"Ki, I don't remember. No!?

Nia and Leonora all nodded at Keith's barbaric voice. Some Berna called in from the hallway saying she needed help there.

"I have a memory... Huh? But, eh?

I still can't believe he got the explanation. Keith saw the three over and over again. But the expression had taught me that the word was true now.

Aisha, who returned to the palace last night, had lost all memory of the last two years. Technically, I was losing two years of Keith's memory.

I don't remember those two years when Keith was imprisoned on the other hand, trotted with manipulative manipulation, and volunteered for seeding.

I have full memories before that, and I always remember who was who and what. But only Keith and I have lost our erotic memories.

Keith, thinking flashly, wondered if it was because of that "bad heart-sucking magic device" Lou had used before.

But I went to give it back to my grandfather that Lou got it, and most importantly, if he sucked his bad heart out, he'd say to Keith, "Rude man!" There's no way to say it.

Then how come I see Nia, Berna and Leonora, but there's no way the three of us can tell?

Or Ning Lo. The three of them thought Keith might know what to do. More importantly, Leonora and Berna said, "This could be Keith's fault, too, right? I even thought."

But Keith naturally doesn't have the verse he wants, and he looks in trouble.

"Dear Keith... what happens to Aisha?

Leonora asks Keith, who can only roar "uh-huh" at the anxious Nia.

"Don't you dare. You just don't know how you're losing your memory?

Getting that word Keith put his arms together with a difficult face,

"If you look magically in your body, you might see..."

"But? But what?

"Aisha right now, maybe you won't let me touch you physically..."

"Oh," were Leonora and Berna, who spoke convincingly.

It is Aisha who was so pretty just to call his name. I don't know what will happen if I touch it enough to scan it in my body. I don't even know what's going on with Aisha if I don't.

Thinking Keith sounded synchronized time music in his head for a long time. And when I came up with something, I said, "Chi," and I saw Berna.

"Berna, I'll teach you the magic you have now. Put that on Aisha."

"Am I?

"Yes, it's easy magic, so it's okay."

Berna nodded after thinking a little. Keith started teaching magic quickly when he saw it.

The next day, Aisha leaves the room with a hateful face to Keith, who came to Nia's room again.

It was distrust and hatred in the beginning that was on its face. Aisha was frustrated sitting in her chair when she said "Hmm" to Keith, who took it with a bitter laugh, and headed to the waiting room next door.

"Damn, I can't believe I'm alone with that guy... what are you gonna do if something happens!

Krone and the others are confused that Aisha's condition has changed, but Nia asked me to run errands, so I scatter them. And there was only Aisha and Berna in the waiting room.

Berna offered her tea brewed, as usual. Aisha gratefully receives it and drinks it all at once.

Pugh! And when I tried to ask for another drink, I started to get a puff in front of me.

"... hmm? Oh, my God, this... Hmm... Phew."

I can't resist drowsiness if I think I can't stop stretching. Aisha fell asleep while wondering if she was tired.

Relieved that the magic [mist of sleep] seemed to have been activated successfully, Berna removed the scarf for the pair of magic, which had covered her mouth.

Then Nia, Leonora and Keith turned up just in time. Suyasuya smiles at Aisha, who sleeps, saying she has succeeded.

This was the way Keith came up with it yesterday.

I have to touch Aisha because I don't know what's going on with not doing a corner scan on her. That's why I started by putting him to sleep.

You'll be suspicious if Keith or Leonora get close, and Nia doesn't like these chipmunks.

That's why I asked Berna to do it, but apparently she played her kung fu. "It's great," Berna seemed happy to be a good kid.

Then he went in front of a brown knight sleeping in a chair to do a quick scan of Aisha and put his hand on his forehead.

I also get nervous about the three people watching Keith who are nervous for some reason even though it's the feeling of Aisha's skin I'm used to.

And work out the magic. When Keith loads Aisha's body - especially her brain and astral body,

"... hey, what is this... hmm?

Nia spoke anxiously to Keith, who raised her voice, "Master Keith". I thought you might have found something seriously ill.

Besides, it was when Keith tried to explain. Aisha's eyes patted open and saw a man putting his hand on his forehead in front of her.

After a moment of silence, Aisha squeezes her fist as she screams, opening her eyes and letting her mouth fight.

"... hey, what are you doing!! This pervert. Ahhhh!!

Oh, I miss Aisha. It was also during the bundle that he felt that way that Keith fell off his knees feeling a positive fist slapped into his dovetail. Too good an angle to breathe.

"Whoa," three daughters give a surprise to Keith, who falls from leaking all the air in her lungs.

"Fumi-ah! Keith, well!!

"Your husband..."

"Hey, barbarian! What are you doing?

