Roana, the disturbance with Erne was finally a paragraph, and Keith was having another lazy day as usual.

When you fall asleep until the evening to take off the fatigue of the last few days and then wake up nosy, you take a warm bath and oversleep to untie your hardened body.

Then I fell asleep in bed again and bobbed, waiting for my hunger to come. It was a very luxurious use of time.

After about an hour of hunger, Keith gently muscled and took another bath of hot water and headed to the dining room.

I was deciding to have a steak today for the reward of overcoming that Rage Tao secret discovery.

So as I walked down the hallway of the palace skipping in a lunar mood, I saw a familiar potchy body ahead of me.

Its fleshy body, which stands out quite prominently among the skinny elf daughters, is definitely Arsi.

Arsi was carrying ingredients somewhere with a faint, thought-provoking look. Keith calls out when he approaches the figure.

"A-si. What's the matter with you?

"Come on! Oh, oh, ki-su,"

All of a sudden he was shocked to hear from me. Potchalimaid smiled as if she was horrified to see Keith.

It is Arsi who has recently finally become less nervous even before Keith. Keith asked Arsi like that.

"It's so dark. Anything wrong? Made me angry at work...... or something?

Upon a casual inquiry, Erne shook her neck left and right, giving her a look that made her wonder whether to say it or not.

Keith keeps a gentle eye out for Arsi, who silences him with that face. Eventually Arsi opened his mouth slowly.

"Oh, um... you know, I..."

Keith was purely surprised by the explanation. Oh, my God, Arsi is going to be born.

I went through all kinds of work and in the end it was the cooking place to which Arsi was assigned. I mean, I'm officially a kitchen maid.

If I had prepared Keith's dietary meal responsibly for him every meal, the cock that saw it would have liked Arsi for the first time in his enthusiastic work.

As a result, Arsi, who became a kitchen-only maid, continued to work without taking that exact, serious break.

Occasionally, Keith and I get horny at work, but that stimulates Arsi's willingness to work hard again.

Then Cock liked Arsi even more and said that he would succeed him in that citation.

Arsi, who had begun to be completely cooked, seriously worried that she really wanted to be a samurai from a housemaid.

I don't hate my cooking job either, but I figured the maid's floral form would be housemaid, and slouch would be a queen or princess's maid.

Arsi naturally has that dream too, so I can't give up inside. But I can't even say no if it's expected. So he had a dark face.

Whatever he did, Keith looked for words in Arsi's dark voice, but sometimes just at dinner, soldiers and maids entered the dining room.

Serious Arsi stood up in a panic when he saw it, "I have to go back". There Keith is,

"Hey, Arsi. I want to talk more. Why don't you come to my room tonight?

"Huh? But... that's annoying"

"No way. Not at all. Enough to be happy to be consulted by Ningro Arsi. So."

To be honest, Arsi wanted to talk to me too, so I'm happy with that word. I knew it would be nice to tell Keith. Arsi nodded and gave it back.

Besides, Keith smiled back, telling him he was waiting, and he broke up with Arsi. And when you head to the dining room,

"I need to get my essence on ~. I knew it was meat, meat!

I started hurting my meat stick just thinking about riding Arsi rather than consulting.

There was no reason to know that the inferior species was thinking about it. Arsi cleaned up his work and headed to Keith's room.

Careful not to be seen by anyone of course, I said no after clearing the warehouse for my buddy's invitation to go home with me.

There is no hesitation or shame in going to a man's room, only joy. It is Arsi who has yet to realize how corrupt he is.

Keith immediately looked up and invited me into the room when Arsi knocked on the door about the room like that.

Keith, a rough outfit named Shirt on his pants, pumps up his muscles with a muscle tread he's been to since he got back to his room, besides sweating thinly.

Because I know that excites this pussy maid.

Keith shouted "Good Luck" and stroked his head as he hugged Arsi, who dyed his cheeks on the scent of sweat and slightly floating muscles as he aimed.

"Hih," Arsi clinging to Keith from aside and herself after she rang her throat and then gave her body a clear feeling.

Keith, who held him tight and set Arsi's body on fire in a good way, as he thought.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You smell like sweat, don't you? When I saw Arsi, I couldn't stand it."

Arsi shook her head left and right in a panic, not realizing that it was at all true to Keith, who deliberately did it and said all white things.

"Me too... I smell sweat after work... and... Mr. Keith's, smell... because I like him"

Not long ago, I wasn't an elf who could tell me this from myself. But Keith dyed me well, and now I was fine enough to smile in my mouth.

Keith smiled back gently, careful not to put a humble grin on Arsi's look like that.

"I like the smell of Arsi, too. It smells so sweet and good... and when I smell it, I feel like a jerk."

Arsi's body trembled at the whispered words. I meant it, of course, but I didn't think it would happen all of a sudden.

Still, the moment I was told, I was so paranoid at work that I was reminded of the porn thing with Keith that made me hot in Arsi. I honestly want you to hold me.

Swallow the saliva and dampen her lips. On top of her lips, Keith began to lick her plump, fleshy tongue around.

"Ruchu, ruchu, chupu... chupu, raku"

Soon after, Arsi, who also began to obscenely tangle her tongue from herself, wrapped her arms around Keith's neck in a gentle lick.

