One sunny afternoon. Keith was summoned by Mia to the room.

Keith remembers consulting with Mashua in the meantime and wonders if she could possibly be told to make some kind of flirtatious toy.

Keith, who followed him to the room as he rolled his delusions, saw several other female elves there besides Mia. They're all beautiful elderly elves.

"I'm sorry. I called you out of the blue."

Keith almost got an erection when he thought this clear, chaste looking elf was Nia's mother, and now he wants her husband every night like a beast, while bowing his head to Mia who says so.

But Keith tried not to think about it because he had an erection until there was so many women.

Mia said to Keith like that, "Actually, I need to talk to you."

Speaking of Mia's consultation, I'm reminded of last year's monster workshop for the kids.

Keith was prepared to ask if it might be the same favor as last year, as the women here seem to be kind of full of motherhood if they say so.

Keith said, "Huh?" He growls and solidifies. I was doing the anticipation diagonally.

"What do you think? Can you do that?

"Huh," Keith muttered as she solidified to the skinny, beautiful queen who leaned her neck and listened.

Whether that was permission, Mia smiled at each other with the women around and said "I'm glad".

Keith, who felt like he had finally taken on a big deal there, but it was already a later festival.

"Thank you very much," Mia and the women around her told her, realizing that she couldn't pull it off later when the accompanying samurai explained her expenses.

Keith, bowing his head and leaving the room, went back to his room and headed to the work desk, thinking that he had been asked to do trouble again.

There was a little shadow that ran to Seimrad, not knowing as much as the dew that Keith was doing something so difficult.

wings bigger than his body, singing a nose song as he took the rudder with his tail, which, no matter how he looked at it, was a nightfall.

The greeting from New Year's Eve was over, and the paperwork that had accumulated was cleared up, and the easygoing evening Xu quickly tried to meet Keith.

Sometimes it is called the season in its hand, and the cherry cake made by my father, the cherry cake, is held in a vacuum pack.

This is a little dragon who wants to see a cherry blossom blizzard while eating this with Keith.

With a grin on her moody imagination and subsonic speeds to Seimrad, Night Xu gently breaks through the boundaries of the palace to Keith's room to avoid being felt by Nia, Aisha or a well-nosed pet.

Because those three can never forgive Keith and I for seeing flowers alone if we don't.

As he broke through the boundaries of the palace, the night he flew into Keith's room with metamorphosis magic, his face flaunted by the unusual smell of the room.

Sometimes it's filled with a hell of a fragrance like he was masturbating while a man works without going outside for a week and not taking a bath properly.

Not as good as a werewolf or a human fox species, but a good nose at night. The violin says to its smell, "Ohhhh!" He opened the window and ventilated as he vomited, wiggling the deodorant spray that was in the room.

When the smell finally disappears, I see Keith sleeping fine in it, hiking his cheeks.

Keith, who is the cause of this smell, is sleeping in a good shirt and pants like he hasn't even dressed properly, growing a mustache.

She came to see me around the corner, but Keith looked like this at night.

"Holy shit! Wake up!! How long are you going to sleep!!

When I said that and approached him, I slapped Keith's cheek petite. Still, Keith had no sign of happening at all, but his body was responding.

Grab and cuddle the smell of a nearby female with both hands trying to prey on her by feeling like a bug plant.

The night when Keith, sleeping in bed, hugged him and surrounded him with the smelly scent of the man, the violet rumbled.

"Keith, wake up! Again like this...... stop! Crap!!

It was a night of screaming at the sweaty smell, but the voice gradually became a sweet thing. Keith's dark scent began to irritate the young female part.

If this were a female knight or a female pet, she would have had an immediate episode, but she couldn't do it right away, anyway, if she was a little dragon. But steadily I get hot on this smell.

Keith The smell came into his nose, and as he tried to invade his brain, Nightingale hugged Keith from herself as she drowned. So Keith finally woke up.

