Berna looks strange at Keith, who takes the lotion with her little meat stick inserted into her vagina.

Keith drooped the lotion smiling at Berna as if she was wondering what to do with her voice.

And I hug her again to the body that has become null.

"Um, mister..."

Keith moves his body slowly to a questioning voice.

"I was wondering if this would make Berna feel a little better. I'll do my best."

"No, I... if only you would feel better..."

Keith raised his face and swelled his cheeks up to Berna answering so.

"Berna thinks I'm the kind of guy who just feels better about one and thinks that's all right!?

"Uh... Um, no"

"I want Berna to feel better, too. I may not be able to, but I want to try. Isn't that nice?

Berna's chest cummed on Keith's face, wanting her to feel better with her desperate face.

When I feel like I'm being thought of so far, the back of my body lights up with joy. The heat of the semen put out held it back.

So Keith hugged Berna, who nodded honestly, and kissed her to stretch her back. Berna responds with a hug.

As I was kissing, the meat stick that was shriveling in my fetus began to grow larger. Keith, who pushes it against his vagina, picks his nipples with his fingers.

Nipples slightly erected after vaginal ejaculation are neither picked nor piqued by small fingers.

Keith, who knew it, didn't scratch anything and started rubbing.

I rub my nipples so hard that I think they will use the slip of lotion to ignite them.

Berna gets her nipples that way while kissing her. "Umbu" disrupts her tongue movement, but Keith keeps moving her fingers as she licks and tangles it.

Compared to the stimuli that can be pulled up, the rubbing blame is weak, but it still fails when it is done many times at high speeds.

The rubbed area becomes sensitive, and I feel irritated when I rub it further there, and it gets stronger and stronger.

"Nju, chipu, raju...... pu, fu, fu! Ngu...... oh, hi! Mm-hmm! Oh, my God... oh!

Keith, who moves his lips from Berna's neck muscle to his clavicle and armpit raising his voice, kept his fingers moving.

Berna's body reacts to the kind of kiss that keeps irritating her nipples and helps her get to every corner of her body.

Seeing Berna start to tremble, Keith handled her stiff nipples all at once, not picking them with her little fingers.

"Hi-no-oh!! Oh, oh! Mm-hmm! Huh!! Ugh!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Keith feels Berna's vaginal meat boils down to good shape, handling her nipples at high speeds, even if her arms are tired.

It's not just the soft, enveloping feeling of earlier, it's the female tangle that passes on to the meat bars.

I figured this was how the female meat had to be. Fucking GaKeith put his effort into handling his nipples. When you are strongly impressed that you are so sensitive, even though it is a child's power,

"Ngu! Ngiuu!! Oh, whoa!! Whoops!! Mmm! Mmm!! Ahhh."

It's finally leaking. Berna's voice always stimulates Keith's ears comfortably. I knew Berna had to be like this.

Keith, who repeatedly handled the grip, eventually let go of his finger as Berna's hips rose quickly.

Berna's nipples, which were too rubbed and peachy, are turning bright red. Keith woke up physically after perusing every lotion to soothe it.

"I'll make you better," Keith said to Berna, staring at him with a different good face.

Keith, who peeled and picked a hard, pointed pubic nucleus from his nipple irritation, treats his nipples with the same speed.

At the same time, a small erect meat stick is thrust into the back at high speed. The movement is ning-roe mechanical, and Berna, who was blamed only for one point in the back, feels as if even a small vibe was inserted.

Blamed for even one spot at a certain rate, Berna was gradually filled with feeling the tip of the stiff boy meat stick.

I blame the meat stick, which turns to pleasure with clarity enough to understand, and when the crisp treatment is added there, Berna quenches her hips and rejoices.

"Oooh, ooh!! Oh, oh, hi!! Ohhhhhh, soooo!! Nguuu!! Kuri, full, full!! Beard, Hiuuuuuuuuuu!!