Arsi didn't let go of her lips even after she realized what she was doing when she forgot to ask for a consultation.

A little more, just a little more, just a little more, kissing me repeatedly thinking so, and by the time I'm done, I'm staring at Keith in the face of a troll.

Keith was impressed by Arsi, who was in full esthetic mode, that these amateur daughters would go tocotton once they were hammered.

Outreach They show off their splendor when they fall as horny as normal daughters like nothing like this. Keith, who quickly wanted to enjoy the flavor, suggested to Arsi the swinging face.

"That's right. You want me to take a bath with you? Sweat together in the bath to refresh."

"Oh, Furo... Mr. Keith, and?

"Yeah. You don't like it?

That's not why I shake my head and answer to Arsi. Keith says "Good" and takes me to the bathroom. There was already plenty of hot air in there, ready as I knew this was going to happen.

Earsi was perplexed for a moment by the fact that she was ready to bathe, but before she could say anything about it, the maid's clothes had been stripped off and exposed to pounding flesh.

He hides his front shy of boulders, but when Keith whispers from behind, "It's beautiful," and he gets naked and hugs himself, his arms, trying to hide his chest and groin, fall back naturally.

I guess Keith's slutty thoughts of wanting him to see more have taken the power out of Arsi's hands and legs.

Keith stared at the meaty, wonderful pussy body as always, 10,000 times as requested, erecting a meat stick pressed against Arsi's butt.

As she tumbled up her hot sensation-rich buttocks, Arsi dyed Saho's ears red as she felt her female ache out with the quail.

Keith sat in the bath chair with Arci showing his lit face soaping on his hands and starting to wash his meat body when he lathered. Arsi panicking about the sudden washing of his body,

"Ha, ha, ha! Um, Ji, Ji Bun, I can wash it... so"

"Fine, fine. I just want to heal your tired Arsi."

When I say that, I start massaging my back, shoulders, arms and thighs with the hand that washes my body. Weirdly too accustomed to the hand unraveled Arsi's elaborate body exquisitely.


Keith called out to Arsi as she pressed her bump using her thumb to leak her voice into feelings different from those of a sexual nature.

"By the way, I was just talking..."

"Huh?... earlier?

"Look, we're talking about your work... and you're about to come out in the cooking area"

Arsi, who haunted him so far that he didn't think the troublesome consultation would begin, stuffed the words without knowing how to react. Then Keith continues his words as he turns back and massages his back.

"An approximate feeling to understand. I totally get it."

"... Huh? Keith... but?

"Yeah. I know very well that talent wakes up in a direction I don't really want. Neither did I."

Even Keith didn't like it and specialize in chilling magic. When I was a little girl, I began to learn magic by admiring my grandmother's talking archmage mentor.

But at some age, I realize that I really don't like attack magic and other large-scale magic. And instead, he appeared headstrong in small-handed technology.

I guess it's because of my personality that I immediately thought "can I help" with that, but I'm still going to know what it's like to have talent awake in a direction I don't want.

Arsi was surprised to hear that. Because I thought Keith was a gifted genius who could do anything.

There are many parts of Keith's reputation since he came to Seimrad that do make him think so, but in fact, he's just a third-rate magician who has nothing to do with it.

"So I know how Arsi feels... and I'm not too uptight about what I can advise him on. You just have to think about it properly and lightly."

"So what do you say?

"Yes. Always on this job - or if it stays like this forever - I'll think about that later and I won't be able to do it right now. Still, if you feel like it doesn't really fit, you can quit, and if it does, you can just keep going."

It seems to be an appropriate Keith idea. Fact is, Keith spends most of his days thinking like this.

The only thing I think about accurately and decently is how to fool a woman, or a comma, and I do everything else appropriately.

Arsi was somewhat distracted by the idea that he was unlikely to come up with in the original serious elf species.

"But... Mr. Keith at the corner introduced me... to being a maid of honor."

It seems that it was no longer in Arsi that the virgin was eaten at that time. Sounds like a lot of bad shit.

Keith smiled at those words, taking his fingertips to Arsi's groin, rough as he tickled the diaphragm.

"You don't have to worry about that. Because the most important thing is for Arsi to have a good day... right?

At the base of his leg, Arsi thought to Keith as he rubbed his fingertips in carefully.

Word that sounds terribly irresponsible, but that makes it kind of easier to think about it. The thought of working in the cooking area alone for a long time disappeared and I felt mild.

Then I kind of feel like I can keep doing my cooking job. Of course I can't do it properly as Keith says I can do more than do it, but I still felt like I could do it easier with my shoulder strength off.

(... Mr. Keith... I guess you wanted to say that with that in mind... then it would be easier...)

It is a buyout. Keith said he really thought he should do everything right. But Arsi began to trust Keith even more when he assumed that.

Trustworthiness makes me open my thighs and pinch the dusty horny meat.

"Ha ha... Mmm! Ah, ah!... Hino!! Oh, no... Mmm!!

Keith rubs the diaphragm at a high speed on Arsi as his voice grows higher, pressing his fingertips straight into the pubic nucleus and starting to grind.

"Huh! Phew!! Ugh!! Kisu,!! Mm-hmm!!

Arci, touched on the most pleasant part of the situation where his feelings for Keith were growing stronger, began to overflow the love fluid from the female hole while trying to lean against the sensation.