It was one of the halls in the palace that Keith was drawn to.

In the case of the death penalty, it is usually carried out in a prison for criminals outside Seimrad, but in Keith's case it is a special case in view of various circumstances.

On the execution bench, made of haste, stands an elf with a mask hidden from his face, and at a glance he can tell he is a decapitating official.

Keith, who could be brought in thinking he was beheaded, confirmed that there were only a handful of people in that room, including Mashua and Mia.

As a matter of course, Keith is doing extra things to keep them from being heard by the average maid or servant.

I'm sure Keith hasn't even been publicly informed that he's going to be executed.

Still, rumors are a leak, and Keith feels signs of a large number of elves around this room, wild horse guts or spotted amusement mountains.

Maybe he's using a gap in the curtain that's closed or clairvoyant magic to peek inside.

Maybe he wants to see the end of an inferior human species with his hands on princesses, knights and samurai in his own country.

With that in mind, Fuji Keith noticed a familiar face peeking through a window in a high position. It's Arsi.

Arsi is trying hard to stretch out and peek inside through a slight gap in the curtain, but it doesn't seem to work.

Keith, who is about to laugh, indulged in it and thought that girl was going to be okay. When I think about that, they finally put me on the execution bench.

I thought this was the case that the gaze I get all alone is hateful of hatred and scorn, and my gaze hurts. Mia is especially terrible.

The usual gentle smile disappears, staring at Keith with his eyes as if even a garbage worm could see it.

In contrast, Mashua was staring at Keith with a look that had no emotion whatsoever.

If it's normal at a time like this, "What's the last thing you want to say?" They should ask, "but it wasn't even against Keith.

I know it's to keep things from running unnecessarily, but as Mashua raised his hand, yesterday's attorney general said,

"Keith the Magic Instructor. I hereby pronounce the death penalty for that crime!

Saying so unilaterally without stating a guilty plea or anything, Keith was held from left to right by two soldiers and forced to sit on the floor.

That's the last of it. It's really the last time. Keith stretched his face and desperately bit his back teeth in the terror that struck him...


A few minutes before Keith's neck was about to be twisted, Aisha and Berna were about to be pulled together in another room in the palace.

The destination to be taken is a prison outside Seimrad.

I could still believe the story that Keith was brainwashed by, but still, it doesn't immediately mean he's not guilty.

So after being jailed for a year, they were punished with an elf territorial deportation. This was an unusually light punishment.

Still, their faces never clear. The reason would of course be because of Keith's breakup.

The last word I was called, that was depriving me of all my strength from the two of them. Berna in particular is terrible.

"You" squeaks every five minutes, staring at the void all the time. The face is on the verge of breaking no matter how you look at it.

Even if the soldiers come to pull it off, it doesn't change. Berna keeps staring in a direction that isn't her unfocused eyes.

Memories of Keith and I kept turning in that head. She was nice and told me it was important and told me I would be beside her for the rest of my life.

Yet I die alone. Keith dies. And yet I can't go after him.

I wonder why he's alive. I wish this life would automatically end when Keith dies. I've been thinking about that all my life.

Aisha on the side looks the same...... no, it was.

Aisha had the same dead eyes as Berna ever since Keith gave her the last word.

My heart was about to be torn by the feeling of mourning just one man I loved. I tried not to think about it so I wouldn't feel it.

But...... its supposed dead eyes suddenly regained its raw shine as it walked down the hallway. And suddenly I start laughing at what's fun.

Aisha said majestically to Berna as she turned her gaze in a slow motion with a soldier in the line who I think broke for a moment.

"I'm sorry, Berna. I knew I couldn't. Keith says," I tried to give up, but I knew I couldn't. "

"... Huh?

"You can never give up Keith. If Keith's gonna die, we're gonna fight and die together until the last moment! Decided!! I will!!

To the elf, a woman who burns in determination, the soldier says, "What!" I tried to react. Aisha's flying around kicking was superb sooner than that.

Bounce. When another is surprised by one flying soldier, Aisha, who paid for that amazing soldier's leg and knocked him to the floor, puts a leg on his neck.

"Hey, give me the keys to the cuffs...... hurry up"

"Ah, gu...... ah"

"... you know, even if I can't uncuff you, I can kill you alone. I'm asking you to kill a former colleague because I can feel it. Do you understand?"

The soldier, who knows with Aisha's strength, threw the keys to the handcuffs. Aisha, who received it, said "I'm sorry" to faint the soldier.

Aisha tells Berna, who was stunned to watch him uncuff.

