Getting ready, Keith turned away from Erne when suddenly he faced a sinking pain.

"... I really have to tell you...?

I'll tell you that first if you're willing to lie. Naturally, Erne has been staring in tears.

"I really am! Say it right...... explain it!

Keith, who showed her troubled face, smiled at Erne as she sighed.

"Okay. I'll tell you everything...... so please listen to me properly to the end. Please."

Blood overflowed from Keith's forehead lowering his head. Erne uses a bewildered healing magic of remembrance. Poor healing magic can't even block the wound, but it can only stop the bleeding.

Erne won't give Keith anything back to thank for that. I'm just going to sue you with my eyes to talk fast. Keith began to say it small as he held down his stopped forehead of blood.

"Sure, I am who I am. I was in disguise when I was a kid. And the name… Keith, not Lou, is the real name."

The brutal truth poured out, and Erne overflowed with tears.

All of my thoughts were directed at the person who was lying to me, and I was in love with the lie. There's no way I can stand a girl of this age for such a terrible thing.

"... lying... terrible... terrible... lying about me... and even your mother"

Yeah. That's the problem, too. This man isn't just Erne, he's all the way to Roana.

There's no way Erne can understand such a perverted hobby when he's still in love. It just seemed outrageous and inferior.

Disgust builds up and hatred multiplies. Keith, who received such a gaze, answered nothing. Erne screamed there.

"I know what you did! Perverted Grandpa!! You cheat on me and make me do something horny!! So even your mother...... pervert! Criminal!!

Keith said nothing to Erne repeating every curse he could think of and kept getting the word.

Erne was angry again to say nothing back, but eventually when he calmed down, he breathed haha roughly,

"... say something... don't say it back! Explain it!!

I knew I was saying something unscrupulous myself. But I really wanted to hear it. I wanted to get a proper explanation from this man.

Elne, who doesn't know she'll ever get that kind of thing, purely asked for answers. So Keith finally opens his mouth.

"... it was about two years ago when I first saw Erne"

"... to, hey... Huh?

"You don't have to remember. Because I was just watching in the distance. At the Palace Supper."

Annual dinner party. Erne wondered why this man thought of it. Tell me about the court magician my cousin Nia was proud to introduce.

Keith smiled at Erne, who remembered and looked surprised.

"At that time, I had just been hired as a court magician, and I was confused at my first dinner party, not knowing my right or left. That's when I saw Erne talking to Lady Nia happily."

I didn't think they'd known that before. But at that time, both Erne and I were watching Keith.

But at the time, Erne baked baked a baked cake and ignored the courtroom demon mentor proudly introduced by her favorite cousin, whom she hadn't seen in a long time. I can't believe that was Keith.

Keith continued to say with a reminding face to Erne, who was surprised by the facts taught.

"I still remember clarity. You look like you're having fun wearing a dress, Erne. She was beautiful and cute... she was nicer than anybody else who was there then."

Next door was Nia, a princess. She's a beautiful princess who I don't think extends to herself at all. Yet Keith was the only one who remembered me. That feeling begins to tickle Erne.

The truth is, the mention I saw in Roana's busty tits, Keith, who would never tell me she was asleep, kept lying.

"It's that night...... I was summoned by Roana. She said she wanted to thank you for Nia... so I went with Roana."

"Huh?... because there just was... even though"

"Don't get me wrong. Roana is not the woman to say that. He just seemed so lonely... I guess he also had the peace of mind that it was alcohol and home while he was listening to the troubles... me and"

the opposite of the truth to Keith. While Erne sorted out his confusing head,

"Well, since before that... then you know I'm your daughter!

"Wait! Listen properly!! Please."

Erne, who was about to be furious again, regained the attitude of listening silently when he suppressed his feelings with the words, however. Keith, relieved, starts talking about leaving again.

"Then I met Roana about once a month... and continued to do things to comfort each other. I wonder if Roana's similar situation of having one human elf in the country of the human species and one human species in the country of the elves allowed her to continue to relate. But every time I met Roana, I realized I had other feelings."

"... Bachi... Kimochi?

After placing for a beat, Keith stared directly at Erne.

"I realized I liked Erne."

"Uh... ah... yeah, hey, what are you talking about? I don't see how that could be the case...

Keith kept saying to follow the confusing gap.

"Whenever I heard about Erne from Roana, I wondered what a lovely girl that would overlap with what Erne looked like that day. That feeling keeps getting bigger and bigger... and eventually I'm gonna have to tell you about Erne when I'm holding Roana."

"Come on! It's a sité!! Do something naughty with your mother about me... suck!!

"I know. Still, I couldn't stop thinking of a nice girl as nice... that's all Erne took away from me!

Erne freaked out at the sound of screaming from the bottom of her heart. And the words stain my chest.

If all of this is true, what I'm saying and doing sucks, but what was still strongly thought of inspired Erne.

That's not all. The fact that he was choosing me over his mother gives Erne a dark joy.

It is one of the spiritual structures that has long been said that a girl rejects her mother and asks for her father. Elne, who didn't have a father, was given that feeling for the first time now.

Keith keeps entangling Elne, who is confused by his own incomprehensible thoughts, as to why his heart is thrilled to be told such a shitty thing.

"That's why I couldn't do anything about it... because Erne is so young and nice, and I'm an old man of the human species. There can't be a match."

Erne feels just a little guilty about Keith telling him to take it backwards for what he just kept telling me was scattered grandpa. Here and Keith,

"That was the time. Erne told Saimrad she was gonna find out who your mother was cheating on."

That was when I first met that boy named Lou. Like I don't want to hear it, like I have to hear it, that's how Erne keeps asking about that day in silence.

