"Dear Keith! Did you have an affair with Aunt Roana!? Why are you cheating all the time!!

"Keith! You big fool!! Think and act for a second! Get your hands on it without any maneuvers!

"Keith!! Oh, not only to Erne, but even to Nia...... how far are you really!!

"Dad! What do you mean? What mistress... Nia too!? You've been doing horny things to Nia too!? Unbelievable!!

Keith was crying with a giggle of abandonment in his voice calling from all directions.

There's nothing more I can do to get here. I have no excuse.

I tell each one a convenient story, so I can't even escape telling them that I can come all at once like this.

If there are still two or three of them, they can use their jealousy of each of them and manage to delude them, but the four of them cannot do so on boulders.

It's over. It's over. Magic Master Keith, you're going to die here. When one is thinking about it and crying,

"That's roughly it! More so to such an age... Ah"

The flow of words has made Aisha genuine. He was a brown knight whose true intentions were starting to leak when he was furious because of his discourse with Leonora.

And with an awesome look on Roana's face that sunk deeper than ever before, she grinned just at her mouth.

"Suppose... ma? What do you mean, getting older... who are you talking about?

"Oh, no, that's... uh"

You thought it was awkward on the boulder. Roana barked as her face turned bright red at Aisha clouding her mouth.

"What's an older man! Oh, even you're not old enough from Keith's point of view!

"I'm still flesh is young on this street. I'm not drooling!

"Damn... I'm not drooling! It's not dripping!! I'm not drooling!!

"That's how cute language is impossible. You should stop it!

There were times when Dada was just arguing with that wicked lady. I'm scraping Gasiga Siloana's HP on top of not pulling a single step. Brilliant.

Keith, thinking about it, saw another argument starting next door.

"Erne! It's about Master Keith. Why are you calling me Dad? Master Keith is not Erne's dad!!

"This is... but my dad..."

"Me if I call you! Master Keith is my Keith! You must be Erne's dad!

Erne disputes with tears the appearance of her cousin showing a young desire for exclusivity that even claims to be her own, in the mood of being taken at the same time by her first lover and father at birth.

"Pa, my dad is my dad! He's my dad!! It's not Nia's! It's mine! Just mine...... it's my dad!!

"Ugh, no... no!! Master Keith is mine alone. Master Keith!

To Nia and Erne, Aisha and Roana, who split up brilliantly of things and started arguing, Keith thought now was the only time to escape.

Return straight to your room and escape with the luggage you are packing for your escape. There is no other way. But when I realized it, Berna stood behind me.

Berna has been whining bosomly at Keith, sweating tightly as they seem to be telling him not to let him get away completely.

"In the meantime, why don't you two discuss this one at a time? I don't think the four of us can do it with boulders."

"Well... but what about the other two in the meantime?

"... Master Nia and Master Erne can still manage me. So here we are, first of all, Lady Aisha and Lady Roana."

He said a well done pet would even help his husband manage his mistress. Keith, who was weeping joy for the first time in this situation that it really didn't help,

"... be sure to speak up when you run away. If you run away by yourself… I will die"

It's heavy, Berna. It's the heaviest. Tears stopped at Berna hitting heavyweight thoughts more than anyone else here.

In front of Keith and Berna like that, the four of them kept arguing about breaking up one by one. Keith, who regained his temper, approached Aisha and Roana saying that Berna was right, starting with the two adults. And when I held my hand, I flew into my room with metastatic magic.

The two arguing were suddenly glad that the Triple Half Regulation was shaken, but soon realized that it was due to metastatic magic and that Keith had moved the place.

Then the two of them crammed into Keith, who was oozing at the metamagic drunkenness,

"Hey Keith! Explain it properly!! How could I have gotten so old while I was here?

"I just got older... Keith, this girl is horrible! It's terrible!! Treat me like an aunt... ugh."

"Which is terrible!? Keith! I didn't tell you, but this guy used to get mad at me and Keith for pulling it off! Now that I think about it, it's jealous of me."

"No! That's because you meet Keith and neglect Nia's escort assignment... that's why!

"What do you say! Older women's jealousy is ugly, I say!

"I said I'm older again. Ah!... I won't forgive you anymore... I won't forgive you!

Aisha takes a short distance to Roana, who begins to work out her magic powers, and puts her hand on the pattern of [Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom] on her hips. Magic can be broken if a famous craftsman works out a business.

Keith rushes in and breaks into disgust at the two men trying to start a big showdown in the room.

"Hey, just calm down! No! No fighting!!

Keith lost his way to Aisha and Roana, who did not loosen any tension, then tried to quell the widow Elf, who was angry with the horns on the rabbit.

Keith approached Roana, who accumulates magic in her palm and tears in her equally emerald eyes, holding her wrist gently and urging her to turn off her magic.

"Roana, please calm down. You can't be mad at me like that. More calm."

"No! I will never forgive you! Oh, such a rude thing... say a lot... gusu"

"No, never mind. Roana is adorable. It's not about getting older. She's a pretty girl. So don't look so angry."

It was Roana who slowly disappears her magic, but her face keeps pointing her moist eyes at Keith, looking unconvinced yet.

"... even Keith really thinks you're an aunt... about me..."

"I don't think so. I don't think so. It makes me want to treat younger girls and make fun of them."