"What about Berna? You want to come with me?

Berna frowns with pity at the lady knight who dares to ask.

"... but because your husband..."

Don't die. I ordered you to live. If I break it, Berna will no longer be. A knight tells a pet who worries about such a thing.

"Keith said don't kill yourself after him, right? You didn't tell me not to fight and die with you, did you?

"... ah"

"So, what are we gonna do... go?

A fire lit Berna's dead eyes. Nod silently. And I'm gonna give my hand to Aisha and I'm gonna ask her to uncuff me.

Aisha smiled and removed the cuffs. And when they look into each other's eyes to save their beloved inferior species,

"Let's go"

"Let's go"

That's what happened.


About an hour before Aisha and Berna decided to be ready, rubbing was happening at the main entrance to the palace in Seimrad.

One elf was stuck in the guard asking him to go inside.

It was Leonora, of course, who shook her too big chest and let her white-blooded hair roar and scatter.

Leonora returned to her hometown after the song festival and immediately came to Saimrad wanting to make her song impressions Nia, Aisha, Berna and Keith.

And one of the maids I serve told me about Keith getting caught.

This story was one that few people in Saimrad know yet, but the maid is actually dating a soldier who serves the palace, and he heard it from there.

Leonora immediately discovered what happened with Nia and told her to rush into the palace with a sword. But the guard,

"I'm sorry, but I've been ordered not to let anyone through today."

"You! Do you know who I am? Just leave!!

"Yes, no, I'm sorry,"

"We won't talk about it! Call your superiors!!!

I've been on this offense long enough.

There is no doubt that he is about to be sentenced to death for saying that he cannot pass today. Leonora tried to get inside at any rate, thinking so with a head that turned slightly better at times like this.

But with the power of a weak lady, you can't even fathom a guard. That's what Donna said.

"My lady! I'm giving up now. Don't fuck with me!

That's what I said and dragged Leonora away. Leonora trying to resist that too, but when I thought of it, I shook Donna off and started running.

"Where is it going?!?" And earlier than Donna, who followed him, Leonora, who had reached the woods behind him from the palace, looked around there with kyorokyoro. And I found one tree.

"There was! This is it!!

"Hey, lady, there was... what's su?

Donna, who followed him, turned her gaze to the tree Leonora was looking at. That's a normal tree without a thing. But if you look closely, there is something carved in its trunk.

Leonora explained what she wondered.

"I heard that from Nia before. There's a point in the castle where you can use metamagic for emergencies."

It is an emergency path for royalty and others to escape, so to speak, a state secret. Donna became Pocan to the fact that princesses from other countries knew that.

But even so, Leonora tried to use the metamagic of remembering. He hastily said, "Stand by!" Donna grabbed her hand, but her body metastasized together.

Leonora, who is awfully nauseous because of his poor metastatic magic, but looks around with it, perceived that was Nia's room.

When I turned my gaze, I saw Nia squatting in a gym seat on the bed. Leonora rushes over.

"Mr. Nia! Mr. Nia!! I heard, Keith did! What happened to Keith?!?

Leonora breathed in the look on Nia's face as she raised her face to the voice. Nia couldn't get rid of all that pity and loviness, she was just being faceless. That faceless expression was not like Berna's, a face whose emotions really disappeared.

"No ah..."

"... you, honey"

"What's wrong? What are you doing? Keith..."

Nia muttered expressionlessly to Leonora, who said so.

"... Me, I deceived you... about Master Keith... and everyone else... and your mother... and I told you... that you were fooling me... and you were lying... and I told you..."

Nia explained Keith desperately. I told you everything. Something about magic props, and saying that you can use magic with it. I explained it all to my mother and her samurai and hoped for Keith's life.

But when she hears it, Mia tells her daughter the facts. I told him everything that it was a lie, that he was being deceived. And Keith kept saying how evil and outrageous a man was.

And Nia's heart breaks little by little. That Keith told himself, I don't want to believe it, I don't believe it, but I don't have a reason for my mother to lie. So.

"Dear Keith... that you don't like me... that it's not important... so lie to me... deceive me"

Leonora, who is the same victim of Nia's words telling her to throw up and throw it away, does not speak gently or cuddle, as usual. Just stand and say it.

"... so? So what is it?

"... Huh?

"Is that why you're squatting and crying in here? Are you silently waiting to be killed without even helping Keith!?

to Leonora's strong words. Nia distorted her face,

"Because... because your mother!

"What's your mother! Nia likes it when she says she likes her mother, and she hates it when she says she hates it!?

