Keith, who returned from Leonora's mansion, remained childish.

When the three of us slept until morning, we overslept, and the maid woke up at the time she came to the room, so she panicked.

I woke up with a maid's voice. Leonora and Aisha were in a hurry to dress up dangerously dressed to sleep between them pinching boys.

He was Keith, who managed to use the magic of the Nightshade to use metamorphosis magic to get back to the palace, but then Aisha scolds me for coming back with him.

For that reason Keith didn't have time to get back to normal and stayed in childhood, so he lay down in bed as he did when he lacked sleep.

We slept until evening, and then we thought we should go back. That's how sleeping knocked the door.

"Hmm?," he woke up with his sleeping eyes. Keith also turned to the door, forgetting he was a child. And when I opened it, Berna stood there.

I don't think Berna's going to look so big. Keith finally remembered that he was a child and muttered, "Ah." Berna tilted her neck at the figure,

"Did you look like that again?

and groaned. Keith laughed bitterly and told her how it was when she put Berna in the room.

"No, I stayed at Leonora's mansion yesterday, but then Aisha came... so why are you two here?"

Berna just says, "Really?" without showing any reaction to Keith's lies.

Keith finally realized Berna was wearing personal clothes.

"Oh, were you off today"

When I asked Berna, who answered yes, if she had come to see me with it.

"No... bugs in the woods yesterday... so I was wondering if they bit me somewhere"

So Keith, deliberately surprised, noticed that Berna had a vial in her hand. Probably a handmade insect bite pill.

He went to pick up the herbs he picked in the morning and immediately fried them and brought them to me. Keith, who will be happy to be a attentive and pet as ever,

"Thank you. Glad to hear it, Berna."

That's what I said and hugged him. Usually I get to wrap Berna around Keith, but today it was the other way around.

Berna, a little confused but holding Keith tight, honestly thought she was cute. And think.

"... your husband. It doesn't really look like this to me."

"Heh? Oh, yeah..."

Sure, if you ask me, it's a lot of Aisha and Leonora who look like this. But I guess that's natural too.

Unlike Aisha, who easily flirts in childhood, and Leonora, who flirts with disloyalty in what she does in childhood, Berna is always the same.

I know that you won't be trapped by the way you look, but then there are many disadvantages and disadvantages of being a child.

I can't strongly blame you for being a child's power, and I can't poke my penis in the back. And it's hard to use toys.

Berna was so unconvinced by Keith that he didn't have the same expression.

"... but I also want to hold your husband like this... I want to take care of you…"

I felt like I caught a glimpse of Berna's complexity of being a good caretaker and caretaker for her sweet, lonely cunt.

Keith clung to the luxurious pet elf's waist, wondering if that would be good for Berna once in a while as she stared.

"Shall I sweeten Berna for a day then? Will you take care of me all day today?

"Yes," Berna muttered happily as she cuddled back. Keith stretched his back on that face.

Now that she knows what she's being asked for, Berna kisses her lips without hesitation. Keith pokes his tongue from his tongue into Berna's chamber and licks it around.

I let go of my lips when I realized that Berna was tangling her tongue a little bit.

"What's up?

"... Master, I can smell Aisha and Leonora... wow, I will"

Keith, who was wrapped up all night, is no longer paralyzed and unaware, but when I think about it, it's only natural to do so because the two of us are holding him to sleep and he's not taking a bath as he is.

By the time I said yes, Berna had already begun to prepare for the bath. You want to be your own little master.

I'll leave that to you, too. Keith took off his naked children's pants and shirt from Leonora's house and waited naked.

Having finished preparing for the bath, Berna solidified a little on Keith, who was already naked, and then took off her clothes herself. Then I pull Keith's hand and head to the bathroom.

Keith, seated in the bath chair, listens to Berna say, "Please close your eyes" and does so.

Then I got hot water from my head. When I hold my breath, Berna wipes my face, and shampoos me.

The hand that gently washes the scalp is really gentle and comfortable. I was so horny for a moment that I almost fell asleep.

Bearing with it, still silently receiving shampoo, the water eventually washed away beautifully with the foam once more.

Puha! and shook off the hot water on his face and opened his eyes, and there was Berna's breast. It looks as small as ever, but it looks really delicious.

Berna started washing Keith's body with soap on the bath sponge when she was thinking about smoking it.

It was the same when I was shampooing, but Berna's hand is really sweet and makes me feel like I'm really dealing with kids.

So is Aisha and Leonora, but that still contains a little sexual thoughts. But Berna doesn't have it.

Keith may not be particularly excited by the fact that he thinks Keith is a child because he rejects it.

Thinking it was a boulder Berna, Berna put down her bath sponge and washed her penis and ass with her fingers.

She peels off her foreskin and washes it inside, so I almost react, but Berna's hand was too smudged and reminded me of my grandmother in the country and she didn't end up getting an erection.

