And it was Promise Day, and Aisha was nervously waiting for Keith in her room.

When we talked about which room to meet, Aisha said her room was good. He was afraid to expose his defenseless figure at enemy positions.

The time is already eleven o'clock at night. There's only an hour left until such time as Keith comes.

The covenant is to say exactly twenty-four hours, from twelve o'clock at night on the day of rest until twelve o'clock at night the following day. In the meantime, Aisha has to even get along with Keith.

"... Ugh, why did you make such a promise?"

Aisha still regrets that Keith promised to get along sexually because she wanted him to disappear.

Most of my thoughts have been taken in shame, and I don't get the task. People don't hear me. It's scattered.

But that's another day. When all of the worries disappeared in a later day, Aisha rubbed her own hair trying to convince herself by telling her many times with her heart every time she regretted it.

The silver hair that is knitted down three times is the one Keith told me to do because she is cute. Plus the outfit was a white piece.

I find myself wondering why I'm doing such a man a favor in discipline, but I can't help it because I can't get the word out of my ear because it's cute.

"Even if you complain that you didn't and they're gonna-- yeah"

That's what I was convinced of when it came to the outfit, Aisha. That's how the door to the room was knocked as I continued to self-deceive.

Time is still early. Confused Aisha eventually tries to open the door. Then there stood Keith with Nico's face.

Keith, who stood in a flat condition, rushed into the room and looked over the hallway with a chill before closing the door.

"Then, fool! I told you to sneak up on me so I wouldn't find out! You may leave the palace tomorrow, but I will stay forever!! If there's any weird rumors."

Aisha asked Keith, who was scolding him but remained smiling for some reason, to frown at him.

"... what's that face?"

"No, he said it was the outfit and hairstyle you asked for. Glad to hear it. It's cute."

Instantly turning bright red, Aisha shouted with her heart over and over again that she couldn't help but turn red on herself.

"Don't get me wrong! Who would do that for you... this is a dirty outfit! And the hairstyle... it's better to wrap it up."

Keith laughed small at Aisha, who was obviously lying. I hadn't seen Aisha in a while.

Aisha looks like she could cry about being laughed at and still desperately keeps complaining.

"Oh, and what! Time is sooner than promised!!

"Isn't that better than being late? Behavior is fundamental enough, isn't it?

"Don't apply it at times like this! Besides, I don't think it's nearly enough!!

"That's what I said. The cute look of the first and last Aisha, because I wanted to burn more in my eyes."

I thought my hips would crush. I have no idea why my body reacts to this guy's words all the time.

My body honestly pleases me even though I don't know. It feels like a dog who was ripped off when he rang the bell.

(I'm doing something... he's definitely doing something to me!

I just think I'm manipulating the flesh by doing some weird magic. But if you don't, you can't possibly have such a weird way of lighting a virgin (who you think you are).

I thought I'd give it a rest, but when they told me I didn't know, that was it, so I felt good about it. But be careful.

"Oh, yeah. I brought you some good wine. Would you like a drink?

"I don't want it! I'd be in trouble if even weird magic pills were in there!!

"Oh, I'm learning..."

"Did I say something!?

"No, nothing," Keith replied, smiling and sitting back on the bed as she was used to. I wanted to tell you not to sit on your own, Aisha, but I'm going to sleep there and I'm going to give up with my bitter bug bitten face.

Then Keith obviously stared at me with a face waiting to sit next to me. Aisha hesitates but sits slightly apart.

He was Aisha, determined to break his bones if he touched him before the promised time, but Keith just sat and stared at him with no sign of ever approaching him.

Aisha barked unbearably because that gaze was so hot.

"What the fuck! What are you looking at!! If you have a complaint, say it!!

"There's nothing to complain about, just that you're cute. I was in love with her because she was so cute."

"Huh! Ah, fu, uh... ugh, ugh."

"A white piece suits my beautiful brown skin. Besides, that hairstyle, which isn't always the same, is also kind of making you look young and more cute. Excellent!"

Keith, who thumbs up, praised various parts of Aisha afterwards. I praised him. I praised him.

Aisha, whose heart beats faster every time she hears the words and her body temperature rises and tears come to her, felt really dead wondering if she would hear this until it was time after this.

This is my first experience of feeling like I might die because of the smell of light, but this is not the ratio of torture there.

"also, no more... no, maybe stop... stop"

"Stop... what?

"Praise me... no more... or I'll get angry."

He was Aisha, who stood ready to say more because of harassment, but Keith honestly nodded "yes" and stopped the words.

Horrified Aisha bit her lips when she felt her nipples gently erect just by the word cute now.

(Come on, it's just words... they haven't done anything... I'm a pervert!

The sensitivity is also increasing. I don't know what would happen if they really touched me if I stayed like this. So Aisha desperately carried out a breathing technique that calmed her heart taught by her father when she took a little more distance from Keith.

It was beyond the promised twelve o'clock in the middle of the night after time that I was doing so. Aisha looks at Keith nervously.

Keith slowly pulled his body toward Aisha. They do weird things. I'm filled with things I don't like.