Keith, the sleeping eye, was unconsciously rubbing his bulky penis in the morning when he noticed that he usually held something surprisingly soft.

And when the consciousness slowly awakens,

"... is that a nightshade? What are you doing, sir?

There is nothing a man can do to catch a girl approaching him asleep, hold him tight, and press his erect penis gritty.

That's what I wanted to say at night, because I don't care what you say with a face lit by the smell, it's not convincing.

"... I came to see you... Ampountan"

"Really... I'm glad"

"Ugh, I know I'm glad. Wow... so the... don't get your penis gritty, asshole"

You finally realize what you're doing, say "ooh" and let Keith go. The night you're finally free, he says, "Stay bright red."

"I don't know... why you're losing it! Take a bath, too. I don't mean it!

"No, that's it, actually..."

Keith smiled and got out of bed like he suddenly came up with something good when he gave him a contemplative look there.

I had a bad feeling about that smile, and at night I tried to read what Keith was trying to do with the God-fearing eye.

"Oh, no, you can't steal! Such a bad thing to do at night..."

"No, you can't steal from me! Stop arguing..."

Keith brings to hide what was on his desk at night.

"Sa, nocturnal. Please meditate your eyes."

"What are you doing... what are you doing! It's weird again!! I don't like it... I don't like weird things!

"I don't do anything weird. Trust me. Come on."

The little one who can't resist Keith coming googly hard is like, "Ugh!," he roared, closing his eyes feeling only a little fear.

This is how they put on weird clothes before and made me play magic girl. I don't get a lot of other things when Keith hides them from me.

At night, however, when he is stubbornly unable to resist, Keith tries to find out what Keith is trying to do with his eyes silently meditating.

Keith's hand touched his shoulder such a night. The freaking little dragon immediately felt his clothes taken off.

"Don't do it!" I try to scream, "but before I do, I feel strange weight on my body and say," Huh? "and he makes a weird noise.

I feel heavy in front of my body, weird and lazy hips, and weird chest sticks. I haven't been told it's good to open my eyes, but the night I open my eyes intolerably, I see a hell of a sight there.

My body made to look just like my panties. The belly part is out. No, it's not the noise where you go out.

The thin, unusually swollen abdomen against the small hands, legs, and hips still seems to burst, proportionally increasing the nipples on each wheel to the chest surprisingly.

That definitely looked like a pregnant woman. Keith instantly turned the nightcap into a pregnant woman.

I solidified myself in my loribote figure for a moment and made it stop until I thought, but eventually when I let my mouth fight with tears,

"Hey, hey, what the heck!!

I threw up a famous dialogue from previous years. You won't be able to do that either. Until I got here, I was lolliboted with my normal body in an instant. Surprise is natural.

It's a panicky night, but I only know that this reason is definitely in Keith, so I grab it in a hurry.

"Come, come, come! What did you do! What did you do to Non?! Why are you doing this... what are you doing here?

"Oh, if you make that much noise, it sounds like a belly child, right?

"Hino! Oh, oh, yeah, really? Relax, huh? Ah?"

Keith laughed at the sight of the wolf at night. Nightshade looked like she was about to cry.

"What are you laughing at... ahhhhhhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"Ahhh! Hey, please don't cry! It's a joke. Just kidding. I can't get pregnant this fast with anything. You know that, right?"

"But... what the hell..."

"That's right."

That's what Keith started explaining. That starts with Mia being summoned a few days ago.

What Mia had asked me to do at that time was actually, "Is there any means to understand how difficult it is for pregnant women?"

It's really hard for men to understand the difficulty of traveling and the twitching when standing or sitting characteristic of a pregnant woman. They wanted me to make magic and magic tools that I could understand.

And it was the elf women who are now pregnant who have said "please" with Mia. Thank you. It sounds like a mutual aid party for pregnant women.

Keith, who took it upon himself to be flushed, went back to the room to come up with a thought, an example, a way.

