Elysion Online - Dragon Newt and Summoner

# 1120 Haradanu's Bow and Ix's Gear Refresh Rush

I moved to the Volcano Island blacksmithy. Then the poor two, who hadn't even noticed that they were touching the upside down, were making a giant robot. The boulder is not yet finished. Even so, the lower half of the body was still complete.

"Hey, I'm home. Both of you."

"Ah, Mr. Tact. Welcome home."

"Look, look! Uncle! Amazing!"

Oh, that's right.

Yeah. Pandora's smile is dazzling. Thinking about the future, it is a difficult place.

Ah, with a ready weapon

“Let me see that later. Everyone's waiting for dinner."


Got it! I'm on my way!

Hell. They were waiting for me when I got back with them, Lily and the others who were sitting down, sweating and shaking. The amazing thing was that Farida was in such a state. Then a strong smell of death came to me.

I've done a lot of part-time work at restaurants, but I've never smelled anything like it.

Um, erm... what is this?

“Did you do something again? Lilly and her sisters."

They don't seem to feel the smell. It's not always good to be a god if you don't notice this pinch when you become a god.

And Lily and the others can't afford to answer this question. It was a very critical situation. With this stench, the Love Fires would have gone out of their minds, but they didn't let Kiki's anger pass them out before. Pathetic... The most important victims in this case were those in love with fire.

"It was a very late return." Now, the rice is ready. "


Thank you, Kiki-san.

The two of them sat down in the chair where the execution took place. Now we won't be able to escape anymore. When Kiki places a dish in front of both of them, a mysterious dish that releases an aura she has never seen before.


"Please, have some."


The two of you will react the same way and look at me. I can only pray for my life.

“Did you do something?”

Hepaistos-san, Pandora-san. How many days has this been rice? "

Huh? A day?

"It's been six days."

Kiki, who smiled angrily, finally understood their situation. I don't want to get angry, but I want you to stop holding the fork. I don't want any strange incidents in this mansion. It wasn't originally my house.

"I'm going to serve you all the dishes I made for you two, so please eat them all." There is no right of veto. "

Yes, yes...

It's a dish that's been left out for up to six days... I've never seen it before. I heard it would rot if left alone, but it looks like this. It would have been a delicious meal... this is the gravity of the crimes committed by the Hepaistes.

I noticed that there were no chiffons here. He ran away. Of course, Lily and I would be served ordinary food, but in this situation, we would be tortured.

"I didn't feel the taste of the food...... Tact ~"

"Don't worry... me too"

Even Lilly was affected... don't be afraid, Kiki. I think it will take some time for the two people who died at the desk to come back to life, so I decided to finish the production work first.

At the end of it, Alina and Gray execute their growth. I was wondering what would happen to Gray's growth.

Alina's growth is complete. Spatial Control, Chaotic Blade, and Heavenly Strike acquired.

Alina's Lightning Discharge Skill has evolved into an Arc Discharge Skill

Gray's growth is complete. I got co-prosperity, particle decomposition, diffuse rays, the protection of the underworld, and the protection of destruction. ”

Gray's robust skill has evolved into a robust skill.

Name Alina Dragonute Thermosphere Lv20

Vit 258 298

Magic 458 498

Strength 231 261

Defense 165 205

Agility 581 631

Dex 297 337


High Flying Lv45 Power Lv36 Weather Control Lv25 Star Horn Lv25 Strong Clash Lv31

Divine Sense Lv34 Heavenly Dragon Eye Lv33 Other Mind Pass Lv27 Sound Transfer Lv23 Command Lv10

Heavenly Proverb Lv26 Matter Penetration Lv27 Penetration Lv20 Escape Lv25 God Speed Lv32

Super Acceleration Lv30 Star Rainbow Lv15 Space Distortion Lv13 Space Jump Lv18 Space Dominant Lv1

