Speaking of why Erne came up with such a tough prank, it was Roana's fault, after all.

Roana, who went to Seimrad about a month ago, more often delayed things when she returned.

But the way it worries is different than before, and it seems like it's happily wandering somewhere to the core of my heart.

Knowing his love, Erne noticed her mother's change and guessed that this must have been something with the other man.

And when I was thinking about why, as Roana fluttered,

"Hey, Erne... new father... you want it?

What a question I've been asking. As soon as I said it, I thought Elne might have gotten it in her proposal to my mother, who tried to delude her into saying, "Just kidding."

Actually, I don't know how "I'll be beside you for the rest of my life" is just a casual buzz. Erne was convinced that Colle absolutely is.

But because of my mother's character, even if I were to marry her, I wouldn't even introduce her to Erne until she was critical. Then I have to go check with Erne before I do.

I know it's okay because it's about the mother of the serious and solid, but there's no chance she's not caught up in the weird guy either.

Then I figured I'd have to figure it out. Erne thought about this operation and executed it.

If it's true, I had promised to meet Lou for spring break, so I have to get in touch with him, but I haven't even talked to him yet because this is our priority.

The conversation will not begin until Roana's counterpart's name is confirmed, both on the raven and on the corner.

At this time, there was no more drooling emotion in Erne when he started and found out his mother had a boyfriend. All I have is concern for my pure mother.

I think it's definitely Lou's shame that I can feel that way. Erne thanked me only a little honestly in her heart.

That's how Erne arrived on the late flight of the airship to Seimrad.

Seimrad's air was clean in the morning, and she felt her mind and body purified just by sucking.

Elne headed for the palace as she stretched and untied her elaborate body because she slept in the airship seat. Actually, I planted a simple tail magic item in Roana's purse.

So when he found out the location was the palace, Erne hurried there first.

When I bought breakfast on the way and waited where I could see the general passage of the palace, Roana came out about an hour later.

The figure of Roana, a country of elves but remarkably beautiful among them, is conspicuous. Erne, who stood up and followed him, noticed a grin that Roana had never seen before.

Elne knows that smile very well. That's a smile when someone meets their loved one.

So there was no doubt that Roana was convinced that she would meet someone - a man - and Erne caught her mind and continued to tail.

My first tail was crisp and shitty, but Roana seems so floating that I don't even realize it.

It was the park with the fountain that we reached after a long walk. Erne has also used it to meet Lou there.

When Roana sits on the bench in front of the fountain, she checks her makeup with a hand mirror to get her hair done. And I looked around waiting for people.

Hiding in the shadow of a tree, Erne let herself look at the way it was. I can't help wondering what the hell kind of man is my mother's lover.

Roana has turned down invitations from all kinds of men so far. My mother chose someone who was a father. I wonder what the hell kind of man that is.

(I guess it's your kind of elf...... childhood friendly, etc.)

Remembering the topic that Roana's employees had been talking about earlier and thinking about it, Erne imagined a man who would go along with her mother.

A blonde, long, gentle smile, like a colored man in a picture story. But I can't think of anyone else Roana would choose.

Erne, looking around and looking for a man who looked like that, felt like he had seen something familiar on the edge of his sight.

The black shadow speaks naturally as it approaches Roana in a floating manner. Turning around, Roana stared at the man with a soft smile, and accepted a kiss.

It's an incredible sight for my mother to kiss on the move, but more incredible things were in Erne's eyes.

"... Huh?... Pa, Dad"

Even when it comes to my dad, he's not my real father. Who is Erne's dad? I mean, he's an adult Lou.

Dark hair, dark eyes, not that tall. What's floating around when I'm done kissing and holding Roana is the inferior look that rolls into the paranoia that lies ahead.

The whole thing looked just like the grown-up that boy I knew. Elne, who can't even think in a flash, missed a moment walking them out.

Erne rushes after him, but his head is confused and he doesn't turn well. Why is Lou seeing his mother as an adult? And did you kiss him?

The easy answer is that Lou is my mother's lover. But that's never going to happen. Because Lou is Erne's...

No more words to deny. Erne followed her mother and Lou as she indulged in tears.

Walking side by side long enough to touch each other's shoulders, the two whisper something or touch each other in folds. Whatever that looked like, it was between lovers, and it looked just like when Erne walked with Lou.

(Liar, it's... it's not. Definitely not... not Lou... not Lou)

Elne even thought about it with a messy head that would be of the utmost interest to me if that was Lou any more than my mother would say with someone else.

And what I came up with was a self-deception about whether I was Lou's father. That man was convinced of himself when he thought about it, his father that Lou modeled it.

But the whole point of every step of that man touching Roana showed that he was the same person, not the parent or the child.

Roana and the man went into the best inn in Seimrad, even within the time I have told them no. It was that inn where I stayed before and met Lou.

Erne looked like she was about to cry a little further away from the entrance, unable to follow the two people inside in a way she was used to.

I couldn't organize myself with all sorts of thoughts swirling around in my head, and I felt sick and I was going to throw up even now. The heart is beating so fast that it stirs such an erne.

Was that Lou after all, or Lou's father? If it's Lou, why with Roana? But it can't be that. It can't be Lou.

