Only now did Leonora look down at Keith, sinking her face completely calm compared to when she had just met him in anger.

Keith, who is sitting in the front seat, is just drooling with a heavier gaze than those boobs.

Occasionally I look up and Leonora doesn't leave the sound of the effect of Zune on fine motion.

So I'm Keith, who leans down again without being able to say anything, but it was time to go through an hour in this state, and my legs were the limit of anything and everything.

So I try to forgive you somehow, I decide my will and I try to sit down. Leonora spoke to Keith like that first.

"Not at all anymore... what are you going to do! I can't believe I even gave it to Naia's aunt... to Omake and her cousin!!

Keith was hardened by the same dialogue he had been called many times earlier without being able to sit down. There's Leonora,

"And you're that cousin and you're not a child yet! You're a little perverted!!

"... ha"

"It's not hah!! How can you be so blind!! You should remember something a little more called moderation!!

"... especially you"

"By and large, it's me and Nia... and there are also black and thin masks. What the hell is wrong with that!?

"I'm not dissatisfied..."

"Then why are you so handy over there! Auntie!!

Leonora, who roughs her breath to Keith, who becomes even more shunned, says, "No more! I said," I put my arms together. This has been happening since this morning.

Leonora, taught by Nia about Roana and Erne, began a scolding sermon when she quickly summoned Keith.

No matter how tolerant Leonora was of the affair, she couldn't forgive Nia's aunt on the boulder and still Roteen's cousin.

I couldn't even argue with Keith because it was totally bad, but that was also the limit.

But it is visible that when you stimulate poorly, you increase your anger. So Keith even thought of an excuse. I need an excuse to break this situation.

Leonora heats up the sermon, not realizing Keith is trying to make such a mouthful of himself again.

There doesn't seem to be a gap to get in there because it's just a little more rational anger than Aisha. Then Keith twisted his head and sat down to block Leonora's reprimand.

"Sorry!! Really...... sorry!!

"Damn, I can't believe I'm grounded like that... I know! Just say that again."

"No, I'm sincerely sorry. It's true... but there's only one thing I want you to know."

It's Leonora, who thinks he's here. This is where Keith's excuse theater begins. And it gets flushed. I've been ready since I called you in.

But Leonora has a different taste today. Never listen to excuses without getting flushed. I'm going to preach.

For this reason, he only summons Keith without calling Nia, Aisha or Berna to preach.

Keith looked pathetic to Leonora, who was willing not to be flushed by any excuse.

"... I got my hands on Roana... Naia's aunt because I thought of Leonora..."

"Yes? hey... what the heck is that!! I suck at excuses for anything!! Why are you cheating on me?!

Leonora, who was on the lookout for how awesome she was going to be, became more angry with her poor excuses. That's how Keith says to Leonora, barking at the boulder, looking closely into his eyes.

"I think Leonora has heard, but Roana used to marry a man of the human species. And his husband is dead."

I know. Nia told me. In other words, the story of a nobleman of the noble species Elf but married to a human species is a fairly famous story in Elf territory.

but I wonder what that has to do with Leonora. Keith is

"I saw Roana die by such a loved one, and I looked like Leonora."

"... wah, your?

"Yes... the love between your elves and the human species... it's like me and Leonora..."

"Ah," mutters Leonora, solidifying as it is. Yes, indeed, Leonora's relationship with Keith does not even resemble that of Roana and her deceased husband.

Keith used it to attack Leonora's mind.

"Me and Leonora have different times to live... eventually I'll leave Leonora... then I guess Leonora will live alone. I can't believe I'm thinking"

That's something Leonora thinks about. There is no way to overcome the overwhelming difference in life expectancy. But now with the pleasure of the present and the hope that Keith could have done so, he had dispelled that despair.

And yet he tells Keith to remind him that Leonora made those big breasts suffer from uncut. Keith keeps saying to such a pitiful look.

"Then I couldn't help but comfort Roana. Eventually it's not for me to leave those who mourn for the same suffering Leonora tastes!!

"Ki, Keith"

Leonora, who almost got fluttered, but I keep thinking I shouldn't. Hold him here and Keith will do it again. I was worried about what was going to happen.

"So what about your daughter... Nia's cousin! I can't believe I even got my hands on that girl."

"Erne... she wants a father from me. That mixes with a young love heart..."

That sounds as if Erne liked Keith more unilaterally. But I don't know the truth. I wonder if that's true of Leonora.

"But... that's why I can't believe I'm getting my hands on you"

"Leonora's gotten smaller before. You used to replace Aisha and Berna's mother, right? I tried to mimic that...... you can't. I knew I was gonna hold you."

Leonora, experiencing pain and anxiety disappearing when Keith held her, could not strongly deny that she had given the girl the peace of mind.

Leonora, who has begun to be completely buried in the outer moat, is one step away from being trapped. If we don't stop, Keith, who drags his paralyzed leg up to feel that way, gets held up without being able to say anything.

"... but maybe that was my assumption... because Leonora remains beautiful and young even when I'm old... I'm sure she'll throw me away... so what a assumption I have with Roana"

"Oh, idiot! I hope you don't underestimate me! I would... throw it away because the person I once decided to deal with is old... I wouldn't do that."

"... I'm happy enough with that word alone"

"It's not just words!... and you have to believe me... I've always been by Keith's side... so"

Keith held Leonora tight complaining about her heart. Gu and noise make a big chest crush on Keith's chest plate.

Keith whispered to Leonora, who felt warm at the same time as he couldn't breathe and reddened his Sakuho ears.