Heart Eye Lv23 Dragon Scales Armor Lv21 Space Armor Lv14 Time Delay Lv24 Whirlwind Blade Lv24

Divine Sickle Lv28 Multiple Chaos Blade Lv1 Multi Strike Lv33 Magic Manipulation Lv12 Charging Lv19

Lightning Discharge Lv23 Arc Discharge Lv23 Lightning Lv25 Electron Disassembly Lv28 Super Electromagnetic Lv29 Electromagnetic Operation Lv33

Ultra Low Frequency Lv20 Explosive Lv17 Storm Wall Lv18 Air Pressure Bullet Lv25 Atmospheric Wall Lv21

Rapid Magic Lv4 Thunder Magic Lv35 Spacetime Magic Lv41 Thunder Lv16 Thunder Lv14

Charged Light Lv19 Air Vibration Lv23 Atmospheric Shock Lv15 Atmospheric Pressure Operation Lv14 Selfless Lv27

Light Absorption Lv22 Aurora Lv12 Remnant Lv25 Mirage Lv18 Super Focus Lv17

Wind Wave Lv22 Heavenly Strike Lv1 Reverse Scale Lv4 Dragon Magic Lv19 Planet Magic Lv5

Dragon Technique Lv31 Dragonized Lv5 Dragon Breath Lv21 Resurrection Lv4 Sky Dragon Protection Lv33

Name Gray Wolf Lv30

Vit 170 220

Magic Power 268 318

Muscle Strength 478 518

Defense 218 268

Agility 462 522

Dex 210 260


Chewing Lv45 Kamikaze Claw Lv49 Robust Lv47 Robust Lv47 Heavenly Earpiece Lv43 Sixth Sense Lv46

Hair Needle Lv42 Divine Eyelid Lv42 Divine Armor Lv30 Other Spirit Lv32 Space Jump Lv26

Spatial Distortion Lv9 Preemptive Lv42 Light Speed Collision Lv34 Command Lv24 Riding Lv24

Hungry Wolf Lv51 Kamikaze Lv43 Magic Power Absorption Lv24 Weather Control Lv100,000 Destruction Lv33

Penetrating Lv26 Divine Barrier Lv21 Stormwall Lv9 Guardian Barrier Lv5 Remnant Lv29

Divine Thunder Lv20 Divine Magic Lv39 Power Lv27 Blast Magic Lv17 Divine Magic Lv19

Spacetime Magic Lv41 Shinto Magic Lv31 Illusion Wolf Lv41 Group Wolf Lv34 Vibration Lv28

Glow Lv11 Wisp Eye Lv33 Void Lv26 Immediate Death Lv37 Magic Speed Lv35

Nightmare Lv14 Divine Fog Lv21 Holy Healing Lv11 Multi Chaos Blade Lv32 Divine Wave Lv15

Werewolf Roar Lv33 Godbreath Lv37 Divine Awakening Lv11 Super Synergy Lv34 Co-Prosperity Lv1

Inverted Lv6 God Punishment Lv18 Punishment Lv10 Spiritualization Lv12 Particle Degradation Lv1

Diffuse Ray Lv1 Sum Soul Lv3 Protecting the Hades Lv1 Protecting the Destroyers Lv1 Protecting the Gods Lv31

Well, more stats and skills than level 20 growth. But there's still room for growth, so it looks like Level 40 growth will come in this minute.

When I returned, there were two people on the sofa. It's Kiki's kindness that water is being poured out. I'm angry about getting angry, but I want to apprentice with that attitude. I think I'm too sweet for Lilly and the others. But I can't fix this.

Are you okay?

"I managed to..."

"I've focused too much on making Talos..."

Both of them seemed to reflect firmly. Let me show you what they did. You won't be able to see the love fire properly here. That's why I checked the love fire sword first. What Pandora brought was a pure white sword.