Thoughts that I can never solve on my own swirl and torment the erne. That's all I could think about was wanting to be free from this suffering. Erne thought desperately of the way.

And I came up with:

'... Mother... me, but... I got to Saimrad earlier than planned. Mother, where are you? I'm hungry, so let's have dinner together. I'll wait at the palace. "

Erne, who told him unilaterally and cut the reading, hid in the shadows. And after a while, Roana, who looked panicked, came out of the inn and ran to the palace.

Dropping that off, Erne kept waiting. I waited so desperately for tears. Doing so, a dark-haired man comes out and walks into the city with an unfortunate face.

Erne followed the man's hindsight and called out to come to a less popular place.

"... Lou!

"Hmm? Oh, Erne... oh, why... ah!

The man's returned reaction tells the whole story. And the man himself, Erne, figured out why he was here and called out.

Elne overflowed with tears at her mother's lover, who pampered her mouth with a blue face.

"I knew it, Ri... it was Lou... your mother's..."

"Eh, Erne... wait, talk to me"

"Shut up! Stay away!! Pervert! Liar! Silly!! Silly!! Why not? Why did you and your mother... Why yes!!

Squeezing screams, however unpopular they may be, stand out throughout the city. Panicking Keith flew with metastatic magic as he grabbed the shoulder of a rampaging erne.

On our way was the mansion of every nobleman. Elne, who was brought there, hurried away as Keith fluttered into metastatic magic sickness and threw objects from one end that were nearby.

"Bullshit! Pervert! Cine!! Seriously, Cine! Mother and me...... just kidding!!!

Keith approaches Erne, who swallows the gelo and manages to avoid objects he can throw while enduring.

"Wait, Erne!! Listen to me!! Talk to me properly."

"There's nothing to talk about! So, which one are you? Which one is it really?! Is it true what it looks like, or is it true that way!? Which one is it?

"Eh, that's..."

Elne understood that this adult figure was the real Lou. Then everything I've told you so far is a lie. And to such a lying, sick, perverted grandfather I am......

"Korosu... seriously, I'm gonna kill you... I'm gonna tell your mother and the king everything and you're gonna be put to death!!

To Erne staring with hateful eyes. I thought this was serious. Keith became desperate that that was all he had to stop. It's not a fuss about the death penalty if they tear everything apart.

For the first time in a long time, Keith is serious about spinning his head full and looking for a way to escape, but regardless, Erne tried to get out of the room.

"Wait, please! Where?"

"Get off me! Don't touch it!! Pervert! Perverted Grandpa!! Deceive me about that..."

I was really liking it. It was my first real love. That's why I believed in lying about being an adult, and sex in that appearance was accepted.

Turns out that's all a lie. Everything collapsed. For the first time in his life, Erne, so hated that he really wanted to kill him, opened the door and ran down the hallway as he thrust the man to whom he was subject.

But this mansion was only renovated by Keith after he rented the abandoned house. Erne, who was in and out of the corridor with metastatic magic, ran down the corridor without knowing that.

Naturally, the brittle part can't withstand such a shock, and Erne steps through the floorboard.

I thought I was going to die for the feeling of falling, Erne, but someone can hold that back. It was Keith.

Keith, who followed him out into the hallway, watched Erne fall and jumped right next to her with some metastatic magic.

Dosun! and made a loud noise and fell to the ground floor. The two looked at each other as the dust rose to subside. Erne's thoughts, which were solidified in surprise, rekindle again and tremble into anger.

But that was also until I saw Keith. Keith was wounded by the shock that sheltered Erne. There was blood coming from my head.

"Ah... ru, ru..."

Keith asks Erne, who looks at her blood and blues, not even realizing she's been wounded.

"Uh, Rue. Are you okay? Are you hurt? Are you all right, sir?

"... but more... you"

"Heh?... Wow! Blood!! Oh no! It suddenly hurts when I'm conscious!! Ha ha."

Keith was forced to make a laugh when he saw Erne, who couldn't say anything about holding his head down.

"It's okay. This will heal soon. It's one shot with healing magic..."

A droplet fell on Keith's chest saying so. It was a large tear flowing from Erne's eyes. Elne gave Keith a snooze,

"Hey, why... what... what... what... what... I don't know... hiccup, who are you? What is it? Why did you take your mother and me...?"

Anger subsides when he sees blood, and instead only sorrow and doubt springs up.

Why are you lying, why are you doing this to Roana and Erne, and who the hell is the real Lou?

Geez, my head is suing Erne for answers. And Elne wanted to know too. How could you do something so inferior, or did something so inferior?

"Tell me... Tell me!... Silly Lou... properly, it's all... I have to tell you..."

Erne keeps asking as he gently holds the wound with the handkerchief he had. The kindness of the roots to give allowances to those who hated them so much was also shown.

That's why Keith decided to be ready. I'm ready for a generation. That's what I decided to do to fool Erne so brilliantly that I don't have any more.

Keith was ready to burn in his heart when this busty, fazacon, uncomfortable little girl gave him an "answer (a lie)" from the bottom of her heart that she could believe was "it was.