"Oh shit! I think there are still bugs on there!!

Keith, who spoke pitifully, continued to wash his body in jabba jabba and hot water. And show your whole body in the mirror to see if there are any bugs on it. I've been doing this five times already.

It's been hours since Nia and I have raped in the woods and been in revenge for the trees.

Keith, bathed in more than a hundred insects, cried for help and ended up being saved by Berna's deworming magic.

For wooden elves living in the woods, insect repellent and beast repellent magic is one thing to remember.

That's how the bug disappeared, but still Keith felt like he was going to cry because of the sensation he bothered to have all over his body. I wanted to do something about that as soon as possible.

So when we got to Leonora's mansion, Nia, Aisha and Berna went right back to the palace from there, while Keith stayed and rented a bath.

I couldn't help but take a quick bath in the corner and wash my body.

Take off your clothes and make sure the bugs aren't lurking anywhere before bathing in hot water and rubbing and washing enough to turn bright red all over your body. And just in case, five more times.

But when I remembered the feeling, Keith started taking another shower of hot water. Leonora showed her face in such a bathroom.

"Keith! Don't be silly. How long are you going to be washing your body! Your skin will be damaged!!

"Oh, you can say that! Disgusting..."

Sighed, Leonora stroked to check Keith's body as she walked into the bathroom.

"It's okay. I don't follow any bugs in Keith's body."

I was somehow convinced when they said that in a kind voice, and Keith finally came out of the bathroom. Leonora wipes that body.

"Mostly because that's what you do in the woods to Mr. Nia? Reflect."

"... sorry"

I just have to honestly reflect. Keith bows his head and apologizes. I can't say anything because I totally deserve it.

On such a pitiful face, Leonora prepared a cold cup of tea for me to bathe in, smiling bitterly. Behind that, Keith,

"Leo, Leo Nora. Can I stay here today?

"Huh? Yeah, I don't mind."

"... so, uh... if you like, why don't you hug me and go to sleep?

The feeling of insects on the body is too strong, and someone can't seem to sleep safely without turning it off because of the soft skin feeling of a woman.

I can see that somehow. Leonora groaned at me "the unblemished" and then nodded at me. Horrified Keith thanked and hugged Leonora.

I can't make tea, but I don't like it. Leonora took the pitiful man with her.

"More than that, Keith, if you don't get dressed quickly, you're gonna get hot and cold, right?

"Oh, right. Then get dressed..."

There's no way Keith's clothes are in Leonora's room when she tells me to change. That's what you think.

"Isn't there? Here..."

That's what I was told and remembered is that boy's clothes. Clothes for the boy Keith that I bought before out of my mind. I mean, wearing an array.

"Hey, hey, Keith! Are you going to look like that again!?

Keith said plainly to Leonora, who panicked knowing he was going to look like a boy.

"Because I don't like wormed clothes. And look, even when you hug and sleep, you can sleep like that body is more enveloping than this body, right? Right?"

"Hey... but no..."

Leonora can't give permission inside when Keith in that figure makes me feel like a very perverse, not good-looking sister. But Keith had the momentum to get grounded,

"Please! Please let me sleep wrapped in Leonora!! Otherwise, I... me."

"Wow, I get it! I understand... please don't look like that"

He was weak Leonora when he could stare at him like a weak dog. Glad to hear that, Keith quickly activated herself and shrunk as she pumped shoe smoke out of her body.

"Already?!? Even more later...... Oh, oh, ugh! Already!"

Seeing Keith become a child gasping for pain, Leonora had no choice but to take away the children's clothes she had hidden from the closet.


It's no doubt a secret to the maids that Keith is in Leonora's room.

So we ate meals and other lightly knobbed items that Leonora brought from the kitchen together.

And include telling no one to come to the room, put on the silence magic prop and the two of us chat.

I'm dealing with children, but the contents are adults, so Leonora, who is a little confused about handling them, is also getting quite used to it when she takes time.

But I treat him like a child at regular times, and then Leonora kind of lights up. Keith looked at such a lady satisfactorily.

As it was, time flowed and it was time to go to bed at night.

When Leonora, dressed for Negrije, went to her bedroom, Keith waited first looking just like her pants and shirt.

Leonora is thrilled for some reason to wonder if she is going to be in bed with her unfamiliar thin and luxurious body.

(Why should I feel like such a pervert anymore! It doesn't make sense!

Leonora walks into bed first, screaming so with her heart, clears up space for Keith. There Keith went in and hugged Leonora.

The scent of a sweet, soft breasted lady engulfed Keith.

"Oh my God... Ugh, Leonora... giggle me... hug me more"

Leonora hugged Keith hard as she whined "No more" with a bright red face on her sweet voice at the boy soprano.

The soft chest feel wraps Keith and gives him peace of mind. If it stays like this, I think I can sleep. That's what I thought. The window in the room gutted open.

