At Laura's fingertips was an elf serving as Seimrad's Home Affairs Minister.

I've held that position since Mashua just became king, and I have a lot of trust. I wonder why such a man was on the spot and everyone else.

Minister Joroku was suddenly nominated. In a panic,

"Hey, say what! Stupid... why me?"

"Come on, I don't know why. But you definitely asked me to assassinate you."

"Shut up! The myth of the unknown..."

The minister who said so noticed that Mashua was looking at himself with cold eyes.

"Don't believe me, Master Mashua! Mixers like this, etc."

That distorts Laura's face. A mixer is another name that a pure elf uses when calling a half-elf.

Laura trying to hide that she is a half elf by changing the color of her hair, but from an elf it is obvious that she is a half elf.

The minister who said he was a mixer in that laura makes a face that he is gone. Because I knew that Mashua hated the name.

The minister, who at once realized that his distrust of himself had increased, yelled at Laura once more at the spearhead.

"You! What's the purpose!! What purpose are you trying to frame me for this trap!!

"Traps, I'm just telling the truth."

"Shut up, shut up! What kind of evidence do you have to skip that?! Is this evidence that I asked you to assassinate me?!

Laura sighs at the minister who dyes her elf-like white face bright red and yells,

"I think evidence evidence is the most suspicious evidence to yell at. But well, if you say you want physical evidence... yes"

When Laura said so, she took a small crystal out of her pocket. That was the crystal of the transcript.

"Here's the footage you asked me for."

It is definitive evidence. But the minister, who was shown it, laughed.

"Ha ha, funny. Then show me that! Show me proof that I met you!!

It was a dialogue of a man with the certainty that he was definitely not reflected there.

I mean, did Laura bluff, or did she lie, though I thought so with you.

"Huh? Who told you I met you? What I said was you asked me to do it."

A question mark floated over everyone's head, including ministers and Keith, in words that didn't make sense. There Laura explains the crystal in her hand.

"It's your men I've been asking for. There's no way a guy like you could come to the request directly... but don't you remember asking that guy if the request went well?

"Ah," the grunting minister solidified in blue. I remember that night.

I was wondering if I could make a request and I heard the call to the inn where I was staying that night.

"... No way"

"I'm sorry. I'm not a professional assassin, so I was wondering if I could threaten my assassination client with money later. I bought the threatening stuff."

In a vicious laugh of laughter, the minister saw Mashua, who realized that it was definitely his footage that was on that crystal.

I can make excuses. If I just happen to meet the man who asked Laura, I can make a bad excuse. I can make a lot of other excuses.

But Mashua won't listen to all of it. A minister who has known it for a long time, that's why he escaped.

Run out to the door towards the hallway. Besides, neither the soldiers nor the other ministers could react. It was Aisha who reacted critically, trying to catch the minister who tried to kill his beloved man.

But there was an old butler moving faster than that Aisha who was called "Fraser" by Mashua.

"Excuse me," Fraser said as he stood in front of the door at a speed he had no idea how he had moved, knocking in the pigeon tail of the minister and the knife in his neck and in people trying to escape.

The minister, who fell to the floor as a reaction of the flesh shortly after he felt the pain, kept moaning with his eyes open.

Having finished his work, Fraser orders his soldiers to rope him. The soldiers, finally starting to move into that voice, were only a little blue at the horror of this butler.

Mashua approached the minister who was hit with a rope with groans. His eyes were at the same time pitiful while equipping him with the majesty of the king.

"Why... why assassination, etc... surely you hated the human species, and without Keith, your son would have held the position of court magician. But it wasn't supposed to be the kind of guy who would do the assassination."

Hearing Mashua's voice, the minister smiled small as he breathed. Keith's spine trembled at the unpleasant hunch, staring at him with that grin.

"Sure... I didn't think of assassinations or anything at first... I just wish I could be directed to quit my job looking for the man's coarseness at all... but then I knew! the nature of a man inferior to that beast!!

Awkward. I know. He knows. That's what I realized, Keith, but the minister screamed in front of me faster than I could do anything.

"That inferior species! I don't know. I put my hands on Lady Nia! No, that's not all! The escort knights and samurai there are handcaged!!

Everyone who was on the spot fell into the feeling of cold water from his head. I gaze at Keith without anyone saying a word. The minister kept screaming at the look of it with a crazy face.

"This country will be over as it is!! So I am!! That's why!! Trying to kill that bastard before someone finds out!! Dear Mashua! It's not too late!! Kill them! Kill the man!!

To his crazy voice, Mashua kept staring at Keith. And soldiers and ministers were moving before the king said anything.

It is a well-known fact that Keith is a contract wizard. So the elves who can use magic set a goal for Keith and start working out their magic. It was overwhelming disgust and scorn, and hatred, that dwelt in its eyes.

Hand caged Nia, who knows no filth, even to the knights and samurai to name a few. If you try elves, that would be the equivalent of an oak or goblin attacking a woman.

As such gaze and magic gathered at one point, Laura felt that what she had done was moving in an awkward direction and glared at Keith with her tongue... escaped.

Aisha and Berna stood in front of Keith the moment they were all distracted by the look of Laura breaking the window and jumping outside. And he stands up to protect himself.

