Nia, rocked by the carriage, stared at Keith with Nico and a happy smile. And Keith smiles back and says.

"Good for you. You're so happy."


Nodding Nia was remembering the sight now that it was really good.

It was only a few days ago that Keith treated a girl suffering from a disease that Lou happened to know.

Even after the treatment, that doesn't mean Sayonara, and Keith has been following the girl's house every day since.

Having heard the story, Nia has offered to help herself.

I can't help Nia with the cure for the attack magic, except if the girl is longing for the princess.

I'm sure you'll feel better if I see you. Yeah, Keith told me too. Nia decided to definitely go see him.

But it can't be allowed for a princess of a country to easily go to a people's house. Nia knows that, too.

So I showed him the whole story, and he said, "I'm going to visit Leonora's mansion," and it was Nia who came up with a way to leave the palace and go see her.

Of course both Aisha and Keith objected to this by saying "that's a little" but it breaks into a sincere Nia look.

And I've been working on the operation for a few days now, and I finally did it today.

The girl is surprised when Nia goes to see her, and her grandfather is about to faint. While Keith was caring for his grandfather, Nia had a good time, albeit slightly with the girl.

That's how the sympathy ended. Nia was happily remembering the girl's smile in the carriage back home.

I can't help it from the standpoint, but Nia has never cheered someone up like that before. So I can't help but be happy with that.

It's helping someone, Nia's chest jumped for the first time since she was born other than Keith when she was cheering someone up.

Let's go again, when we're fully recovered, I'll even call you to the palace. So determined, Nia moved her less seat of joy and hugged Keith.

"Whoa?" Keith looked surprised, but he made a good boy understand that he would have been extra happy with how Nia was getting squeezed like a jean dog.

Nobody interrupts Nia and Keith stroking him that tickles because there's only two of them in this carriage.

Berna, accompanied by Aisha, was at your table.

If you take the carriage straight to the girl's house, you won't find out from her, so she went to Leonora's mansion at one end and switched to another carriage that she had prepared from there.

Keith can't drive a carriage, so naturally, Aisha and Berna will sit on your stand.

Two people who somehow didn't feel comfortable, but still I also thought "well okay" with that girl's smile and Nia's smile.

That's how the four of them rocked by the carriage came close to returning to Leonora's mansion in a little while. That's when Nia looked out and accidentally,

"... Dear Keith, Um"

"Hmm? What's wrong?

"... you know... you know, a little... why don't you take a walk?

"Is it a walk?

Looking out the window at the nodding Nia, there was a beautiful forest in the spring sun. Sure, it's a walking day.

"No... but"

Keith, clouding his mouth, thought the walk from here was a boulder even though he was out saying he couldn't.

But if I tried Nia, I would have liked to walk with Keith because I rarely had a chance to go out like this.

As his thoughts came through Bishibishi, Keith thought in a roar, "Uh-huh," eventually losing Nia's gaze.

"Okay. I'll talk to Aisha for a second."

When I sent Aisha, who is on your stand, to tell her the details, she said, "I can't do that!" and returned. The carriage eventually stopped quietly when I was persuading him to do something about it.

Waiting, the door opens and Aisha stares at Keith with a musty face.

"... just a little bit."

The first person to react to that word was Nia, who told Aisha, "Thanks!" I hugged him.

Aisha, who takes it, now says in a gentle voice, "Just a little bit, right?" and beware of Nia. The princess nodded well.

Berna makes Nia look warm by wearing the coat she had brought. I made it a simpler dress than usual because I'm going out today. Besides, even though it's still spring, the wind can be cold.

Naia, dressed as a nuke, smiles joyfully and quickly joins hands with Keith to walk into the woods a little from the carriageway to the part. Aisha and Berna dropped it off in silence.

"... are you sure you don't want to follow me?

"... there's Keith and he'll be fine. Besides, before you go into the woods, you'll have to do magic with people, beasts and monsters. It's as close as God can get to the two of us right now... and"

I know enough to say I don't like wanting to date Keith. Nia was the only member of the group who never went out decently with Keith.

Even Leonora went to the spa inn once before. That was kind of pathetic, and she was a knight-daughter who wanted Nia to go through a date too.

Berna indulged in the words Aisha returned to her inquiry before

"I didn't mean to say that, but I was wondering if it would be okay to leave your husband alone in a place like this with Nia..."

"Ugh!! Yikes, no... uhh... yeah, it's ok... and shin... shin... uhhhhh"

Sighed Berna offered Aisha the warm tea she put in the water bottle.


Walking in the woods Keith and Nia are joyfully smiling holding hands.

With all kinds of protective witchcraft, there are no birds, no beasts, not even bugs around the two of them, and the breath of the unique creatures of the forest just sounds somewhere far away.

Instead, I felt the sound of the wind rushing through the trees and the warmth of the leaking day, and I could feel the plants strongly.

