husband who sleeps until noon at all times.

But if so, I also wonder if I can keep the window open. If you have a cold or something, you have to keep it warm. Even though it was a warm spring day, I didn't think I should touch the outside air.

The girl smiled small at Lou tilting her neck thinking about it. The smile had a drifting view of an unsuitable age.

"Yes... I'm not feeling well. All the time... my chest hurts, I cough... ah, but it won't get contagious, so I'm fine."

to Lou, who has a dark face when he hears something bad. The girl,

"It's okay. It's been a long time. So, I'm fine... sorry."

Lou shook his neck left and right at her words about talking like this. And I say jump by the window.

"Did you see the doctor?

"... a lot. I've seen various doctors. I also went to a country of human species…"

I thought of my stupid husband's face in my head, but it disappeared quickly. If you couldn't even see a doctor in a country of human species, there's no way it could have happened to a snail demon mentor.

A sense of powerlessness that can't do anything strikes Lou and puts his tail to the ground. Then the girl tried to change the subject.

The fact that I know how to deal with them when it gets dark in my story thus tells me the length of my relationship with the disease.

"Hey, cat... can I touch you? I... never touched a cat."

"Nha? But of course it's good! Touch the meatballs. It's puffy."

Lou, who at least finds what he can do, happily offers his front leg and tries to make the girl touch him. It was when the girl smiling fun tried to touch its front leg.

"Kolya! What can I do? Wildcats!!

Bitter by the thunderous running roar! And when Lou, who jumped up, turned to his face in surprise, he saw an old man entering the girl's room.

The old man, who feels stubborn no matter how he sees it, approaches Lou with a big strand when he puts the tray with the lunch he had in his hand.

"My wildcat!

"Grandpa, no! No, you cat... Ho, ho, ho..."

"Oh, hey! Are you kidding me? So tell me, why don't you get close to the animals!! I'm on medication now... yes, you're still here!

"Ho, ho, ho, ho... no, no... Ho!

Lou thought he would be in an awkward situation when he was there and jumped out the window and walked away from the spot. The eyes of the poor girl and the old man who cares about it couldn't get out of my head until hours.

From that day on, it became routine for Lou to go to the girl's house. That said, he talks from the outside, not close to the girl's room window.

I didn't go on rainy or windy days because I would have trouble if the girl got sick, but always on sunny days. Sometimes I took a souvenir. And at the end of the day, the old man always yelled at me and threw me out.

The girl's name is Liel, and her grandfather seems to be Mowd.

Looks like Riel's been sick for quite a while, and he's hardly ever been out of this house. That's why I've never seen a cat fairy before.

Lou told a lot of stories to Riel who knows nothing about the outside world. The fact that I am the demon of the court magician and the fact that I have traveled a long time.

Lou himself was surprised to be like a hero Tan filled with adventure when he did so, of course, because he talks except for all the understated parts of that inferior man.

Lille was listening with pleasure as she reacted to Lou's story.

I've heard that being in a fun mood makes my illness better. Lou even starts to have faint expectations that if he makes Riel laugh every day like this...

One day, as usual, Mowd came outside the house after finishing his conversation with Riel and trying to follow him home. Lou, who was ready to be pissed off, but Mowd said, "Here," and put the cat milk on the plate.

Mowd sat on a bunch of firewood that was nearby as he approached Lou for milk, thanking him.

"... sorry, always"

In a sudden word of thanks, "Nha?," Mowd says again as he leans down to the grunting Lou.

"Always, thanks for seeing Riel..."

"Yes, good! It's what I like to do. Never mind."

"Still, that kid here for a while sounds really fun... really, really good... not just painful memories"

That's like the last time. He seems to be saying the end is near,

"What are you talking about? Mr. Riel will be fine!! You'll be able to play outside!

"I hope so," Mowd smiled in tears at the dialogue with no certainty whatsoever. It was a face where joy and sadness lived together on the subject of impossible dreams.

"... why, nya... why. What kind of illness? What the hell is Mr. Riel?"

"... poisonous... and granted a curse"

Lou turned bright white in his head to much surprise. Poison, and curse poison. Why would that Riel do that? I get confused by the lack of translation.

"There was a terrorist attack in Imperial City by a cult group a few years ago... just then my son and his wife went to Imperial City... unlucky"

Involved. His son died on the spot, and his wife, who was pregnant, died shortly after giving birth. And born Riel. After finishing the whole story, Mowd clenched his fist.

"Why do you keep seeing that girl like this... why can't I do it on his behalf..."

Mowd's resentment of the whole fate remained in Lou's ear all the time. But I can't do anything. To Lou, Mowd bowed his head for the first time that day, "Come back and do it again".

Of course he nodded and returned. When he reached the palace, Lou did not return to his room and headed straight for Nia's room. I was reading a book, and Nia said to Lou, "What's wrong?" and lean his neck.

Lou did such a favor to Nia. That was to give me a handkerchief.

Of all the stories she told Riel, the most surprising thing about her was that Lou knew Nia.

As most of the girls who live in Seimrad do, Riel also admired Nia, enough to ask what she was often like.

That's why Lou thought Riel would be happy if he got the handkerchief he was using for that Nia and gave it to him.

When asked about the situation, Nia hurried to bring a handkerchief and handed it to Lou with a letter saying, "Get well" there.

I thanked him and received it. Lou wanted to give it to me in a hurry, and he said it was almost night and he got out of the palace and headed to Riel's house.

Give me this and I'll be fine. I'm so happy to blow poison out of my body. Hoping so, Lou ran through the boulevard of the sunset.

And when he arrived at Riel's house, Lou stopped his legs at the noise. I heard Mowd scream from inside the house, rushing over through the window, and there was a blood spitting liel and a doctor who would treat it in a hurry.