"" "Oh... beautiful" "

It was such a beautiful white blade that even those who were not interested in the sword would be fascinated. I've seen white steel knives, but they're much whiter than that. On top of that, it was a sword that also had the shine of a blade. And instead of the inscription of the sword, a dragon was drawn. It's Hepaistos who does this.

I want it.

Tact "Oniichan!?"

"I'm sorry. I'm serious."

I usually have words that I don't say. When I heard this, Tororu fell in love with the fire.

"No, you can't!?" Takuto-san! Takuto-san! Please stop Tororu-san! "

Think of a name while the two of you are playing. Until now, I had given you the name Love Fire, but this time... it flashed on the boulder.

Love White: Rarity 10 Grade S +

Weight: 200 Durability: 7000 Attack: 2000

Effects: Divine Special Attack (Research), Demon Break, All Things Cutting, Void Cutting, Energetic, Dragon Qi, Purifying Fire, Multiple Chaos Blades, Halving, Diffuse Light, Light Synthesis, Sunlight, Blazing Sun, Sun Ring, Afterglow, Divine Poison, Eternal Poison, Weakening Poison, Poison Absorption, Immunity to Immunity, Immunity to Protection, Temple Dragon Liberation, Earth Mother God Protection, Saint Luminous Dragon King Protection

A sword made of scarlet gold and containing the soul of the White Heavenly Dragon Albion Dragon. The beautiful white blade was specialized in weakening the opponent with a powerful poison on the back and halved. Even the top gods are weakened and defeated.

Originally, it was amber, but I named it after the love fire.

That's it. I'll put up with it too, so let's put up with Tiger Toru.


"I'll ask for your armor."


Well, Tiger Toru would rather love white than armor. If it appears again, let's think about it at that time. Next up was the Haladanu Bow.

Haradanu's Bow: Rarity 10 Strong Archer Grade S +

Weight: 2000 Durability: 10000 Attack: 10000

Special Condition: God of Famous Blessing Possessed

Special effect: Invalidity of load operation and load dominance.

Effects: Divine Kill, Demon Kill, Immortal Kill, Divine Mind, Conqueror, Demon Breaker, Penetrate Everything, Destroy Everything, Qi Fusion, Qi Explosion, Super Focus, Explosion, Conquest, Nuclear Explosion, Divine Armor Liberation, Shiva's Blessing

A bow inhabited by the power of Shiva the Destructive God. As many of them bragged about their strength and finally waited, they could not be used by ordinary people with heavy bows. It can only be used with metal arrows that can withstand bows and arrows, but if it can be used, it can acquire the overwhelming power of destruction.

It's too heavy, isn't it? They don't think we're going to let them run it. Moreover, the ineffectiveness of the load operation means that it has to be held on its own. In my case, I have the blessing of Athena, and I have the blessing of a giant, so it's a little better, but after trying, I still can't hold it.

"If we're going to use it, we're going to have to use multiple Maridi bursts."

"Tact and I won't be able to do this alone, so it could be a fairy burst or a maridge burst with other people."

Yeah. Personally, I think it's better to have a fairy out, but I can't reach my strength.

When Luna heard this, she felt motivated. I wish there was a way. Anyway, the weight of the arrows would be added to it, so it would be even heavier. Now, when this happens, the operation is going to tell Rama to use this.

Rama uses Haradanu's bow... yeah. I can only see the future that will break. Is it going to be the process of repairing it again? I feel like I can't repair it, and it's going to turn into wood dust. I want to avoid that. Then I want to be able to use it on my own somehow.

Next, we will discuss the future of blacksmithing and armor.

You started putting your hands on Mr. Gray's armor, right?

"Ah. I was just talking to you, but I'm going to ask for Tiger Toru's armor." I wanted to ask Wagyu and Yisuke to strengthen their Ears Aspis. The dragon scales are used to protect the golden dragon. "


Actually, I couldn't strengthen it without taking it with me. I decided to make a decision after the evening meeting. Next, Pandora will give you the results of our production while we're away. Just ore and jewelry, but a lot.


