While she was being taken to bed, Erne was bored with shame remembering what she had just done.

I washed my penis like that from myself, and as soon as he asked me to be his mouth, I even drank it to the max.

I think it's a hell of a slut, but I still couldn't help thinking about my mother and Keith.

Elne herself will never admit that she still regrets the oral caress caused by her jealousy as a woman towards her mother.

But it was already too late, and Keith, who had become a nori in the act, put Erne to bed and covered him.

We both still stay wet because we just gently wiped our bodies, but without worrying about that, Keith started licking Erne's body around.

"Ah, here, here! No... no, porn... no, Kinsha... oh yeah!! Mm-hmm! Ahhh!

I won't resist even though I say it. Erne's body is sensitive to Keith's caress.

The tongue licks the surface of the body where the fingers have just been washed and sensitized, carefully giving pleasure.

Licking his neck muscles, he glances at the milk wheel with his fingertips, and when his nipples become binned, he shifts his mouth and sucks and squeezes. Move your tongue and rub it with your lips to teach female pleasure to underdeveloped little tits.

I've always been an "no," Erne, but my body made me cum my hips to seek that pleasure without any resistance.

The figure looked just like her mother, Roana, and Keith stretched her fingertips to her lower abdomen, thinking she was a parent and child after all.

Caress with your fingertips the feel of the slight hairs that grew on the stubborn hills of shame, gradually stimulating the pink pubic nucleus in them.

When it was done in tune with nipple licking, Erne's body immediately increased his response.

"Ya, ah, ah! Mmm!! Mm-hmm!! Pa... Ya, come... hey! Mmm!!

Keith takes his mouth off his nipples and kisses his lips when the words change because he shouldn't be with him. The pubic nucleus was gently stroked with cliché as it was to increase hardness.

When the cri erection gets stronger, Keith deliberately touches over the foreskin for a tight irritation. As you lick Erne's ear in that state and then whisper,

"Erne...... last one today. It's really the last time, so can I hold Erne as an adult?

Erne objected to the inquiry while giving him a good pleasure with an uncut looking face with a frown root.

"Well, you already have... bubba"

"Not only do you touch and lick, but you insert your penis into Erne's pleasant manko, shake your eyes a cup of hips, and put a dreary samen in the back"

"Pervert! Don't put that in your mouth!! Pervert no... I'm already psyched."

"Please," repeated Keith, perverted grandfather to Erne, who strayed his bright red moist face, gently stroking the tip of his pubic nucleus.

The slight pleasure and the fact that it is strongly sought after echoes in Erne's womb. She's about to become a female. There she sounded the pain of cum at Keith's begging.

Having repeatedly asked for a favor with his name in his ear, Erne returned the words to whine as he erected the little clitoris.

"... really last, so... then you have to be Lou's figure in front of me forever"

Instead of answering "yes," Keith repeated the kiss as he moved his fingertips hard to stimulate the erection clip.

Like pecking, and tangling his tongue violently, he makes a change and ravages Erne's still little mouth with an adult tongue.

I had made him ferry earlier, but now kissing was more important than that. Put a lot of saliva in your mouth.

Salivating from the edge of his mouth on a fierce kiss, Elne nevertheless desperately moved her tongue from herself as well, realizing that the more Keith's she drank, the more sensitive she became.

Even semen tastes bad in saliva, but as soon as I drink it, I feel eclectic and my body lights up.

Elne, still unaware that she is steadily becoming a bad woman, makes her body hot, even though she has doubts about it.

Keith stopped kissing and moved his body when he found out with the feel of his fingertips that Erne's Omako was dripping juice in a hokey state.

Elne, who was losing strength from her body because of a kiss and crisp, lets Keith spread his legs. A young female organ was still wet in the middle of the fleshy thin thigh.

It hiked pink meat like it tasted delicious and overflowed with love liquid. There Keith put his mouth closer as he swallowed the raw spit.

I can lick.I think Elne, who felt that way, has to say something, but before that, Keith's tongue licks his pussy velvety.

Crawl your tongue into a young crack that still has little pubic area, and twist it with your tongue tip through it. From there lick and rub the vaginal vestibule and gently suck and shave the spinning clit.

"Hih, ah! Mm-hmm!! Mm-hmm!! Stop...... so, hey!! Ahhh! Mmm!! Dad, no. Yes!!

Keith skilfully crawled his tongue on Elne, who jumped and moved his freaking thin hips, to continue to stimulate Omako.