Keith was led by the hot tub to see if everything was done washing in it, thinking it was dangerous in a way to be too gentle.

I finished washing my body when I waited. Berna walks in with me and hugs me from behind.

A hug that I let scatter Aisha and Leonora do yesterday, but Berna had a different warmth than that.

Speaking of softness, of course the two of us are winning better. But I felt secure that Berna's embrace was somehow protecting me.

Feeling it wasn't Dade who said he would take care of her, Keith regretted her groin not erecting in much peace.

Eventually when she got out of the bath doing nothing, Berna wiped Keith's body and put her shirt on.

The shirt for adults is like a piece when it comes in this way. But it's fritin, but I can't help it.

Berna gave me a knee pillow in bed when I waited in that outfit to dry my hair with a hairdryer.

I smelled good soap from Berna's raw thigh with a single shirt, just like Keith. Something touched my ear as I was sniffing it. Cotton swab.

I know on my own. Berna, who also knows where the cotton swab is in Keith's room, began to wipe Keith's ear when she brought it.

When a cotton swab wipes wet ears in hot water, it feels good and swings. Keith felt heavenly there mixed with the feel and smell of Berna's soft thighs.

"Wow... Kimochi no... Belle, come on... Berna is really great... you can be a good mother"

That was a casual word, but as soon as I heard it, Berna stops moving. I don't know, Berna told Keith to squeal, turning to see if he had said anything.

"... really, is it? I... can you be a good mother?

"Heh?... Uh, yeah, of course. I thought I could. You'll make a really good mother."

Berna began to speak small with an expression that she had never seen before in the words of her child Keith.

"... I'm going to be your mother... it was a dream. I'm going to have kids and raise them... but since then... I guess I can't be and I've given up."

That would be when my previous boyfriend dumped me. Now it's Berna who feels like Keith is the first and last man, but he looks like this and is the only socialist in the membership. Excluding Roana.

Berna, misguided by such an ex-husband and taking it personally that she could not do it with anyone because she was insensitive, gave up that she would not have children her whole life.

Because at the time I thought I couldn't have children without marrying them.

"But your husband said he didn't... that I'd feel better too, so... he said I'd make a child of him. I was so happy..."

It doesn't matter what you look like as an adult, Berna, but I was still happy when Keith the kid told me you could be a "good mother".

When I thought the act I would do for you was to take good care of them as well as being adults, I was glad they really said it was okay to be a mother.

That's why Berna thanked Keith. He teaches me pleasure, he stays by my side for the rest of my life, and one day he makes kids. To such an important husband.

"Thank you. Master... tell me you can be a good mother..."

Words I said lightly. And because I simply like to seed it into females, that's all.

Yet Keith became loving when a pet thanked such a lousy man. For a moment I even think about really seeding him.

Reaching out and touching his cheek, Keith wants to be a mom. When he strokes the pet elf,

"I don't want to thank you. I want you to promise me instead."

"Yakuza...... is it?

"Yes. When you have kids, please give them a nice bath, like you just did to me"

"... Yes"

"So, don't forget to bathe me, too. If you forget about me, you'll cry. I might have another pet."

"No. Pet, just me... just me. I'll take good care of your husband... so"

I knew I'd react to the word another pet. Keith woke up and kissed Berna laughing. And keep pushing it down.

"Promise...... please keep it. Because I'll make Berna a proper mom pet."

"... wow"

Keith licked hard with his tiny tongue around Berna's throat responding honestly to the child's words. Keith clinging to Berna, who has a thin reaction but comes with a proper hug.

Keith bare his mom volunteer pet, which he usually doesn't rely on, but feels just a little bigger today. And when I take my shirt off myself, I suck it on my nipples.

Sucking choo-choo with the power of a child does not respond to blunt body. But because I didn't respond, I was able to have a good boy and a good boy.

Sticking to her body and stroking the head of a child sucking on her nipples, Berna held Keith in her chest with no expression.

Keith kept sucking in the little pie as he was, which I think unresponsive addition and subtraction felt good the other way around. It's lovely that my nipples never get harder,

Doing so made me beefy as if the kid dick touching Berna's leg now remembered what happened in the bathroom.

painfully erect. I wanted to be packed chofered with that in Berna's transcendent tech. Keith woke up physically,

"Berna...... will you lick me? Occhi Manko...... can I?

Berna nodded cocklessly and opened the sticky red mouth of her saliva when she saw a skin-covered erection penis that only showed just ahead of her turtle head.

Keith lets a small penis insert into his mouth as he crosses Berna's sleeping face.

The whole meat stick immediately fitted into Berna's chamber. Berna moved her tongue and cleverly peeled her foreskin as her penis, completely swallowed by a warm cuckoo, trembled with pleasure.

And he starts licking it around with his tongue with his pink kid dick turtle head in his pocket.