"I know."

Transferred to the island again, they created radio frequency energy blades, gravity cannons, charged particle cannons, and twin-homing lasers that were left behind by the mothership.

Name Ix Deus Ex Machina Lv21

Vit 404

Magic Power 404

Strength 404

Defense 404

Agility 404

Dex 404


High Flying Lv44 Multi Weapon Lv43 Time Delay Lv16 Divine Sense Lv30 Divine Eyes Lv39

Thousand Lights Lv42 Light Speed Collision Lv18 Incandescent Blade Lv7 Myriad Things Cut Lv21 Weapon Destruction Lv20

Ranged Sniper Lv44 Medium Lv42 Transmission Lv15 Detailed Analysis Lv28 Quantum Computation Lv45

Command Lv25 Multi-Aim Lv38 Dimensional Aim Lv13 Behavioral Prediction Lv41 Ranged Enemy Lv43

Magic Sensing Lv34 Reflection Lv22 God Armor Lv31 Magic Power Super Healing Lv36 Repeat Shot Lv35

Acceleration Lv30 Star Rainbow Lv17 Divine Barrier Lv30 Space Grasp Lv22 Dimensional Restraint Lv13

Instant Conversion Lv14 Storage Lv5 Divine Link Lv39 Support Request Lv28 Super Linkage Lv25

Remote Magic Power Charging Lv26 Arc Discharge Lv12 Tracking Light Lv24 Diffuse Light Lv8 Gravity Sphere Lv1

Satellite Cannon Lv6 Charged Cannon Lv1 Star Wave Lv14 God Wave Lv19 Radiant Heat Lv11

Thunderclap Lv2 Photonization Lv12 Photonic Doppelgänger Lv5 Limiter Unlock Lv4 dem Burst Lv9

Divine Might Unlock Lv2 God's Blessing Lv22

We've been here a long time... it's been a long time. But it wasn't over yet. We're running out of material to make the Absolute Zero cannon. But I was still curious about the unit's equipment.

This is what we're after from now on. It crosses my mind that it is here.

"Do you have a hand in buying materials?" No, do you have a replacement? "

“That's a good idea, Master.”

Ix just wants to get the materials. That said, even if I had the unnecessary Summon Monster evolutionary materials, it was still a treasure I was carrying. Then I think it's a good idea to negotiate with the materials of the fifth evolution. It's just that I'm in mass production too.

Unfortunately, this time, we decided to strengthen Mia with the surplus materials we promised. I gave everyone a twin energy blade and equipped them separately with a sniper energy rifle, an energy gatling gun, a rocket launcher, a sword flyer let go by Ix, a homing laser, and ammunition for a rocket launcher.

Now that each weapon was different, it was easier to distinguish, and the different types made it easier for Ix to build tactics.

I'll give Mia the tail energy laser she always loved as a master.

"It's an honor."

Tail energy lasers were treated like a sign of a leader. Well, I can tell at a glance, but will my tail love theory ever be resolved someday? At this rate, it is unlikely to come forever.

Now that I'm home, I'll summarize what I'm aiming for.

"Skier's Evolution Quests include Black Iron, the Evolution of Good Fangs Quest, the contract with Susanoo, the marriage with Princess Silphi, the Desert Temple Quest, Eden's Conquest, Rama's Quest, and the confrontation with Athena... this is it."

In terms of priority, I had a high contract with Susano, an evolutionary quest. If you can complete these, you can see nature and Princess Silphy clearing a confrontation with Athena, the Temple of the Desert Quest.

It doesn't contain Lilly's Oriharkon armor, does it? Tact.

I've been thinking about it for a while, but what if I don't have to do anything about it, Lily?

I see. Nowa and Livina are tough, so go to Leanne.

"… by the object"

"I don't think it's a good idea, Tact."