"Oh, Keith... I thought you weren't in the room. Again..."

A familiar voice. In other words, there is only one inmate, Aisha, who enters Leonora's room through a window.

Leonora and Keith look at Aisha, thinking, "Not again." Aisha saw Keith looking like a boy again,

"Again, you pervert! You, come on! That boy's hobby is cured!! It's time to seriously risk it!

"This is Keith! Or you are the thief. Stop pretending!! Still a knight!

"Shut up! Even a sneaking mission is for the knight!

"Which knight are you talking about!?

Keith sighed at the two of them as they started talking again. I almost forgot what a bug felt like in the corner. Keith was determined that Aisha would have to help him with this already.

Aisha, who doesn't realize she's in such a state of flying and entering the fire, kept saying Leonora, but suddenly Keith said, "Leonora!" It solidifies me when I see him hugging me.

"Ko...... here Keith!! Why would I do that in front of me?"

"Leonora...... listen to me. Aisha, Aisha didn't help me when I painted it on the bug and told her to help me... yeah"

"Huh?" the voices of Aisha and Leonora hammered, and their eyes met each other. Keith has always been,

"Me, I'm scared. Help me... and Aisha abandoned me... it was Berna who helped me."

"Ah, you! You're a knight but you can't believe you're running away... what are you going to do!?

"We... because that's the amount of bugs! I can't... and I can't even use the magic of insect control... so"

"Leonora! I was scared... me, I was scared, Gusu, Gusu! Higu!!

Leonora strokes Keith, who deliberately speaks a young voice, "Okay, okay," feeling like she's also following the child.

Aisha tried to complain to the two of them, but she couldn't say anything because she was sure she couldn't help her, so she gets stuck with the words.

"... Aisha... you said you'd help me... if it got dangerous... and yet"

"That one! 'Cause, you know, that's not what I'm saying... Uh-huh... sorry."

I say as I stroke Keith whether Leonora, the boulder, also felt pitiful because Aisha, who apologizes, is so grumpy.

"... Keith, even Mr. Color Black... well, I'm telling you, and there's something about it that everyone doesn't like. Forgive me."

Old Leonora would have laughed and hunted Aisha down like he had taken the neck of an ogre, but it is something different from people. Elves, though.

Keith turned his gaze to Chirali and Aisha for such Leonora's words. This is the chance for Aisha, who is indeed pathetically shy, and

"... Aisha, can you help me this time? Now...... will you protect me?

"Huh? Oh, yeah! I'll protect you! Get Keith... I'll help you."

"Then I get it. Please hold me now. Then I'll believe Aisha."

You can even say "hug?," his good friends Aisha and Leonora, who hammered their voices, "Yep!" He raised his voice.

"Hey, hey, Keith! A hug, that's what I..."

"So it's a hug for both of us. Here's the thing from left to right... when I turn to the side, I say back and forth."

"Keith! That's what you were after from the beginning... fool me again! I won't forgive you!!

"I'm not fooling you. There's a bug. I can't feel it. That's why I want the two of you to wrap your bodies without gaps to shake it off!!

I know what you're trying to say, but I'm not convinced. Aisha shrugged "But" and solidified. Besides, Keith turns to Zito.

"I said protect... I said help... were you lying?

"Yes, I said it... I said it, but... I said it... okay"

"Oh, wait! I can't believe I'm such a couple..."

"Leonora... he said he'd give me a giggle... it's a promise."

"Ma, speak up again! Come on... ugh, ugh, with those eyes... you mustn't stare... ugh!

Leonora lost the attack staring with Keith's moist eyes as she became vulnerable to the stirring sweetening child. I lost.

Keith, who had thus once again succeeded in caging his sisters, took Negrije from Leonora's closet and gave it to Aisha, who knew on his own that he would quickly increase the number of pillows.

Wearing his first pair of flirty luxury negligees with a pitiful face, Aisha accompanied Leonora to the left of the fucking Gakeys, sleeping in the center of the bed and letting her samurai on the right.

Keith's face was gloriously nibbled when a good smell and softness came from the left and right. That is not the face of a child after all.

Feeling fitted again, Aisha and Leonora stared at each other over Keith,

"It's your fault... if you don't come..."

"Well, if you don't allow Keith to look like a child in the first place,

"If you're gonna say that, it's not your fault I didn't help you from the bugs!

"I'd say that! That's cowardly..."

Keith sighed in his speech from left to right.

"The bug! The bug said the body was mozo! Wow! Help me, Aisha! Leonora!!

The two surprised me. I didn't know that was an act. In an instant, I saw through it, but I kept screaming. Aligned with Keith's figure, "Already!" We hugged them from both sides so hard that our skin touched them.

Sister Elf, Keith, who savours the two close pillows, cheered up the center of the children's trousers.