By the side Mowd tries to get close as he screams Riel's name, but the nurse has stopped him from doing so. There was unlikely death overflowing there.

Even though we were laughing during the day, we were both laughing, and we promised again... Lou was just stunned by the sight of not being allowed to enter the room or speak up.


Sleeping on the roof in the owner's voice that he was closing the store, the cat stretched out and tried to enter the house. Then appeared the little cat that I was used to seeing there. It's Lou.

"Hey, don't even come to practice these days. What have you been doing? Some good female cat...... Hey, what's up?

The cat notices Lou in the dark. Lou was drooling his tail in silence, but eventually,

"... there's something I need you to tell me."

I thought there was something in the altered, deeply sunken voice. Doraki says "come on" and takes him to the assembly hall. No one will listen to me here.

"So... what do you want me to tell you?"

Stuck in breath as he searched for words, Lou finally opened his mouth after one deep breath.

"... how to share life... I want you to tell me."

The cat narrows her eyes to the words. Allocation of life, that's a contraindication that cat fairies can use.

In the legend of the cat fairy, "the cat fairy has nine souls". This means that there is so much life energy flowing through the body of the cat fairy, but that is a story for the cat in question, and not so much for other organisms.

But it does not change that it is life energy, and if it is known, it does not necessarily mean that those who hunt cat fairies and try to suck their lives will not show up.

Therefore, for cat fairies, moves that can transfer their life energy to others have been passed on as contraindicated moves that should never be told to other species.

Lou has said he wants to remember that. The cat shut up for a while and then briefly said, "Tell me what's going on". Lou told the whole story after he got lost.

About Riel, about the curse poison that corrodes her. I'm done listening to that. Doraemon cat,

"... assuming you give that girl your energy, it's just gonna extend her life expediently by about ten years, right? In exchange for that, your life expectancy will shrink to a couple of years... if you suck, you'll die."

Lou nodded quietly. I knew it.

"But... Mr. Riel can spend another ten years with his grandfather. Grandpa, ten more years... I can watch you, Riel."

"... so... what the hell do you get? Is that girl anything special to you?

Give life to someone you just know. Such is not a heroic act or anything. It's just a sentiment for fools.

If anyone can do that lightly, it's just a hero who used to talk about it. Besides, that hero always gets a happy ending afterwards, but this cat doesn't.

Extending Riel's life by only ten years, I die in a couple of years. Neither will be saved. It will only come to an end. Lou smiled at the cat to say so.

"Myself... I used to die. I almost got caught hunting cat fairies. Then there was someone who helped herself without asking for anything in return!... I want to be the man I am!

Lou grinned when he revealed his true intentions, which he had never told anyone. Because I'm Lou, I have the same name as a hero, so I need to live without being ashamed of that idiot who put that on me!!

When he learned of his determination, the cat groaned as if he'd given up, "Oh, yeah,"

"Fine. I'll tell you. So come and regret it."

"I won't!

Answering well, Lou taught his cat a generation of magic.


Late at night, Lou organized the treasure when he returned to his room. Clean up the mouse toys that Kitenju and Keith made for me and the cat bed that Nia and Berna gave me.

It's just in case you run out of life and die.

I finished cleaning up, and I said, "Okay!," he said, trying to get out of the window, and the contents of the bed mucked up.

"It's not okay. Where are you going at this hour, pussycat?"

It solidifies my surprise at my husband's voice. I thought I'd fall asleep till morning. to the cat in a hurry to think about excuses. Keith said

"... I asked Lady Nia. You said you were going to see a girl? Is she cute, that girl?

I always want to see my niggardly husband say, "You idiot! Keith narrows his eyes to Lou, who can't even say," I lean down.

"... something. Say it."

"... that, ha"

"Waste cat. You're my demon. It's a hundred years early to hide things from my husband. Just say it."

Lou got lost in his unreliable husband, sloppy in pants and shirts that would get him out of bed completely.

Helping Riel, risking his life, that also involves a cat fairy contraindication. So I can't tell you. But... with that, Keith approached me and lifted Lou.

"... you can't do anything without telling me, idiot. Just say it."

Bad speech but kind voice. That voice reminds me of the first time I was saved.

"Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh... uhh, uhh... uhh"

Lou started telling the whole story with a face messed up with tears and snot. About the girl I met, about her body, everything I wanted to save knowing about it.

Keith, who was listening to it in silence, wiped Lou's face down to the floor with a tissue when the conversation was over.

Speaking to Keith and calming his mind, Lou tried to say his final goodbye. But before that, Keith starts wearing clothes.

"... Oshi-jun?

"Ooh, show them around quickly. Damn if you think you've been weirdly depressed lately...... that fucking cat! The life of the demon belongs to your husband! Don't try to use it on your own!!

"So, but... you know, because"

I can't save Riel if I don't. No famous doctor could help. This is the only way to save Riel. Keith smiled invincibly at Lou, who complained so.

"Don't lick it. Even if it looks like this, I'm the one who was told I was at the archdeacon level when it came to body scans. If Schnee's contract magic fits in there... there's no way he could just freeze the curse poison in his body to death."

Actually, that's a delicate task with a lot of magic and concentration, but Keith said to use simple magic without saying anything about it.

When I heard that, Lou said he couldn't believe it. Make a face,

"Really?... Your husband, Mr. Riel, can you help me?

"... if the user demon dies at will, don't bother... and that's it. You're one hand in selling favors to a beautiful daughter in the future! Yeah!!"

Lou said to his husband, who makes the lowest statement like a blindfold, "Ohhhhhh!!" I jumped. The tail had shaken well for the first time in a while.

"Hey, wax! Stop, Face Hugger, stop! Oh, no more! Here we go!!


Nodding Lou led his husband and took him to Riel's house. The face was more proud than ever.