"I'm glad... I'm really glad... even if that's all I think about right now... I am"

"So it's not just now... it's always been. I'll be with Keith the whole time. So I can't believe I cheated anymore, ah, Nchu."

I was kissed halfway through the words. Leonora's loss had been decided at the time she accepted it without pushing it away.

If it were true, there would have been a lot of scratches about Roana before Leonora or Erne before Aisha and Berna were kids.

But I only believe what Keith told me without checking all of that. No. The lady was held by Keith with her hips too luxurious compared to those breasts, turning her arms from herself to deepen the kiss.

"Mm, mmm, mmm, mmm... Chip, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm"

Keith and Leonora, who intertwined their tongues by sounding the filthy sound of licking each other's oral mucosa, tightened each other's bodies.

In doing so, the feeling of soft breast meat gives Keith's chest plate a stimulus that won't allow him to jump on the pond.

Keith attacked at once letting Mukumuk and his rising penis stick in his pants and shove its hardness against Leonora's body to let him know.

"Leonora... can you prove it?

"Prove it... is it?

"Yes. Let Leonora... let Leonora alone go in and out again and again. So full that maybe I'll be pregnant... let me just love Leonora, not with someone else as usual"

In sincere eyes, Leonora said, turning bright red.

"It's not always Keith who lets you be with someone else! I... always wanted to be alone."

"Because... I'm anxious if I don't... if Leonora suddenly gets tired of me"

"Already! That's what you've been thinking of me for so long! Wow, I... I, I... I like Keith! I love it!! Because I love you... you make me do all sorts of things."

Leonora, who rarely has the experience of telling Keith she likes him from herself, weeps at the confession she has made to be flushed, and she turns her gaze and swells her cheeks small whenever she tells her to guess.

Keith, kissing such a pretty face again, took him to bed as he held Leonora up as he did.

Leonora, transported to bed with a princess hug, thrills her chest with her own massive medium sex.

Keith, stared at with anticipation face, approaches Leonora, who sits back in bed as she takes off her pants. The groin was already bulky in the bin.

As the smell of a steaming male approached, Leonora licked her lips glossy with an angry face like a lie earlier.

My own penis. My own Keith who can taste it without feeling comfortable with Nia, Aisha or Berna. I'm not happy about that.

Leonora, who has a lot of multiplayers at all times, had burned her female heart not knowing about her sex with Keith (and the adult version) for a long time.

Keith, approaching there, offered Leonora, who was sitting without his finger picking an overflowing meat stick from the start.

"Can you lick it? … I want to feel better with Leonora's Occhi"

"You can't help it," muttered Leonora, swallowing a saliva at Keith, who sought it directly without saying it in a roundabout or degrading way.

And as he opened his mouth happily, he got off the bed and sat down on the floor, bringing his face closer to Keith's groin standing.

I wouldn't have thought of a kneeling fellatio when I first met him. But now that I'm used to being a scattered pervert, I can do it fine.

He opens his eyes with a small, pitiful mouth to show off the moves he remembers competing with Aisha and Berna.

"Mm, mmm, mmm, mmm! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Inject, lick around in your mouth, apply saliva, and then swallow to the back. Then let your entire mouth tighten and move your head back and forth.

When you scrub it up violently in the meat stick, making the whole meat stick feel more sensitive, now you only move your tongue with the sound in it.

Keith had the pleasure of being paralyzed to the golden ball when a meat stick wrapped in a warm, wet jar was licked around her slippery tongue.

The excitement that Leonora's face would get scrupulous to penetrate the polar penis in the pleasure mixed to make Keith expensive.

Keith overflowed the run with feelings of frustration, but when he came up with something good, he was hunted by a desire to really try it.

Keith told Leonora, feeling enough to ejaculate without doing it.

Leonora was surprised to hear that she was so close, and that it was just the two of us, until she heard what the story was about.

When she understood what Keith was looking for, Leonora put a meat stick out of her mouth.

"Hey, what is it? Ha!! Why would I... do something I didn't think I would do!!

Yelling with a bright red moist face. Besides, Keith spoke with a troubled face.

"No, that's why... yesterday and yesterday and I overused my penis... so make it a little more exciting and easier to ejaculate"

"Why is that... I don't like it! You can never do that!!

"Please," Keith repeated to Leonora, who turned sideways a lot. But Leonora said, "No! call."

I'm even a little angry that this happened again because of Keith's perversion when he said he was happy alone in the corner. But there's Keith's pitiful face,

"... I knew it... I knew Leonora would hate me that way when I was alone with her..."

"Hey, chi, chi! No, you're not!

That's what I say, Leonora, but I would certainly have made you feel like competing with the two of you if you had been with Aisha or Berna and asked for this favor. It's kind of weird to talk about not being able to do that when we're alone.

It's as if he enjoys it more when he plays multiplayer...... I'd say there's no doubt about that feeling. Leonora glanced at Keith with a regrettable look on her face.

"That's how you manipulate me right away... just weird things! I thought I could be a little romantic. I was stupid!!

Leonora complaining to bark, but that hand was holding the meat stick again. And as he handled it intensely from the geese neck to the root, he took the tip near his mouth,

"... I didn't think of this... Ugh... no more! Come on, Keith! With your... stinky, filthy, inferior human sarmen... whitewash my noble mouth!

Speaking words ordering him to curse, Leonora begins to shake her turtle head with tears in her own words.

That makes me look like a noble elf trying to force me to drink Tsar from an inferior species.

Glad to see it would go as far as he could imagine, Keith began to shake his hips to release stinking salmen, as he put it, into Leonora's mouth, which he asked me for a favor.