Elysion Online - Dragon Newt and Summoner

# 975 Operation Santa Claus

I'm waiting for time to come and forgive Lily and the others.After all, it was Ix, Lian, Sephone, Farida, Yuwel, Alina, and Tsubaki that were able to recover due to the number of blades.

»» »» »» »» »

"How long have you been inflating your cheeks?"I already ate it, so I won't return it. "

"" "" I know that much!

If I took control of the fort, I would take the curse, so I could say that I would lift the curse on Lily and the others.

"It's time, Master."

I see… Well then, let's go, Rumi.

"... yes, Pappa."

Are Lily and the others coming?

»» »» »» »»

Now I'm in a better mood.We went to the store where the first girl we met was.Twenty-one o'clock in front of the shop.

"My calculations don't add up."

Ix's face is dirty.I stroke my head and praise it.

"Here we are. Let's go."

Sawindruid and the others approach the store.Then the mother gives the sweets, and the girl is taken away.

"Whoa, I'll have you wait for me to take her."

"What? Who are you?" The curse... we are the rebels of the goddess. "

What? Isn't she a witch?

"Hmm. I can't tell you about our goddess."If you're more intrusive than that, I'll dedicate you and your Summon Beasts to sacrifice as well. "

"Don't panic. We need that girl."

The girl tilts her neck. Me and Rumi are going in front of the girl.

"… a gift"


"It looks like my Summon Monster is giving you a present."Will you take it? "

”Hah, hah... thank you”

When the girl opened the gift box, there was a pumpkin cookie inside.I gave it to Rumi.

"Oh, this..."

"Give it to those people."That way, you won't be left to die. "

Sawindruid and the others panicked at this.

"Huh, don't be ridiculous! There's no way I'm allowed to do that!"

"No, what Rumi did didn't violate the rules of your goddess."You're not forbidden to give pumpkin cookies to others, are you? "

Sawindruid and the others can't argue with my words.So Jack Orantan and the others were delighted to get a pumpkin cookie.

Then, Chariot, the sun god with a summoning beast with a gift skill in the sky, flew over and scattered the presents and left.This is the plan to stop the people from dying in the city.It would have been nice if I had dispensed it in advance if it had been true.I shifted to a maneuver where the boulders were scattered without time.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

"Me? I don't know anything, do I?"

"" "Yeah, yeah, yeah." "

No, I'm the planner.There's no way I don't know.

"Look, I got a pumpkin cookie."You have to go somewhere else. "

"G... you will be punished by our goddess."

"Yes, yes... if you're so frightened, I'm not doing this."

"" "" "That's right." ""

Lily and the others agreed to it with a smile on their face.Help the others who are about to be taken, then hurry to the tent.The battle must have begun already.

We moved to the tent, and when we went outside, it was in the fort.

"Phew... who the hell are you?" Who set up the tent in the middle of the fort? "

I wonder who he really is.

It was someone's fault that I ran into an enemy in the fort the moment I left the tent.

"Ah... I'm sorry, but I didn't even know where the fort was in the first place."What do you want me to do? "

I want you to know that I saved you the trouble of destroying one of the forts.

So what's the situation?

Inside the fort was the nostalgic Wolfmann Paradise.

"There were other warwolves.Well, the Warwolf was a stronger enemy at the time of the event. "

That's a sight I don't want to see.But it didn't look like Halloween.

Where's the boss?

"I don't know yet. Let's split up and check out the five towers."

The moment Luke reported it, the tower was destroyed and a giant werewolf and a giant werewolf emerged from it.

Mole Lv65

Normal Monster Crusade Target Active

Lystrew Gone Lv55

Normal Monster Crusade Target Active

I set it to the highest difficulty, so the boss is strong.Everyone checking the tower was in position in the air.The fort was already worn out. I made a suggestion to everyone because I felt like I could just get into a boss fight with a boulder.

Since you've conquered so far, why don't you try to conquer without me?

"I don't think it's a word to say in this situation."

"Sounds good, Luke. First of all, I have to tell you about the appearance of the werewolf."

"That's right! Oh, no, no!In the sense that I was surprised at its appearance! "

Luke's elves are looking at him with cold eyes.I wish I hadn't rushed to make excuses.While doing so, everyone uses their trump cards to attack them.Needless to say.

But Mormor and Rystrughorn were strong.The Rhinestone is unusually flexible, like a gymnast or a circus fighter.When I trampled the riding combination technique, I tried to trample it, and even if I was slashed, my body was unnaturally twisted.

In contrast, when the guinea pigs were human-sized, they ran around the fort.So I noticed that the Vitality and Magic Power were gradually diminishing.Apparently, Mormor is an adversary who specializes in dodge specializations for long periods of time.

By the way, she looks like a girl with wolf gloves and shoes in a chemomi robe.The most distinctive thing about it was that it had a vampire-like mouth.

"This! Wait!"

I got it!

Shadow travel!

"Fuck... it's fast"

When I saw how the guinea pigs fought, I realized what the guinea pigs were really after.

Everyone, it's Tact. It's likely that the guinea pigs are aiming to buy us some time before Wicker Man emerges.

If we don't drop the fort before Wickerman shows up, it means a virtual defeat.That's why Mormon is buying time.Everyone who heard about this first moved to destroy the barrier device, but even if it was destroyed like when the town came back to life, it quickly came back to life.Perhaps if I didn't defeat my boss, Mormor, I wouldn't be able to destroy it.

As a result, everyone moves quickly to defeat the enemy.First of all, the Rhinestone was defeated by a series of coordinated moves at a speed that could not be evaded in time.I could only say that I dodged this with my mind and body ten times, but I couldn't dodge it in the end. When I hit one, it was bumpy.

Next up was Mormor, but Luke showed tact.

»» »» Flashbang! »»

Mormor is frightened by blindness at close range.Then, because of the light, the shadows disappeared, sealing off the mole's shadow latency and shadow movement.When Luke was full and released a punch, he was blind, and Mormor decided to cross-counter and show him.

When I grabbed Luke's leg, I threw it at the aroma that was coming in through the hyperlinkage, and the hyperlinkage was canceled.He is clever on top of being a militant.However, everyone who found the winning muscle was attacked with a super-coordinated attack after using the flash van.

However, when Mormo covered his eyes with his hand, he became the first giant werewolf figure, and he slapped Tyrol and Aroma with his claws, and Takuma was kicked like a soccer ball.However, the next Lightning Dragon team decided to work together.

In a series of dragon dives, Mormor was launched into the sky, and when he saw it, Sky-Splitting stood up with the Holy Sword.

Wipe it out! Unleash the Holy Sword!

Spatial distortion!

"Noo!? Damn it!? Whoa!?"

The blow of Sky-sundering's Holy Sword was returned with a spatial distortion.

I got it!

Thunder's Lunatic Mithrill Lance pierces through the mortar.At that moment, I changed my body and activated it.But that was all that Mormon could do.Mormo, who couldn't escape from the sky, was braced by the summoning beasts in the sky and crashed.

So Wickerman was about to emerge.

Hurry! We need to destroy the fort's barrier device.

"Before you do that, don't stab Mormor." She's still alive. "

When I said that, Luke's Elves unleashed the Lunatic Mithril Arrow and defeated the Mole.I confirm that I am transferring to the underground town of Baker.For the witch's judgment to come.

Then there's info in the underground town of Baker.

"We have successfully destroyed the western barrier device."

We've successfully destroyed the east barrier device.

I managed to achieve today's quota.Well then, let's announce the results after everyone comes back to life.