Female juice overflows from the back of her vagina so much that she licks it, and the meat hole breaks into sluts. Keith went expensive on himself as he put his lips on there and enjoyed the young flavor.

He is licked with his mouth in the middle of his spreading leg. Even though it's an embarrassing and shitty act everywhere, it feels good. It feels good because it's embarrassing.

Bright red her shamefully distorted face, delightfully bored Erne scratched her sheets desperately . Keith holds that hand for me.

That's it. Pleasure stains in the erne easier than ever before.

"Huh! Phew!! Mm-hmm!! Ugh, uhh!!

I spray my love fluids out of my vaginal mouth so that I can take a leak while freaking out to the tip of my toes.

splashed. Keith, who bathed that in his mouth, gives his body that if he gets this far, he'll be fine. When he let go of the hand he was holding, Erne leaked his breath, "Ugh," lonely.

When she smiled and pressed her penis against the female to give her meat warmth that it was okay, Elne's body tangled with Keith before she could do it.

The paque and mouth widening Omako hole invites the meat stick to the back, and the legs tangle in the hips. To Erne, in a state of complete desire, Keith says softly stroking over the place he's going to push in now.

"Then I'll insert it. This is my dad's last sex with Erne."

And he pushed the meat stick in with his stomach stroked. The geese neck of the polar thickness googles and spreads through the erne.

"Hih, ooh... hih... ahh! Nguuuuu!!

Keith continues to gently stroke his abdomen as he advances his hips slightly toward his back. But when it all subsided, Erne tightened her vagina full of strength.

There was force in the body in the pressure the thickness gave. Keith kisses Erne when he defeats his torso to unravel it.

As the feeling of insertion in the back increases, the feeling of a gentle kiss nonetheless makes the erne easier. Then Erne's hands and legs slowly wrapped around Keith.

Keith also held Erne tight as he wrapped his thin, luxurious hands and legs around the body of an adult man. Keep your hips still and just keep kissing without moving.

Everywhere a long kiss would not only lick each other's interior, it would even be a nasty act of tongue out of his mouth and making contact with the perky, but Erne had taken the initiative of doing it himself.

The act of escaping bitterness turns into the act of seeking pleasure, and the vaginal meat becomes trout and boils accordingly. Then Keith finally started waving.

The broken vaginal meat is still tight and tightens the meat stick throughout, but there was definitely pleasure there.

The evidence above all was that the goose neck rubbed the clasp and the tightening was increased with a cuddly tremor whenever the tip of the turtle head poked in the back. So is the curling and kissing of both hands and legs.

The body, finally getting pleasure, is entwined by Keith in greed for that stimulus.

It was simple enough to respond to that. Poke and rub the still immature back by giving a change to the hips movement. Erne said, "Whoa!" I raise my voice.

Keith kept poking in the back over and over again, careful not to make that reaction too intense. It seems to make Erne an unbeatable one-man female.

When you can also untie the back in a good way, now hold up the erne and reposition yourself. From the normal position to the face-to-face seat. The cuddling position causes the meat bars to touch the back.

"Ugh!! Mm-hmm. No!... Ah, ah"

Keith whispered in his ear as he held him tight as he stopped his hips from moving again to a stuffy erne.

"Erne... it feels good. Of the ernes make my dad feel the best. Thank you so much. I love you, Erne."

When he said that and stroked his head, the teary-eyed Erne stared at Keith as he breathed roughly with Hahihahi and said, "Best?," he asked in a small voice. Keith smiles and nods at it.

It gave Erne the illusion that she was said to feel best and love more than anyone else than her mother, and inspired her immature heart.

Elne is desperate to embrace Keith and try to indulge in that emotion, as she is unable to hide the delight and the smell of light due to meat stick stimulation.

But Keith stroked Erne's head like that.

"So now Erne can move. Erne can use her dad's penis to make her feel better."

Erne is now unable to resist the inferior ploy to blame and serve the girl in a way that she cares about. I couldn't think of anything but Keith's words in a messy head.

So I slowly lift my hips up and down so it doesn't hurt like it doesn't get tight.

Put your hands on Keith's shoulder. Put your hips back and forth to support it. And move awkwardly up and down. It wasn't as moving as looking for a pleasure point, but it sparked Keith's excitement.

Keith, who was feeling Erne's movements about his hands behind his back, felt Erne start rubbing the same spot in a constant rhythm within it.