"Chi, chi...... but"

"It's not how your mother feels that counts, it's not what Ms. Nia thinks? Isn't that what Nia thinks of Keith, that's what matters!?

My feelings...... and whining Nia thought of Keith. Then I get the feeling that I was always only kind or well-dressed, but now I'm stronger that I was fooled.

Then dark emotions swirl inside this little princess, and I hate Keith.

"... Master Keith... he was cheating on me... spitting lies... on me"

When I put that thought in my mouth, the tears that had dried up come back to me. But there's Leonora.

"Isn't that obvious? There's no such thing as a lord who doesn't lie to women."

In plain Leonora's words, Nia said, "Huh?" and I make a dumb voice. It was a completely unexpected word.

Leonora tells Nia to be confused.

"Listen carefully, Mr. Nia. My lords are all very small and lie to women."

"Duh, why... why not? The man... why"

"That's because I like that person. Because I love it. I really want that woman to like me, and I want her to like me, and my lords lie. And the bigger the lies, the bigger the feelings for women!

Nia stopped crying and thought to Leonora, who was going to say something completely different to her mother. A pure innocent princess doesn't know best right now. But.

"Mr. Nia, because you wanted Keith to like you and you never lied? You never lied because you wanted to keep Keith to yourself?

There are. There are plenty. There are plenty of them. I wanted Keith to hold me tight, kiss me, and throw up a bunch of little lies.

"Then you'll see, won't you? Don't throw up because you hate lies. I love it, so I have lies to throw up. Especially for men and women."

"... then, Master Keith, ha"

"I won't defend a woman I hate with my life."

I like it. Maybe it is. Maybe that smile on Keith's face wasn't a lie. But, but... I can't wipe one more step unbelievable. Leonora turned her back on Nia like that.

"If you still don't believe me, fine. Do as you please. I'll help Keith alone. And make Keith... my only Keith! I will never see Nia again!!

"Huh? Ah... Oh, yeah, no! No!!

Leonora smiled at Nia as she screamed. And now when you hug it to wrap Nia around you with that big chest,

"That's what I meant. That's what Nia thinks. It's just your mother's thoughts and those of no one else... just mine."

I like it. I still like it. Whether you're fooled or lied to, the thought that you love it doesn't go away. That's why it was painful. It was pathetic.

Then I have to hit Keith with this thought. You have to scold me for lying and tell me how you really feel. That's what Nia thought.

Donna was a poker as she tried to leave the two of them in a determined embrace.

I get stunned by the misguided lady in many ways and the princess who gets rounded up in it. But gradually those two are funny, cute and giggly.

I noticed Leonora laughing and what are you laughing at!? And I tried to yell. But that's when the door to the room opens and the soldiers come in.

As a matter of course, people would also come if they were making so much noise without using silenced demon props.

The soldier is not supposed to be letting anyone through, but when he's surprised there's an intruder, he cries out for him to get away from Nia.

Nia and Leonora look at each other,

"Mr. Nia... where is Keith?

"... I think it's the west hall"

You have to go through the hallway to get there, but there are six soldiers around the door. It's impossible for the two of you to run through there.

Then we'll have to go with metastatic magic, but the soldiers will catch us while we work out our magic.

Donna slowly cracked in between the two of us and the soldier when I thought I was going to take all my time off. "Donna?" the samurai scratched her bolly-headed to Leonora, speaking,

"Ahhh, I found a corner of work... and I'm fired again."

That word says the soldier, "What are you talking about!?" The moment she yelled, Donna slapped her palm in the face of the soldier.

Releasing a kick at one of his fainting companions, Donna knocks the other with a spinning kick as she moves.

Three left to finally start dealing with here. But Donna moved faster than that. Grabbing the short spear of a fainted soldier knocks down one throat with a stone-piercing portion, from which he receives an attack with two remaining swords.

Then he poked a gap in the attack and struck him in the face and groin one at a time, letting those two faint as well. About five minutes during this time. We beat each other for less than a minute.

Now it was Nia's turn and Leonora's turn to be pompous. Donna finished the fight. When she looked at those two with her usual unmotivated face,

"Look, what are you doing? Aren't you going to help Mado?

"... duh, Donna... what the hell are you"

Donna replied by throwing down her spear to Leonora, stunned by the samurai's first seen marvellous combat abilities after a long time of dating.

"I'm not born to be a samurai. From su. There's a lot going on. More than that, look, go!

Donna's words finally reminded us what we had to do. The princess and the lady nodded and jumped out of the room.