It was about making a transformation set that would show how pregnant women feel.

There's an old legend called "Beast Armor," and when you wear it, you can throw yourself into the battle of frenzy with the illusion of being a beast.

Just like that, this idiot thought it would be nice to create armor that just looks and feels the same as a pregnant woman.

You can think of it as a more realistic version of the set of experiencing pregnant women (which is an array that weighs on your belly or something) where you say it in another world.

If that were the case, I would cage in the room quickly, and I would have trouble losing the parts, so I didn't even put Berna in the room, and Keith Kaishin's work came into view tonight.

The night he was briefed, he looked at his body again, poking at its overly ridiculous explanation.

Black nipples on a flat chest, and a stomach that's about to burst. I don't care what you think. You look like a real pregnant woman.

"Hypnotic magic and hallucinogenic magic also have a real weight and a trick to stimulate the body. Perfect, right?"

"... this, but... crop?

"If you're really anxious, take a look at it with the Divine Proverbs eye. You can't delude yourself into boulders until then."

The night I was told to use God's eyes, I saw something like a soccer ball cut in half over my stomach.

That alone is later my body. I mean, this is definitely called hallucinogenic magic.

At the same time, I was horrified to find out that I was not pregnant at the same time, when I was told that I was at a genius level when it came to making these weird devices and magic tools.

I have a desire to conceive Keith's child, but it's still too unexpected to freak me out all of a sudden. I need some more time to be ready.

I noticed Keith looking at herself with a nibble when I was thinking about that.

"... what those eyes... you're disgusting."

"No... I thought you were... lollibotemaziero, right? It sucks."

Feeling that Keith was craving to look like his belly bottoms, Night Xu hid his belly and chest with his arms.

"Ugh, I'm not going to do this... I'm going to do this! Yeah, add or subtract. Come on, pervert!

"No, no, I'm not going to. Just be horny. Little bodies are full of motherhood, and even though they're so cute, they can't prove they've been sown by men anymore."

"Don't be weird. Wow! That's enough, too! I'll take it off now!

Keith hastily held onto the night to remove his belly demon prop.

"Wait a minute, please! He said I had to try all that. Whether it works safely even if you take a bath"

"Phew, phew... bye! I don't like it!! This... this! When I take a bath!

I'll definitely have both-belly sex with Keith so he can be flushed. It's a body that hasn't even had its first period yet, and such a perverse act is absolutely impossible. I thought, "I don't like it! Keith at night continued to say,

"Not so... don't you like it?

"Oh, uh, no... bye. Ho, really... if you're pregnant... yeah, but this is... ya."

Keith exhaled when he muttered, "Really?" at night telling him to tremble slightly.

"Then you can't help it. I can't force you to. Okay."

I feel there is an absolute back on my smiling face. Night Xu waited for the next word with a crying face. The anticipation was entirely true.

"I'll ask someone else to try that magic prop. Would Master Nia be willing to cooperate? Aisha looks... angry, but don't cooperate. Berna is."

Thinking of the three people whose names came up, Nightingale bit her lips. Those three got both-belly with this device and took a flirting bath with Keith.

I don't like being stroked in the stomach or being a good kid... but I get so jealous when I think someone else will.

Night's Eve swinging at my thoughts that I don't understand, I looked at my stomach again,

(... it's not just a magic trick... if you look at it with a god's eye, you'll be fine)

I turned my gaze to Keith and said I would delude myself that way.

"... for confirmation of the magic props... bye... odd thing is, Nashi."

"Huh?... bye"

"Oh, instead! I'll try it with someone else... I promise!

Keith nods happily, "Yes," at night when he complains in tears. And I took the Boteti dragon to the bathroom with the princess in my arms, feeling framed again and falling into self-loathing.

The inferior cock, albeit pseudo, turned back in the morning with a 30% increase in the number of hives to enjoy lollibottes who were swelling their stomachs and eroding their nipples on bread.