Erectile clip rubs on child's little fingertips. Besides, the lotion smooths the motion.

The fire of pleasure born in the body, which was only a feeling of happiness that could love Keith, fueled that feeling of happiness and swelled up indefinitely.

Keith asked Berna, who can only think of it as pleasant.

"What do you say, Berna! Do you feel good about your penis vibe? How about this vibrational stimulus?

"Ngu ho ho!! Oh, whoa, whoa! Mmm!! Oh, pussy, sift! Ahhhhhh!! Gigimo, no!! Not, ah, ah, ah!!

The real juice that starts to overflow mixes with the zamen just now, and that foams on the fine vibrations of the meat bars and starts to leak out of the joints.

The horny meat was also starting to get more tight and seriously tangled up in the kid's penis. She is a very good female. Keith turned Berna backwards when he got here.

Keith piercing Berna from behind, which takes the form of less meat but sticks out her round, cute ass, scratched her butthole with her lotioned fingers as she scratched her slippery vagina cubs with a love solution.

"Ahhh!! Oh, ahhhhhhhh! Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm. No, no, no! Boobs, chitchat, yubby! Bullshit!! Oh my goodness!!

Berna screamed ecstatically at the feeling of running up her spine. They finally twisted their fingers around the butthole that they had just accepted their penis.

The bitterness and the feeling of being rubbed anal meat mess up inside Berna. Keith poked around there with a tiny vibe.

I let Berna wander by amplifying the irritation from both the toned anal fingers and the less vaginal tiny sensation.

Even though he's a child, he's weak, and his body doesn't hurt at all, it feels good. Berna thought it was because it was Keith.

It didn't feel good to be touched however much in the previous man. Yet Keith makes me feel better even in a boy like this.

That's simply precisely blaming Keith for the body he spent two years researching and developing, but that's what happened in Berna.

And feeling that way made this female pet more than happy. I'm more than happy to feel my body is dedicated to Keith.

Keith rubbed his bowels in the vaginal direction to invite it more as his uterus descended slightly in delight. And stick the vaginal meat out towards your butt side.

"Nhi-no-no!! Nhi, Nhi Gi no!! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa!! Nho!!

Rectal and vaginal, pleasure stimuli visiting from both converge in one point. The feeling of continuing to gather toward it attracted Berna's uterine mouth.

I want to kiss my penis. My uterus mouth wants to touch Keith's kid dick. Berna found that clear with her inner senses.

Keith, scratching both the scattered holes, pulled his finger out of the butthole just before it as he let it burst high to the brink of acme. And when I hugged him to cover his back, he slammed his hips all over his ass.

When the light sound of PASIN! sounded, Berna said to the shock more than she could imagine, "Ooh!," he barked.

Even though he's such a kid's butt punching piston, the shock he feels in his twisted ass is strong, and his cock tip touches the mouth of his uterus that's gone down.

Stimulus to a place we didn't even plunder until just now. It's also in a sensitive state. Keith blamed Berna all over for filling her head with "feels good".

"Don't be! Don't be!! Belle!! Mmm! Ugh!! Beru ah!!

Berna, a smaller back length, is hugged from behind by an even smaller boy and breaded into his ass. That looked too obscene.

Keith's figure of waving like a monkey adds to his obscenity.

Not fat or long, penis. But only stiffness and pointy points blame that tip of the first-class product on the important part of the vagina that makes me feel good.

I want more pleasure, I don't know, stick my butt out, my upper body will be in a position to lay low and penetrate deeply. Berna squeezed her sheets and barked.

"Oju, jin!! Zaaah! Mmmm! No, it's tiny! Chicks are not good!! Gimomomo, no!! Oh, no, no!

"Glad to hear it! Glad to hear it! Berna Glad to hear it!! Really! I'm glad!

"Whoa, whoa! Oh, whoa, whoa! Ugh no!! Oh dear!! Mm-hmm!!

