Emperor! Can You See Stats!?

# Prologue - Public Execution Day

The plaza in the capital today is crowded with countless crowds.

“2Prince, Hail!!!!! ”

“Kill that wretched tyrant with a dagger!! ”

“Kill! Kill!" ”

Violent screams erupt among the citizens.

Soon, the crowd split apart in the middle of the square, and a group of people headed toward the center of the square.

At the forefront of the herd is a young man with his hands tied.

About thirties on the outside? He looks peculiar, but his face doesn't look as weak as his fatigue.

The faces of the citizens who saw him became even worse.

“No, look at the outfit. Isn't that all the evidence that sucked our hypertension? ”

“You're mocking us in this situation, aren't you? ”

“Gaaaaaaaaah, yaaaa! ”

Contrary to the situation of being tied up and dragged out, the man's outfit was not so glamorous.

All the majestic garments woven in gold and all the jewels that hang around your body are gold and jewelry.

The man who was being dragged was lost in his heart.

"Really, what a cheap play. Now you're complaining enough to do this. ’

I haven't worn anything so glamorous, no matter how many times I was emperor.

The imperial winds themselves were modest and consumed more than a decade into civil wars after he ascended to the throne.

It is impossible for a horse to spend half of his days on the battlefield in luxury dressed like this.

"If I had a budget to dress like this, I would save those screaming favelas. Tsk, tsk. '

The man steps as he pulls his tongue into his body and suddenly reaches the center of the square.

A massive execution tool is installed in the center of the square.

A mold to secure the neck, a giant blade connected to a rope.

It was a guinea pig that was publicly admitted to the imperial law when he was beheaded.

The abandoned emperor stopped walking right in front of the frame.

Then I slowly looked down again at the aggravated citizens.

“Cut his throat now!!! ”

A rough-looking middle-aged man shouts.

“Because of you, my son and grandson were dragged to war and died. You bastard!”

The gray-haired old man cries out, using evil.

The only thing that came to the crowd was the evil that poured out on him.

But the man only felt sorry for them.

"What sin have they committed? ’

It's all because of his folly, the emperor.

He couldn't protect anything.

Even the soldiers who followed him to the end.

And his faithful followers.

And even his precious companion.

“Quiet citizens!! ”

“I will now commence the imperial court! ”

A man's mind is woken by a declaration of trial.


Then the man looked at the high phase of the trial.

It was a handsome blonde man who was in the center of the trial with his gaze on him.

Likewise, even though I was in my mid-30s, I only saw a clean appearance in the twenties.

But the whole body is full of majesty that doesn't fit your age.

The crowd cheers as he appears before the court.

“Golden Lion of the Empire! ”

“His Majesty, the new emperor, Hail!!! ”

[Empire II, Leonhard]

He was his half-brother and the one who banished him from the position of emperor.

He stares at Leonhard with a slight look on his face.

“ ……. ”

However, Leonhart's expressions, which received his gaze, were not discouraged.

It's as if the winner is hidden and the life of the man who was once emperor is no more.

"It's not worth it anymore, is it? ’

The man was just listening to his accusations read again in a void expression.

The nobles in charge of the trial are watching the scene with a thoughtful look.

“From now on, I accuse the Emperor of his sins. ”

“A sin that corrupts the civilization of a country through luxury and debauchery! ”

“Sins that have led to confusion and civil war over foreign forces! ”

“Woo!!! ”

“Kill! Kill!" ”

The judge beats the table to silence the old, but the voice of the blame of the crowd grows with each conviction proclaimed.

“Above all, I charge the Emperor with all crimes. ”

“Is there something the emperor would like to say? ”

The judge asked, and the man dodged again.

"If I defend myself here, will you let me live?" ’

To this extent, it is fitting that he is a loser, but he doesn't want to be uglier.

I've already given up the hope of life.

I just want to rest now.

"Tsk, but this is the last time you want to die like an emperor? ’

The judge concluded the verdict by kicking his tongue inside.

“I declare that I have confessed all sins by sinners not answering. ”

“The Emperor is in a hurry! ”

The vigorous hands of the executioners hold the man from both sides.

His neck slowly crosses the frame according to the executioner's guidance.

As I felt the cold feeling of the mould digging my neck, some thoughts passed in the head of the man.

Where did they start? ’

When he was a child, he was foolish on the fence.

Perhaps, from then on.

“Glug, glug. ”

The heavy steel blade slowly rises.

Soon the Declaration was made.



The blade is struck down at his neck at the same speed as the lightning bolt which is the exact opposite of when it rises.


The beheading with a guillotine ended so easily.

The blade separated the body from the neck of the man who should be left behind.

Can I see it after I'm dead? ’

He was not a believer enough to believe in the afterlife, but he could not help but think about it in this situation.

The last thing that pops into a man's brain is a woman standing tall with a sword.

‘Beatrice……. ’

The man's thoughts with his throat cut off were cut off from there.

[Recognizes the bloodline of Speciality-Savage.]

[You have qualified as a player. Currently gaining privileges…….]