"... but that girl... is getting older"

"Am I not the only one dissatisfied? Aren't you upset that I'm the only one who thinks Roana's cute? Is that what you want men from all over the world to think?

Roana, who shook her neck left and right, pulled out her shoulder strength when she finally untied her mind. And I tried to smile back at Keith, who was smiling, and I remembered I had to ask him about Aisha and Nia.

It was Roana trying to get her mind back together and speak up, but then all of a sudden Keith said, "Hino!" and screams convulsively.

When I looked behind me wondering what it was, Aisha was pulling out [Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom] and shoving that cut at Keith's neck.

"Hey Keith... it's a good nerve to flirt with other women in front of me... and with such an age"

"Ah... Aisha... Ooh, ooh, ooh..."

In Keith's most restless situation, and still desperately trying to forgive him, Aisha hugged him from behind with her cuddle in her sheath.

"... silly... if you treat me like this, why did you make me remember back... you terrible bastard"

Roana was also listening to that whine, "Keeping it?," he mutters repeatedly. Aisha then won proudly with a hug on Keith's back,

"Actually, I lost my memory in a previous incident... and then Keith lost my memory and made me fall again... because you won't allow me to leave you, stay by my side the whole time..."

"Who is that Oraora guy?

"Shut up. I told you something similar... that's what I said, you've been holding me so much that I'm swollen... that I'm going to get you pregnant"

"Garlic... Shin..."

This happens because he kills and complains that he will conceive. I deserve it.

Keith was desperately trying to make excuses for the previous Roana in a situation where he couldn't get away with being hugged from behind, but he couldn't even think of one.

Roana shuddered with a puffy tremor at Keith, who said nothing just to pamper her mouth.

"You promised to make me pregnant... no"

"Oh, you know, no, that's..."

"Keith's fool. You can't give mature women that kind of bullshit. 'Cause I'm gonna be serious soon."

Aisha is the one who is most serious about bullshit. That's what I'd say, Keith, but I don't oil the fire. As she was doing so, Aisha, in good shape, came over Keith's pubic area as she pressed her tits against her back.

It never touches a meat stick, but it comes across its roots with grit and fingertips. When Roana stumbles upon its dirty fingertips,

"Keith, tell him. He said it was a game... say it right, idiot. I'm the only one who really wants to get pregnant."

You couldn't stand a boulder for such a statement. Now Roana's hugging Keith in the front. And he presses his busty chest and says:

"Keith! Tell that disrespectful daughter right! He said you'd be with me! Me and Erne... they're going to be a family!! Say it right!

Wrapped in a sweet scent and soft feel from the front and back, and when he gritted his pubic bones, Keith had an erection despite this situation.

The fear of dying if one step wrong was linked to the instinct of leaving offspring to strengthen the erection. While both Aisha and Roana were aware of it, they ignored it and continued their words.

I'm the one who will be with Keith. When I was the one who conceived Keith's child, I kept vomiting the dirtiest words in a way.

Keith, who has been elfsandwiched from front to back at his best erection, doesn't matter anymore.

Surrounded by two people who don't know what they'll do if they're clean, and in the extreme situation of dying if they make any mistakes at all, I can't keep up with my thoughts anymore on Omake's streak of angry finds out from yesterday.

And all that's left is simple, lucid instincts. The thought was to say that if you were going to die anyway, you'd end up sowing and scattering seeds on these two.

The death penalty is superior. It doesn't matter if one of them looks pretty, but it's all exposed after it's over. I held him by the horn and held him around, and then I decided I was going to die.

So determined, Keith is still drooling. When he is forced to step away from the two rubbing without drooling, he says, "Huh?" He held the widow and knight in his left and right arms and kissed them alternately.

"Huh! Ha, uhh! Hmm! Ha hiru, hicha, nju, chupu, chupu, chupu...... raku"

"Kisu! What? Hmm! Mmm! Nchu, Chipu, Chipu, Raku, Raku, Raku... Chibu"

The two were so tightly held together that they had never had experience before, they desperately tried to resist, but when Keith's tongue licked around the inside of him and rubbed and stroked his butt with a gum, he couldn't help himself.

Keith even blamed him for the kiss there. I didn't mind the saliva overflowing. I licked it around. Eventually, as the two stare at each other with a bright red face, he holds them up and takes them to bed.

The two people who were laid in line in bed turned a kicking gaze when they realized what they were going to do now.

"Oh, hey! That's why!! I will never be with this person!!

"This is our dialogue! Keith! I can't believe I'm with such a disrespectful daughter... I don't want to!

But he didn't even hear those words. Keith leaned over the two of them by exposing an erect meat stick when he took off his clothes and lowered his pants. I'm dying, I show a more vicious form than usual. Plus the two of us all said "hi". There's Keith.

"... no. Together. I'll hold you both at the same time. This is the last one, anyway! It's the end of my life!! Then I'll end up sowing and dying in dreamy situations. Ugh!! Uhhh!!

The two tried to escape to the runaway inferior species, but Keith, who thinks it's the last, won't allow it. When I suddenly flinch the two men trying to escape, I can't move to the stimulus and poke a gap and kiss them.

Both Aisha and Roana began to raise their voices in tears to the exact blame by Keith, who knew all about their weaknesses.

Keith, listening to it, did not think of any more excuses or escapes, but merely concentrated his consciousness on tasting the last young body and ripe body to death.