Aisha pulls out her sword and Berna starts preparing defensive magic that she's not good at. That appearance convinced me of the word that the two of them were being handcaged, and increased my hatred for Keith.

Keith kept thinking desperately about Aisha and Berna, who were not even frightened by the words of the soldiers and ministers, "Get out of the way!" Nia, a party who was a little further away from that figure, was watching.

Oh, my God. Everyone misunderstands. I'm not sure what the Minister meant by that, but I still misunderstand that Keith did something wrong to himself.

I had to solve that misunderstanding. It was Nia who tried to run out with Aisha and Berna to protect Keith, but his body was held by Mia.

in my mother's arms. Nia was

"Mother, please stop us all! It's not. I..."

So Nia stopped talking. I was surprised at my mother's face when I looked up.

My mother kept smiling tenderly and lovingly. But what's on that face now was disgust and scorn, and hatred.

Never having seen my mother's face like that, Nia solidified to her surprise, staring at the darling man who was still about to be killed, not knowing why Mia would stare at Keith with such a face.

It was Keith who noticed Nia turning such a gaze, but in that head, he's the best he can do to figure out how to break the status quo.

What should I do? What do I do? Only one person would still be able to escape. But I can't do this.

Especially in front of that Mashua and Fraser. They kill me the moment I work out my magic to use metastatic magic. My teeth beep naturally in fear. Aisha and Berna on Keith like that,

"Keith...... take Berna and run. I'll handle this place."

"Ah, Aisha...?

"Just go. It's all right. I'll go after him if I hold him back a little."

Keith shook his head at Aisha's determination to whisper. I'm dying. This woman is willing to die to let Keith get away here.

Even if you didn't die, you'd be caught. And he was handcaged by that opponent without even protecting his escort, for the crime of helping him until he escaped... he will be sentenced to death.

I tried to say no, Keith, but Aisha told Berna this time.

"Berna. Go with Keith. I asked for it."

"... Yes"

Women in different positions but imprisoned by the same man, both mind and body. I understand more than words. I want Keith off the hook. I don't want you to die. That's it.

Attempt to turn the magic you were working on for defense into transfer magic. I don't like it, but I can't even say so. In the meantime, Aisha will turn to the cutting edge of the knife so that whoever hangs it can handle it whenever it comes.

Keith turned his gaze to the two of them who were ready, and stared at Nia with a bewildered expression.

Keith cannot escape with Berna if he leaves himself to the flow. Only Berna can escape.

- That's good. My life will be saved. Plus one of these obedient, cute elves follows me. It would be too much.

- Leave the princess and the knight alone. It's okay, he said he won't die. The princess breaks her heart, and the knight lives in a cage for life, but it doesn't matter.

- Run. Run. So you can change your name and face somewhere else and have a rotten day with your pet. Do it. Do it.

Keith laughed thinly at the evil words that kept ringing in his head. I would have followed that word first before, when I had just come to this country.

But... but...

"... ahhh, I didn't hold you so much as a passion"

I might have done it if I'd just left you. I've been through that before. But that makes that bitch princess stop laughing again, or the female knight just gets her body and mind blurred... Keith couldn't do it.

The month of two years when those two laughed at me and told me they liked me and hugged me didn't allow Keith to do that.

To whine, "Huh?" Keith, who came forward by pushing Aisha and Berna who reacted, raised both hands to show his irresistible will.

"Excuse me. With a surrender ~. Yes, surrender. I won't resist either."

"Kisu... what"

"Your husband...?

Keith kneels on the floor in front of the two who are taken aback,

"You'll be caught quietly, so please don't stare at me with such a scary face. Look, irresistible, irresistible."

Nihella laughs. Soldiers and ministers are bewildered by Keith, but soldiers jumped when Mashua muttered "capture him" with a magical sealing ceremony.

And beat Keith with the spear or sword pattern he had. Pain runs throughout the body but does not resist. Then Aisha and Berna,

"Keith! What are you doing!! Keesuuuuuu!!

"Stop! Master! Your husband. Ah!!

Soldiers tried to capture two such women just like Keith. Says low as Keith overflows blood from the edge of his mouth over its rambling appearance.

"Hey... I'm not resisting... don't touch those two."

Mashua's magic seal is likely to be broken by momentum, increasing his magic power and lowering the ambient temperature. Keith told Aisha and Berna in fear that this would be the power of contract magic.

"Please don't resist either of us. It's okay, I'll explain. Right?"

Aisha and Berna quieted to the voice. And Aisha was taken away with her weapon, and Berna was magically sealed and pulled together.

Keith walked away with a blue mole all over his face and overflowing with nosebleeds as he was brutally roped and pulled from behind. There's Nia.

"Master Keith! Master Keith... Kisu... Sama"

Mia desperately hugs her screaming daughter. And he tries to protect his staring daughter with a gaze that looks like he's going to shoot Keith back.

It's only natural if you think about what you did. It is only natural that they do so. Keith can't speak directly because the magic is sealed.

"... sorry, princess"

When I squealed like that, I started walking towards the hallway.

I don't know what the apology means. Nia says, "Huh?" and leak his voice. And he leaned his neck toward the tears that flowed even though he didn't know what it meant.