"Dear Nia! Please stay away!! You pervert..."

"No, Aisha! Master Keith, don't slash me!!

Keith slowly lost his mind listening to such a hustle and noise in his distant consciousness.

When I woke up, that was Keith's room. I still have blunt pain in my stomach but I am recovering enough to get up.

"Your husband...... good"

Berna sits in her chair staring at Keith as she turns her face to her hoarse voice.

"Don't be... That's me"

"I lost my mind...... with Master Aisha's punch"

Keith was convinced. It's a one-inch punch sitting in Aisha's chair with that great muscle, it's weirder not to faint. Berna bowed her head in a pungent manner to Keith, who was convinced.

"I'm sorry. I failed in my magic... so"

"Huh? Oh, no. I didn't fail. It was shallow."

If it were true, he would have been asleep for an hour, but Berna had shallowed the line too much for the unfamiliar use of magic.

But there was plenty of time to read it. I could have known what was happening to Aisha. So nothing's wrong, Keith explains.

Then I wondered about Aisha. That noise, I think it would have stood out quite a bit. Then Berna,

"Master Aisha said he fought back because his husband tried to attack him... but he managed to convince me and Leonora that he was just worried about seeing Aisha, who slept in a chair."

"Really... it is"

Probably a huge disapproval. It seems to come to my attention. Berna spoke to Keith, who was thinking about it alone.

"So... what is happening to Master Aisha?

Keith decided to go to Nia and Leonora, who would not dare wait, thinking about explaining what Berna would say.

To Nia and Leonora, who waited in line for him as he slept in bed. Keith flew in with metastatic magic when the time approached midnight.

Metastatic magic drunkenness punched me in the stomach. Keith seems to be able to relax for a moment with overlapping pain, but with nausea he manages to contain it. Nia and Leonora come up feeling Keith come there.

Keith replies, "It's okay," as the two rush over worried and ask how they're doing. Then we both smiled relieved.

"By the way, it's about Aisha."

Nia and Leonora nodded with a serious face at Keith cutting out quickly. And the four of us sat in a chair and Keith started explaining. Choose the words and tell Nia to understand.

"As a result of a peek into Aisha's body, her memory was completely sealed."

"Hmm... is that it?

"Yes, I don't know where or who did it, but for the past two years with a robust sealing ceremony on Aisha's head... it's completely sealed my memories, especially about me"

This is the magic that magicians often use when confronting magicians.

Seal the magic language necessary to use magic or magic to make the target incapable of using magic. That's why they use it so much.

"So, but Keith can solve it, right? Keith, that's what I'm good at!

Keith shook his neck left and right to Leonora, who was forced to make a smile and say:

"Sure, I'm good at unknitting people's braided procedures, but this time... they're better at one"

Aisha's memory seal extends to her soul. Even the memories the soul remembers are sealed. Aisha's spirit would be destroyed if she tried to unravel it.

"So Aisha has always been... like this, is it?

Keith thought once into Nia, who asked with a flashing face,

"No, there was a disarming trick in that procedure, so if you use it... but the trick is only available to Aisha herself. And I don't even know the keywords to solve it."

It's blocked. Keith told us we couldn't do anything.

I said against my big breasts that Leonora suddenly stood up to see how much silence had lasted.

"Isn't that nice? He said he had no memory of that savage. I'll clean it up."

"... Leonora"

"Even Mr. Nia should be happy, right? Because this reduces Keith's number of cheats. You're welcome!

Naia squeezed her sleeping skirt tight, leaning down on Leonora as she tried to convince herself of what she was forced to say.

"... me, I don't like to be cheated on by Master Keith... but... I can't talk to Aisha about Master Keith anymore... or we can't play together... no"

Leonora chewed her lips on Nia, who overflowed with tears. My best strengths are about to peel off. Berna said she was holding up to it.

"... Your husband... I... told Aisha I was cunning... and I didn't apologize for that. I didn't apologize... so I want to apologize properly"

Keith couldn't say anything to Berna, who complained with his expression that he thought so from the bottom of his heart. Then Leonora walks up to the window.

"What the hell... that color Mr. Black... said there was nothing else"

Yeah, I was whining all the time, but eventually when I stopped, I looked back and saw Keith. That face had the face of a girl who was sad to lose her first best friend (rival) in her life.

"But!... but me... there's no settlement to this previous dispute... I absolutely don't want to be left unspoken. So... so, remember, we have to go back... no."

Keith, who received three gazes, breathed in. I decided to do what I could.

If that still doesn't work, I'll comma you again. Because that was the promise. Because I promised that day that I would fool you more than once.

Keith was the one who thought it would never be possible to let go of the female elves she had planted there.