Two fierce murmurs echoed throughout the room. The barking voices of nasty beasts make each other more sensitive.

Keith reaches out and touches his nipples as he indulges in critical male fluid. Already there was stiffer and pointed than when I rubbed it.

Rub and squeeze it with all your strength, and then squeeze it with your fingers. The pain is doubled when an erect nipple is stretched to its limit even by the power of a pale child.

"Amungi not good!! Igi, higi ooh!! Oh, whoa!! Mormon!! Horseradish! Not good!"

The entanglement of vaginal meat is not comparable to just now. Keith felt the current run from the golden ball to his spine as he rubbed desperately through it.

I can't do this anymore. My body complains that I can't stand it anymore. So Keith puts his strength into his nipple-picking hands and puts a butch of salmon in the back of his head.

Bigg! Dobby!! A cloud that popped all the way out filled Keith's entire body with pleasure from his meat stick. But Keith didn't stop the piston.

Pushing the semen into the head of the ejaculatory tortoise toward the mouth of the womb, which cracks. It's a move because it's a kid dick whose erection can't shrivel.

Naturally, I rub the head of the ejaculatory turtle, so my hips pull, and I get enough stimulus that it will break, but I still roll out the piston with it out.

Then Berna also waves her stomach and gets bored by the feeling of the mouth of the uterus penetrating in response to a hot semen burst.

"Oh, no! Where's your penis? Ugh! Lots of them, they're stuck. Ugh!! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

to Berna, who speaks with no body and no world to convey pleasure. Keith desperately withstood the stimulus of an ejaculatory turtle head tangled in a meatloaf,

"Don't be! Because I will do this all the time!! I'll make you feel better no matter what you look like!!

"Oh, oh, no! Oh, no, no, no! All the time. Yes!! Mm-hmm!

"I'll make lots of babies too! Because I won't let you go or anything!! That's my pet for life!! A pet!!

When Keith told me that as a child, it was as if he had promised me all the way from childhood to adulthood, and Berna felt an unprecedented sense of pride overflowing her body.

This man is different. This man will never leave himself alone. I'm so sure I won't throw it away no matter what.

Its pleasure makes Pet Manko submissive to the intense, making him vulnerable to pleasure. My sense of acme rose as I freaked out and trembled.

I scratched the sheets, 27615; Berna, while putting her strength to the tip of her toes.

"Yi no good g!! Ig, ig! Oju!! Iguuuuuuu!! Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! Yi Jiuuuuuuuuu!! Uh-oh!!

Berna ended up spitting out a nasty voice like I'd never heard before. My child blamed me for my blunt body and made me squirt out.

Biggung biggung as I lean back! and the depths of spasmodic Berna gnawed more than expected, Keith leaked the sarmen as he clung to his ass.

Like spraying tide out of an ejaculatory turtle head, BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! and the popping zamen enter Berna's womb with great momentum.

Filled with Keith's heat all the way inside, Berna stays incontinent. They drooled me up to my uterus in my buttocks and vagina, so I had no choice.

Keith, who was clinging to Berna, who leaked in a dog-like butt-pushing position, eventually exhaled and pulled out his penis until he felt horrible.

Keith looked at Berna and thought he would take a bath, thinking he remained intoxicated that he shriveled in boulders and became impotent in his childhood in Ciosio's groin up to the golden balls. The lotion and pee are amazing.

So Berna pulled Keith to stand up and held him to his chest.

"Oh, hey, don't be a babe? Um..."

"Oh, my God... all the time..."

I shrugged and fell asleep like that. Keith tried to tell Berna that besides peeing would be awesome as it was, but when I looked at her sleeping face, I thought it would be better if I stayed this way for a bit longer.

A little more like this, when Berna is completely asleep, let's go back to being adults and do it all. That's how Keith thought, wrapped in a happy pet elf's chest, and began to squash his abusive nipples gently.