Keith was walking slowly one step at a time, careful not to let Nia fall or fall. Nia arms Keith cuddly like that.

The joy of being able to walk with Keith in such a fairy tale-like sight was hurting Nia's maiden heart to cum.

I look up and Keith's serious face burns in my eyes. Well dressed, talented, kind. A man like a hero who helps others without asking for anything in return.

When I met Keith and found out that there was really such a person in the world, Nia thanked him for his fate in getting to know such a nice person.

I didn't just get to know him. I even promise to make a baby with this guy. That means you'll do it to my wife.

There are many other candidates for wives, but aside from that, Nia was immersed in the happiness of being with Keith like a hero in a tale of horns.

When Keith tilted his neck, he finally realized he was getting such a thermal gaze.

"Uh... what's up?

"Oh, the... uh, uh, Master Keith said you were lovely... think"

Keith looked kyoton at Nia, who said in the light, but smiled small and thanked him when he understood the meaning of the word.

"Thank you. Only Master Nia can say that."

"Oh, no! Everybody thinks! Master Keith said he was lovely. He said he looked great! 'Cause, you know, knocking down basilisks, knocking down ice spirits and signing contracts, this is how you help people... because it's all amazing!

to Nia, who theorizes. Keith says "Thank you" again, then

"But that's how we can all work hard because we have Lady Nia. I think I'll do my best because Lady Nia is here with me."

"Huh! Oh, um... oh, wow, I don't know."

"It's true. Lovely, lovely Nia says she likes me that way, so I can think of doing something nice to respond to it."

Speaking gently, Keith held Nia hard in an unpopular forest. "Phew," he whispers softly into Nia's ear.

"Dear Nia... please be courageous to me all the time... the courage to stay fine, all the time"

I mean, you're gonna tell me to like it all the time. That's what I thought. Nia cried out, "Of course you do," again and again.

Never before had he been splendid, the inferior man made his nose rough when he felt Nia swing at his words and hug him back.

This is a chance. My groin hurts when this is my first chance of adultery by Princess Elf. Fortunately, it's not popular with magic, and Aisha and Berna haven't arrived. This will only be adultery anymore!!

Keith, so determined, took Nia's lips, blamed him on his tongue as he deliberately wandered off.

By the way, I move my tongue more persistently than usual to stimulate the sexy bands inside Nia's.

(Ha! Oh, wow, me... I'm kissing you outside... haha)

Kissing outside is unlikely to be royal. Stimulation from within heats my lower abdomen through the back of my throat. Keith made the kiss fierce to be more of a swinging bitch to Nia, who looks cute.

"Nh, ruchu, pechu, chupu, chupu, raju... pu, ki-suma, nju, chupu"

Nia stared at Keith, gasping with a ha-ha-ha, as she overflowed her mouth with covetousness into an oral caress with her unstoppable tongue. I thought this sounded good. Keith's a good kid. When he's a good kid,

"Dear Nia... Shall we have sex?

"Let... uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.

Actually, Nia is dying to do it, but I don't think she should go outside. So lean down. To Nia that no. Keith,

"It's okay. You did some magic earlier, didn't you? So nobody interrupts me and Lady Nia."

"Well, otherwise, uh, yeah... oh, that! When I get back to the carriage and get to Leonora..."

"Then we're not alone... we have sex alone... I'd love to"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

Keith thought to Nia, where embarrassment and guilt won and he really won't let OK out. The look was as serious as it was when treating a girl. And Keith tells Nia what comes to mind.

"Hey, Master Nia... you know what? When you have sex here, it's easy to have a baby, isn't it?

"... Huh? Oh, really?

"Yeah. The energy sent by the forest trees is great for elf species like Nia. Look, the elves are family members of the woods, right? That's why it's easy for babies to have sex in the woods!

"Huh!... really? Really baby...... is it easy to do?

I think Nia is true to Keith, who snorts. Whatever the magician who saved the girl suffering from the difficulty can't be lying.

If we have sex here, the baby... it also sounds like the trees are sayin '' yes' when you think so. Actually, at this time, the Seimrad trees said, "Don't lie to me! What are you talking about!!" I was yelling at Keith.

I don't see that. Nia stares at her own stomach and thinks that if she had sex here, her baby with Keith would turn bright red.

Once I thought of it that way, my whole body complained that I wanted it and Omango started to hurt. Keith hugs Nia as she looks up to him no matter what.

"Let's do it, Master Nia... Let me. Private sex for just the two of you...... let me samen out behind your crotch"

Keith's words sounded like he was telling Nia to make a baby. Then I couldn't refuse it anymore.

"... hey... I will, I want to, I want to"

The trees in the woods said in unison, "Don't!" Keith began kissing Princess Kid-Making Epic Bitch again with a lowly grin as she shrugged her leaves.