Huh? I'm curious. Well, it's not an exaggeration to say that it's the strongest armor.

What kind of armor do you want?

"... I'd like to wear armor that resembles this outfit"

Gothlory, what kind of armor are you wearing? It doesn't seem like it would be good if it was black. Hepaistos also had a head for this.

"Um, hmmm... do you mean that the armor itself resembles that outfit?"

"I think it's better to put some armor parts on the clothes than that, Father."

It feels the same as Armor.

In other words, the image of putting a breastplate on Gothlory clothes. I think that would suit Noah's needs.

If you have a breastplate, you can attach a jewel.

"... hmm. Please... Pandora, Nice"

Eheheh, what's going on?

"... no Hepaistos."

"Is it enough to be told twice that it's no good..."

I didn't think the Hepaistos plan was bad either.

"Can you make a skirt out of metal?"

"If you want to make it, you can." I don't think it's just flinching or anything.

I could somehow imagine what kind of skirt Hepaistos imagined. I think it is an image of an iron plate as a skirt.

»» »» It's not a skirt!

Ahahaha... it's very unpopular

Pandora's proposed armor plan was likely to become a tributary among the women. And if such a plan of armor were to be established, it would seem that the image of Tiger Toru's armor had also solidified. Livina's opinions will be heard as Lilly's armor became a part of the story.

What do you want with Libina?

"I basically have a good armor style." Do you just want to show me your stomach or your thighs? If I don't show you, I'll be involved in the succubus ticket. Well, I have a plan, so I'm sure you'll love Tact's armor. "

He's definitely up to something.

I'm curious, right? I'm curious, Talkto?

"... you can't do that. Nowa comes first."

"Enough. Nowa is a monopoly, isn't she?"

"... of course because it's an evil dragon"

In this way, Yuwell and Pandora decided to take charge of Nova's armor, and Hepaistos and Cetia decided to take charge of Tororu's armor.

And finally, today's Grail Time. Today it was a thousand shadows. However, there are many candidates for Thousand Shadows.

If you want to strengthen it, it's a fan.

Yes, but I'm also curious about the wand and sword used by Oogway Tengu-sama.

"There are many swords I want personally."

Personally, I'm curious about the famous light green sword of the Genji scripture. The name Knee Round (Knee Round) may be better known. That's why the Knee Maru is Genji's famous sword, whose name changes every time its owner changes.

According to a famous story, the name of the spider was cut off when Genryoko slashed the spider with his knee. It was a sword that slashed the Heike family one after another, so it belonged to a treasure sword that was strong against humans and monsters. I was just paying attention to the fact that I had something to do with it.

”Hmmm... let's go with the fan after all”

Then how about a banana fan?

“No, it's a corner, and there's one more fan that's attracting attention, so let's do it that way.”

That's it!

Windforest Volcano Army (Furinkan): Rarity 10 Fans Quality S +

Weight: 20 Durability: 600 Attack: 100

Effects: Inspiration, Inspiration, Reflection, Storm Wall, Whirlwind Blade, Hot Air, Prison Flame, Command, Weather Control, Flame Control, Tree Sea Control, Ground Pulse Control, Legendary Unlock

Takeda Shingen's favorite army. You can summon allies with courage. It has the ability to create more wind and fire, grow trees, and make mountains.

A warlord is a shaped tool used to command a warlord. In modern times, it is used by people who are judging sumo wrestling. In this game, it is noted as a weapon that can attack four rare attributes. A weapon that seems to be quite high in the fan with a move that deals damage to four attributes, even if it is a Legendary Unlock in the Order that can also strengthen the battle force.

By the way, it was also the weapon that Tetsukin-san was after. Well, she'll look good. In order to do that, it seems that we have to beat Shingen Takeda. I've seen the real thing, so I served it in a chalice.


I'll let you use it carefully.

Now, let's get going. I had plenty of time, so I wanted to make a deal with Susano.