You're supposed to be scared. The body doesn't try to resist or refuse. Aisha's body was trying to accept that fear even though she had taught her father so much to face it.

"Ah... yah... ho, really... do you"

Keith slowly approached Aisha, who suddenly leaked such a voice to what had become realistic.

"So shall we get along as promised?

That's what I say. I try to touch Aisha's cheek. If this were normal, I would have taken that hand and twisted it up. All Aisha did now was meditate her eyes and whine "I have to".

And I waited to see when the weird feeling would strike, but there was never any sign of it. Aisha opened her fearful eyes. Then Keith started putting his head on Aisha's thigh as he said, "Yoo-hoo."

Aisha, unable to cope with the sudden, asked the man who seemed comfortable with his thighs as he remained stiff.

"... hey, what are you doing"

"What, you're wearing a knee pillow?"

"If you look at that, you'll see! That's why I'm asking you why you're wearing knee pillows!!

Keith looked up at Aisha from below to answer the yelling query.

"'Cause you're gonna get along, right? I dreamed of knee pillows for Master Aisha, didn't I? The beauty of the thighs peeking out of that uniform skirt... I thought you were under this head."

"Ugh, don't look grumpy, pervert! Big pervert!!

Having said that, Aisha was a little hoaxed. I was terrified of what they would do, but the knee pillow is so lame.

But I'm a man who doesn't know what he's thinking, so I'll just decide to be ready so he can attack me at any time. Then Keith kept looking up,

"Hey, Master Aisha. Please tell me something. Talk about Master Aisha."

"Well, my story... I can't believe I'm talking about it."

"You can talk about your father. I mean, I'd love to hear it. As a matter of fact, I've loved talking about the adventures that Aisha's father has joined since I was a kid. I'd love to hear from your daughter right away."

Weak when told of his father, Aisha shared her memories with a complicated face. Besides, Keith reacted a lot.

It's as if you're familiar with how to open Aisha's heart, exquisitely tickling Aisha's heart.

Aisha, who even feels good about her father's bragging to a good listener Keith, noticed her head on her thigh meditating on her eyes after about an hour.

I stop talking and think you've fallen asleep. I'll call you "hey" small. I said "hey" again gently because I didn't have a reaction and now I gently stroked my hair.

I was wondering if you really slept because you haven't had a reaction yet, keeping your face just a little closer.

"Did you sleep?... Ooh."

The moment he spoke, Keith's eyes patted open. Keith kissed Aisha as she woke up physically to chase her away from her face in surprise.

Aisha, who was completely alarmed, is kissed without being able to cope. Saliva overflows into Keith's mouth as he sucks on his lips from the bottom. Keith drinks it and drinks his tongue.

"Ru, chu, pu, chu... pu, ya, stop, stupid... go, ru, chu"

Keith, waking himself up from his thigh, kept kissing Aisha and pushing him down to bed. Aisha doesn't know if she should handle a kiss or be pushed down and ends up being both.

My tongue moves naturally and tangles with Keith, who kisses me many times by making sure I cover it on top. Aisha drinks up in tears the taste of saliva she feels nostalgic for some reason.

Eventually, when the kiss was over, Aisha glanced at Keith with her moist eyes.

"Hitoshi... let me be alarmed by your father's story all of a sudden... you're cowardly, silly"

"I'm sorry. I could have fallen asleep with a knee pillow like that. I knew...... I thought you wanted Aisha. I want to feel Aisha more."

The warmth spread twitching in the back of my chest when I was called away. That's similar to when my father calls me by name, but the deeper part gets warmer.

I felt that was the warmth that made me feel bad. Aisha reflexively,

"Don't be rude, you rude..."

"Isn't that as good as now? So we call each other off. Aisha is also easily with Keith."

"Can you call me... Absolutely, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm"

Another begun kiss takes away Aisha's power to resist. I'm going to call it "Kisu" with a sweet voice on it.

I don't know why this is going to be what a guy like this thinks it is, or why he lets himself wander in such a familiar way, I don't know what it means enough to be confused.

But my body is admiring the pleasure of kissing that Keith gives me more than that confusion, and the feeling in my mouth keeps me hot to the point where it matters.

When the kiss was over again, Aisha was staring at Keith with a slight fear there, looking a little troubled at him.

Keith knitted three down Aisha's silver hair. When a good boy,

"It's okay. I will never hate Aisha. It's a promise. Because I would never..."

Then Aisha, who first told me to stop this act now, was attacked by a tremendous sense of ready-made vision. It was like opening a book I read scattered when I was a kid again.

I don't see why you feel so visionary about a sight that should be your first. But the nostalgia is also felt in the body that is licked around and hung.

(... why, me... you know this?

Keith said to Aisha, confused by her senses with a shuddered face, "What's wrong? asked." To the voice Aisha shook her head to wipe away her senses.

"Hey, nothing... never mind..."

"... Really? So, can I get started?

"... Whatever you want"

Even words like that overflowed with visibility, and Aisha began to be caressed by Keith without knowing why.