"I was seeing Roana that day, too. But when I heard Elne was coming, I panicked to my room... because I didn't want her to know. This is me... after that. I heard Erne popped out of the room. I got a call from a disturbed Roana. I rushed around looking for Erne. And find Elne to sit on the park bench."

"... why did you disguise yourself like that... for a child"

"I told you, didn't I? I didn't want Erne to know what I was like... so I met her as a child."

"... you know, it's called stalking! You're super sick... and then you do something weird to me!! You've said a lot, but you just wanted to do something horny after all!!

"... I will not deny it. At first, I wanted to put it back on Roana, but when I was talking to Erne, I couldn't help but hug her."

Erne turned bright red and barked at the words.

"You didn't just hug me! Oh, you've been horny!!

"But I didn't have sex. Because I'm not allowed to contaminate Erne... but I wanted to at least burn the warmth to this body. The warmth of the first and last girl I want from my heart."

It's not important that he did bare strands and all kinds of perverted behavior, and Erne is convinced by Keith, who insists that it's only then that he didn't have sex.

It's all weird when I think about it, but still, Keith certainly didn't take Elne's virgin away from me then. And even after that. It was definitely Erne who gave her permission to have sex, in search of doing so.

No, no. Elne shook her neck left and right. Because that and this were all deceived. I can't believe this guy had a relationship with my mother, because I didn't even know he was such an Osama.

Open your mind because I think you're a boy your age... yes, if you had been spoken to in this way then Erne would have definitely ignored it. He was running away screaming for the worst pervert.

So I understand myself that Keith's way of talking to Erne wasn't left behind except to look like a boy. Still, I scream with my heart that it's not acceptable.

"But I couldn't stand that either... it's hard to keep lying when I touch Erne's kindness and pity... so"

Keith says he's back as an adult. Erne thought to the words. Keith was able to keep seeing each other as a child. I should have been able to keep cheating. That way they wouldn't have even found out.

Yet it was Elne who almost believed Keith's words because it was hard to keep lying against Elne. I never thought it was because of the sealing magic of an angry cat.

I feel like I'm being taken to a place where I shouldn't be haunted little by little. Erne's critical instincts made me question my head one after another in search of a way out.

"... Then why did you make me call you Dad?"

"Because I knew Elne was looking for your father... if only I could be any comfort to Osama like this"

"That's why you won't let me call you until you're a jerk! Pervert!!"

"To make sure Erne doesn't feel bad when you're having sex with me like this... that's what I thought."

"Oh... well, then why are you still with your mother after me... sucks!

"Roana has finally been able to forget her grief lately. And yet if you stop having relationships now, I'll see you again."

I don't know if I can convince you or not. I get all the answers back. The immature Erne had no way of resisting the sayings that would come out next.

And the deeper the confusion, the more Elne's mind tries to pick only the good parts of the said word.

I liked the Elne thing, I thought only of Elne all the time, I asked only for Elne, and I lied for Elne.

I'm a stalker perverted lying two-stranded bastard if I briefly summarize the explanation, but if I choose only the good part, it makes me seem like a one-way guy.

No. This guy is just a pervert. Erne tried desperately to think that he was the man who cheated on himself with his mother and did terrible things. But it simply doesn't make me think that the explanation for the lies I just received is true.

Keith said in a quiet voice to Erne, where all the confusion deepens.

"But it doesn't make any difference that I'm lying to Erne. I'm so sorry... I did something terrible to Erne with one side of my mind... sorry"


"I promise. I don't show my face in front of Golden Wheel Erne or Roana anymore. I'm gonna disappear like this... because I'm gonna disappear."

Keith held Erne tight before the word was over. Erne didn't resist the gentle way he could get away with it.

"... just one last time, let me say something disgusting... I liked it. Elne liked it. Because this isn't a lie."

Erne took a small breath in the last word. The moment I thought this was over, my chest was scratched.

He's a perverted man who's done such terrible things, and yet he doesn't change his mind at all...

"... disappear... where are you going... disappear means run away, right?


"Coward. Don't run away, because I won't allow you to run away... and I will never forgive you if you grieve your mother again"

After saying so with clarity, Erne squeezed his heart out to add. It was the first time I had ever spoken of my thoughts that I could not acknowledge.

"... and, wow... neither shall I take Lou... wow, I! I don't like you! I hate it!! But... because I like Lou... take Lou from me, no."

That was the answer given by Erne, who desperately thought with an immature head why he did not hate this man in the heart.

I hate Keith. I hate the shitty pervert who cheated on himself. But I love Lou for telling me about his first love that made me feel fun for supporting him all the time.

Keith smiled softly at those words, which were not even an excuse to deceive himself more than he was the same person.

In all seriousness, "Yay! It didn't have to be capital punishment!! Omake also gave me permission to continue the relationship!! He's screaming, and his feelings are getting out with a slightly weird smile.

Keith stroked Erne's dusty head with that smile on his face,

"Okay. Lou has always been Elne's Lou in the future. It's a promise."

"... oh, and then... you're lying, because you can't do it anymore... next time you're lying, seriously, it's from Colos"

Ask a man who's only lying to do that. Keith nodded at Erne as he was about to laugh. And kiss.

Erne has reacted quickly to it and pounded his chest.

"Silly! That's why you're saying you don't like it!! I... love Lou! I hate you!!

"I'm sorry. But this is the last time I can hold Erne as an adult... can't you?

"Well, at the end of the day... Ugh... I'm saying it's no good... already"

Standing up, Erne offered Keith his hand.

"In the meantime... I have to take care of the scratches... and I have to take more dust... let's go back to that room upstairs"

There was no more anger, sadness, disgust, or rejection on Erne's face to say so. I just had the usual slightly busy little girl's face.