A peek in my face reveals that I am desperate and focused on pleasure. Keith stuck his lips out on that pretty bitch face. Erne sucks right in there.

A young girl, still young, erects her nipples and waves her hips as she crosses over and kisses a man. Keith's meat stick rejoiced violently that another bitch was born here.

When the repeated meat stick touches another place than before, Erne says to unexpected pleasure, "Come on!," he quickened his hips as he screamed.

To lumbar swings that I couldn't stop myself anymore, the narrow vaginal hole choked and rubbed on the meat stick and drooled in the erne with pleasure.

Keith also spoke out as he withstood the stimulus of being severely treated with meat bars by Elne, who kept moving as the love fluid swept away from the junction and sounded the nasty sound of the mucous membrane rubbing off.

"Feels good, Erne? Does your dad's penis feel good? For the last time, I want you to say it right. It feels good."

The embarrassment hasn't completely disappeared and Erne shakes his ear and head, but Keith cums his penis from below! And when you poke it up,

"Ahhh!! Mm-hmm! Ahh! Mm-hmm!! Come on, honey... Hey, no! Mmm! Yes, ah! Oh! Pa, of, daddy's!! Kimochi...... Aah!!

I'll keep kissing you. I haven't had a waist swing or a kiss yet, but Keith was convinced that the vaginal meat condition was already first-class and that this would make a great female half elf no less than her mother's if planted.

Erne's meatloaf begins to cramp regardless of his will to prove his certainty. At this age, vaginal squids are still real.

Keith puts his hand back in front that was behind him, hugs Erne, good boy. Good boy. I praise you for being such a good girl.

Erne couldn't stand the feeling of attacking herself when the stimuli she was stroked by the feelings she could give her dad were mixed up.

"Ugh, Ugh!! Mm-hmm!! Oh, oh, oh!! Psst! Psst! Ugh!!

As he cluttered up his hips from the bottom with a good boy in the begging and screaming erne, he was unnervingly young Manko swallowed by Acme.

"Oh, oh! Ahhhhh! Mm-hmm! Naguuuuu!!

Elne cramps her vaginal folds and causes her uterine mouth to kiss the meat stick as she screams, which is not the kind of voice her young daughter can make. Keith punched his hips in such a freaking no-manco.

Keith licked his lips and ears as he called his name "Erne," rubbing his penis against Erne's ikimanko with his own hipster.

It's a nightmare for a young daughter to be licked around by thirty men, but now Erne has had it stimulate a sexy band all over her body to prolong the acme finish.

The feeling of fine tremor was the biggest vaginal fold, and Keith, who was rubbing his tense turtle head there, began to tremble his hips himself.

A hunch of grand ejaculation makes your spine zoster. And Keith, who held the fine girl's body tight as she developed goosebumps all over her body,

"Oh, Ru... I can! Erne!! Yikes... Ugh... Ugh, ah, ah! I'll get my dad out too...... to Erne!! Dashi, from!! Mm-hmm!!

I let my old man drool zamen spit out at my young womb as I raised my stuffy voice to pleasure.

Bubble! Dobble!! Dobugu!! Dubby!! Dobby, Dobby, Dobby!! Dobigu!! Dobi!

The salmon juice, which popped out vigorously trying to tarnish the fertile, luminous uterus of reproduction, increased the spasm of the erne with its heat.

Bikun Bikun, and Erne, shaking her body at the stimulus from a male who couldn't help herself, held her desperately against the person who would give it.

The flesh of the man who is ejaculating, and the whole smell is loving. Keith gave Erne a gentle kiss when he woke up a little.

When she kissed her lips only touching each other and releasing them, Erne suddenly felt that she was really the last with her dad here.

My whole body complains that I don't like that. Even tears overflow in the uncut. I don't even want to leave my dad, even though I don't like it if it's not what Lou looks like.

Swinging at feeling unexplained himself, Erne reached out to Keith without even knowing what to do. Horn to horn, that's all I had to say right now, don't leave.

But it was when I tried to say it.

Gigi...... and the gaze of the two who remain connected to the sound of something clattering head that way. And I lost my words and solidified. You can't be there. There was someone you shouldn't be.

The person, who solidified in an even more daunting manner than the two turning around, remained beautiful even in such a way. Elne, who knows the beauty very well, told me to leak it.

"... ohh."

Roana overflowed the whine with tears in her face like the world had collapsed.